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Personal Growth
Deep Trance Channeler Bart Smit
Deep 87 Fallingbrook rd.
Toronto, Ontario M1N 2T7

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Phone:  416.822.7264
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Through Dr. Williams and Deep trance Channeling with Bart Smit, a medium for 20 years, enlightening alternative; inspirational answers to your important questions about spiritual/ personal development, business and health.

Soul Angelic Healing and Dr Eilis Philpott
Soul --, CT

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Dr Eilis Philpott who founded Soul 2 Soul Angelic Healing, specializes in Soul Integration, Rebirthing, 13th Octave LaHoChi, 13th Octave LaHoChi Initiation & Training, Healing Essences, Pet Essences, Crop Circle Essences, Essence Sprays, Specialty Essence, Angelic Healing & Angel Light Healing Initiations.Soul Integrations are carried out remotely, primarily because Eilis is connecting with your Higher Self, thus she has a worldwide client base. A Soul Integration is a complex integration process of accessing and releasing negative imprints after having released all karma. A Soul Integration also balances the person on all levels—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and as a result a Soul Integration session will dramatically advance the souls potential and thus the persons potential. For testimonials and more information go to

Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny by Neriah Lothamer
Dancing --, --

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Recently selected by USA Book News as the #1 social change book of 2005, Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny: An Activist's Guide to Inner Disarmament is a book that can make a big difference: to you, personally, to your community, to the world. "This is Neriah Lothamer. Like you, I've been a seeker for social change and personal advancement. With nearly forty years experience as an organizer and activist for peace, for the environment, for health, and for higher consciousness—and almost sixty years of life experience, positive and negative, that formed me into the person I am—I've written Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny as a way of sharing what I've learned: in my years on the front lines, in my struggle to be the best I can be despite a history of adversity and the need to confront my own anger, and in my lifetime avidly absorbing books that can make a difference in the world. I offer this book as a way of giving back to the world, of sharing lessons learned in struggle, and in the hope that my work can make a difference in your life, and on our planet."

Multi-Dimensional Meditation
Multi-Dimensional 515 NW Saltzman Rd, #726
Portland, OR

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Introducing the powerful new Multi-Dimensional Meditation! Break through the most stubborn of barriers to understand your inner purpose and to awaken. Join the revolution that combines profound yet simple Specialized Meditation Techniques and Cutting Edge Technology to maximize your results in just 20 minutes a day. Results are guaranteed!

I Surrender This
I *
*, CT

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Phone:  888-788-7847

“I Surrender This” was created to act as a visual and hands on spiritual tool to aid you on your path to peace. It consists of a sculpture representing both your hand and Gods hand as they work together as one in letting go of all issues, problems, circumstances and fears that do not benefit your highest good. This hand holds a white Surrender flag which is also a pocket or pouch into which you place written statements of Surrender or photos or objects that need Surrendering. The flag is made of 100% organic cotton canvas and acts as a toxic free environment for all your deepest desires and wishes to be held in. Along with the sculpture and flag there is a 50 sheet tablet of 100% post consumer paper that is the first paper to receive the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC®) Chain-of-Custody Certification. This paper also acts as a toxic free environment onto which you can write down those things in your life that need to be surrendered to God. The box this all comes in can be saved and used as a keepsake or God box.

Creativity Workshop
Creativity, CA

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Whether you are a business person, a teacher, a scientist or an artist, we can help you discover and nurture your particular way of expression and break through the fears and blocks that inhibit creativity.The Creativity Workshop was established in 1993 and is commited to helping individuals believe in and develop their creative process through using creative writing, art, memoir, storytelling, drama, journaling and map making exercises intended to become the tools for a lifetime. People from all different disciplines, interests and levels of experience, come together to explore their imaginations.

Attracting Genuine Love
Attracting 213 E. Beechtree Lane
Wayne, PA 19087

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Phone:  610 293-7440

Learn the secrets for finding a genuine, conscious, loving relationship. Experts Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., (as seen on Oprah and CNN)share with you the empowering process that they have used to help 20,000 ordinary people create extraordinary relationships. You can too! Get all your relationship questions answered in their FREE "Attracting Genuine Love" Newsletter.

The Oculatum 636
The PO Box 26401
Little Rock, AR

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The Oculatum: This single volume, more correctly a collection of writings, was first mentioned at the time of the Great Fire in 1666 but had been brought to England much earlier by Flemish refugees escaping tyranny in Europe. It contains a series of observations, at times ambiguous, at times direct, but as poignant today, if not more so, than they ever were in the Middle Ages. "The Oculatum 636" is known also by another name - "Book of Choices".

