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Angels Directory
Ask Guidance - Channeled Healings and Readings
Ask Guidance - Channeled Healings and Readings Katherine Aaron
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Rio Rancho

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Channeled Readings: Channeled Life Readings (CLR) Channeled Healings: Awakening; Mind-Body-Spirit medicine & energywork Guidance is a group of angels, ascended masters, healers, awakeners and teachers. Working with and through Dr. Katherine Aaron, they will assist you on your journey of spiritual awakening and healing. There is never any judgment, there is only Love and Light for you.

For a daily Angelic Inspiration and angel products from Ireland

Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck
The 52 card Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck is easy to use to get life answers. There is a very unique spread called the Five Vibrational Dimensions of the Soul which assists any user to get answers to Universal Truths that they need to acknowledge. The deck also comes with an 80 page guidebook. Each deck comes with a personally autographed card from Debbie A. Anderson.

omni home market
All things Metaphysical

Pleiadian Channelings ~ Angels of Pleiades ~ Michelle L. Hankes
Welcome, dear ones. We are the Angels of Pleiades.We have come here to offer our vibrational beingness to lighten your world and your true selves. We offer to you that which we are as a magnitude to increase your trajectory of awareness.We offer you this: You are Loved. Deeply, forever and without hesitation. We are here to assist you in our most magnanimous way. We love you. Group Channeling Sessions ~ Private Channeling Sessions ~ Interactive Seminars ~ Intuitive Writings ~ Books ~ Blog

Angel Message 4 U
Get your free unique message from the Angels for FREE. No hidden charge or sign up just go to the site and click on the Angel for your message.

Angels In Your Inbox
Psychic Angel Guidance Readings through email that provide insight and inspiration!

Your Inner Landscape
Archangel essential oil blends and sprays, imbued with Angelic Energy, used for clearing and connection. They can produce an uplifting & purifying effect on your emotional & spiritual status - elevating your mood and opening you to a new sense of peace and gratitude for your life.

A Circle of Light
Psychic clairvoyant, Rev. Cassandra Anaya has brought her practice of channeling three angels (Metatron, Uriel, & Yannie) to the www. She can assist you to reconnect with your angels.

Adored Angel
Adored Angel delivers messages from the Angelic and Spirit Realms to aid you on your life path. She can shed gentle light on any area in your life, whether you have questions about health, relationships, career, and finances. She specializes in Angelic Oracle Cards, Affirmative Prayer, and Healing. Adored Angel finds comfort in teaching clients how to clear their blocks and fears, manifest their desires, listen to their Angels and help find their inner guidance. These angelic messages are delivered in a helpful, loving, and compassionate manner. You have been touched by an Angel with a reading with Adored.

American Angel
Private daydreams lead to incredible adventures through chance meeting with angelic forces.

Angel Art
Fine art interpretations of a spiritual journey to the Promised Land. (Read the artist's statement... it's funny!)

Angel Companion Quilts
Handmade quilts with an angel theme, infused with angelic energy of divine love, healing, peace and compassion, felt by each recipient. In addition: Angel Project: Accepting donations of your own angel creations of angel quilts and blankets, along with my own, for donations to children in hospitals, etc.

Angel Drawings
Susan is a very gifted Intuitive Artist who is able to visually tap into the Angelic Realms. And has created many angel inspired pieces of art work.

Angel Drawings
Susan is a very gifted intuitive artist that is able to see into the angelic realms to draw your personal angels. And more angel inspired drawings and paintings.

Angel Images by Lisa Marie
Artwork by the well known and gifted Angel Communicator Lisa Marie. She offers Angel Portraits, Angel Light Paintings, Spirit Quest Paintings, Angelic Personal Empowerment Symbols,Angelic Pet Portraits and Angel Essence Pet Portraits. She also offers her famous and very accurate Angel Readings. Do you want to know what your angel looks like and hear special message just for you? Click here you will be gald you did. It is always a very positive experienced filled with love and light.

