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Alternative Energy Directory
The Earth Angel Connection
The  Earth Angel Connection Rita Teubner
135 Bleil Drive
Glenshaw 15116

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Email Member
Phone:  412-486-8395

Personal web site dealing with energy healing, healing with crystals and stones, channeling, the metaphysical world, readings, inspirational poetry written by self and others, angels, abuse issues and 9/11 memorial pages.

Colorado Solar Electric
Specializing in Solar Power systems for remote homes. We handle the highest quality solar panels and inverters, and offer free system design assistance.

Colorado Solar Electric
Specializing in Solar Power systems for remote homes. We handle the highest quality solar panels and inverters, and offer free system design assistance.

Colorado Solar Electric
Specializing in Solar Power systems for remote homes. We handle the highest quality solar panels and inverters, and offer free system design assistance.

NPL Healing, A New Personality and Life
NPL healing is different from other types of healing, like for example reiki or hands on healing. It is the path towards enlightenment, and then we mean real enlightenment, i.e. setting the soul completely free from everything that causes it to suffer or it to be imprisoned or that suppresses its inherent abilities and qualities. However, there is a difference in the meaning that NPL attributes to the word ‘enlightenment’, compared to other religions and philosophies that also aim to achieve enlightenment.

1st in Elcetric Scooters
Providing advice and tips on the purchase and safe use of zero air pollution electric scooters.

Agnisolar - Solar Energy Company in India
At Agni Solar, we believe the Sun is for Everyone. With more than 2 decades of experience, we have mastered the art of harnessing the sun's energy, for our consumers. - Energy Equipment Systems & Supplies - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Energy Equipment Systems & Supplies, Miscellaneous Industry, Industry.

Alt Energy Shift - Discussion Forums
Discuss green living, environmental conservation tips, renewable energy and job/career opportunities. Forums cover both renewable and non-renewable energy topics.

Anpa Wi Solar Green
Our site features solar battery chargers, solar flashlights, solar garden lights, eco friendly bath toys & other eco friendly products.

Aum Energy
Information on energy healing arts such as Reiki and seichim and related material

Beyond Oil Solar
Providers of alternative energy equipment, including photovoltaic solar panels, inverters and wind generators.

Biodanza with Paola
Biodanza gives you the possibility to explore your emotions through movements and dances stimulated by rhythmic and melodic music. It's the ideal tool for recovering your energy and release stress in a group environment.

BioMaxx Systems Inc.
BioMaxx Systems Inc holds the worldwide license to a new biomass fermentation process developed by Canadian molecular genetic researchers. The technology can be used to convert waste biomass mixtures to ethanol and other co-products by exploiting the unique properties of the feedstock to solve current processing problems. Ethanol is a clean-burning, renewable fuel that is used as an oxygenate in 10% gasoline blends and an octane enhancer to improve vehicle performance.

Blue Matrix Energetics
BLue Matrix Energetics provides training and private sessions in one of the most progressive healing systems available today; Blue Matrix Energetics.

brother-sisterhood of light/twinrays.
Step into a twinflames-world and discover the beauty, color, light and healing energies in visionary artwork, shaman/mayan, crystal-color healing and unconditional love. Tools/products for transformation, spiritual growth, personal development, souleducation and ascension. I am crystalstar Rita. AUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Budismo .us
Martha Perlacia Reiki and Karuna Master teacher305 5530045 to offer my services as a teacher, I teach in spanish and I'll give my students all studing material that they need for each level as well as the attunement... I also offer tibetan budhism meditation
solar energy, wind turbines, electric and alternative energy vehicles. links

Dr. Rivera's IDEA/ACTION Studio
Headed by Dr. Ramon G. Rivera, Yogi (GrandMaster Teacher) and a staff of expert instructors and managers, Dr. Rivera's Idea/action Studio offers a number of programs for self-improvement, physical fitness and instruction in martial arts.

Energetic Touch
Robert Salvit master Reiki Healer and Kabbalist gives individual sessions and workshops helping people heal their body, minds, and soul though a unique variety of healing modalities.

EnLink Geoenergy Services, Inc.
EnLink is a full service geothermal heating and cooling services company for commercial and institutional buildings, new or retrofit. We work nationwide. Services include feasability analysis, design, installation and geoenergy metering. Geothermal heat pumps have the lowest life cycle cost, longest life cycle, lowest operating costs, and lowest attributable emissions of any available heating and cooling system.

Fresh Air Foundation
We are a non-profit organisation that tries to give lots of valuable info on all the regular Dr doesnt want you to know, we all so sell some goodies to assure its continuance

Green Employment
Are you a green professional? Take a look at the latest relevant vacancies.

Green Employment Ireland
Are you a green professional? Take a look at the latest relevant vacancies in Ireland.

Harrell Communications
Consciousness research and courses, including "Awakening Your Light Body," plus archives and excerpts of New Age/New Thought books and New York City figures in the 60s. Inspirational readings on Eastern teachers.

Healing Eenergy
Healing energy using a viariety of methods such as color therapy using the chakras.

