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Astrology Directory
Starcana Insight
Starcana Insight Suzi Dronzek
PO Box 214
Pleasant Unity 15676

View Website
Email Member
Phone:  7248329283

Suzi Dronzek aims to help others to find their inner shine. Her consulting services offer intuitive readings, with grounded advice and soulful guidance - for self-analyzation, relationship insight, and life direction. She works with an eclectic blend of ancient tools; astrology, birth charts, psychic tarot, energy, spirituality, metaphysics, yoga, and her astrological blog Cosmic Dirt, for body mind, and spirit.
Red Lotus Readings
Red Lotus Readings Elizabeth

View Website
Email Member
Phone:  1-800-720-5592

Advanced Destiny Readings (BaZi) by Elizabeth that bring clarity to all areas of your life. "Quite different from any other astrological systems, Elizabeth aims to provide you with a constructive analysis of your destiny. She does not waste time explaining your 'personality traits', rather, she goes straight to those areas you are needing the most help with. Destiny does not equal fate. We have a choice to shape our own destiny if we know the path we are on. That is why Elizabeth's work is so highly valuable." - Master Yan

Jyotisha - Vedic Astrology Software
The first professional East Indian Astrology program for Palm Pilot.

Amy J Volkers ~ Astrological Insights
Astrology Consultations by phone/email, Free Enewsletter, Great Astrology Reports

Shri Siddhi Vinayak Jyotish Paramarsh kendra
contact for genuine & easy astrological guidance. We also provide Original Astrological products like Shri Yantra, DakshinaVarti Shankh, All types of Rudrakshs & Mala etc.

Academy of Traditional Ayurveda
Providing Online and Practical training in Ayurveda in the traditional Gurukula model with Veda Kovid, Durgadas. Special training in our signature 'Purna Ayurveda' and 'Vaidik Para-Yoga' course programs.

Eng.Carlos Ugarte
Cartas astrales via e mail. Lectura de Tarot. Todo acerca de plantas curativas. Y muchos otros temas. Aztec astrology. All about Mexican curative plantc. Chamanismo. And other releted themes.

"Twilight's First Gleaming" By Farley Malorrus

12 Chinese Zodiac Signs
Find your Chinese animal sign and compatible Chinese zodiac signs. Learn about the 12 Chinese zodiac signs; character descriptions, lucky numbers, celebrities, and marriage compatibility.
Predictive Astrology for Love, Money, Sex, Health, Career, Travel, Prosperity. You have the questions, I have the answers.

A Flight Above Venus
As an astrologer, I offer consultations based on a combination of traditional and some newer Western Astrology methods. I focus on ways to best work with what the universe has given you.As a Reiki Master my training is in the traditional Usui method of natural healing. I may use astrology to assist in pinpointing areas of weakness in need of healing.

A Free Tarot Reading From Trusted Tarot
Trusted Tarot offers completely free Tarot readings, Tarot Horoscopes, Manifestation Guides, and more. Get a Tarot reading you can trust!

Absolutely Psychic Network
Psychic Readings by trusted and accurate professional readers on our Network 1-800-498-8777. Psychic Readings half price and double the quality on our network. All readers tested before hire.

Adviser Valerie Morrison - Psychic Medium
Adviser Valerie Morrison - Psychic Medium is located in Philadelphia providing Psychic Readings from her Office or by Telephone to her many clients from across the nation and the rest of the world.

Alison Moroney
Free Daily Star Guide, Spiritual Development, Atlantis

All About - Astrology
Online astrology resource - contains links to general horoscopes, psychic readings, tarot, palmistry and numerology sites.

All Love marriage specialist
Love Marriage Specialist is very rare in India. Call Now: 91+ 9549524287

All Vashikaran Specialist
Contact to vashikaran specialist to solve your all problem related to money, love, health etc. You just need to dial 9602787343. Guarantee solution within 24 hours.

Allastar Publishing
The Astrology of the Millennium, the Challenging Planetary Alignments Surrounding the Millennium. Meditation 101, a course in Meditation. There is a Tomorrow, An ecological, New Age, utopian novel

An Astro Journey to the Zodiac Secrets!
Accurate predictions and analysis of Birth charts by certified Astrologers using the best of traditional vedic astrology principles. Gemstone report and annual reports are the best feature of this site.

Ananur Forma
I'm excited about a new astroogical research discovery I've made this year which, from the feedback I'm getting from my clients/friends is very successful. It's called, "Where's the BEST place to be on your birthday?" This astrological chart calculated for your birthday will support you in manifesting your goals and vision for the year ahead (birthday to birthday). See my web site for more information. I've been a professional astrologer for 27 years, so far, plus many lifetimes! I studied with Isabel Hickey in Boston in the early 70's. I send out a monthly newsletter which is very accurate.

Ancient Indian Astrology
Veno offers affordable indepth Jyotish Readings on every aspect of life. She has been a practicing vedic astrologer for over two decades and has given thousands of readings to clients from all corners of the globe. She was a guest on BBC Radio andBritain's ITV and is coauthor of "Sun, The Cosmic Powerhouse". Her site offers free articles on Vedic Astrology and other Spiritual Topics.

Ancient Ocean Astrology
This Egyptian themed website offers a variety of astrological services.

Anna-Cristal de Lyon at AstroXa
Astrologer, psychic and tarotist with unique practical insights. She writes amazingly accurate astrology articles on plane accidents, famous murders, earthquakes and disasters - Readings in English, French or Spanish

Quotations on astrology beauty, genius, God, happiness, love, women and many other subjects - Quote Zodiac - Quizzes - Quote profiles - Quotations identified by the horoscope sign of the author - and much more .

Aquarian Age Vibration Math Sciences
Astrology has been malpracticed for ages. Vibration Math Science has discovered and revealed The TRUE basis for ASTROLOGY is the Creative Forces Vibrations. man now calls "God"

Aquarian Zone
Home of Personal~Zone Forecast Report, over 100 delightful pages of astrology, daily forecasts, planetary cycles, symbolism, peace, animal rights, vegetarianism, balance and consciousness. Astrologer: Sandy Hughes

Archetypal Astrology
Jungian astrology: exploring the gods and goddesses within.
From New York City, artcharts is a highly accessible astrology site. Let our weekly horoscopes and daily astrology forecasts help inform your day!

