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The Return of Light
The Return of Light elora
34 Rocky Road
Asheville, NC 28806

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Phone:  888-827-8741
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The Return of Light - The Imminent Restoration of Earth and Liberation of Humanity - Revelations from the Creator God Heru ... A book by Karen Kirschbaum and Elora Gabriel : Ground-breaking, profound, and deeply compassionate, The Return of Light takes us on an uncompromising journey: from memories of primordial paradise, through a descent into loss and terror, and finally to the utter certainty of restoration and redemption. What awaits us all is beyond our wildest dreams.
Cracking the Glass Darkly
Robert Egby
34724 Bubba Lane
Cape Vincent , NY 13618

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Phone:  315-654-2060
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CRACKING THE GLASS DARKLY: Discovering the Power and the Ecstasy of Your True Cosmic Self. "The Glass Darkly" is an ancient phrase summarizing the suffering of humanity, the day to day struggles with a negative ego, a false self. Robert's book , based on 30 years of workshop teachings, takes you through dissolving the ego, living in the here and now, loving yourself unconditionally, and being open to Cosmic Awareness. Text is backed up by easy but powerful exercises.
Ghosts, Demons and Psychic Healing Casebook: True stories of paranorma

Number One Downloaded Occult Title! Terrifying tales of demons personally taken on in world famous Megalithic monuments on to cases of yet more dark entities to be found lurking on apparently perfectly ordinary suburban streets. Of all too real hauntings and coming face to face with soul destroying creatures quite literally from the depths of hell! Also shared are cases of distant psychic healing, sometimes from hundreds of miles away and releasing people from horrific demonic possession. This is the paranormal reality of Decanus...this is what he does…come into his world…you may never look at your own "safe" world in quite the same way again! You have been duly warned!!!
Blue Moon Marketing LLC
4116 Council Crest Circle
Battle Creek, MI 49014
Phone:  269-964-1301

We are purveyors of precious magical things to enhance and celebrate your Pagan lifestyle
Sai Rapture
1128 Beacon St. NW
Palm Bay, FL 32907
Phone:  321 327-2195
Fax   :  321 327-2195

Sai Rapture's temple doors are open. Fly by and allow your Spirit to soar through the myriad portals of Sai Love: Ecstatic Art, Literature, Health and Healing, Spiritual guidance, instruction and so much more.
Art of 4 elements
4, Holly Wood, St. Albert street
Gzira, GZR01

Crystals are earth's gifts to us. Mandalas are used for inner healing, and meditation. Every shape emits a very specific energy and a person who meditates on a yantra tunes into this magic frequency. We sell beautiful crystal glass cubes with 3D Laser images designed by Art of 4 Elements to inspire your Spiritual Growth
Somersault: A true story
5569 Fernwood Circle
El Paso, TX 79932

This is an inspirational and lighthearted tale told with the personalized writing style of the 1960s, detailing one journey to answer the quintessential human question, Whats it all about?
Numerology email readings
Miami, FL

Ever wanted to know more about your crush, your neighbor, your boss, or just yourself? Follow my link to get the answers you need. (1,000+ words, $15.00USD) Metaphysical Wholesalers
POB #740
Southington, CT 06489
Phone:  (513) 443-2537
Fax   :  (855) 284-2637

Founded in June of 2007 by Brian C. and Crates, has one simple goal: to provide the lowest prices on the highest caliber of religious products.

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