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The Return of Light
The 34 Rocky Road
Asheville, NC 28806

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Phone:  888-827-8741
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The Return of Light - The Imminent Restoration of Earth and Liberation of Humanity - Revelations from the Creator God Heru ... A book by Karen Kirschbaum and Elora Gabriel : Ground-breaking, profound, and deeply compassionate, The Return of Light takes us on an uncompromising journey: from memories of primordial paradise, through a descent into loss and terror, and finally to the utter certainty of restoration and redemption. What awaits us all is beyond our wildest dreams.

Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny by Neriah Lothamer
Dancing --, --

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Recently selected by USA Book News as the #1 social change book of 2005, Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny: An Activist's Guide to Inner Disarmament is a book that can make a big difference: to you, personally, to your community, to the world. "This is Neriah Lothamer. Like you, I've been a seeker for social change and personal advancement. With nearly forty years experience as an organizer and activist for peace, for the environment, for health, and for higher consciousness—and almost sixty years of life experience, positive and negative, that formed me into the person I am—I've written Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny as a way of sharing what I've learned: in my years on the front lines, in my struggle to be the best I can be despite a history of adversity and the need to confront my own anger, and in my lifetime avidly absorbing books that can make a difference in the world. I offer this book as a way of giving back to the world, of sharing lessons learned in struggle, and in the hope that my work can make a difference in your life, and on our planet."

Vegan World Fusion Cuisine
PO Box 1119
Kapaa, HI 96746 US

Phone:  808 822-0820
A new cookbook and wisdom work from our award winning Vegan restaurant on Kauai. An art book and wisdom work it includes a special foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall, sacred photography, philosophy and quotes throughout. We also include many reference materials, inspiration and knowledge for anyone on the path of health. Please visit our family of companies at Blessings from our hearts to yours

New Age Marketing

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If you want to improve your marketing so you can reach and help more people while at the same time make more money---my new e-book "How to market your Holistic Health Care or New Age Business Like a Pro" will help you do that and much more. If you order now-- You'll also get an Incredible bonus e-book called "New Age Marketing Brainstorm" absolutely FREE. This e-book is full of marketing tips, ideas and easy to implement strategies that people in Holistic Health Care and New Age businesses just like you are using right now to attract more customers and clients and make more money.

Alana Woods - Sound Vistas
Alana P.O. Box 20471
Albuquerque, NM

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Books, CDs, videos, audiotapes and aromatherapy products for explorations through and beyond the senses. Alana Woods began music training in piano at age three and has over twenty years experience as a harpist. She has studied with leading pioneers in the field of music and consciousness, psychoacoustics and brain physiology, evolving her own work through hands-on independent research and work with different patient populations such as the dying, ill, mentally retarded and handicapped. Specially selected music is used in all her work, including Aromatherapy and music, on a Somatron™ acoustic table.

Sirian Revelations
lanet earth

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This is the most unusual body of metaphysical and cosmological teachings to have emerged in recent times. Its source is a group of discarnate six-dimensional beings who identify themselves as The Speakers of the Sirian High Council. Joined with other Light Beings of the higher realms, they have embraced the role of guardians in Earth's evolution, serving humankind at this most critical time of revolutionary change on Planet Earth.The Revelations consist in transmissions which will be regularly provided free to you on this site, teachings (lectures and courses) received through the channel, Patricia Cori and the trilogy of books, The Sirian Revelations.

Going Deeper - The Book of the Millennium
Going 69115 Ramon Rd #1386
Cathedral City, CA 92234

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Phone:  760.324.3072

Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense, is the book that's changing the consciousness of our planet. This metaphysical novel by Jean-Claude Koven was written for a special group of Light Workers -- those exquisite beings who willingly took human form to help this planet during the current turbulence marking her transition into the next density.

Liquid Mind
Liquid 1419 NW 7th Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124

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Phone:  (503) 648-1937

Are you ready for a new Planetary Myth that can shift humanity toward a global vision? Dive into Liquid Mind.

