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Energy Work
Protonic Creations

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Empower Your Life! Full Spectrum Life Force is the Energy responsible for Metaphysical Phenomena, Manifestation and Miracles! Utilize unique Full Spectrum Life Force generated by our Energetic Creations to transform your life! Energize and Clear your Chakra Centers - Achieve deep states of Meditation and Relaxation - Amplify and Extend your Natural Psychic Abilities - Strengthen your Energy Atmosphere - Develop Increased Vitality - Neutralize negative fields from fluorescent lights and PC monitors ... Achieve the Ultimate in Personal Empowerment!

Kuji-in - Nine Hand Seals of Healing and Power

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Phone:  418-340-1688
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Using Mantra, Mudra and Mandala, Kuji-in is a ritual practice that enhances the human experience, leads to the development of spiritual abilities, and eventually brings you closer to your personal truth. The healing techniques of Kuji-In are frequently used by Reiki masters and holistic healers to greatly amplify their results. This power training techniques of the Samuraï and ninjutsu are now practiced by many adepts of martial arts who wish to enhance physical strength and develop near-surnatural awareness.

Akashic Field Therapy - Soul Clearing
Akashic 705B SE Melody Lane #206
Lee's Summit, MO 64063

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Phone:  (816) 392-7662

Akashic Field TherapySM (Soul Clearing) takes a deep look into the soul's Akashic records (soul memories) so that any old patterns, blockages or traumatic energies can be released. Learning experiences are stored there but at times traumatic energies become stored as well. Soul clearing releases traumatic energies in order to free your soul to begin a new set of learning experiences.

Energy Healing and Sacred Sexuality for Life Fulfillment
Energy US

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Embrace and improve your life with a quiet mind, open heart and loving body awareness. Enjoy the depth and breadth of experience that is life. I offer Living Oneness Energy Healing Sessions and Sacred Sexuality Energy Healing Sessions for life fulfillment. Energy Medicine Cabinet Attunements are unique products with a written process to assist you in tuning into your innate healing ability. Attunements address the psycho-spiritual nature of healing, helping you resolve not only the symptoms of illness but also the cause. All attunements are easy and convenient to use, non invasive, non-toxic, totally natural and inexpensive. Attunements are available to address many different health and wellness concerns including anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessation, cancer, vision correction and much more. Check it out!Linda White Dove, M. Ed.

Reiki at North Shore Hypnosis

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Reiki at North Shore Hypnosis Experience a healing Reiki treatment with Reiki Master, Carol Denicker. Learn the Usui Reiki System of Healing. Reiki I and II: A fascinating weekend intensive combining lecture, discussion, hands-on experience, giving and receiving a Reiki treatment using all the hand positions, self-treatment, scanning and beaming, meaning and use of symbols, sending Reiki at a distance. Reiki III: Learn the Master symbols and the attunement process, how to teach all three degrees of Reiki, and receive your Master attunement. Class manuals become your teaching manuals. Reiki II & Master practitioners are invited to participate in our clinical practice program at SUNY Farmingdale's Health and Wellness Center free of charge. Contact Carol Denicker at 631-757-7647 or

Norma Gentile, sound shaman
PO Box 971020
Ypsilanti, MI 48197 US

A musician, energy healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and the Hathors, Norma offers concerts, workshops and Private Healing Sessions. She offers many free meditations and healing chants at iTunes and To listen, check out her website

Raven Hawke, Llc
Cook Ave E & Greenbrier St
St Paul, MN 55106 US

Phone:  651-793-9660
Psychic, energy healing, meditation, hypnotherapy, stress reduction, feng shui, space clearing, parties & events.

Raven Hawke, Llc
700 Cook Ave E
St Paul, MN 55106 US

Phone:  651-793-9660
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Psychic, tarot, palmistry, parties, energy healing, space clearing, feng shui and more.