Artistic Astrological Charts
Choose from 25 beautiful chart designs. Our designs appeal to all ages, newborn- adult, making an ideal gift. Each chart comes with an extensive 18-20 pg. interpretation. Charts come laminated (optional) with your personalized message. We also have photo, artistic and astro birth announcements plus Zodiac birthday cards. Secure, fast, reliable service.

Wear lucky gems that suits your birth sign to prosper in life. You can generate a lucky gems report for you

Astraura Research Centre
Cast your Vedic Hindu horoscope online free in any system like Raman, KP, Lahiri with dasa, bhukti, significator tables. Change name to get luck. Wear lucky gems to prosper. I Ching consultations.

Astro Point
Astrologers from India providing astrology consultation, vedic astrology consultancy, horoscope analysis services, computerised horoscopes, astrology charts

AstroConsultants of Santa Monica
Astrology 1999 to Millennium, Advanced. Hot Site per The Mountain Astrologer.

Astrolabe, Inc.
Developers and publishers of quality astrology software for Windows. Astrological chart and report services are also available.

Astrologer - Tanya Obreza
Since 1975 Tanya has established an extensive international following, mostly due to her reassuring down to earth presence.

Astrologer Emilie Kelso
Astrology consultations (in person, by phone, or taped and mailed); Basics and Beyond astrology classes in sourtheast Denver; also audiocassette home-study courses. Discover, VISA, and MasterCard accepted. Please access website for details.

Astrologer Lauren Delsack – Horoscope Consultations
Internationally-respected astrologer, Lauren Delsack, is a highest honors graduate of Noel Tyl’s demanding Master’s Degree Course for Professional Astrologers. Lauren is highly regarded for her expertise in natal horoscope interpretation, analysis of life development, strategic forecasting, birth time rectification, relationship compatibility, vocational and medical guidance, electional astrology, and more.

Astrologers in Delhi Ncr
Find the list of best astrologer in Delhi India at WeddingPlz.Com - Indian wedding vendor search portal.

Astrological Consulting/Altair Publications
Astrological Consulting specializes in private counsel from the point of view that we create our reality as the product of our definitions and beliefs. The horoscope clearly reflects these beliefs that we internalize from our early environment.

Astrological Insights - Amy J. Volkers
Astrological Consulting Services for Business & Personal Matters - Available by Phone & Email, Astrological Chart & Report Services can be ordered Online!

Astrological Society of Connecticut
Astrological Society of Connecticut (ASC) Home Page

Astrological.Net is a site with astrological articles, readings, chats, instruction, and more. Homepages of Astrologer Nancy Jobes.

Astrology consultations, books, and articles by Antero Alli

This site describes planets, signs, houses, and their combinations.

Astrology 101
Astrology magazine with monthly horoscopes, readings, reports & much much more.

Astrology 2000
Astrocartography, education, consultations and astrological services. Monthly newsletter, quarterly forecast & crop circles too!

Astrology and Tibetan Buddhism
Here are some practical aspects of the Tibetan astrology. This site will show you how to pick the good day to get beneficial results for some specific activities. How to use astrological ephemeris. How is the year for each Tibetan sign.Also some Buddhist prayers and pictures of Tibetan Master.

Astrology at Serpents of Wisdom
Author Mark Pinkham, Astrologer for over twenty years, offers insightful and intuitive Western and Vedic readings that provide unique information regarding your life, karma and spiritual destiny.

Astrology by Star*Charts
Astrology information, charts and interpretations for greater insight into love, romance, family and self-awareness. Free horoscopes and transit forecasts available. Resource for links to other esoteric related sites.

Astrology by TAMARA
A Free Natal Chart for All Who Visit. Professional Astrology Reports and Horoscopes. Advanced Natal & Personality Profile, 6 Month Future Forecast, Compatibility Reports, Karmic Past Life, Career Reports, Hidden Messages and Many More.

Astrology Charts Online
Professional 25-50 page personalized Astrology Reports delivered within 24 hours by e-mail. Gain deeper insight into yourself, your relationships and what the future holds. Free horoscopes and sample personal profiles.

Gateway to Astrology - Forecasts, zodiac signs, moon phases, chinese zodiac signs, compatibility, numerology. In-depth astrology charts with insight to relationships, vocation, inner healing using flower essences, gems, and color therapy, relocation and karmic insight.

Astrology Harvest
Links to top quality articles on esoteric astrology, astrological compatibility, practical astrological techniques, and current planetary patterns

Astrology Harvest
One's spiritual mission in this lifetime is shown in the astrological birth chart. Articles and book on esoteric astrology. Mail order readings since 1983.

Astrology in Tamil
This blog contains astrological forecast, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope prediction based on tamil astrology.

Astrology in the Age of Aquarius
Free comprehensive Astrology resources for all here. Geocentric Ephemeris from 1891 to 2100 AD, Campanus Tables of Houses. Online horoscope calculation, with interpretation texts. Free download, and much more too!

Astrology in the Age of Aquarius
Free comprehensive Astrology resources, with online Ephemeris 1891 - 2070, quick horoscope calculator, astro articles, links, download and much more.

Astrology Index
Astrology, monthly horoscopes, zodiac sign descriptions, compatibility ratings and more.

Astrology Insights
Hard-to-find astrology charts and reports: child, karmic, past-life, horary, gay, lesbian, compatibility forecast and more

Astrology Knight
All things astrology including free weekly, monthly astrology videos with Michele Knight and her astrology dog Kiki.Free astrology readings and tons of articles on astrology

Astrology Matching
Get your online horoscope reports based on Vedic Astrology system by We need your your Date, Place and Time of your Birth to make predictions based on horoscope.

Astrology Rising
Astrological resources and information that celebrates our individuality and connection with the Universe. Get your FREE natal chart via email!

Astrology TeriTori Horoscope and Tarot Center
An Astrology lover's haven. Discover the secrets of the Tarot the Horoscopes and Astrology

Astrology with Govinda
Personal, Spiritual & Astrological guidance. Life readings, current & future trends, geographical influences and composites. Ancient Ishaya Teachings - Ascension meditation tapes available.

