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Alternative Science Directory

*the alchemist*
free online demonstration of the highly acclaimed cdrom!

*U* UFO Database
Maps and statistics for 18,000+ carefully filtered UFO sightingsworldwide, for all eras.Pages are fast loading and non-commercial.

Aerology & Ink
New Expermental forecasting method, using a natural analog based system

All That Is Tachyon
Tachyon Energy provides marvelous enrichment for a life oriented towards integration, love, harmony, and cooperation.Tachyon Energy opens a dooeway that allows you to connect with, and experience the joy of, your own inner radiance.

Allens Naturally
Perfume Free and Dye Free Home Care Products for Chemically Sensitive People - Science & Research - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Science & Research, Professional.

american asian medical institute
aggressive alternative cancer treatment based on the renowned non-toxic yu therapy; located near tijuana, mexico.

Applied NeuroLinguistics
The definite resources to emotional intelligence with articles, book reviews, and a monthly newsletter (FREE)

aquarian vibration math sciences
how and why the creative force vibrations are our maker!

Violent Weather Predictions 2000-2001Tropical Cyclones, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Storms, Floods

Atlas Astrology
An astrological blog featuring new and full moon posts, astrology workshops, and birth chart readings. Real, compassionate, rigorous astrology!

Cancer Prevention Coalition-Safe Alternative Products
Safe, Natural, Alternative, Non toxic personal care, beauty cosmetics, effective, powerful nutritionals
a tour of the universe focusing on the convergence of scientific and spiritual thought, an exploration of ancient and modern views on timeless mystical principles, high-quality image galleries and a directory of links

Creative Forces Vibration Math Sciences
FREE! Find your name number. Click it in the Name Number Table. Read the meaning for your Name from the moving text on the marquee. Discove things you've yet to learn about yourself. Its fun, informative and FREE!

U F O's from an investigators perspective + some fun stuff

CYBEK of New York
Traditional Hermetic Social Management Technique updated for Cyber Age

Studies on the math and geometry in ancient artwork and their relation to science today. is a paranormal investigating equipment superstore. Over 100 products that can be directly applied to the study of anomalous phenomena. In depth usage directions for equipment, peruse resource centers on various paranormal fields; learn about global environment that may be affecting your investigations and up-to-date news on industry related events. Check out our great selection of EMF Meters, IR Thermometers, Radiation Meters, Air Ion Counters, Digital Thermometers, Anemometers, Humidity Thermometers, Carbon Monoxide Meters and much more all at unbelievably competitive prices.

Gorbunova Svetlana
Egyptian Rods and the Pyramidare ultra-modern technology, that strengthen up the whole organism and allow the psycho-physical abilities' evolution go faster.

institute for orgonomic science
orgonomy and wilhelm reich - the ios is an organization dedicated to the science of orgonomy which is involved with the prevention and treatment of human neurosis, the functioning of life energy (the orgone) in nature and man and more ...

Institute of Divine Order Inc.
Integrates old understandings with the simplicity of the computer.

Institute of satitherapy
integrative psychotherapy which uses the mindfulness (sati) as the key principle within a person centered approach

Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, Inc.
Scientific Aura & Brain Imaging Technology, Advanced Magnet Therapy, Free Reports, International Certification Program

Khakani's Mystic World
Spells Magic Talismans Charms Mystic Mystical Genies Wiccan Voodoo Rituals Powers Kabala Kawachas Psychic

All aspects of high-voltage electro-photography, esp. practical information.

Life Force Activation
Quantum Balancing mirror the possibilities of the Universe by Remote or in person.

Supplier of alchemical and metaphysical healing tools
world leader in the field of light and sound stimulation equipment also known as mind machines. online discussion area along with extensive research and educational material available free. quantity discounts are available for resellers.

Morris Hypnosis Center
Advanced clinical hypnosis for weight loss, smoking, stress, anxiety, fears, pain management, 'stuck' attitudes and behaviors and more

A rational model, or paradigm, which shows that both science and spitituality can have a common, logical, basis.

An investigation into the influenceof the planets on human physsiology and psychology using the ancient planetary types and modern endocrine types.