Angel Lady
Writer Jacky Newcomb 'The Angel Lady'runs this angel website. Read stories, readers letters and her many articles about the afterlife.

Angel Light
A place to find prayers, invocations, meditations, and many helpful things. Namaste

Angel Messenger
We offer angel readings, classes, products and events designed to connect you with your angels and loved ones in spirit. Our readings, classes and events are designed for children and adults; classes range from angel communication to making gem elixirs. Visit our website for class information or to get your own Angel Reading. Check out our Angel Store for some great products including our own "Chakra Healing with the Angels" Meditation CD.

Angel Posters - An affiliate of Zig Posters
Your premier online Angels and Angel Poster resource.

Angel Readings By Jenny
Angel readings, healing abstract artwork for sale, guided meditation tapes, links to many spiritual websites, and more.

Angel Readings ByJenny
Learn about Jenny's angel readings, and how you can communicate with angels on your own. Site is dedicated to spiritual growth and empowerment.

Angelic Connection
Receive inspirational and guiding messages from the angelic realm with your personal angel reading. Learn to connect and work with the angels yourself through our workshops and online resources.

Angelic Encounters
Learn to talk to your angels and listen to the healing, love, and advice they offer. Trained by Doreen Virtue. Angel readings also available.

Angelic Harmonies
Enjoy and experience wonderful, healing sounds of Ann Warner's angelic music. Online sound samples and more.... Soothing and relaxing music for your healing and meditation.

Angelic Inspirations
Angelic Inspirations..Inspired by the Angels and my own Spiritual Journey..seeking to help and empower others..Inspiration,guidance and empowerment on your Spiritual Journey through Genuine Angel/Fairy Oracle Readings,Angelic Healing and Courses,available via my Website. Namaste, Sharon Rose x

Angelic Messages With Tina Michelle
Author Guest Speaker, Private Readings by Phone

Angelic Walkin - National Angelic Essence Speciali
Angelica Rose, An Angelic Walkin, is a national gifted Angelic Essence Specialist since 1991 is a Certified Hypnotist with Hypnosis Motivation Institute. She has been spiritually ordained in India in 2005 and received a Spiritual Ordained certificate in 2007. Angelica is the author of 2 books, 4 relaxation CDs, 3 Relaxation DVDs, Talk on Spiritual Oneness and 3 Inspirational Stickers

angelica rose-the heart of motivation
Angelica Rose, a national gifted Essence Specialist since 1991. Angelica's gifts include being Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient messages from your guides and the Angels on the Angelic Plane, Chakra Reading on the emotional, mental and physical body from the Angelic Realm, Hypnosis using colors and Channeling Medium messages from those who have died when appropriate.Angelica offers private sessions and group classes at home, work and a variety of public locations which provides opportunities to expand into greater levels of awareness.Angelica is the author of the following products:* 2 books: 2012 edition Living life as you always dreamed & The New Secrets to running a successful business* 3 relaxation CDs: 15 Minute Revitalization, Attitude Gratitude, & Chakra Frequency* 2 talk CDs: Serendipity living-Purifying Chakras and Shifting Murphy Law Syndrome to Serendipity Focus plus Attitude Gratitude Relaxation experience* Inspirational messages on 3 stickers: What you Believe, You Perceive and Eventually You Receive, Believe Peace, Think GOD, Feel GOD* 40 inspirational messages on Software CD: Inspirations* NEW Chakra Frequency COMPUTER VIDEO* NEW Learning how to listen to your Guides and Chakra Frequency VIDEO

Angels - Angel Music
Beautiful Angel Readings online, angelic, healing music, guided meditation tapes, and new book by Ann Warner, "Angels Speak." Please stop by, hear and enjoy Ann's music of the angels.

Angels by Sharae
Angel paintings by Internationally recognized intuitive Angel artist Sharae Taylor. Artwork your Soul responds too. Commissioned Angel paintings.

