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Soul Angelic Healing and Dr Eilis Philpott
Soul --, CT

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Dr Eilis Philpott who founded Soul 2 Soul Angelic Healing, specializes in Soul Integration, Rebirthing, 13th Octave LaHoChi, 13th Octave LaHoChi Initiation & Training, Healing Essences, Pet Essences, Crop Circle Essences, Essence Sprays, Specialty Essence, Angelic Healing & Angel Light Healing Initiations.Soul Integrations are carried out remotely, primarily because Eilis is connecting with your Higher Self, thus she has a worldwide client base. A Soul Integration is a complex integration process of accessing and releasing negative imprints after having released all karma. A Soul Integration also balances the person on all levels—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and as a result a Soul Integration session will dramatically advance the souls potential and thus the persons potential. For testimonials and more information go to

Avalon's Gifts New Age and Spiritual Online Shop
swindon, sn21na United Kingdom

An amazing cornucopia of esoteric and new-age gifts and tools for your own spiritual journey

Elizabeth Francis Angelic Amulets
Coombe Cottage Liskeard Road
Callington, PL177HJ United Kingdom

Phone:   44 1579384708
Angel Amulets Elizabeth Francis: Psychic Medium Shop Angel Amulets The 72 Angels of the Zodiak custom made silver amulets have been designed by psychic medium Elizabeth Francis. Their function is to enable alignment with the individual Angel that governs the wearers birth date so they can receive a sense of security, wellbeing and harmony. They can also assist with deterring self-sabotage and self-imposed limitations. The disc represents the astrology chart template, which represents a map of the universe. The semi-precious stone in the middle of the amulet corresponds with the wearer’s specific birth Angel. The degree line engraved on the front of this elegant piece of sacred jewelry shows the positioning of the wearer’s date of birth on that template. The abbreviated sacred letters stamped on the back of the amulet correspond with the Angel’s name and enables attunement with the wearer. With the amulet comes information which includes the name of the Angel and the stone, the degree measurement and the area within which the Angel governs and a translation of the sacred letters. which can be used for meditation purposes in the hope of finding ones higher soul purpose. They are individually hand-crafted by goldsmiths Macdara Jewelry, and blessed by interfaith minister, Alaya Samadhi, whose core belief is 'Many Ways to One Spirit.' These beautiful sterling silver amulets are 20mm in diameter and are exclusively available from this website.

Your Inner Landscape
Gallatin County
Belgrade, MT 59714 US

Phone:  406-209-3857
Archangel essential oil blends and sprays, imbued with Angelic Energy, used for clearing and connection. They can produce an uplifting & purifying effect on your emotional & spiritual status - elevating your mood and opening you to a new sense of peace and gratitude for your life.

Angels In Your Inbox
1463 Bayshire dr
Oakville, Canada

Psychic Angel Guidance Readings through email that provide insight and inspiration!

Angel Message 4 U
PO Box 132
enarth, UK

Get your free unique message from the Angels for FREE. No hidden charge or sign up just go to the site and click on the Angel for your message.

Pleiadian Channelings ~ Angels of Pleiades ~ Michelle L. Hankes


Phone:  425-409-3742
Welcome, dear ones. We are the Angels of Pleiades.We have come here to offer our vibrational beingness to lighten your world and your true selves. We offer to you that which we are as a magnitude to increase your trajectory of awareness.We offer you this: You are Loved. Deeply, forever and without hesitation. We are here to assist you in our most magnanimous way. We love you. Group Channeling Sessions ~ Private Channeling Sessions ~ Interactive Seminars ~ Intuitive Writings ~ Books ~ Blog

Psychic Sight
Psychic Sight Ltd PO Box 435
Sittingbourne, ME9 0WB United Kingdom

Phone:  09061113030
We have gathered together a family of elite psychic readers for you to select from that can provide you with one to one psychic readings giving highly insightful guidance in your relationships, career, love life and more.

Omni Hoome Market
337 Omni Dr.
Sparks, NV 89441 US

Phone:  7757419566
Products for a New Age

omni home market
337 Omni Dr.
Sparks, NV 89441 US

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All things Metaphysical

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