Reiki Blessings
P.O. Box 2000
Byron, GA 31008 US

Phone:  4789568974
Become a Reiki Master in the comfort of home! Complete Distance Attunement, Certified Reiki Home Study Course, and on or offline support forever - all for only $50!

The Miracle Alchemist
27056 Omni Lane
Punta Gorda, FL 33983 US

Phone:  863-325-3128
Living Water Frequencies are made with the elements of the Earth. They are specifically used to wake up the Inner Spirit that is connected to the elements and begin the process of re-connecting us to the New Earth, and also to the Living Currency that naturally moves through time.

Reiki Training Long Island N.Y.
East Moriches, NY 11940 US

Phone:  631-834-7066
Do you feel it's time for your hands and heart to flow aligned with the simplicity of pure-and gentle Reiki ? Your class awaits You! Ongoing Classes Contact Reiki MT Patty Alessi

Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop (
Waters Point Lane
Germantown, MD 20874 US

Phone:  240-330-8408
Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop (Intuitive Creative Painting) A gentle process of stress reduction & opening to creativity! A playful method of releasing less than joyful feelings & opening to creativity! You'll experience feeling more relaxed, calm, balanced, centered & joyful from within. Upon leaving the HTCA PlayShop, you'll have a glowing smile! Children-Adults-5 & Up. For those experiencing General Stress, Panic Disorders & ADD/ADHD

Blessing from the Heart INC
By phone only
Billings, MT 59105 US

Phone:  4062814891
Sit back, relax, breathe receive. Call. On offer are 45 minute sessions to help you de-stress. I care about your health, healing, self-empowerment, and the achievement of your Soul's dreams and Heart's desires. Meridian tapping by phone for a better life. Reiki as a distance healing is available for those who choose to heal in the privacy of their own homes at a distance. 4062814891

Free Chakra Activation & Meditation
37252 Ascella Ln.
Murrieta, CA 92563 US

Free Chakra Activation and Meditation from The Secret Breath DVD Course. Unlock the secrets to manifesting your dreams. Super charge your vibration and energy levels! Get motivated, inspired and ultimately connected to your own Divinity!

Cetacean Summit
75-5660 Palani Road
Kona, HI 96740 US

Phone:  661 474-4111
Welcome to the Cetacean Summit A Gathering of many of the best Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Teachers, Healers and Communicators in Kona, Hawaii March 1-5, 2014 The Cetacean Summit is a monumental gathering and celebration of people who have a deep Spiritual connection to Dolphins and Whales!

NPL Healing, A New Personality and Life
Sas van Gent
The Netherlands (Europe), Netherlands

NPL healing is different from other types of healing, like for example reiki or hands on healing. It is the path towards enlightenment, and then we mean real enlightenment, i.e. setting the soul completely free from everything that causes it to suffer or it to be imprisoned or that suppresses its inherent abilities and qualities. However, there is a difference in the meaning that NPL attributes to the word ‘enlightenment’, compared to other religions and philosophies that also aim to achieve enlightenment.

Pleiadian Channelings ~ Angels of Pleiades ~ Michelle L. Hankes


Phone:  425-409-3742
Welcome, dear ones. We are the Angels of Pleiades.We have come here to offer our vibrational beingness to lighten your world and your true selves. We offer to you that which we are as a magnitude to increase your trajectory of awareness.We offer you this: You are Loved. Deeply, forever and without hesitation. We are here to assist you in our most magnanimous way. We love you. Group Channeling Sessions ~ Private Channeling Sessions ~ Interactive Seminars ~ Intuitive Writings ~ Books ~ Blog

Plant Spirit Meditation Cards
Kingston, AR 72742 US

Each volume of cards (10 cards per) features the card and links to an exclusive inspirational story that demonstrates how the plant spirit helps brings aid or healing to the character. Gorgeous photograph on the front depicts plant in its natural setting. Physical/metaphysical properties are on the back. Release date Summer Solstice 2013, pre-orders accepted. Bulk orders (10 decks) for retail outlets at 50% discount.

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