Astrology World
Astrology Charts, Tarot Readings and Psychic Counseling Services

Astrology World
Offers Birth Charts, Tarot Readings and Psychic Counseling Services

Astrology's Rising Star Enterprise
Professional astrological reports for individuals, couples, and children. Plus, an overview of astrology basics, free weekly horoscopes, "do-it-yourself transits," and more. A unique site with links to other metaphysical resources

Astrology, Horoscope
Guide to Astrology, numerology, horoscopes, Indian astrology, Compatibility and match making for 12 zodiac signs. Astrology and Horoscope prediction for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces on love, money, relationships, career.

Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot
THE place to find a wealth of information in regards to Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot! My service fees are reasonable too!

Welcome to AstrologyChick home of resident Astrologer and Yogi Times Astrologer Aura Galadriel Wright. We are your online resource for Astrology, Horoscopes, Divination, Tarot, Psychics, Alternative Health, Holistic Books and CD's and much more!
AN INFINITE SOURCE FOR REAL ASTROLOGY. Featuring a free course/tutorial on astrology, fresh perspectives, holistic horoscopes, Q & A, Humor, Great links, Private Sessions, and Online Classes"
Official website of professional astrologer Paul Wade. Free zodiac screensavers, fun astrology games, free monthly forecasts, free Sun sign analyses, astrologywizard chatroom & forum too!

AstrologyZine by Michael Star
Teach yourself astrology, tarot, numerology, crystals, graphology. Free daily and weekly horoscopes and psychic-stars daily oracle. MIchaels Musings and Love Lady columns.

A synthesis of Astrology, Qabalah, Alice Bailey, Ancient Egyptian Mysteries

Directory to 100s of free horoscope, tarotscope, and numerology forecasts online - daily, weekly, monthly & yearly.

AstroStar is an eclectic array of astrology and New Age resources, including free horoscopes,conferences,thousands of discount astrology and New Age books, crystals, romance, twin souls, horoscopes with weekly newsletter, astrology message board, love horoscopes, New Age music, heart chakra, free stuff, free oracles, surveys, and more.

Astrology and resources, twin souls and soul mates message board, tarot, books, horoscopes, and more.

Astroview, Inc.
Vedic astrology consulting and educational services.

We do real astrology readings by mail or email, not computerized reports. Our "First Timer's Reading" is $35. Learn astrology at our web site!

Free astrology horoscopes, free Solar Returns, low-priced computerized astrology readings, readings by us that answer your questions. Astrology works for lots of people - why not for you?

AstroX takes the mystery out of astrology - astrology stripped down

Atlas Astrology
An astrological blog featuring new and full moon posts, astrology workshops, and birth chart readings. Real, compassionate, rigorous astrology!

Awaken One
FREE Psychic Reading & Distance Healing

Barbara Schermer and Associates
Free Horoscopes and more! - Astrology Alive! with Barbara Schermer. **NEW Harry Potter's Horoscope** Online since '95 with many FREE features: horoscopes, astrology articles, Bookstore with 1000+ astrology books, Chat & Board, Consumers Guide, SkyWatch - upcoming astrological phenomena, Midlife forecast. Astrological reports, PalmPilot, astrology, consultation via Internet Phone, resources - links & organizations.

Begum Aafreen Khan
Contact now to get live with Begum Aafreen Khan for guaranteed 7 days solution. +91 7742370004,

Best Vastu Astrologer In hyderabad
The Best Vasthu Astrologer In hyderabad

Birth Patterns
Psychic and Astrology readings with Skilled Professional Advisors. Free mini readings and monthly giveaways. Metaphysical gifts and Resources. Astrological Reports. Secure on-line ordering.

Calculate the influence of incorrect birth times on astrological facts and predictions. Sorted links from where and how to get your correct birth time.

Bonnie Wells, Astrologer
Esoteric astrology places the personality within the context of the soul. Its purpose is to explore personal meaning in the light of soul experience.

Then Geomancy lost in time. Very few real Geomancy books left in the East. One Geomancy book "raml" belongs to our family for centuries. I translated it and hope you will enjoy it

Boston Chapter, National Council for Geocosmic Research
The National Council for Geocosmic Research is an international astrology organization with local chapters. Boston is the second largest chapter. All who are interested in astrology are welcome.

Bright Path Products
Personal astrology charts for insight

Canopus Academy of Astrology
Astrological Education with a Counselling orientation from one of the world's most respected institutions. A top value Free course for beginners, articles, services, mailing list and much more.

Carol Noonan Psychic Medium The Pleiadian Child
Psychic, Medium, Healer, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, ​A Channel For The Pleiadians Since ChildhoodHolistic Therapist, Angel Cards, Crystal Ball, Spiritual Counselling, Spiritual Teacher, Visionary, Psychometry, Reiki, Angelic Healing, Past Life Readings, Messages from the Angels, Indigo, Mystic, Clairvoyant, Lightworker, Channel, Empathic, Visionary, Holistic Therapist, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher,Writer, Author of The Pleiadian Child Skype Readings / Online Readings

Carrie Lever M.S. MFT/C.A. NCGR
Carrie Lever M.S. MFT/C.A. NCGR, helps clients discover the map they came here with, and aides them in utilizing this information for self-growth and discovery. She offers a free newsletter on current events.

Celestial Enterprises
The best Horoscope Directory on the internet!

Celestial Perspective
Astrologer for individuals, business, relationship & babies: psychic tarot consultations

Celestial Tidings Astrology
Providing a full range of astrological information and resources, both entertaining and instructive. Also – free daily horoscopes, natal chart interpretations, progressed charts, compatibility reports, transits, and reports for children.

Center for Transformational Studies Astrology
Offering deep astrological readings that focus on your Evolutionary Goals, Karmic Challenges,and your Life's True Purpose, while helping you to gain insight into how to grow and change within your current life dynamics. We specialize in Birth Charts, Transits and Planetary Returns. Dall today (919) 942-7754.

Centre for Astrological Education - Zagreb
All informations about Centre for Astrological Education in Zagreb, Croatia. Astrological articles. Free Sabian symbols for all visitors.

Chrissie Blaze
Author, astrologer and media personality, Chrissie Blaze offers a monthly Astro-Chat section, free bulletins, regular book giveaways, personal consultations and upcoming events in astrology and metaphysics.

Clairvoyant Astrology Readings
Clairvoyant astrology readings to assist you on your journey.

CosmiTec Astrological Compatibility Advice
Serious web site about astrological compatibility, compatibility research, dating, love horoscopes, astrofertility, marriage horoscopes, sex horoscopes and much, much more

Cosmocat Astrological Services
Basic Astrology information, Zodiac trivia, daily and weekly horoscopes, Natal charts and reports offered, web design tips for newbies, web hosting and a variety of other useful content.

