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Above Print by visionary artist Francene Hart: Available for only $45 each. Each print is 12x18, matted, sealed and signed. For more info
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Art Gallery Directory
Beth Budesheim - Painted Journeys
Beth Budesheim - Painted Journeys Beth
Kansas City

View Website
Email Member
Phone:  816.305.4670

PrayerCards is a 26 card deck, created to assist you in connecting with your inner guidance and higher power for manifesting your dreams and a life that is more empowered and joyful! The deck is housed in a beautiful organza and velvet pouch and costs only $18. Please enjoy a visit to for more information, to see a sample and view other offerings by artist Beth Budesheim.
Bella Lumina Art Glass Studio
Bella Lumina Art Glass Studio Catherine Geenen-Thrush
3904 Bismarck Drive
San Jose 95130

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Email Member
Phone:  408 489-9151

Enjoy "The Goddess Collection" hand-made fused-glass jewelry, garden sculpture, sun-catcher as well as prints and cards featuring Goddesses from cultures around the world. Our unique art work pleases the mind and heart as well as the eye. Visit us today.

Thinplace Sacred Space Art and Objects Gallery offers sacred art, Christian art, Hindu art, Buddhist art, Islamic art, Tribal art and Jewish art and objects. We hope to offer a peaceful alternative to fundementalism and allow people who are curious about other traditions a chance to explore sacred art

13 Moons Art
Original Art of Patricia C. Coleman, featuring angels, pie women, uplifting images, handmade paper, dolls, Bloomington, Indiana Links, prints, masks

7th Dimension Energy Art
Artwork to heal and awaken the spirit.I create art to assist those who are awakening to there life purpose

Alice's Art Wonderland
Fine Art paintings and illustrations by Alice. My paintings are primarily derived from the subconscious, the world of symbolic and archetypal images. They are mostly abstract and sometimes derived from a dream. My illustrations are colorful and whimsical of a mystical nature.

Angel Lady by Jacky Newcomb
Home of paranormal writer and angel author Jacky Newcomb. Angel stories and your paranormal questions answered.

Ariel's Abstract Creations
Aboriginal fonts of consciousness designed to expand awareness of the artist within. Original designs by Ariel Speaks.

Art of the Spirit by Elle Nicolai
Visionary Art Images from Dreams & Meditation for Healing & Transformation.

Art of Transformations
Mandala art gallery-spiritualart made with intution and a computer.

UK art directory.

contemporary and ethnic art. African woodcarvings and Tanzanian Tingatinga Art.

ArtfulStyle Inc.
The premier shopping destination for contemporary art, fine craft, home furnishings, and jewelry. Express your style with a unique work of art.

Asheley Elizabeth--Contemporary Fine Art
Asheley Elizabeth captures an intense aesthetic through sacred, ancient themes and spiritual subjectmatter. Her work incorporates unique textures, compositions and mixed media originality.

Awakening Images
color coded geometric mandalas, Aura-Soma and consultations, quartz crystal singing bowls.

Bad Monkey Productions
The official site for artist David Delamare. David Delamare is a fine artist and book illustrator who is particularly well known for his fairy and mermaid art. Site includes information as well as products including paintings, prints, cards, books, and night lights.

Blake Richardson
Canadian Artist Blake Richardson (Images found in Nature)Like the ancient shaman of the past Blake has chosen sacred places to commune with the spirits of nature that rest just beneath the surface of rocks and trees. Animals, Unicorns, Fairies, Goddesses of the earth reveal themselves through Blake’s Earth Prints. His Earthen Sculptures bring to the surface the spirit of natural shaped stones. His new age music gives the spirit of the land a voice.

C.A. Entertainment, Inc.
Buy Original Paintings and Fine Art Masterpieces by Emerging International Artists - Abstract, Expressionist, Impressionist, Landscapes, Florals, American, European

Caroline Putnam
Online portfolio of Artist Caroline Putnam

Circle of Life
Metaphysical Gateway portals to activate your Dna

Crystals, Rocks and Gems - Spiritual Artwork
Spiritual Artwork, Healing Image Keys and Healing Angel and Elixir Images

3D landscapes and abstract images.