The Oculatum 636
The PO Box 26401
Little Rock, AR

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The Oculatum: This single volume, more correctly a collection of writings, was first mentioned at the time of the Great Fire in 1666 but had been brought to England much earlier by Flemish refugees escaping tyranny in Europe. It contains a series of observations, at times ambiguous, at times direct, but as poignant today, if not more so, than they ever were in the Middle Ages. "The Oculatum 636" is known also by another name - "Book of Choices".

Enlightenment.Com presents Ken Wilber, Speaking of Everything
Enlightenment.Com 550 33rd St
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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Phone:  310 291-8641

Ken Wilber Unveils the Science of Integral Spirituality - Ken Wilber, the world's most widely published philosopher, is famous for his integration of Western psychology, science, and Eastern spirituality. Speaking of Everything, Wilber's first-ever interview released to the public comes on 2 audio CDs. Hear Ken explore how we take our spiritual insights to the next level and shed light on the mysteries of consciousness.

The Word Foundation Inc
The P.O. Box 180340
Dallas, TX 75218

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Phone:  214-348-5006

This web site is part of our effort to fulfill our charter: "To make known to the people of the world, the contents and meaning of Thinking and Destiny, and all other works by Harold W. Percival." The importance of these works to our present civilization cannot be overestimated. Once you understand what is said even in the first chapter of T&D, you will probably not rest until you understand what the rest of the book has to offer you.

Tantra Magic
Tantra 8175A Sheridan Blvd., Suite 303
Arvada, CO 80031

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Phone:  303-426-1533

Learn ancient tantric techniques to restore intimacy in your relationship. We offer books, videos, articles, manuals on tantric related issues.

Life of Learning Foundation
Life PO Box 10
Merlin, OR 97532

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Phone:  541-476-1200

Break out! Discover a rich source of transformational tools to add higher meaning to your life and enrich your relationships. Visit - an interactive website featuring insight-filled excerpts from the works of best-selling inner-life author Guy Finley. Enjoy enlightening monthly chat rooms, inspiring quotes, and other special features. Receive a free weekly spirit-lifting e-mail message. Take the next step toward your own True self.

Unusual Metaphysical Books
Unusual P.O. Box 3387
Prescott, AZ 86302-3387

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Phone:  (520) 778-6965

These books integrate Eastern mysticism, Western spiritual science and modern scientific views. They draw from classical Kabbalistic, Alchemical, Masonic, Rosicrucian and Theosophical sources. They are written in a clear and concise manner without compromising the underlying teachings, while providing ample references to aid the reader in further study. The author combines a 43-year scientific career with 30 years of spiritual study and practice.

Personal Paradigm Re-Vision
Personal 27068 La Paz Road #207
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-3041

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Phone:  949-481-1413

Personal Paradigm Re-Vision (PPR-V) was created to provide guidance and help for you as you go through life transitions & phases and/or walk along the steps of an advanced spritual path. PPR-V offers online, whole-life and spirituality resources, including private Mystic Readings, Blessing Stones, and one of the best varieties of spirituality-information-resources available on the internet.

Patricia McLaine - International Psychic
Patricia 205 Yoakum Parkway, 1126
Alexandria, VA 22302

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Phone:  703-373-7353

Pattie McLaine has been a psychic, tarot reader, astrologer for over 34 years, and is featured in Time-Life's Mysteries of the Unknown in Psychic Powers and in a video created for the Discovery Channel: Strictly Supernatural on Tarot. Pattie has a reputation for being extremely accurate and tapes her readings. She is the author of The Wheel of Destiny, The Tarot Reveals Your Master Plan, and a metaphysical novel, The Recycling of Rosalie.

Sophia's Web
Sophia's 6830 Red Rose Village Dr.
Fredericksburg, VA

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Sophia's Web is a book that reveals the underlying pattern behind the major religions of the world and identifies their "mirroring" relationship with science. Through the "as above, so below" motive, the book further identifies gender and sexuality as manifestations of the spiritual process.