Counseling Source
Counseling Source provides telephone Astrology, Intuition Development, Aromatherpay and Holistic Mental Health counseling sessions. Astrology sessions include: Personal Chart Interpretation, Individualized, Astrological Forecast, Evolutionary/Karmic Analysis, Relationship Compatibility, and Continuing Counseling Sessions. Access our website to find out how you can reconnect with your spirit and empower yourself to transform your dreams into reality. You may also contact us through our toll-free number: 1-888-841-2288.
Life Guidance through Astology
Life Guidance through Astology

Dancing Moon Inc
Vedic Astrology Software, Free Information, Online Chart Orders

Diana Garland Astrology
Free horoscopes, astrology videos, and writing.

Dirah Academy International
Everything you want to know about the astrology of India and the Hindu Lunar Zodiac

Dirah Academy International
Information about the Astrology of India or Jyotish and the Hindu Lunar Zodiac, Email Course Applied Vedic Astrology (part of training program of American Council of Vedic Astrologers), Vedic Software, Online Vedic Bookstore

Dubrovsky Ltd.
A manufacturer and supplier company of unique silver zodiac pendants and artistic zodiac signs posters.

Eagle Astrology
Free Progressed Moon Report, horoscopes interpretatedindividualy through meditation and dream analysis. Knowyour purpose, unlock your potential. Bargain books, ebooks,health shop and more.

Earth Centered Productions
A beautiful astrological calendar, this is a poster sized graphic protrayal of the year. In-the-round, color coded, non-linear. This calendar is great for learning/teaching astrology, as well as encouraging creative thought with respect to the cycles of time.

Earth Centered Productions
Celestial in-the-round calendar/24" x 36" wall poster featuring zodical positions for sun, moon and planets as well as lunar phases and eclipses. Simultaneous/non-linear

Elbert Wade, PMAFA
A treasure trove of astrological information and guidance. Site hosted by Elbert Wade, PMAFA--a certified professional consulting astrologer. Many articles and special features to enjoy.

electronic astrologer reveals your horoscope
astrology made easy! heavenly answers to earthly questions

Elemental Astrology
Full array of astrology services and classes in New York City and via phone. Natal chart readings, archetypal patterns, life-cycles, and relationship & vocational guidance. Class & lecture schedule in NYC.

Elemental Astrology
Fully qualified professional astrology services in New York City. Gain insight into the archetypal patterns underlying your experiences, and discover the essential nature of your inner calling.

Elementals Astrology
Astrological and compatibility horoscopes, tarot, numerology, psychics and much more, plus useful information links on New Age themes etc.

Elizabeth Rose
Spiritual readings from Elizabeth Rose a natural spiritual medium with psychic abilities, conducting readings via phone and SMS.

Elysian Astrology
Astrology articles, astrology FAQ, ask an astrologer feature and basic astrology lessons, with online shop for beautiful astrology reports, gifts and new age items.

Eric Solibakke
The Mahabote system has been used for centuries, if not millennia, by Buddhist monks in Burma. The chart is very simple to set up; it is particularly useful for investigating the structure of consciousness, analyzing its dynamics and developing a sense of its wholeness.

Etheric Park
Vedic Astrology Forum & Group Blog.

Gain insight into your life and relationships. We offer natal, compatibility and transit reports, as well as birth and aspect charts. Tarot and Biorhythm reports are available too! Delivered within 24 hours via email.

Find Your Lucky
Sections include Chinese and Western astrology, Offers daily horoscope, numerology, and compatibility. Information and interactive readings, Luck tips. Contains rates and articles.

Find Your Mate with Astrology
find your soul mate, free birthday search, natal, relationship, wedding and transit reports, celebrity predictions, advice column, quizzes and humor.

Fred Fassett Production
Psychic offering answers for your past, present, and future with psychic readings that include astrology, tarot, past live regressions, psychometry, and new age events and parties.

Free Astrology Course Online
A free course in natal astrology

Free Tarot Readings at
Try our daily tarot readings or 3 card tarot readings or full spread. Find your answers with our Daily,weekly and monthly Horoscopes 100% free

Future Vedic Astrology Center
Vedic, Hindu, Indian Astrological Counselling, Articles on various aspects of Vedic, Hindu, Indian Astrology, Links to famous Indian as well as Western Astrologers.

Galaxy Archetypal Astrological Services
galaxy offeres a full line of astrological reports(approx. 40pgs.) which may be sent as file for immediate viewing on your computer!

Ganesh Astro
Website devoted to Traditional Vedic Astrology as taught by Parashara. Divination
Find the answers you search for at Goddess Flight Divination. Our guidance services include friends & lovers compatibility charts, tarot card readings, astrology, numerology & much more. High Quality. $3 to $19.95. Buy 1, Get 1 Free. Enter Contest for free reading.

Gregory J de Montfort Astrological Services
Astrology from a psychological and humanistic perspective with reference to life path potentials

Gwen's Astrology Service
Predictive Astrologer with over 25 years of experience specializing in natal, relocation, and relationship astrology.

Halloran Software
Quality astrology software for Windows; calculations and reports.


Hazel Leung
Personalised astrology for everyday living. I use traditional astrology combined with psychology to help people get the most out of life.

Heavens Veil
We help those in need, readings, spiritual knowledge, and currently we hold 123 members. Please join us, maybe you have much to contribute!

Holistic Intuitive Astrology and Wisdom
Astrological guidance and wisdom to assist you in your process of self-discovery and awakening.

Honor the Circle Astrology Expressions
Free sun sign horoscopes. Astro glossary, articles, and help in understanding what astrology can do for you. Offer personalized tape recorded readings or live readings. Readings are of a psychological nature by a Jungian astro and psycho therapist. ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED.