Elaine Duncan/Laughing Moon Studios
Paintings from the Void including Primal Beings, Mythic Spaces, and Celebrations

Fairie Forest Watercolors
original watercolors...fairies, florals and fantasy artwork by Linda Biggs. lithographic prints and note cards.

Granthams Landing Workshop
I make beautiful doll house pianos. Each piano is a one of a kind collectible. They are made to one inch = one foot scale.

Granthams Landing Workshop
I have been makeing art work fromm wood most of my life. This site is a collection of some pictures of my art from the past ten years.

Hazy Sun Images
Eastern portrait ,contemporary floral and spiritually inspired photographic gallery

Heavenly Gardens Chandigarh
Offer on line reading for spiritual knowledge, meditation & prayer- Patanjali Yoga, Japuji Sahib, Spiritual Sculptures, Holy Paintings , Spiritual art & spiritual craft & at foothills of Himalya near chanigarh India
Mystical Magic Posters Psychedelic posters and movies about universal fractal geometry.

Indigo Fish
Emotional landscapes and inspirational art in soft pastels on paper. Originals. Prints. Pastel panels.

KAStrick Designs Digital Art & Mandalas
Digital Art & Mandalas by Kathryn Strick. Her inspirations are from the natural world, spirituality, and multicultural.

Katelyn Mariah Creates
Art studio of visionary watercolor artist, Katelyn Mariah. Gallery includes watercolor paintings and prints, shamanic healing rattles and dolls, soul paintings and creative writing

Leaping Princess Studios
Virtual gallery featuring on-line shopping for note cards and prints featuring beautiful, mystical faerie and fantasy images, as well as Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac inspired art. Visit now!

Light Bear
Inspirational Artist

Little River Studio
The Art and Music of Lilla Luoma. Learn more about her Paintings, Wearable art, Paper creations, Energy work, Heartline Healing Center, Music, and more!

Little River Studio and Gallery
The visionary art and music of Lilla Luoma

Lydia's Page
A collection of works by artist Lydia Brescia on natures canvases, stone, bone, wood and paper! Watercolor on Marble......etc.

Lyn Allen's Spirt Art
I am a hermetic alchemist, and put the energy of spirit onto paper for Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel and Message paintings. You are wlcome to visit my online gallery and shop.
It is an Art Gallery and cafe concert locted in Midtown Miami. Capacity 1,000 people, 2 bars, stage, otside garden

Mandalas by Barry Stevens for Meditation, Healing and Creativity
Beautiful,colourful and luminous mandalas by contemporary mandala artist. An exploration of the mandala as an inner process and medium for artistic exploration and expression.

Meditation Art
Meditation Art is a beautiful collection of original, spiritual art from India. Lithographs, hand-painted reproduction prints and original paintings on canvases of hand-made paper, old parchment and antique Indian currency notes. Affordably priced. Your purchase directly supports artists families."share the spirit....soothe your soul."™

Moma De Louvre
Enter the portal for visionary artist, architect, poet, musician Moma De Louvre. Websites cover archives, artist biography, documentation, gallery of current inventories, Moma's support for non profits and new ventures, world trade opportunities, corporate collections, Moma De Louvre product lines and more. Spend some time and expand your horizons.

Mystic Zen
Transformative art for use as a centering point for contemplation and meditation, helping channel a spiritual flow of energy to blend with our human-being. This harmony with the physical and invisible worlds gives us unity with forces transcending ordinary human understanding.My studio/home is aboard a magical sailboat which helps me connect with the energy of the spirit world I paint.

This higher yogic art website is the expression of loud silence by Nandhi, who plunged into the spiritual depth of India to be initiated into this higher secret tantric yoga which accomplishes attaining the "body of light".The website is dedicated to the the humane treatement of animals. Proceeds will help build old homes for cows and bulls which served mankind for a lifetime and then send to slaughterhouse. Our old age home will look after them until thier last days.