Discernment Pro Arte
Discernment 12 Chestnut St
Amsterdam, NY 12010

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Discernment Pro Arte will help you to develop Responsible Awareness leading to informed decisions affecting every area of your life. You have the right to take ownership again over your life and Discernment Pro Arte is here to offer the discernment tools to be able to do so.

Life of Learning Foundation
Life PO Box 10
Merlin, OR 97532

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Email Member
Phone:  541-476-1200

Break out! Discover a rich source of transformational tools to add higher meaning to your life and enrich your relationships. Visit - an interactive website featuring insight-filled excerpts from the works of best-selling inner-life author Guy Finley. Enjoy enlightening monthly chat rooms, inspiring quotes, and other special features. Receive a free weekly spirit-lifting e-mail message. Take the next step toward your own True self.

Earthstones Insight in a Bag
Earthstones 294 Laura Lane
Mountain View, CA 94043

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Phone:  650 964-6015

EarthStones13 beautiful carved clay disks designed to enlighten,empower and open up your own intuition. Earthstones are packaged in a lovely organza bag with a larger gift bag including an informative guidebook.

Achieve Life Mastery With Avatar
Achieve Asheville
Asheville, NC

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Email Member

Discover Avatar, rediscover your self. Choose PAAR, your guides to the world of Avatar. Now online: Experiential exercises, free information, articles, interviews, books, tapes, and cyber Coaching.

reston, United Kingdom

What you need might already be right there hiding in plain sight The author is avilable for group our one to one coaching

Diane Wing
P.O. Box 268
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 US

Phone:  215-379-2972
Diane Wing, M.A. is an author, teacher, personal transformation guide, and intuitive consultant. She has a Master's degree in clinical psychology and has been providing valuable insights for the highest good of her clients for over 27 years. Diane works with her clients to gain self-trust and increase their intuitive awareness thereby empowering them to create the lives they really want. Classes * Coaching * Readings * Books

New book: A Call to Magic - the Artful Science of Transforming Self an
665 South First Avenue
Canton, IL US

Does it take a magician to change ourselves and our world? Perhaps. In this book you'll get a fresh perspective on bringing real magic into your life--from a real life magician. Mitch Williams invites us to answer the "Call to Magic": filled with practical suggestions on how to radically alter our perspective on life and the world and live a life of magic and inspiration.

Alena Unger Board Certified Alternative Psychology Practioner
133 W. Boscawen St Suite 9a
Winchester, VA 22601 US

Phone:  540 532-2962
Telephone consultations by Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner. Call for appointment (540) 532-2962.

Shuem Healing Meditation and Training
Dijksgracht 17 B
Amsterdam, 1019BT Netherlands

Expand your consciousness and experience states of well-being, harmony and transformation. Online healing, training and meditation for focus and flow in daily life.

Numerology email readings
Miami, FL US

Ever wanted to know more about your crush, your neighbor, your boss, or just yourself? Follow my link to get the answers you need. (1,000+ words, $15.00USD)

Wolf Matejek - Hypnotherapy & Training
No.2, London Wall Buildings, London Wall
London, EC2M 5UU United Kingdom

Hypnotherapy, EFT and training in London.Visit the website for more information

4645 Hamden Forest Drive SW
Atlanta, 30331 Select One

Phone:  866-711-8324
Fax   :
Reggie is a master psychic who knows you and conveys the truth from the fourth dimension. Witness his rare gift for yourself. Has appeared on radio, television and print. His book, The Awakening, Conquering the Sleeping Giant Within has touched hundreds of lives positively.

reston, United Kingdom

Dean Fraser variously brought a million pounds worth of business into a publishing company within eighteen months while still a teenager, later ran his own design-led new age wholesale business for a decade, dealt in antiques, obtained a degree in body language psychology, became an internationally acclaimed poet and created an events company from scratch going on to run his own music and literary festivals within a year (his last official business venture before turning to full time writing and motivational speaking)....Dean has been researching, writing and talking about self-realization, motivation and human potential for well over two decades. A respected regular contributor to radio and worldwide magazines, he believes that many people are only half-living, unaware of the amazing potential laying right there within them. Facebook: Dean Fraser Unlock Your Life YouTube: Unlock Your Life

Health Links
8730 Greenfield Court
Odenton, MD 21113 US

Phone:  410-672-7474
Self paced courses for personal and spiritual growth (Stop Smoking, Stress, Self Hypnosis, Holistic Living, Surviving Infidelity, Learning to Love Yourself, Living with Illness, etc.) promote education, peace and environmental goodwill. 10 Morse Dr
Essex jct., VT 05452

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Email Member
Phone:  802 878 8900

One earth for yourself and one for a friend or loved one. Sharing our planet with all those you think the world of is important. Few products project this much positive energy and educational value. Nurture that first impressions of the world to be one of love and caring. Our children are our future. A great way to start with a Hugg-A-Planet, Eath.

