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Hypnosis Certification at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute
Hypnosis 4730 Alta Vista Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA

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Phone:  (800) 256-6448

We have led the way for 3 decades by teaching powerful, innovative therapy methods of ourselves and others to thousands of graduates from over 30 countries, including many leaders in the field. In an intimate, supportive setting, we teach hypnotherapy as a career and for expanding the skills of healing arts professionals. Hypnosis can be a wonderful spiritual tool within any of the health and counseling professions for those practitioners who have received a thorough, eclectic training. HTI's comprehensive 150-300 hour programs have all major approvals, including state of California licensure and diplomas, ACHE Certification, and State Board of Behavioral Sciences and Board of Registered Nursing approved CEUs. New Hypnotherapy Certification trainings are now forming. Please e-mail info@hypnotherapy.combrochure, and visit us at

Head-cleaners LLC Hypnosis CDs and Tapes
Head-cleaners 4348 4th Ave NW
Jamestown, ND 58401

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Phone:  701-252-7788
Fax   : is a website modestly mastered and at times moderately muddled by Dr. Glenn Johnson, a clinical psychologist psychotherapist with a broad experience of life and psychological practice, a profoundly practical, positive outlook and a gentle genius for untwisting painfully complex challenges with practical, positive, empowering strategies. There website includes an extensive collection of his insightful, helpful articles and dozens of his hypnosis CDs and tapes available for sale (the sales of which support the site). CDs and tapes are each a guaranteed effective, soothing, empowering verbal tapestry of issue-focused hypnotic healing.

Hypnosis 12 Queen Square
Brighton BN1 3FD
United Kingdom

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Over 150 hypnosis sessions including guided meditation, deep relaxation and creativity. Large library of hypnosis scripts for professional hypnotherapists, plus learn hypnosis with our free course 'Learn hypnosis in 5 days"

Reiki at North Shore Hypnosis

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Reiki at North Shore Hypnosis Experience a healing Reiki treatment with Reiki Master, Carol Denicker. Learn the Usui Reiki System of Healing. Reiki I and II: A fascinating weekend intensive combining lecture, discussion, hands-on experience, giving and receiving a Reiki treatment using all the hand positions, self-treatment, scanning and beaming, meaning and use of symbols, sending Reiki at a distance. Reiki III: Learn the Master symbols and the attunement process, how to teach all three degrees of Reiki, and receive your Master attunement. Class manuals become your teaching manuals. Reiki II & Master practitioners are invited to participate in our clinical practice program at SUNY Farmingdale's Health and Wellness Center free of charge. Contact Carol Denicker at 631-757-7647 or

In Another Life: Reincarnation in America
In 810 Windy Hill Rd., 32H
Smyrna, GA 30080

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Phone:  (678) 842-9557

In Another Life is a full-length documentary about the ways in which Americans are encountering the phenomenon of reincarnation. Top experts in the field are interviewed, as well as people who have had personal experiences of past-life memory. In Another Life was broadcast on PBS station KBDI in Denver, Colorado and is available on VHS tape.

The Leela School
574 East Main Street, Suite 1
Ashland, OR 97520 US

Phone:  541-201-0900
Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Training with Certification and Diploma

Hypnosis: Discover The Healing Power Of The Mind - Self Help
1234 Audubon St.
Slidell, LA USA

Dr. Bauer developed these dynamic tapes to help improve your life through Meditation and Hypnosis. Audio Samples on this Unique, Informative Web Site

Hypnotherapy for Soul Awakening
PO Box 164
Mount Vernon, WA 98273 US

Offering support and guidance as you uncover the root cause of your life challenges and shift to align with your highest purpose. Using hypnotherapeutic techniques and gentle coaching, we will work together so you can start living a life you love, filled with purpose and joy. Sessions are available over phone or Skype for your comfort and convenience. Schedule your free consultation online.

Guided Imagery CDs - Change the way you feel, live, love.
4916 NE St. Johns Road
Vancouver, WA 98661 US

Phone:  360-903-2623
Fax   :  360-993-0423
Each guided imagery CD we produce uses audio patterns known as binaural beats. Binaural beats engage both your right- and left-brain hemispheres, helping you to achieve a quicker, deeper state of relaxation. As if you are in session with her, Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist Connie Burgstahler uses this, Guided Imagery techniques and soft background music to show you the way to your dreams. Spoken word and music ~ High-Quality sound.

5 Edmund Street
Darwen, United Kingdom

A large selection of powerful therapeutic hypnosis audios, plus free videos and articles related to hypnotherapy and health.

Wolf Matejek - Hypnotherapy & Training
No.2, London Wall Buildings, London Wall
London, EC2M 5UU United Kingdom

Hypnotherapy, EFT and training in London.Visit the website for more information

Chris Lee - Past Life Regression And Progression
Vancouver, Canada

Chris Lee, HT, CMH, Canadian Past Life Regression & Progression™ Therapist can help improve your present life. Past lives (or imagination of) bring forward influences (good & bad) that can affect your life. Find out more about booking a One-on-One session with Chris via Skype. Chris can also be booked for his Talk “Journey Into Past Lives” live or online.

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