Original Art by Antoine de Villiers
Gallery of international artist, Antoine de Villiers, featuring oil paintings, drawings as well as photographs. “The canvas is my playground of words and some of my writing is here, it is my art, it is what I have to offer”

Out On A Limb
Mandalas of varied kinds, some with mystical implications

Painted Journeys
Intuitive healing imagery, painting, prints, greeting cards & more by artist Beth Budesheim.

Petrus Boots
Detailed Paintings and Pencil Drawings: Lithographs, Prints; Expressing Spiritual and Personal Truth.

Portrait Artists, Art That Celebrates Life
Family portraits,corporate portraits painted from photos or sittings by portrait artist Sue Fletcher in a style of traditional realism.

Rare Light Images
Award-winning, limited edition photography, capturing a sense of time and place for your home or business. Photographs are signed and numbered on fine French watercolor paper.

Reflections of Light
Visionary original artwork by Amma.

Specialises in original paintings, representing over 170 British artists in the UK

Sedona Art and Sculpture Walk
The Sedona Sculpture Walk is a nationally recognized outdoor festival hosted by the Sedona Arts Center. Every year art lovers and seasoned collectors return to see newly created works by prominent and emerging artists.
art for the soul - home

Smith & Smyth Creations
This is the PERFECT GIFT for any individual, birthday, holiday and special occasion! See visionary art by Rick Smith @ UFOteacher.Com. For art aficionados, extraterrestrial enthusiasts or that special someone who deserves a unique gift enjoyed forever. Online Shoppers-this is the gift to get for any!Easy and convenient payment by VISA, MC, AMEX, DISCOVER and electronic checking all accepted. Will deliver anywhere in the world - NO added postal fees!All prints authentically signed & numbered by the artist. Handled with highest priority and care to remain protected in delivery. Due to volume of sales, allow 2 weeks for delivery. Will consider rush deliveries on an individual basis.Contact the artist by phone: 1-516-771-0473 (U.S.)Email him: UFOteacher@aol.comDon't miss this unique and inspiring opportunity. Go to UFOteacher.Com today!

Soldans Spiritual Gallery
The Unfolding of the Soul ~ In poetry and paint.

Soul Guidance
Esoteric, visionary and shamanic paintings from the sixties to the present by two psychic artists.

States of Being
My work is experiential and reflective of different states of growth along my own spiritual journey. An expression of the energies of the etheric, emotional, mental and physical selves, many of these paintings illustrate interactions on a subtle level.

Tathagata Gallery
The finest Tibetan Buddhist statues & thanka for less.

Thangka Mandala - Art Gallery and Blog
A small family business based in Nepal, we are here to spread Buddhism through imagery and simple explanations of Thangkas.

The ART and WRITINGS of Mary Harris Cutting
Vibrant Metaphysical semi-abstractArt, Teachings and Stories. Please visit and sign up for sporadic, bi-weekly newsletter based on her book, "How to become the Radical Goddess You Already Are!"

The virtual art gallery
Oil on canvas surrealist paintings which takes you into the world of imagination,dream and legend.

The VisionWorks! Studio
Aloha from the sacred island of Kauai!Chakra art ,strong women, sacred hawaiian themes, currently working on Heart Art for Peace. Personal Yantras/Mandalas created just for your spiritual acceleration. My studio is on the beautiful north shore of Kauai. Share the Aloha!

Tribe Azure Jewelry and Art
Native American Art by Various Indian Artists including Klynn Gear, Duane Erickson, Henri Peter, Duke Wassaja Sine, & Ron Henry.

Trying to Hold A Box of Light
Original digital photos ranging from the realistic to the imaginary; daily posting.

van Aalten
oil paintings involving the subconcious. described as abjective. not made to rupulse, yet made for the sake of therapy for the artist.

Kaktuses are vicious not words thoughts and images are hot.