Horoscope Match Report
Get your online horoscope reports based on Vedic Astrology system by We need your Date, Place and Time of your Birth to make predictions based on

Illuminate Consulting
Intuitive Destiny Card reader, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Counselor

i Love Astrology helps you reveal the mystery surrounding Astrology the Tarot and the secrets of your natal Horoscope

Indian Astrology School
Indian Astrology School is established by a dedicated group of professionals. They share a common passion of spreading the awareness about Indian and ancient traditional arts in every house. We wish to invoke interest in young generation about ancient Vedic traditions and arts and impart their knowledge at the most reasonable rates, even skilled enough to take it up professionally.Online learn various courses like Vedic Vastu shastra, Jyotish shastra ,Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Feng Shui, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, and Gems and Crystal Therapy are conducted through correspondence (distance learning) pattern. Students can learn, master these arts, and help themselves and others. The course is easy to understand and student friendly which helps you become an expert in the subject. Students can practice as a professional after completing these courses.All Advance courses have been prepared by a panel of experts of these fields from across India. Utmost attention to quality and practical applications has been given. High level of expertise of the said professionals and their years of experiences has been incorporated in the designing the syllabus and course material. We are hopeful that this course will be appreciated not just in India but will have lot of followers in foreign shores too.

Indigo Ray
As the ray of the light spectrum that is barely visible to the naked eye, so are the hidden mysteries lying to be discovered

Inner Mysteries Profiled, Inc.
An inspirational site that offers information on astrology and divination. This site is dedicated to enlightenment!

Welcome to iSpirita, where we pride ourselves on giving high quality and heartfelt readings. We are Scotland’s biggest web based psychic telephone consultancy.Our gifted psychics, mediums and tarot readers are available to take your calls throughout the day and evening. You can also connect with our readers through our brand new chat facility, a new and exciting way to have a live reading now.

Jan Spiller - Professional Psychic Astrology
Experience the best of online psychic astrology with Jan Spiller. The famous author of New Moon Astrology and Astrology for the Soul offers her insights online with exclusive astrological reports, birth charts, free psychic readings and daily horoscopes.

JohnK's Astro Comp.
Full service astrology site; accurate monthly forecast; free charts; monthly drawing. Astrology as a spiritual system; emphasis on soul development and the mystical experience. Online esoteric school featuring transcendental states of mind. Metaphysical books, including the online book: The Philosophy of Astrology. This book presents a conceptual foundation for astrological thought, and describes the cosmological model upon which it is based. Free charts, and astrological information.

Jovian Archive
The Key is Free!The Human Design System is the first revealed knowledge to be substantiated by science. Discover your Type & its strategy. Human Design is at its core very pratical and immediately useful.

Joyce Levine
astrological consultations

Joyce Levine Astrologer
Astrological consultant works with individuals, couples, families, and businesses. Joyce helps you (1) recognize your natural abilities and use them to overcome personal obstacles to success and (2) to take action at precisely the right time to achieve the results you desire.

The first professional East Indian Vedic Astrology program for the PalmPilot. Tithi, Yoga & Karana, Nakshara Pada, Lagna, Chandra, Surya & Bhava Kundalis, ShodasaVarga + 4 Tajaka Vargas, Drishti Chakra, Astakavarga, Avastas, Vimsopaka Balas, 5 levels of Vimsottari Dasa, 7 Ayanamshas, North & South Indian chart style, Sanskrit & English language support, International Atlas with over 2300 cities.

Karin Nordgren-Dahlin
After twenty years of experiences in the astrological field, I can now offer you several different horoscopes, in english as well as in swedish. Welcome

Kepler College of Astrological Arts & Sciences
Opened in July 2000, this is the first college in the Western hemisphere to be authorized to grant BA and MA degrees in astological studies. The distance education with symposia program allows students to study from anywhere. During each 12-week term, students work together via email and the internet for 11 weeks. One week each term is spent at an intensive Symposium held in Washington State.

Know About Future-Astrology Future Predictions-Birth chart

kozmik horoscopes
Established in 1995, we are one of the most reliable sites on the web for in-depth astrological readings.Plus free daily and weekly readings for each star sign. And over 100 celebrity readings too.

Hatha-yoga, astrology, massage.

Leo Risinig
Weekly and Monthly astrological 4casts and Sun and Moon sign profiles of alternative rock stars

Life Path Astrology
Pathfinding with Wendy Freebourne MSc, based on the principle that true happiness comes from doing what you want to do most. E-mail, Postal service and Reports.

Lifepath Counselling
The Pathfinding process uses Astrology to help you find thehappiness that comes from doing what you want to do most.A psychological, practical and spiritual approach, which helps you find meaning and purpose in your life, environment, relationships, career and vocation.
True happiness is doing what you want to do most. Managing change and uncertainty. Finding meaning and purpose in life, career and vocation.
Pathfinder Workbook by Wendy Freebourne MSc. Happiness is doing what you want to do most.A personalised, psycho-spiritual, self-help tool.
Wendy Freebourne MSc, Pathfinding Postal Service. True happiness is doing what you want to do most. Finding meaning and purpose in life, career and vocation.

Light Stays Retreats & Living
Light Stays Retreats and Living is a new global holistic directory to inspire and guide your mind, body and soul. Through Light Stays find your perfect retreat, event, class or workshop or post yours for others to see. We have you covered from adventure, art, personal development and wellbeing. Animal friends are covered too. Discover more with Light Stays...

Lisa La Belle Certified Psychic
Since I am interested in the areas of Astrology and Tarot, my site reflects such, as well as includes a listing of my services.

Little Horse Publishing
This is a handbook that will give you guidance on how to develop spiritually during the Aquarian Age. It includes the Aquarian horoscope and calander.

Little Horse Publishing
This is a handbook that will give you guidance on how to develop spiritually in this the Aquarian Age. It includes the Aquarian Zodiac and Aquarian calendar.

Live Psychics
Offers live psychic readings via telephone, email and webcam to UK customers. Thousands of informational articles about astrology, numerology and tarot readings.

Live Vedic Astrology
Powerful Love Spells like Love Binding Spells, Get Back Lost Love Spell, Make Your Love Leave You Spell, Get Back Old Love Spell and more, also Love Spells Casting available

Love Guru specialist
we are expert in Vashikaran Specialist. So you can get your positive result from us.

Lunar Living Astrology
Lunar E-zine with bi-monthly forecasts for New and Full Moon events. Moon phase calendars and calculators online. Moon sign and eclipse information.

Lunar Synergies
A wealth of information about how the Moon contributes to your astrological portrait.

Manic Raven
A wealth of information on Astrology & Numerology. U.S. Distributor of AstroWorld Suite 2000 Software.