Angels Healing Trust
Ascended Masters call for a Mission of Compassion. The site provides help for people who are depressed. Practitioner courses in Past Life, Soul Retrieval, Reiki with Quan Yin,self-development workshops. The founder is an international healer and the author of Don't Worry Be Happy.

Angels of Pleiades - Michelle L. Hankes and Aaron Isaac Roberts
Welcome, dear ones. We are the Angels of Pleiades.We have come here to offer our vibrational beingness to lighten your world and your true selves. We offer to you that which we are as a magnitude to increase your trajectory of awareness.We offer you this: You are Loved. Deeply, forever and without hesitation. We are here to assist you in our most magnanimous way. We love you.
A site with information on angels, ghosts, spirits, & also offering psychic readings, house cleansings, naming ceremonies, baptisms, marriages, etc. Our products include jewelry, crystals, mist fountains, art paintings, tshirts & more. Miss Starlite is the top medium on the east coast & available for parties, private readings, and ggroup lectures and medium channelling.
Unique angels pins, plaques, rock angels and more each hand made by feelings concerning our customers. We also design aromatherapy products for the body, mind and spirit.

Angelus Mysterium
Our personal pages sharing about our family, our quest and beliefs, as well about the Angelic realm, Otherkin, Walk-ins, Empathic hosts and Multiple Souls - the spirit realm from an intimate "inside" view!

Archangel Michael Teachings & Harmonic Vortex
This site offers the Teachings of the Archangel Michael via Orpheus, Oracle. It offers written articles, mp3's,phone lectures, creating a harmonic vortex, meditation art pieces,sacred geometry of names, words,soul art, meditation vortex rooms,and offering soul messages.

Ask an Angel
An inspiring angel website with messages from the Angels that are updated regularly with practical, insightful information. The loving energy of the Angels really comes through on this Angel site. It also contains information about the internationally recognized Angel Intuitive and Healer Christopher Dilts as well as individual Angel sessions and angel workshops.
Contact your angels for help in all areas through nationally renowned Angel Intuitive and healer Christopher Dilts. privat phone sessions, in person healings and group gatherings.

at The Sanctuary of Enlightenment
Through the channelled portraits of Your own Angels, Angelic Healing and Angelic Workshops open yourself to the presence of the Angels already around you.To be aware of these loving beings in your life is a wonderful experience that brings hope, peace and immeasurable joy.

Adjacent to the City of Brighton and Hove.We are a team of experts in Motor engineering and you can rely on us to give your vehicle the perfect attention it deserves.

Awakening Hearts One at a Time
Fountain of Life class teaching the Wholeness Blessing

Magickal stones for healing and ritual work, we offer genies talismans and empowerments for spritual people.

Brilliant Gems
Unique magical handmade jewellery in sterling silver ranging from pendants, bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings all set with top quality gemstones a wide collection goddess, angel and chakra jewellery including ganeshas, buddhas, quanyins and dragons.

Healer,Psychic,Numerology,AstrologyReports,Horoscopes,Meditation,Spiritual Healing,Past Life,Angel Therapy,Clairvoyant,Rune stones, Chakras,Spiritguides,Crystals,Fairies,Archangel, Life purpose,Dream interpretation,Self-help,Karma

Creator Mediator
I channel the Angels, spirit guides, teachers, masters and loved ones who inform and instruct you how to make more informed decisions for the changes you are seeking in your life. Sessions give clear and concise information on how to live today. Private channeling sessions are by phone or in person. Group teaching sessions and workshops also available. You ask questions; past-present-future, finances, career, marriage, children, parents, medical, pets, etc.

A pyschic and spiritual website reflecting on my Spiritual thoughts and Services, Helping to sow the seeds of spiritual growth for your soul.

Divine Angels
This page is dedicated to our angels(all encompassed: crystals, stories, dictionary, readings) as well as the use of reiki in divine healing.

Elizabeth Francis
Award winning Psychic Medium, Tarot Reading and Authoress.Reliable, informative, no-nonsense.