Alternative Self-Awareness Handbook
1542 22 3/4 Street
Cameron, WI 54822 US

Alternative self-awareness handbook, reviewing Tarot card symbolism interms of archetypal images of the collective unconscious__with theoretically supported application to structured psychodynamic exercises for understanding self in terms of conscious ego, unconscious ‘shadow’, and finally, the integrated higher self. Includes esoteric & psychological meanings for all 78 cards.

Hypnotherapy for Soul Awakening
PO Box 164
Mount Vernon, WA 98273 US

Offering support and guidance as you uncover the root cause of your life challenges and shift to align with your highest purpose. Using hypnotherapeutic techniques and gentle coaching, we will work together so you can start living a life you love, filled with purpose and joy. Sessions are available over phone or Skype for your comfort and convenience. Schedule your free consultation online.

Journeystone Distributing Company
P. O. Box 1482
Roanoke,, 36278 Select One

Phone:  248-210-6981
"Bringing Light to the World with Stones" 40 page catalog of high-quality metaphysical stones, tools and jewelry, with free channelled information on their properties. Secure order page, Visa/MasterCard, since 1998.

Achieve Life Mastery with Avatar
PO Box 8282
Asheville, NC 28814-8282 US

Phone:  828-645-8909
Discover Avatar, and rediscover your self. Align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. Through Avatar, we will show you how to go behind the scenes of your consciousness to examine the blueprints by which you have constructed your life. This comprehensive website is your personal gateway to Avatar. Offering experiential exercises, free materials, tools, articles, interviews, books, and tapes.

Guy Finley: Life of Learning Foundation
459 Galice Road
Merlin, OR US

Large selection of books, cassettes and videos by best-selling author.

Hypnosis: Discover The Healing Power Of The Mind - Self Help
1234 Audubon St.
Slidell, LA USA

Dr. Bauer developed these dynamic tapes to help improve your life through Meditation and Hypnosis. Audio Samples on this Unique, Informative Web Site

Angels In Your Inbox
1463 Bayshire dr
Oakville, Canada

Psychic Angel Guidance Readings through email that provide insight and inspiration!

Consciousness for New Paradigm
Tampa, FL US

Online Transformational Life Coaching .Creating from informative level with our consciousness and getting faster results. We are reaching a whole new level the way we think and live our life's and the way we create our reality.Speed up your change,save time and money.Individual or group coaching.Online classes.

Osho Humaniversity
Dr. Wiardi Beckmanlaan 4,
Egmond aan Zee, 1931BW Netherlands

Phone:  072-506-4114
Fax   :  072-506-1844
The Humaniversity is an international institute for therapy and professional education offering ongoing workshops and trainings.

NPL Healing, A New Personality and Life
Sas van Gent
The Netherlands (Europe), Netherlands

NPL healing is different from other types of healing, like for example reiki or hands on healing. It is the path towards enlightenment, and then we mean real enlightenment, i.e. setting the soul completely free from everything that causes it to suffer or it to be imprisoned or that suppresses its inherent abilities and qualities. However, there is a difference in the meaning that NPL attributes to the word ‘enlightenment’, compared to other religions and philosophies that also aim to achieve enlightenment.

A Call to Magic - the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World
665 South First Avenue
Canton, IL 61520 US

Does it take a magician to change ourselves and our world? Perhaps. In this book you'll get a fresh perspective on bringing real magic into your life--from a real life magician. Mitch Williams invites us to answer the "Call to Magic". Filled with practical suggestions on how to radically alter our perspective on life and live a life of true magic and inspiration.

19 Upper Rock Gardens
Brighton, BN2 1QE United Kingdom

We offer self development courses for all who wish to start their self-development and spiritual journey, We work with transformation tools used by sages and gurus across the world, over the centuries, such as: Soul's Diary, Spiritual Diary, Meditation, Relationship Contract, Personal Development Plan, Drawing Mandalas. Try our FREE Course to help you look at your body, habits, your home environment, your thinking patterns and the time wasters in your life.

Waverider Emporium
47 Woodstock Drive
Sherwood Park, T8A 4C4 Canada

Phone:  7806408783
Waverider is a boomer run company that specializes in brainwave entrainment mp3s for self-actualization in categories that are spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual in nature. Many of these mp3s solve problems a boomer, or anyone else for that matter, may be experiencing, or they enhance gifts that the listener may already have.

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