Cracking the Glass Darkly
34724 Bubba Lane
Cape Vincent , NY 13618 US

Phone:  315-654-2060
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CRACKING THE GLASS DARKLY: Discovering the Power and the Ecstasy of Your True Cosmic Self. "The Glass Darkly" is an ancient phrase summarizing the suffering of humanity, the day to day struggles with a negative ego, a false self. Robert's book , based on 30 years of workshop teachings, takes you through dissolving the ego, living in the here and now, loving yourself unconditionally, and being open to Cosmic Awareness. Text is backed up by easy but powerful exercises.

Seasons Natural Toys
Seasons Box 794
Doylestown, PA 18925

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Phone:  2157940235

Our award winning,safety tested Original Treehouse(tm), and Foresthouse(tm) are gender free dollhouses in the unique shapes of trees. Great access, neat features like trap doors, elevators, skylights, tire swings,lookouts, multi-levels, more! We make hundreds of our own accessories, furnishings and even kits for making Forest Elves, Little Buddies(tm), and Rainbow Fairies. Beautiful,ageless wooden toy made with love! Enchantment, Inspiration and Imagination are FREE !

Decanus Fragaria
reston, United Kingdom

At two years old Decanus witnesses a demonic flying creature attempting to gain entry through the rear window of the family car parked in the driveway, as he was waiting only seconds for his parents to follow him from the house. With the benefit of adult eyes he comprehended exactly what had pursued him that day…he escaped, thankfully unscathed. When he was three years old his mum's mother suffered from a crippling headache; instinctively he placed his hands on her head. Ten minutes later she returned to her favourite pastime and picked up her crossword, all discomfort released. Seven and year three of school saw him making an unconventional new friend. We won't spoil the story; it's in this book. Teenage years were his apprenticeship in all things paranormal. From discovering distant healing, ghosts were not something that scared him and demonic entities were far from only the preserve of cheap horror novels or creepy movies. As the decades passed he went from being a psychic observer to hands-on direct active interaction within the paranormal encounters he now called cases or investigations. He has never advertised. Those of need of his services always find him. When those he help ask him if he is ever afraid his stock, half joking, reply is never, but the dark entities out there tremble at the mention of the name Decanus Fragaria!

Return of Love to Planet Earth: Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary
134 East Lupita Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505 US

Phone:  5059832649
Fax   :  505.983.2005
Return of Love to Planet Earth recounts author Nina Browns mystifying adventures in spiritual empowerment and unexpected invitations to consciously enter the Golden Age of Divine Love. Her discoveries confirm that appreciation and gratitude enrich our lives and return love to our planet. A must-read for any spiritual seekerLee Carroll,

New book: A Call to Magic - the Artful Science of Transforming Self an
665 South First Avenue
Canton, IL US

Does it take a magician to change ourselves and our world? Perhaps. In this book you'll get a fresh perspective on bringing real magic into your life--from a real life magician. Mitch Williams invites us to answer the "Call to Magic": filled with practical suggestions on how to radically alter our perspective on life and the world and live a life of magic and inspiration.

The Book of Runes E-Book
c/o 315 Grant Ave.
Jersey City, NJ US

Phone:  07305
Ralph S. Blums international bestseller, The Book of Runes, has been one of the most consulted oracles for the last several decades. It is now being released as an e-book and interactive web application.

Sai Rapture
1128 Beacon St. NW
Palm Bay, FL 32907 US

Phone:  321 327-2195
Fax   :  321 327-2195
Sai Rapture's temple doors are open. Fly by and allow your Spirit to soar through the myriad portals of Sai Love: Ecstatic Art, Literature, Health and Healing, Spiritual guidance, instruction and so much more.

Somersault: A true story
5569 Fernwood Circle
El Paso, TX 79932 US

This is an inspirational and lighthearted tale told with the personalized writing style of the 1960s, detailing one journey to answer the quintessential human question, Whats it all about?

Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny
Carson City, NV US

Awaken you Divine Self. Achieve your Soul Purpose. Accomplish your Life Calling. Divine Living is the practical spirituality bestseller said to be the enlightened alternative to the well-known book The Secret. Divine Living by psychic medium Anthon St Maarten is the definitive new metaphysical handbook for finding your true life purpose and creating a prosperous and fulfilling life.

The books of spiritual teacher and author Swami Dhyan Giten
Farstavagen 58
STOCKHOLM, 123 34 Sweden

"The human heart is a healer, which heals ourselves and others." GITEN

resell software
206 new hall lane
reston, TN 6566 US

Fax   :
resell our software and make money

Ghosts, Demons and Psychic Healing Casebook: True stories of paranorma
reston, United Kingdom

Number One Downloaded Occult Title! Terrifying tales of demons personally taken on in world famous Megalithic monuments on to cases of yet more dark entities to be found lurking on apparently perfectly ordinary suburban streets. Of all too real hauntings and coming face to face with soul destroying creatures quite literally from the depths of hell! Also shared are cases of distant psychic healing, sometimes from hundreds of miles away and releasing people from horrific demonic possession. This is the paranormal reality of Decanus...this is what he does…come into his world…you may never look at your own "safe" world in quite the same way again! You have been duly warned!!!

reston, United Kingdom

Dean Fraser variously brought a million pounds worth of business into a publishing company within eighteen months while still a teenager, later ran his own design-led new age wholesale business for a decade, dealt in antiques, obtained a degree in body language psychology, became an internationally acclaimed poet and created an events company from scratch going on to run his own music and literary festivals within a year (his last official business venture before turning to full time writing and motivational speaking)....Dean has been researching, writing and talking about self-realization, motivation and human potential for well over two decades. A respected regular contributor to radio and worldwide magazines, he believes that many people are only half-living, unaware of the amazing potential laying right there within them. Facebook: Dean Fraser Unlock Your Life YouTube: Unlock Your Life

Direct-Mind Approach to the Absolute
P.O. Box 63
McMechen, WV 26040 US

Phone:  304-242-0368
Richard Rose, founder of the TAT (Truth and Transmission) Foundation and author of several titles on esoteric philosophy, developed a system of approaching the Absolute or Enlightenment after his death experience in 1947. His findings are laid out in his writings and lecture tapes made available through the TAT Foundation.

Earth Spirit Emporium
P.O.Box 181088
Utica, MI US

Over a thousand Metaphysical titles

Amelia's New Age Holistic School & Healing Center
P.O. Box 10172
Miami, FL USA

An advanced School teaching four complete holistic programs for higher evolution.

Moontime Harmony
177 hollywood ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 US

Phone:  7025289831
I offer sacred moontime coaching, ritual/menarche celebrations based on my book The Moontime Harmony Workbook-A Path to Creating a Sacred Menstrual Moontime.

Arcadia Studios
P.O. Box 83
Chloe, WV USA

"First Food Journal", Bookstore, Siteseeing, Jewelry, and more

Clarity Works
P.O. Box 3387
Prescott, AZ US

Unusual spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical books by a professional scientist.

Dance & Music Designs
311 Montford Ave
Asheville, NC USA

Dance, Music and Spirit Note Cards

Essential Media Counterculture Catalog
PO Box 661245
Los Angeles, CA USA

catalog of alternative and underground books, videos, cds, comics, magazines

Eupsychia Institute
PO Box 3090
Austin, TX USA

Integrative Breathwork and Psychospiritual Wellness Training & Retreat with Jacquelyn Small.

Free Spirit Bookstore
222 Walnut Street
Ravenswood, WV USA

Metaphysical Bookstore, Astrological Readings

Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces
10104 NE Notchlog DRive #108
Vancouver, WA USA

Exquisite Crystals are specialists in Elestial, Tibetan, and Amethyst.

