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New Age Kids
New Age Kids Chitra Sukhu
322 Culver Blvd. Suite 137
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

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Phone:   (310) 712-KIDS
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Guided meditation CDs for children and adults. The mission of New Age Kids is to create a new generation of well balanced healthy and creative individuals with a sense of self. The future is now... in the minds of our children. All knowledge is present within, we bring to the forefront that which is nurtured and made to grow. This nurturing is done through meditation.
New Earth Records
New Earth Records Erica Johnson
Santa Fe, NM

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New Earth Records delivers profound music for healthy living. Whetherit's relaxation, rejuvenation, or revelry, we offer the music toaccompany the setting. We specialize in: Yoga, Meditation, Massage,Reiki, Relaxation, World-Beat, Electronica, and Lounge. Call 800-570-4074 for a free catalog with over 100 titles! Visit to buy CDs and listen to songs. (ALSO:Download individual songs to create your own customized CD!)
Head-cleaners LLC Hypnosis CDs and Tapes
Head-cleaners LLC Hypnosis CDs and Tapes Dr J
4348 4th Ave NW
Jamestown, ND 58401

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Phone:  701-252-7788
Fax   : is a website modestly mastered and at times moderately muddled by Dr. Glenn Johnson, a clinical psychologist psychotherapist with a broad experience of life and psychological practice, a profoundly practical, positive outlook and a gentle genius for untwisting painfully complex challenges with practical, positive, empowering strategies. There website includes an extensive collection of his insightful, helpful articles and dozens of his hypnosis CDs and tapes available for sale (the sales of which support the site). CDs and tapes are each a guaranteed effective, soothing, empowering verbal tapestry of issue-focused hypnotic healing.
Guided Imagery CDs - Change the way you feel, live, love.
4916 NE St. Johns Road
Vancouver, WA 98661
Phone:  360-903-2623
Fax   :  360-993-0423

Each guided imagery CD we produce uses audio patterns known as binaural beats. Binaural beats engage both your right- and left-brain hemispheres, helping you to achieve a quicker, deeper state of relaxation. As if you are in session with her, Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist Connie Burgstahler uses this, Guided Imagery techniques and soft background music to show you the way to your dreams. Spoken word and music ~ High-Quality sound.
Omni Hoome Market
337 Omni Dr.
Sparks, NV 89441
Phone:  7757419566

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