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Alexander Technique Directory

Aardvark Alexander Technique Web Site
The story of a student's Alexander Technique lessons.

ABC's of Good Posture by the Father of American Education
What's wrong with the usual approach to achieving good posture, and how the Alexander Technique can help.

Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Alexander Technique
Basic commonsense information about the Alexander Technique for those with no previous knowledge or experience.

Adventures in Self-Discovery - One Student's Experience
Interesting account of a student's lessons in the Alexander Technique

Advice for Students of the Alexander Technique
How to find and choose a teacher and get the most from your Alexander Technique lessons

Alexander Technique
A concise description of the Alexander Technique by a teacher and physical therapist

Alexander Technique - An Overview
Brief introduction to the Alexander Techndique and how it is taught

Alexander Technique at
Introductory articles about the Alexander Technique, message board, and an extensive collection of links.

Alexander Technique in Northern Ohio
a brief introduction to the Alexander Technique and contact information for lessons, classes and workshops with Jim Froelich, teaching member of Alexander Technique International in northern Ohio

Alexander Technique International
Alexander Technique International is a world-wide organization of Alexander teachers, students and supporters of the Alexander Technique created to promote and advance the work discovered by F. M. Alexander. ATI embraces the diversity of the international Alexander community and is working to promote international dialogue.

Alexander Technique Nebraska
A comprehensive collection of resources and links on this century-old method of relasing harmful stress from your body.

Alexander Technique Nebraska
How the effectiveness and safety of fitness activities can be enhanced using the Alexander Technique

alexander technique teachers directories usa - nastat certified
a usa directory of alexander technique teachers certified by the north american society of teachers of the alexander technique and its affiliates. this list has been designed to assist you in finding a teacher in your area. it is divided into three regional sections for your convenience. each region is then sorted by zip code.

Alexander Technique with Constance Clare
Just as practicing meditation brings clarity and a sense of quiet to your mind, the Alexander Technique brings clarity and a sense of ease to your body. Just as meditation practice builds an observer self that can be less reactive emotionally, Alexander practice builds an awareness of the physical self and teaches skills that help you be less reactive to stress responses of the nervous system. You practice the technique as you go about your daily activities. - Alexander Technique Instruction - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Alexander Technique Instruction, Physiotherapy, Healthcare Professionals, Health & Medical.

Back Alive Advantage
The Back Alive Advantage is a user-friendly audio tape designed to help people with back trouble,produced by Daniel Singer and Jane Kosminsky, certified Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Back Alive Advantage
Hello Please change any links you have with to asthe link is no longer relevant.Please make this change as soon as possible.Please use the same information you had on file for but change that site name with

Education 2000
Alexander Technique as a part of children's education. There is a school that does this.
relating the principles of ergonomics to the quality of posture and movement.

Fitness Without Stress - A Guide to the Alexander Technique
This book explores the relationship between fitness goals and the Alexander Technique.

Healthy Solutions
We offer energy healing, distance healing and Alexander Technique instruction at Healthy Solutions

john dewey and the alexander technique
alexander's influence on this famous american philosopher is explored on this site.

Judith Grodowitz
"Inspiration in the Aegean," an Alexander Technique workshop in Folegandros, Greece August 23-28, incorporates Greek myth and movement improvisation. Judith Grodowitz also teaches groups and individuals in NYC.

Katherine Constable Studio
Katherine Constable is a Teacher of the Alexander Technique, an instructor of EFT acupressure and a metaphysical practitioner. She is dedicated to helping her clients move quickly into their own optimal state of well-being. With an emphasis on self-empowerment, she is ready to guide those who are looking for their next step toward greater physical, mental and spiritual health.

Lee Warren MSTAT
Briefly describes the Alexander Technique and the teaching of Lee Warren

massage therapy and the alexander technique
how the alexander technique can help massage therapists

Mornum Time Press
Alexander Technique resources, including in-depth books on the Technique, articles, and teacher listings

musicians and the alexander technique
the alexander technique has a long history of helping musicians overcome rsi, backpain and other physical hazards of playing and singing. this site provides a full range of alexander resources and links.

physical therapy and the alexander technique homepage
articles and links relating these two fields.

School for F.M. Alexander Studies
The school offers an AUSTAT certified three year training course for Alexander teachers & private classes and courses and workshops for the public. We also run classes applying the technique to yoga, tai chi, voice and horseriding.

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
This site provides a comprehensive set of resources and links relating to the Alexander Technique.

The Insider's Guide to the Alexander Technique
Introduction, in-depth and quality articles and descriptive lists of links and resources.

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