Mantra Corporation
Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, Vastu, Ayurved, Tantr, Marma, Reiki, Energy Medicine, by Jai Maharaj

Matrix Astrology
Astrology Software from Astrology Matrix and Matrix Software is a world leader in the creation of quality astrology software for Windows. Description: Interactive astrology, Tarot, I-Ching, Numerology, Romance and divination readings.

Mayan Cross~Discovering Your Soul's Purpose
Mayan astrology reveals a soul's purpose. Discover your cosmic blueprint, understand the energies that influence your karma, gifts, challenges, destiny and soul.

Midnight Sun Astrology
Personal taped readings by a Canadian astrologer. Payment on a secure server. Interpretations and forecasts also available in report form - Sky Within, Friends & Lovers, Time Line, Skylog and Astro*Carto*Graphy.

MindSutra Software Technologies
Softwares for Astrology, Numerology and Tarot

Mona Astrologer
Astrologer tarot card reader 9810165443

Moonlit Pathways
Personal astrology readings which will provide insight into the emotional and soul issues operating in your life, and will assist you in your search for self understanding, spiritual growth, and expanded awareness.

Moonrise Books
We are dedicated to bringing the world information on helping themselves with Magic, Astrology and the Divination Arts. Freedom comes from knowlege and trust in one's own power.

MoonSummer Productions, Inc.
Ginger-lyn Summer is an astrologer and intuitive reader with over 25 years of experience. Please visit her website to learn about astrology, psychic phenomenon, Tarot, divination, and Wicca.

MoonWhisper is a website and a physical shop located in Highland, NY that is dedicated to providing the best the psychic realm has to offer.

My Web Astrologer.
Indian Astrologer offers,Free predictions based on Lagna-rashi, Free birthchart, Free consultation on Gems. Case studies on Profession, Health,Progeny,Marital Compatibility, Education.....and a lot more.

Mystic Voyager
Your Favorite Metaphysical Emporium featuring: Astrology, Numerology, Readings, Books, Gifts and much more!

Lady Star, know as the "Opti-mystic" offers free Sun Sign Astrology horoscopes. Medicine Wheel Astrology, relationship readins and tarot. Warm, sensitive and inspiring.

Since I'm a certified, professional psychic who specializes in the areas of astrology and tarot, my site reflects those interests, and is filled with various information regarding such. The site also houses a stunning 2 page art gallery and a chatroom! My services are priced most reasonably as well.

Nancy L. Jobes
This astrology site offers readings and reports, free information, articles, graphics, e-mail, and more.

Nancy R. Fenn
Nancy R. Fenn is a spiritual astrologer in San Diego who has over 25 years of experience doing transformati, healing and evolutionary astrological readings for clients all over the world. She welcome you as a new client.

complete website on astrology, numerology, palmistry, vastu, gems. Articles by world famous astrologer Navneet Kumar.

Neil Ormsby
Get your daily horoscope here, updated daily, for each of the twelve zodiac signs.

United terminal to professional astrological forums. AutoDigest three-most popular forums. Olinr services to astrologers.

no self improvement
Spirit, perception, mind, soul are the most abused and fiercely trodden words. It's funny that we can actually not perceive anything, what we call perception is actually knowledge of the thing perceived
The Astrology Site at offers many instructional articles as well as a free online advice column and newsletter.

Since I practice the psychic interests of Astrology and Tarot, my site is a reflection of such. My listing of services you will find are most reasonable. I also hold Chats on my site twice monthly, and hostess a Message Board.

Oasis of Light Productions
Oasis of Light Productions is an inspirational service dedicated to sharing insights into the spiritual, psychological and physical experiences of humanness.Combining the wisdom of the universe with the principles of evolutionary astrology we achieve a balance in spiritual understanding that enriches our understanding of life and our unique place within it. We all have a special purpose in this life and the purpose of life is to recognize we are special and unique. Sharing this uniqueness in love enriches our being and adds to the lives of those we touch..

Online Psychic Reading UK
Genuine caring telephone psychics. Readings by phone 24 hours a day. Psychic text service. Large article directory featuring psychic and spiritual articles.

Open Heart Psychic
Compassionate and Accurate Readings by Oana & Sunn. Oana has been an international advisor for 25 years and Sunn is a shamanicclairvoyant & healer. They work to bring you the highest guidance available.

Opus Systems Pty Ltd
Using a particular type of astrology called locational astrology, we design indoor and outdoor environments that create a harmonious balance between human, the cosmos and the earth, enhancing well being and sustainability.

Origin Psychics
Origin Psychics are providers of online and over the telephone psychic readings. We offer a range of free articles, horoscopes and much more. All of our psychics specialise in different areas, are well experienced and will provide a unique service.

Pegasus Tapes
Audio cassette tapes by world-class astrologers recorded "live" at workshops, conferences and lecturers.

Penelope's Clairvoyant Readings UK
Amazing clairvoyant readings by phone and text by caring psychics. Also free stuff including a free daily horoscope.

Personal Alchemy Astrology Services
Jeff Wallace has been studying astrology and giving private readings for 10 years.Adhereing to the Humanistic Approach, Jeff promotes an astrology that serves our modern needs and inspires the fulfillment of our human potential. In this way, the chart is seen as a blue print indicating the best ways for you , as an individual, to focus the archetypal energies of life! This leads to an increase in self-awareness and therefore,free will.

Personal Development Astrologer
Helen Labovitch, a qualified Astrologer since 1987, whose deep personal development work and spiritual/psychic experiences, enables her to analyse development patterns in the Birth Chart, noting personal difficulties that separate physical from spiritual, allowing understanding of past, present, and future.Helen Labovitch resides in Great Britain, is a member of The Association of Professional Astrologers and The Astrological Association of Great Britain. She was the subject of a newspaper article in The Independent II, July 28, 1994, and writes for various New Age publications.

personal home page
This page is decicated primarily to horary astrology & Tarot. It has links to articles, mini-courses, free readings, etc.

Taking a look at both points of veiw on the controversy of "is there something to it?"

Planet Waves
Astrology, sexuality, politics and artwork. Official site of astrologer and journalist Eric Francis.

Power Fortunes
Indepth details about astrology and astrological beliefs, Vedic talismans, Sanskrit affirmations and fortune telling methods. Free online fortune telling service and Mantra MP3 downloads available, alongwith astrological products and fortune telling tools features details about astrology and the tarot as well as paid and free astrology and tarot services. Also find a wide range of unique astrological products and services including talismans, fortune telling cards and amulets.