Eos - Dawn Goddess
Spirit Guides & Angels

Free Angel Card Readings Online
The best free angel card readings and oracle card readings online

Free Angel Reading
Padre, the Messenger of the Angels, possesses uncommon spiritual gifts which, over the years, have earned him worldwide fame and respect

Gabriel Media
On-line angel store and psychic gifts.

Garden of Enlightenment
Intuitive tarot readings, angelic reiki, spiritual healing therapy, sound healing, chakra balancing, healing teas, candles and ritual oils

Guardian Angel reading
Padre, the Messenger of the Angels, possesses uncommon spiritual gifts which, over the years, have earned him worldwide fame and respect. Thanks to his extrasensory abilities, Padre can establish precious contacts with Guardian Angels.

Healing Harp
Welcome to the official website for Peter Sterling and Harp Magic Music, an oasis of magical, angelic harp music for body, mind and spirit. Inspired by beautiful visions of heavenly angels and mystic journeys to exotic lands of the world, Peters unique and distinctive harp sound has touched the hearts and souls of thousands around the world

Heavenly Angel Books
We sell all kinds of angel books, angel tarot and oracle cards as well as angel stickers and bookmarks all at really great prices. This site also hosts a beautiful angel art gallery.

An inspirational journey ... in the form of the written word ... with Raphaele

Welcome to iSpirita, where we pride ourselves on giving high quality and heartfelt readings. We are Scotland’s biggest web based psychic telephone consultancy.Our gifted psychics, mediums and tarot readers are available to take your calls throughout the day and evening. You can also connect with our readers through our brand new chat facility, a new and exciting way to have a live reading now.

Jordan's Time
It's amazing how god's gift of a child can awake your spiritual enlightenment. Jordan died at age 3, but in these 3 short years and even now he is still teaching me of our journey here!! And the encounters I have had with him and my guides and ArchAngels. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Kimbas Angels--Metaphysical & Spiritual Community
Expand your Mind, Explore your Path, and Enlighten your Spirit. Angelology [Science and Study of Angels]. Energies, Moon Phases, Chakras, Community, Free Readings, and so much more!

Kittenpetals graphics
A directory of all things angelic. Add your own page for free. Find everything you need to build your own free website, or enhance one you already have. Resources for building an online angel store for free! Great for work at home moms.

ladeva angel oils & products
angelically inspired healing oils, & other ass't angel products

los amigos de los Ángeles (the angelfriends)
taller libre de meditación para contactar a tus Ángeles guerdianes

Mystic Fayre
Events and workshops in Cornwall including, angels, psychic drawing, archangels, mediumship and clairvoyance.

Mystical Keys to the Book of Revelation
Site designed to promote an understanding of paranormal experience as a gift from God. Information on the metamorphosis of the soul and the alignment of the soul with the angelic realms is discussed in detail. Also provided is information on how to invoke your angels.

A place to learn about angels. Whether you are just getting interested in the Divine Beings or you are an angelologist, this site is for you.

New Philadelphia Ministries

psychic reading rooms
Psychic reading rooms is a unique company with over 200 psychics, mediums, tarot readers and astrologers all reading at expert level. Established over 14 years. All readers have multiple spiritual gifts and can offer advice on all life aspects.

Angel gemstone pendants known as "Ultimate Angels" and "Power Pieces" for calming and healing the wearer. Seen on the hit T.V. show "FRIENDS"

Sacred Ways Mind Body Spirit Gifts
Sacred Ways is an online resource. We stock a wealth of tools supplies and gifts for mind body and spirit including chakra supplies, gemstone wands, massage ,wands, singing bowls, soy candles, buddha and other deity figurines, incense, smudge wands and much more. Come and take a look. Ship worldwide

Song Of Azrael
Come to a place where Life meets Love and discover a new world of possibilities.

Spiritual Horizons
Spiritual Horizons is a first class spiritual and angelic organisation built upon angelic virtues. Our organisation promotes spiritual wellbeing and healing with the help of the angelic realm.