Healing Waters Sanctuary
Connect with sacred water to experience relaxation and healing with renowned practitioner, Andy Marcus. Healing treatments combine breath, aquatic and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapies. Enter into a deep inner and outer flow with yourself and life.

Healthy Life4all The Source of Life
a site for Self-Realization, Spiritual Growth & Holistic Health
INTER-DIMENSIONAL HEALINGFor your Spiritual Growth and Development. We are One part of the expression of the Whole, the Divine, God. Express your greatest potential through redefining your belief system. Open up to expansion that will bring awareness, connect with your soul and manifest the life you desire.Learn simple concepts that allow you to hold a vision and build positive thought forms. With multi-dimensional energy work- sustain the new belief system you create.

Infinite Light Centre for Healing
Information, consultations and workshops on spiritual healing. From Crystal grids to spiritual life coaching, Munay-Ki rites and much more.

Lavender Sunshine Intuitive Heal
Spiritual community Life coaching/Spiritual CoachingLove and Relationships guidanceEnergy HealingPersonal and Spiritual development

my path reading
My Path Reading is a new spiritual community online that offers a free place for friends and fans to meet others while sharing spirit and readings.

Oasis Montana Inc.
We offer supplies for remote power systems using photovoltaics (solar modules) and wind energy (wind turbines), plus efficient and propane (LP) appliances. See also
We make, sell and distribute Orgone Generators, devices that absorb electromagnetic pollution and convert it into Orgone (life energy). We also travel the country giving workshops on how to construct them.We have amazing aura pictures of our devices on our website.

Pali's End
Sustainable energy & design.

Advanced science and technology links.

Peter Doswell
UK based Psychic & Clairvoyant offering genuine and trusted Psychic Reading, Text A Psychic and other services.

Power Solutions
Power Solutions- is your one stop source for renewable energy products that help you be independent of the grid ( solar panels-microhydro-wind generators and diesel generators). We provide, service and install grid-tie systems (solar-wind and hydro), off-grid home power systems, back-up power systems( for business and homes), and energy efficient appliances using state of the art techniques and equipment.
Personal Electric Transporters

LB International, Inc. manufactures, distributes, and hasinvestment opportunities in environmental product lines such asPureBlaze Firelogs and Eco-Lena Business Park.

Reconnective Healing and Dr. Eric Pearl's "The Reconnection" Resource Site
Resource Site where you can learn about Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection; watch videos, listen to interviews, read personal stories, and schedule healing sessions with Reconnective Healing Practitioner Cynthia Miles.

Renewable Energy Employment
Are you a renewable energy professional? Take a look at the latest relevant vacancies.

Solar Employment
Are you a solar professional? Take a look at the latest relevant vacancies.

Solar Panels -
Get an accurate no obligation in-person assessment provided by our skilled and knowledgeable solar designers. We are here to help you understand your solar options and provide a customized solution that's the perfect fit for your household.

Solar sun is a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Solar Products such as solar inverters, Solar Fencing,Solar Street Lights,Solar Water Heaters, Domestic solar inverters, Commercial solar Inverters,Solar panels, Solar Power Plants, Solar home lighting, LED bulbs, Solar UPS, Solar Power Batteries, Solar lantern, Solar Water Heaters, solar off grid ,Solar On Grid, Photovoltaic Solar Cells and many more.

Soul Of A Butterfly
By activating your 12 Strands Of DNA it will allow the connection between the human genetic coding and the access to all knowledge in the 12 planes of existence. Each person carries 4 belief levels. 1. Core Belief (Now)2. Genetic Belief (Ancestor/Genetic)3. History (Past Lifes) Belief4. Soul Belief Your brain has a Master Cell in the pineal gland that holds all your memories and circumstancesnot only in this lifetime but from past lifes and through genetics and soul lessons. These lessons and beliefs can be changed, replaced and or resolved. As this deep inner work is done, our prespectives, beliefs and physical health are changed, creating new awareness and opportunities to truly manifest our dreams, "Our Souls Purpose."

soullycreated hemp products & ear candles
Hemp Ear candles & classes available. Learn the ancient art of ear coning. Also Hemp products and reiki healing

The Center for Spiritual Well Being Sacred Crystal
We offer energetic healing sessions, distant healing,classes,audios,chakra reports, and more.

The Healing Path
The Healing Path specializes in autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata; Lupus; arthritis; chronic fatigue; Epstein Barr and Crohn’s disease. These disorders are treated using my herbal tinctures and Energy Healing. The Healing Path herbal tinctures are all original formulas and are thoughtfully handcrafted with healing hands. All tinctures are imbued with healing Reiki Energy for added benefit. I have also created a system so that the lay person can have healing energy at their disposal anytime they choose.

The Mind-Spirit Institute
The Mind-Spirit Institute is a spiritual center dedicated to supporting and assisting others in rebuilding their health, lifestyle, self-confidence and peace of mind through alternative self-care.

Walter Black Meridian Energy Therapist London
Meridian energy therapy (HK), Kinesiology, EFT and Reiki therapist in the City of London.Visit my website for more details and to book your appointment

Waste Employment
Are you a waste professional? Take a look at the latest relevant vacancies.

Wind Employment
Are you a wind professional? Take a look at the latest relevant vacancies.

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