Professional Psychic Readings for UK. Psychic, Mediums, Clairvoyants and Tarot Card Readers online 24/7

quantum hologram bio-cybernetics
the therapy of the interactive, analogical bio-information. a corrector of the errors in the psychosomatic system. a qualitative leap forward in the understanding of the existence of individuals and their health.

Researching Behavioral Neuroscientist
This site shows a new union of science and spirituality created by looking at the brain. Darwin meets the Buddha in its study of reincarnation, but this site emphasizes the raw experience of spiritual states of consciousness.

Researching Neuroscientist
Darwin meets the Buddha.

Talismans,spells,witchcraft,holy squares,spell casting,love & money spells,sigils,ritual books,PLUS..Official site of renowned occultist and best selling author Jason P.Pike RitualMagickJP supplies QUALITY ritual magick books and tools,talismans,amulets,sigils,lucky charms,power chants,rune sets,spell casting for you by expert occultist,astral projection and esp utilization courses,workshops throughout the year,psychic consultations and spiritual guidance,rune stone divination and/or guidance.FREE catalogue. A genuine supplier with a reputation to uphold!

Shirley's Wellness Cafe
A growing number of scientists world-wide have publicly denounced the total failure of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, questioned the meaning of the "AIDS test", and criticized the use of AZT which has been proven to be a toxic poison that makes the patient sicker and is actually the cause of AIDS deaths. The group includes scientists such as Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1993 for inventing the polymerase chain reaction used to test for HIV, Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D., a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley and Charles Thomas, PhD., Former chair of the Cell Biology Department, Scripps Research Institute

A leading-edge exploration of spirituality, technology and cyberspace...and beyond!

sponsored by Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
A list for disinformation-free information on UFOs, ETs, experiencers of ET encounters, and societal changes coming about as a result of ET presence.

Star Energy Connection
A monthly magazine for all enlightened and spiritual aware people. Articles contain high channelled information among much varied knowledge of universal cosmic knowledge and spiritual teachings to help all who seek the truth of life

Sven B. Schreiber
Collection of information about Wilhelm Reich's science of life energy, called "Orgonomy", and related topics.

T. Holthaus & Associates
A journey into the world of information and concepts that are not readily available from the normal, everyday media sources or college text books.

The Parapsychological Wonder of Spiritual Science!
As per the law of nature, when The Radioactivity molecules jointly penetrate that will be more energetic and powerful than the accumulation of Atomic energy. When these ultrahigh energy particles are accumulated in the deeper roots of the central nervous system, it will give birth to powerful Cosmic rays and will release an unlimited energy. When these energy particles are organized with a High Mass, the neurological system will give birth to invisible cosmic radiation. When the massive explosion occurs in the deeper roots of the central nervous system, The Electro magnetic waves of these radiations will take an extraordinary shape and will join with The Light Of Radiant Destiny. These ultrahigh energy particles have an eternal power to do any destructive or constructive activity in the entire universe. The magnetic power of these cosmic radiations will join only with those people, who are genetically appointed for it. Since ages, a few chosen people witnessed this highest peak of radiant excellence. The orthodox science and orthodox religion has failed to understand this highest energy of the earth. In the presence of this immortal cosmic energy, even the Atomic weapons will become impotent.

Theodynamics Institute
Theodynamics Institute is a think tank devoted to exploring the potential of human consciousnes and advancing the new field of theodynamics - a new physics integrating the truths contained in science and religion.

Education, gifts and unique tools for a seeking spirit in the New Age

vibration math sciences
free teaching for vibration math sciences astrology, numerology, tarot and lottery number predicting. trance training, meditation, alchemy, divination

Vowels and Consonants Are Gods
The vowels and the consonants in words have a meaning - they are literally gods... and these gods influence the meaning of very word and sentence we utter. Here's proof! Site written by an MIT-trained linguist.

Walter Last
This site offers a scientifically based spiritual philosophy as well as guidance on the spiritual path
A resource and database of nootropic information. Great educational hub for those wanting to learn about neuroscience.

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