Soul Mates in Asiatic/Oriental Palmistry

by Myrna Lou Goldbaum / Palmist and Author

When asked "How do i find my Soul Mate?" my reply is: Enter into the mainstream of life, be a participant, explore new avenues, experiment, and seek change for self. The Soul Mate relationship is unique because it reunites two individuals who knew each other when both lived on this planet during another lifetime. If an individual has a need and their Soul Mate feels and acknowledges their longing for the “call home”, they respond in kind to their need.


In Asian/Oriental Palmistry the definition of a Soul Mate is one who bonds with another and is familiar with them. They are from another time zone when they lived on this planet and were someone other than who they are today, thus reincarnation.

Example: in another lifetime, over 100 years ago a person might have been an Indian man. In this time zone that person is a bright, intelligent young girl. Or, in another time zone the person was someone’s old maid aunt but this time he is a strong male in his seventies, or a three year old little boy.

A Soul Mate, according to Asiatic/Oriental Palmistry consists of five levels. These are:

  • Communication
  • Visible Appearance of couple
  • Spirituality
  • Sensual/Sexual Compatibility in Relationship
  • Similar Religious Belief System

    Beyond these five levels one must also touch on the terms of:

    Trust, Honor, Respect, Affection, Spontaneity and Love.

    These are not the only characteristics one must have in common to relate to a Soul Mate. Also present must be their reactions, likes and dislikes, same philosophy about life in general, ambitions and dreams.

    A twin flame is a term used to describe one candle across from another twinkling at the same time and to the same degree of intensity. Another common term used is mirror image. This is the outlook one has the same as their Soul Mate. Because of our past lives, individuals bring to this time span on earth their ways of thinking, being creative and working through life’s ups and downs from past experience when they resided here before.

    Soul Mates cannot find another unless they too have a past life when they were connected on several levels in that other lifetime.


    Soul Mates are two people who, during a past life (reincarnation) knew each other before and connect with one another in this lifetime. When they meet it is as if they already “know” the other person, for in reality they do. A Soul Mate is a one who bonds with another in an instant. There are no strings attached. Recognition is internally felt by both and an immediate closeness registers in their minds.

    The Soul Mate marking is always located on the human palm by the wrist, looking downward toward the center of the hand. It is a V-shaped mark, or looks like a baseball diamond or Indian Tee-Pee and usually begins at the center of the wrist.

    When reading a palm the test of a true fit for two individuals who are possible Soul Mates is if the baby finger from the opposite hand is able to fit into the Soul Mate slot. The baby finger must be laid on its side and slid into the area. If it fits, there is a possibility that Soul Mates from one’s past lives can appear in this one.

    Any union must be built on a floor of cement, the foundation consisting of: TRUST, HONOR, RESPECT, AFFECTION, SPONTANIATY and finally, LOVE.


    The expression, “No risk, no gain” is true in the relationship aspect. One must reach out and enter into life’s mainstream by getting involved, enrolling in a class, volunteering somewhere or working in a group setting. This shakes up the energy around the person and brings new individuals into their life. Networking, being a friend to another, trying new things, are some of the ways one can bump into a new person who may be their Soul Mate.


    They respond in kind to any situation in an exact manner, such as reactions, likes, dislikes. They are able to read each other, feel mood shifts, desires, happiness and the upsets within. Information is sometimes passed with no verbal communication if one is in tune. They respect and accept each other and sense when one needs quiet time, a soothing touch, a hug. At times, in our lives things do not run smoothly. With Soul Mates , their closest friend is also their whipping boy. They relate and support each other. There is no friction, criticism, bickering, sexual tension or frustration between them, for they are alike and “understand” their partner’s needs without discussion.

    EXAMPLE: In a past life you were a three year-old boy living next to one the same age as yourself. (Hundreds of years ago extended families lived within one home for the duration of a lifetime, so you remained in that home eighty or ninety years and so did your next door playmate.) In this lifetime you have returned as a woman and he is man but you remember that you are really that three year-old child who grew up next door to that boy.


    The answer is yes, if that person is an old soul; one who has lived prior to this time. Soul Mates are worldly and awe-inspired, centered and grounded, in harmony with the earth, sensitive to each other’s needs. They focus. In a Soul Mate relationship life can be exciting and comfortable simultaneously. There is a wonderful feeling of warmth between them. Neither party talks down to the other, considering one to be the second class citizen. There is a sounding board between them to hold weighty, lengthy conversations where each takes a turn speaking as the other listens. Instinctively they know what is in the mind of their mate.


    Karma is the universe encompassing all humanity. It produces a variety of vibrations, some worthy, some harmful. Humans radiate with vibrations that give clues to one’s personality. In the realm of spirituality, both would know the existence of karma.

    EXAMPLE: The energy field surrounding an individual would give off the vibration, the impression “I’m compassionate, you can come over and talk to me. Another might be “Get out of my face, I don’t have time now.”

    Soul Mates, when they find one another in this lifetime, feel a magnetic karma, their personal connection to each other. All Soul Mates realize the spiritual connection they possess because they have returned to this world with more knowledge than those who are new beings. They bring with them all the goodness they have learned and acquired in other lifetimes and leave the badness, mistakes made in other times, behind them. They embark on a New Beginning and finish the business they began earlier in another lifetime.

    Myrna Lou Goldbaum has been a palmist for 52 years, having begun at age 10. She has documented and kept journals for over 27,900 palms. She authored “May I See Your Hand? Palm Reading For Fun And Profit”. Currently she is sending out proposals for her second book titled, “Soul Mate Connections” and producing a television show, “Soul Mate Connections." She writes the “Ask A Psychic” column and articles on palmistry for and has participated in over 250 metaphysical fairs. See her website at, e-mail her at or call 303-666-8771.