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Updated Tuesday, July 29, 2014 10:57 AM EDT
OmPlace Altwire - Conscious Living Articles and Alternative Newsroom - July 31, 2014

Chakrawoman Moon
by Paul Heussenstamm

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Welcome to Issue 331 of OmPlace's Altwire. Please direct your submissions and suggestions to:

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Akashic Records Intensive & Consultant Training in Magical Bali, Island of the Gods

Sep 19-Oct 2, 2014
Personal and professional transformation begins during this Intensive with Journey to the Heart in one of the most exotic locations in the world, culminating in a lasting commitment to a better life and world. We will dive into the energy of the Akashic Records supported by the magical environment and energy of Bali. Explore slope gardens tasting tropical fruits, swim in hot springs, bathe in sacred waters, walk to great waterfalls, get a papaya massage ... And we promise you'll have lots of time to rest, play and explore on your own. Many people have called Bali "Paradise" or "the land where the gods placed their fingerprint" so we promise you this will be a very special trip where you will discover magical sites, and a culture that is one of the most beautiful in the world. This trip will be one that will impact you the rest of your life!!
Details and registration: See

Sacred Geometry
Oracle Deck

Sacred Geometry is the key to understanding the way the universe is designed. Anyone who has ever gazed at a spider's web, meditated on a mandala or Yantra, visited a pyramid, walked a labyrinth, or peered through a microscope has felt the effects of sacred geometry. Now the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck introduces an entirely new way for you to gain access to this wisdom and unlock its power. The set includes a 128-page 6X9 paperback book with 64 full-color oracle cards in a beautifully boxed set for $35. See this page for more info or to order.

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Reading Room
Morning Contemplations: The One Mind
by Zacciah Blackburn, PhD / Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
How does reality work? In an infinite universe, there are infinite possibilities. Thus, reality will support one's expectations and beliefs, no matter what they are. However, in this infinite universe, there are multiple wisdom schools which promote the reality of the One Mind, of Pure Consciousness, Purusha, that is revealed through the Atman, the realized self. In this wisdom understanding, one realizes one is but one unique imprint of an unfolding dream, of the infinite mind of all creation, pervading a play of reality through us, a great, lucid dream. From within that dreamscape, we can participate at as awake of a level of being as we wish to, or we can play along. From within that infinite mind, all possibilities are supported and created, when given the impetus of energy and consciousness, the brew which manifest thought and energy into creation.
      Read full article >>>

From Victim to Victorious Voice
by Louise LeBrun / Author, Speaker, Educator and Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute
Our voices are intended to be strong and full and rich. The truth of our experience is intended to be a pathway - a guide - to allow us to reach our own potential. Our histories, and all that they contain, are intended to be a gateway to the future, not a prison cell to hold us trapped in the limitations of those who once were able to shape our lives. That we were required to surrender our past - high jacked by our circumstances and the co-creators of our lives - does not mean that we are destined to surrender our future.
      Read full article >>>

Confrontation Or Conversation?
by Sheri Rosenthal / Transformational Life Coach and Author
Human consciousness expands when we share ideas without attachment. People die when we want to be right and protect our ego mind's structure. When someone starts arguing with you, understand that there's no confrontation at all - you're simply dealing with a frightened person projecting anger, it has nothing to do with you. Confrontation can only occur when two sets of ideals are in conflict. When you no longer need to defend your mental structure the whole concept of confrontation no longer is truth.
      Read full article >>>

Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training

Have you always wanted to learn hypnosis as an adjunct to your current profession? Join our internationally recognized ten-day intensive training in Sedona, AZ Aug. 9-17, 2014. This expert course is fast-paced, nurturing, thorough, highly experiential, and often life-changing. Mary Elizabeth Raines, author and teacher, is recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotists as "one of the leading practitioners of the art and science of hypnotism." Special tuition discount available for mentioning ByRegion or OmPlace when you call.

"Have the time of your life learning tools for a lifetime!"

For details go to our website or call 928-282-2640.

The Visionary Art of Francene Hart

Francene Hart is an internationally recognized visionary artist whose work has been widely published in books and magazines and hangs in the homes of art collectors and the offices of healers and seekers around the planet. She was summoned by spirit in 2001 to the Big Island of Hawaii and is now painting, swimming and living her bliss in bless'ed Hawaii.

"I know that I was summoned by spirit to this incredibly activated pinnacle on the earth grid to be a part of birthing new consciousness," Francene says. "I honor that sacred responsibility. Exploration of the culture and beauty of this island paradise unfolds as daily wonder."

All of her images, including "Catch a Falling Star" (pictured) are available as Full Color Prints or ArtCards.

Please see this page for more information or to order.

Fathering Families

Fathering Families assists parents struggling to secure equal time with their children after a separation or divorce. Often when parents separate, tension is heightened and it can become difficult to develop a fair agreement that is in the best interest of the child. We believe in shared parenting and that children should have the right to liberal time with both parents, if a healthy environment can be provided.

If you are a dedicated parent enduring a custody dispute or have concerns that one is on the horizon, it's important to know how to accurately demonstrate your commitment and capabilities as a parent. Stepping into a Family Courtroom can be uncharted territory for many. We can guide you on the early steps to take and how to navigate the nuances of family law effectively with our educational resources.

Contact us for a consultation or to explore our helpful guide book. It could save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and help secure your time with your child.


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