Star of the Way Shower
Psychic counseling, tarot, channeling, mediumship, Shamballa Reiki, Spiritual counseling with the Angelic realms and Asc Masters. Ascension Coaching and Counseling.

"A Gathering Place for the Family of Light" We are at your service. Activation and Acceleration for Starseeds. A place for those who are awakening to full consciousness, and for those who are seeking a comforting place to connect to other Starseeds, Wanderers and Walk-ins here on earth from elsewhere.

Sue McMillan
Intuitive Coaching, Counseling and Archangel Card readings by phone or email.

Spiritual Organisation which helps you spiritually ascend through the help of the angelic realm by guiding, healing and teaching spiritual awareness.

The Angel's Lair B&B
A place to rest your weary soul. Listen to the soothing harp music, relax, escape from the world in Bay City, Michigan. Walk among the angels. Be at peace.

The Archangel's Pen
Archangel Michael channel, Carolyn Ann ORiley is and author, teacher and artist. Vist The Archangel's Pen to read the monthly messages from Archangel Michael and request to be included on the free message e-mail circulation list.

The Celestial Messenger, by UK writer Jacky Newcomb the Angel Lady
Angel stories, Out of Body experiences, spirit guides, and communication from beyond the grave. This site contains lots of first hand ANGEL STORIES, and letters to the Angel Lady. Jacky is very interested in receiving your stories for publication on the Celestial Messenger website and for inclusion in her articles and books.

The Golden Angels
The Golden Angel Elohim Masters lovingly offer sacred remembrance teachings of divine co-creator manifestation truths to further empower the Global Family as we embrace the dawning of the New Golden Age of Peace & Harmony. Learn Elohim meditations and the inspirational Equilibrium Tools. Also, the Planetary Ascension Tarot Homestudy Course and Readings, Soul Illumination Readings, Kundalini Reiki, Star Name Art and much more.

the michael project
tools for remembrance,how to give permission to the angelic host to assist an individual in allowing the light within to blaze out and reharmonize the mental,physical,emotional,and feeling bodies

The Michael Project by Centarsus
Visit this site to view inspired artwork and print out your free Earth Angel Certificate. See Archangel Michael's Tools for Remembrance a set of 3 books and cards to assist you daily. The Seven Great Archangel Jewelry is available here as well.

The Spiritual Woman
Explores mysteries of the angelic realms, angel communication,encounters, history, hierarchy and art. Find information on how to find your guardian angel, how to talk to your angelic spirit guides, how to visualize and meditate and share in the connection with spirit. View angel pictures, photographs of angels in sculptures, art, cemetries and media, angelic quotes, prayers, original e-cards and inspirational angel poems.

Universal Body of Christ
I was in brief contact with VII angel Archangel Jophiel before he left this realm for heaven. He sent many pages of information, excerpts of which I pasted onto my website. I'm supposed to prepare the churches for the tribulation and the great tribulation which are fast approaching.

Wings of Desire
A mystical haven, Wings of Desire is our on-line community (hosted on Yahoo Groups) for Angelics (celestials, angelic otherkin aka angelkin, incarnates, beings of Light, walk-ins, guides) all nonhuman entities visiting this realm in human form who identify as angels ...their human hosts or humans/ Lightworkers seeking connection with kindred spirits, support, friendship or seeking soul mates and love. We support the Angelic/human love bond! (Adults only 21 yrs +) ~*~Warm Welcome!~*~
Quality items for your Spirit & gift giving needs. Over 700 items including angel products, candles, inspirational/religious, incense, aromatherapy, home decor, fountains & more! Free Shipping for purchases over $50.

Your Guided Pathway
Providing Angel, Oracle and Tarot card readings to earth souls seeking insight and empowerment through guidance from their Guardian Angels and Archangels.

Your inner Landscape
Private sessions are designed to help you become fully integrated: soul, body, mind, spirit. Your private Angel Reading/Healing session involves receiving empowering and life-affirming healing & messages from the Angels. Soul Integration, Aura Cleansing, DNA Activation

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