Visions Of Light
Sacred Art, Energetically Coded to ignite the codes in the human body.Personal Soul Mandala: Coded for the individual.Sacred Art: Coded for the MassesMedia: Straight & Mixed= Pastel, Ink, Pencil.Business Logos & Book Covers: Angelically inspired & will contain perfectly, the essence of the subject matter

Visions Of Light-Art
This is an entity that contains units of Sacred Healing Visionary Art as well as Other Healing Components and was created in 1995 by Terisse Perez. Each art piece is Channeled and is Angelically/Universally inspired. All art pieces are both Color & Energetically Coded to ignite the codes within the human body (each human cell contains a code). Its purpose is to ultimately heal each individual that comes into contact with these pieces or works of Sacred Healing Visionary Art. OBJECTIVETo Open the Hearts Of Individuals Further, so they may Develop a Greater Sense Of Self, Their True Self. To assist in an overall feeling of wellness by Reducing Stress, Pain, Promote Clarity and Bring the Mind, Body & Soul/Spirit into Balance in a Most Gentle & Joyful way! This will have a cascading effect to help bring about a more peaceful, harmonious peoples and society from within and produce more Love and Joy upon this planet Earth...Balance!

VisionsOfLight-Art (Sacred Visionary Art)
ENERGETICALLY & COLOR CODED VISIONARY ART - ENERGETICALLY & COLOR CODED SACRED VISIONARY ART - For The Masses - Meant To Gracefully Uplift The Human Spirit! Each art piece is brilliantly colored with plenty of depth and is Energetically & Color Coded for Healing! I feel and believe each piece contains subliminal coded information from the Universal Light Life Force. This coded information will strike a chord and ignite the codes within every individual that comes in contact with my creative energetic healing works of art. This in turn, will cause the releasing of certain chemical properties within each of these individuals, which will cause a stirring from within to find themselves. Finally, causing an opening of their eyes and a sense of greater perception, a clearer perception of who they truly are and the capabilities they have to feel, in a much truer and open sense. To open their hearts and feel what true and real love is. A feeling that shall overwhelm them, bringing joyful tears to their eyes and bringing them to their knees. And they shall stand up tall once again as they were meant to, with a strong sense of Self-Worth and Love, to share this Love with others and the world at large. Namaste Please feel free to browse my site and when you find something that interests you, simply email me and I’ll be happy to assist you. Lovingly, Terisse

White Dove Wellness
Special Channeled Healing Art called "Angels of Light & Sacred Art." White Dove's creations are not ordinary pictures. They contain multiple beneficial healing energies, which have demonstrated myriad positive results on an individual's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. In other words, her images have a therapeutic effect on the whole person. White Dove works closely with the angels, fairies, nature spirits, Pan, spirit guides, and reiki. Consequently, energies from all of these, and a few more, are contained in her drawings. A person, who is sensitive to feeling energies, can easily perceive them. A unique characteristic occurs when you stare intently into the pictures. People have seen other images, scenes, beings, and things. As your eyes become more focused, many pictures seem to move. This is because the pictures are dimensional and have their own consciousness. Some people have described White Dove's drawings as “portals to other dimensions.” The images have beneficial effects on animals, also.

Wings of Light
Spirit and mythic art, meditations prose and akashic, "Lost World" symbolism and futuristic "New World" perceptions.

Wisser Art Studios: An Inspiration Hangout
Series of Galleries, featuring the work of Earl Soho (nyc) Artist Bernard Dov Wisser's Paintings, Computerart, Photopaintings, Photography, GUEST ARTIST GALLERY that You can volunteer for, and excerpts from his novel "I do Art, I do Life, Life does Me..."(c), a "Show and Tell Page the "YOU" can volunteer for,side raps about quantum physics,consciousness,phenomenology,aesthics,Buddhism, and Spiritual actualization...That all folks...except it is also fun--

Zilioli D. Masimo
Artist exploring the world of ancient tarot. Paintings and sculptures of contemporary art. If also you are an artist join us for free into the extension web art exhibition

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