Healing By Forgetting Yourself:
A Revolutionary Method

by Michel Leseigneur

To forget yourself,
you need "to slip"... on purpose,
into the unknown of the known,
into the perception of the imperceptible
into the memory of the forgotten,
and above all, into the new of what comes.

... Friends on a lawn do a suggested exercise that consists of moving as slowly as possible, caressing immobility and its limits... in the woods, the light divided by trees and leaves gives this morning the necessary and "specific green" light to Tom... a pool of water relaxes a woman, who sings an unknown melody... a space filled with multicolored sands welcomes our friend Francisco, who ceremoniously makes drawings that reflect "the unknown of himself"... three people, their bodies reflected in mirrors, seeing themselves beyond "the apparent"... a small comfortable group is communicating their emotions in a "different way"... not far away, a simple instrument with pure sounds is heard playing discordantly and delicately... fruit and various other unprocessed foods are ready on a table, allowing a firsthand relationship - today we are supposed to eat colors... two women breathe sitting on a cushion, inhaling the "air" from the air...

Development of the approach

The human being is not capable of understanding the needs of his or her intelligent cellular universe. A person's theories, beliefs, and habits weigh as heavily on a person as their genetics! It is not all bad, but many of our "illnesses" are the result of this large and tortuous history...

Between what we really need and what we think we need, there is generally a wide gulf!

To discover our real needs or to cure ourselves of numerous "illnesses", be they physical, psychological or other, we can do activities and games whose purpose is to distract us for the time needed and therefore to cut the link with the past and its inertia... ("the program"). For this to happen, these activities and games are played so that the exactness of a previously unimagined relationship can become an enjoyable surprise... The expected, linear, or logical techniques have to be disregarded!

What makes the difference is to play with the time and space that limit ourselves until we destabilize the continuity of events and the existing referents. In this process we will make appear "updated" this fundamental substance that allows nature and life to exist, and with which we will be able to transform our body by satisfying our real needs. To use this substance, that appears raw (not used yet), will allow us to constantly awaken our cellular system, letting go a marvelous and automatic process of renovation of the latter.

The final result will be a new and healthy body that will appear radiant!

In the daily practice, we need to play with the entire nutritious field. We will find again a raw and non-chosen diet, and see appearing the hidden sounds of an updated substance, an appropriate touch with our entire surrounding, feelings free from our past, a varied and regenerating breathing, a divided and always complementary light... the air from the air... the precise movement... and finally we will see the sound of the light, the movement of the color, the music of the form of the light, etc... A reality much more organic and complete than the one we usually perceive.

... And when the healing trip has come to an end, you are at the doorstep of eating minimally to pursue accomplishments other than just existing for surviving.

This method is the one created and used at "The Garden of Forgetfulness", an organic farm located in the south of Ecuador, where many people have already "cured themselves" from varied, physical, emotional, and psychological illnesses. To know more about the place, you may visit the website: holisticalternativehealth.com. And to know more about some important concepts of this original method, click on "the trap".