Heartsong Books
P.O. Box 370
Blue Hill, ME 04614, ME USA

simple words to waken the mind and nourish the heart

P.O. Box 937
Boca Raton, FL USA

Enlightenment For Party Animals---The Rock'n'Roll State of Mind

Mr SOlar
POB 852
La Verkin 84745, UT USA

Source for alternative energy equiptment

P.O.Box 20471
Albuquerque, NM 87154 US

Phone:  505-507-5557
Alana's Memoir is a musical odyssey, the pied piper in her radiating out throughout her journey, each stop on her travels more unique than the last. We can almost hear her voice and her music as she writes about her magical life and how the hand of destiny guides her. A mystical journey, Alana's experiences of healing with sound, from NM to Greece, to India are filled with oder as astonishment.(S. Bess, "The path of the Mother")

Pagan Art & Tools By Cerridwyn
Irvine, CA USA

Original Pagan art & Handcrafted altar tools

Patanjali Press - Yoga Therapy Center
120A Westbourne Terrace
Brookline, MA USA

books, articles on Yoga Therapy, mysticism, poetry

Raissa Research and Publishing
P.O. Box 295
Port Angeles, WA USA

Leading Edge Thought and Teachings for Modern Times - Upgrade your Paradigm

Sierra Solar Systems
109 Argall Way
Nevada City, CA USA

Solar electric systems, panels, batteries, inverters, pumps, gas refrigerators,appliances

The Hypnosis Center, Inc.
800 965-3390, MN USA

Email:  2565 W. Hwy 10
Center to provide hypnosis services, training, books, tapes and videos.

The Shared Heart Foundation
Redwood Drive
Aptos, CA USA

A non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and healing of relationships.

The Vegetarian Resource Group
PO Box 1463
Baltimore, MD USA

The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger. In addition to publishing the Vegetarian Journal, VRG produces and sells cookbooks, other books, pamphlets, and article reprints.

PO Box 2034
Gainesville, FL US

Humane Education, Non-Violence, Holistic Healing, Eco-Feminism, Animal Welfare, Spirituality, Vegan Diet

Toltec University-The Quest For Freedom
PO Box 418
New York, NY USA

an authentic school of Toltec Sorcery

Wild Moon Tarot
49 Readington Road
Whitehouse Station, NJ USA

a celebration of spirit, sensuality, creativity and divination.

Sonya Ki Tomlinson
1128 Beacon St. NW
Palm Bay, FL 32907 US

Phone:  321 3272195
Sai Rapture, The Ecstatic Journey of a Modern Day Gopi is a heartfelt "page-turner" that you cannot put down. The Divine Love for and from Sathya Sai Baba is palpable in these pages, and the author's experiences, trials and transformation are lovingly expressed. A beautiful work that will not disappoint. Please share the warm embrace of 108 Bhakti Kisses, The Ecstatic Poetry of a Modern Day Gopi

A Call to Magic - the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World
665 South First Avenue
Canton, IL 61520 US

Does it take a magician to change ourselves and our world? Perhaps. In this book you'll get a fresh perspective on bringing real magic into your life--from a real life magician. Mitch Williams invites us to answer the "Call to Magic". Filled with practical suggestions on how to radically alter our perspective on life and live a life of true magic and inspiration.

astrology reports & books, meditation CDs
2353 Massachusetts Ave #91
Cambridge, MA 02140 US

Phone:  617-354-7075
Astrology reports, books, CDs. Also find free articles on astrology on website.

Through A Different Lens
13830 N. Sutherland Trail
Tucson, AZ 85739 US

Phone:  5208255463
Serving spiritually-oriented men and women with ancient and contemporary creative tools for healing, transformation and restoring the sacred. Shamanism, energy medicine, therapeutic photography, imagery. Speaking, private consultations, online and live classes and retreats. Award-winning author.

Diane Wing
P.O. Box 268
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 US

Phone:  215-379-2972
Diane Wing, M.A. is an author, teacher, personal transformation guide, and intuitive consultant. She has a Master's degree in clinical psychology and has been providing valuable insights for the highest good of her clients for over 27 years. Diane works with her clients to gain self-trust and increase their intuitive awareness thereby empowering them to create the lives they really want. Classes * Coaching * Readings * Books

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