Professional Astrological Services
Lucid and Spiritual Interpretation which veiw each of the astrological signs as a seed consciousness! The impact of the Chakras on Each of the signs examined!

Professional Astrological Services
Chandler's astrological consultations combine both a strong basis in astrological technique, with intuitive interpretations. His specialties include Esoteric Astrology (astrology of the soul), Relationship Analysis, Financial Astrology, and the Astrology of Past Lives. His clients come from every walk of life, from Corporate C.E.O's that have consulted him on them on business matters, actors, political figures, Investigators and Detectives, and many more. His expertise in astrology has come from the thousands of charts he has done for people from almost every walk of life.

Professional Astrological Services
Chandler's astrological consultations combine both a strong basis in astrological technique, with intuitive interpretations. His specialties include Esoteric Astrology (astrology of the soul), Relationship Analysis, Financial Astrology, and the Astrology of Past Lives. His clients come from every walk of life, from Corporate C.E.O's that have consulted him on them on business matters, actors, political figures, Investigators and Detectives, and many more

Project Hindsight/ The Phaser Foundation
History of astrology, philosophy and astrology.

prophecy and spiritual guidance
an invitation to join a free forum. we are sharing revelations, dreams, earth changes, astrology, and all related transformative events. su geringer, spiritual counselor, is given prophecy and discernment. subscribe to send messages. 1-800-484-5577 x5333

psychic company
The Psychic Company is a unique collection of over 200 psychics, mediums, tarot readers and astrologers all reading at expert level. Established over 14 years. All readers have multiple spiritual gifts and can offer advice on all life aspects, including, love, relationships, psychic experiences, career, predictions, decision making. Many of our readers are spiritual teachers and some are published authors of books with the spiritual arena.

Psychic Readings
Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings NYC with Derek Calibre
Derek Calibre is one of the top 10 New York psychics. He's the host of Comcast's Psychic Workshop and author of Can You Turn It Off?: A Diary of Psychic Awakening. Derek offers private psychic readings in Manhattan on career concerns, relationship healing and decisions.

Psychic Elements is determined to create the largest astrology, divination, and spirituality community in the world.

psychic readings and services

Psychics Network Australia
Psychics Network Australia

Pyramid of Enlightenment
A spiritual learning center and book store that provides affordable, professional, reliable psychic readings (astrology, clairaudiance, clairvoyant, numerology, palmistry, tarot, etc.) in an atmosphere that fosters spirituality. Psychic fairs held twice a month, classes held weekly, holistic (massage, reiki, etc.), past life regressions. angels, books, crystals, incense, jewelry, salt lamps, stones, etc. are carried inside our walk-in bookstore.

Renaissance Astrology
Traditional horary and electional astrology and the Renaissance astrological magic of Cornelius Agrippa and Marsilio Ficino.
Predictions of future world events by Astrology, Nostradamus, and Revelation prophecies

Robert Davidson
Intuitive Astrology Readings to help you connect with your soul's purpose. Read what recent clients have said.

Robert E. Graham
Each week I do two free readings and post them on my site. I'm also doing my own tarot. A new card appears every couple of weeks. Plus, I have free lesson on using your own psychic talent and doing astral trave.

Free long-distance reiki healing and readings; information on totem animals; GREAT weekly horoscopes; spiritual web board to meet like-minded individuals. A great place to surf!

sa.W Perception
Intuitive Astrology Readings, Spiritual Growth

Sacred Path Astrology
Astrologer, Nancy Wiggen, will assist you in understanding the deeper meaning of the events and relationships in your life. She will help you understand the unfolding of the "Bigger Picture"of your life. There is a planunfolding much larger than any ofus realize, it is the Divine Plan.Your astrological chart reveals the plan for your life.

Sacred Space Personligt Och Andligt Utvecklingscenter
Free on line readings, chakra, healing and seven ray information, free advertising and more

Sandra's Astrological Guidance
Offering natal chart, astrological tarot and personalized horoscope interpetations. Free numerology report with purchase.

On serendipity-asrolovers you'll find in depth,easy to understand information about astrology love signs.Discover why certain Astrology love signs attract you and why others don't. Gain insight into your lover's astrological psyche.Investigate your love compatibility.

Shadowluna Astrology
The Magick is Here! Specializing in Total Insight Natal and Compatibility Charts, using Astrology/Numerology. Each chart analyzed by hand for over 20 years. Come see your Sun Sign Associations, free online Tarot and I-Ching readings, daily horoscopes and more! Astrology
As an astrologer, Shironna gives indepth readings and offers professional astrology reports, including natal profiles for all ages, secure online purchasing, Canadian prices and free report.

Signs of Intelligence
Astrological information, articles, daily forecast, message board, free mini readings,chat, services, and more!

simply psychics
The Psychic Company is a unique collection of over 200 psychics, mediums, tarot readers and astrologers all reading at expert level. Established over 14 years. All readers have multiple spiritual gifts and can offer advice on all life aspects, including, love, relationships, psychic experiences, career, predictions, decision making. Many of our readers are spiritual teachers and some are published authors of books with the spiritual arena.

Sirius Astrological Services
Appointment book calendar made for individual signs.

Sirkel Khey Astrological Services
WARNING: You are Entering the Path of Chaotic Synapses, of Forces Beyond your Control. This is a Grey-Matter World of Labyrinthine Convolutions that only the Wary should Tread... Do Not Attempt toUnderstand your Journey, but Allow the Experience to be Everything...

Sky Guides
We provide Astrology charts and interpretations by computer as well as by REAL Astrologers, compatibility readings, horoscopes, consultations, and much more!

Solstice Point
Astrology, past and present. Keep up on current astrological events or set up a consultation with top-rated astrologer.

SOS Consulting
SOS Consulting, Acrophonology, the Aquarian Survival Flute, Astrology and much, much more

soul divinity
We at soul divinity provides answer to all your unanswered questions. We have team of experienced Indian Vedic astrologer , tarot card reader , Vastu experts and numerologist.

Soul Guidance
An astrological chart painting is an opportunity to transform a birth horoscope into a customized, personal painting.

Soul Path Astrology Readings
Readings to help clarify your soul's intentions for this lifetime. Valuable tool for self-discovery!

