Reiki Heals - and Reduces Labor Pains

by Magdalena Bajer
Reiki Practitioner

Using the energy transfer methods of reiki empowers children and parents, all people to take responsibility for dealing with life’s challenges and stresses. If you’ve held your hands to comfort a sore tummy, a headache or an accidental bump, you have already begun to use reiki human energy to soothe and heal.

The different degrees of reiki, for me, denote the degree of conscious, learned, aware, evolved, clear and intentful use of this type of healing energy.

While many Reiki people like to think of the reiki history as spanning all written records of humanity, the modern Traditional Reiki story begins in the 1800’s with Mikao Usui. Usui followed a quest in search of the origins and methods of the healing of Jesus and Buddha. His path took him to the texts of Buddhism, where he found the healing formula and through meditation found the symbols and the information to activate the reiki energies within human beings and make them work.

The work passed through traditional apprenticeships and attunements from Master Usui to Chujiro Hayashi to among others, Hawayo Takata. Hawayo Takata moved to Hawaii and opened the first Reiki clinic in western society. With the help of her 22 reiki masters, the concepts were introduced to Europe and North America. My friend and mentor Harue Kanemitsue is one of the 22.

I like to think of Reiki as being incorporated into the human genetic coding as the birthright of all people. Being the human being that I am, I do not adhere strictly to all the facets of the Usui system. In my personal journey I have taken what worked best for me about the reiki knowledge systems and have elaborated towards ancient sanskrit words, signs and methods. I have also incorporated study of acupressure/acupuncture meridians to concentrate reiki energy where it is likely to do the most good for certain problems and symptoms.

In reiki energy transfer we assume that we are a free flowing clean conduit through which run infinite flows of energy. Personal energy is not used. We assume that our planet’s energy core is one source of infinite energy and the universe above us and around us is another source of infinite energy. We, through living true to the precepts of reiki, become a clearer and clearer conduit for universal energies channelled through human hands. Here are the Reiki Precepts:

1. Just for today, do not anger.

2. Just for today, do not worry.

3. We shall count our blessings and honour our fathers and mothers, our teachers and neighbours and honour our food.

4. Make an honest living.

5. Be kind and show gratitude to everything in life.

On of the nicest proofs of reiki working was my experience with my own first labour and later with other labouring women that I attended in the role of reiki analgesic. When I went through my first labour experience I mused for many years about the fact that where my attending midwife would place her hands, spread, palms down, the pain of contractions would cease. She had ‘magic hands’! She was my most favourite attendant! I found out 5 years later that it is possible to all have magic hands. I have been to births now where the labouring woman will not let me take my hands away for long, while the attending midwife quietly observes, sips tea and then does the work of crowning and delivery. It is can be a long time between bathroom breaks for me!

Using universal energies to help ourselves and teaching our children that they have the ability to help themselves empowers ALL. The basis of matter is energy and no matter what society at large may tell you, it is available where it will significantly change life for the better. It is free. It is infinite. Everyone deserves to use it, but not manipulate it, change it individually and abuse it or use it for dubious ends. We are in ‘Earth School’ to learn. Society at large does not give us the skills much needed to progress.

How to start? Calm a frightened, fretful or hurt child. IMAGINE the energy flows. You needn’t discard allopathic medicine if you feel it is important to you. Use reiki as an amendment. Reiki does no harm. If you feel you need personal physical guidance take a look for a reiki master in your area. Some of you will take to this like ducks to water.

Enjoy and grow!

Recommended reading:
  • Hawayo Takata. The History of Reiki as Told by Mrs. Takata. Southfield, MI.The Centre for Reiki Training, 1979.
  • Michael Reed Gach. Acupressure’s Potent Points. Bantam Books.
  • Diane Stein. Essential Reiki. The Crossing Press Inc., Freedom, CA. (A controversial book in traditional circles.)

    Magdalena Bajer is a Reiki III living in the woods in British Columbia, Canada. Enquiries about formal attunements are welcome.

    Write her at 3050 Summit Lake Road, RR. #1, Nakusp, BC. Canada V0G 1R0 or email