Spiral Visions
Chakra Cleansings - Reiki Classes/Sessions - Flower Essences - Body Sweeps - Astrology
Whether you are curious about your own chart, or desire to know more about your family and friends, the place to begin is with a Spirit Astrology Horoscope Chart and Interpretation. Whether you are curious about your own chart, or desire to know more about your family and friends, the place to begin is with a Spirit Astrology Horoscope Chart and Interpretation. You will receive a beautiful color chart of all your planets and signs and a comprehensive 18-20 page report detailing your personality and unique characteristics.

Spiritual Astrology
Spiritual Astrology Blog - Top Online Astrologer - Personalized Birth Chart Analysis - Synastry Chart Interpretation - Online Consultations.

Spiritual Gifts
Chakra balancing specialist, Spiritual meditations and healing. Negative energy removel, positive energy retrivel and love one reuniting.

Sri Lanka Jyotisha
Free instant horoscope readings according to hindu vedic astrological principles

Stacy Johnson, Astrologer
Basic astrology trivia, horoscopes, natal charts, other fun and useful information.

Star Consulting
Jungian Astrology & Irish agent of Solar Fire astrological software

Starflash Productions
Home Page of Starstuff, Professional Astrologer. Order your chart and reading now. Astrological articles, chat, bulletin board and more!, Inc.
Astrology megasite. Hundreds of original articles by top astrologers plus PlanetForecast: a free transit service delivered to you 6-10 times per month via email. Also, weekly columns by Rob Hand, Kim Rogers-Gallagher, Ray Merriman and others.

Starlight Enterprises
Your mega one stop resource for astrology. Free horoscopes and loads of free information!

StarMyste Enterprise
Cute and Sassy Wilmington NC Astrologer StarMyste hosts her Astrological Ezine with helpful insights, editorials, and Moon in Pisces, chart services. Access special editorials from Sephariel, on Lilith, Judaism and Astrology, Joan of Arc's life through Astrology, and the Star of Bethlehem and more.

This site is fully dedicated to indian Vedic Astrology. As you know that the astrology is a science baced on the planets and we can read all the things about a person. not only things all the events too either they are good or bad. Here you will enjoy the perfection of Indian Vedic astrology. You can read the weekly prediction according to your sihns and you can get the predictions about all your self with effective remedies too.

StjerneSkolen v/Susanne Hørud. Læs til diplomastrolog eller tag et supervisionsforløb pr. korresponcance. Læs dit UGEHOROSKOP og om Månefaserne. Læs artikler og deltag i debatten. Bøger, foredrag, sms-horoskoper o.a.

Sun Signs and Horoscopes 2014
Get your 2014 horoscope predictions on finance, health and wealth for the year 2014 astrology. Yearly horoscope forecast for all sun signs aries, taurus, leo, libra, aquarius, cancer, gemini, capricorn, Scorpio, sagittarius, virgo, pisces. Love horoscope to see your compatibility horoscope

Sunburst Unlimited, Inc.
Informative guidance in person or by telephone: channeled readings, angel readings, tarot, astrology

Suzan Hayden
Astrology magazine with free monthly horoscopes & more.

Tarot, Découvre les Tarots gratuit sur

The Astrologers Fund, Inc
Financial Astrology for the successful investor and trader

The Astrology Castle
An easy-to-navigate, user-friendly site geared toward Astrology and all things pagan. We offer the opportunity to purchase your natal birth chart. Soon we will be offering herbal teas for relaxation and medicinal purposes. Plus hand-made jewelry designed and created by me. Folklore and information about moon phases, zodiac, and herbs coming soon!

the haruspex page
a daily horoscope by kristo....physician / astrologer / alchemist in the renaissance tradition of ficino, paracelsus and nostradamus.

The Horoscope Junkie
A categorized list of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and teen horoscope sites.

The Inside Story: Hypnotherapy & Astrology
The Inside Story is a company dedicated to help you build a good life - from the inside out. With the help of Astrology you can get to know your own inner landscape better and with the help of Hypnotherapy you can learn how to make the internal changes that will help change your life.

The Ladies' Oracle
This Ladies' Oracle is for you, ladies, it will reveal your future on the most important questions of your life : "Will my husband be rich ?", "Will I marry the man I love ?", "How many children will I have ?".

Thomas Muldoon
Dedicated to bring content not useless information.

Elements of Oriental Astrologies and Tibetan Buddhism

Vashikaran Mantra
Looking for a best and applicable vashikaran mantra for every problem - then don't hesitate to contact us. We will give you your desired things.

Vashikaran Specialist
Des : World Famous Astrologer Sufi Barkat Ali ji is Vashikaran Specialist, Black Magic Specialist, Love Marriage Specialist, Lost Love Specialist And Intercaste Marriage Specialist.

Powerful, practical, affordable software designed to meet the needs of the Semi-Professional, Intermediate, Beginner or Student Astrologer. Download your free 30 Day Trial NOW!

Vedic Astro
No one can challenge the planets. Learn to move with them for peace and prosperity.Accurate predictions and remedial can help you maximize your potential. Free Horoscopes and birth charts!

Vedic Astrology Center
The website of Vedic Astrologer and teacher Sam Geppi (sadasiva) Get his Free Weekly Vedic Astrology forecast

Vedic astrology Foundation
VedicAstrologyFoundation offer astrology services in Tamil and Malayalam language, gemstone consultation services in Chennai,to individuals and business by vedic astrologers Chennai.Our Astrologists focuses on calculating the degrees of the planets carefully affecting an individual horoscope as well as checking the position and conditions of the planets.We are helping people seeking astro remedy for personal and professional matters for No charge.

vedic astrology signs
online horoscope - engaged in providing vedic astrology based on your moonsign including Vedic astrology predictions/vedic Horoscope, vedic Astrological Predictions, online vedic astrological consultation with expert jyoitish acharya sapna

Vedic Horoscope Online
Get astrological reports on any matter like children, education, business, carrer, travel, love and marriage by Indian Astrologers at

Vedic Wisdom
Vedic Wisdom has the key to unlock your future

Vivian Carol (Website:vivianweaver)
Weekly horoscope, updated Thursdays. Written personally by a professional astrologer who is also a Licensed Counselor. Psychologically oriented and pro-active.


voyance gratuite voyance par téléphone et voyance gratuite

voyance par audiotel
Voyance par téléphone,Voyance,Horoscope,Horoscope gratuit,Astrologie,Voyance gratuite,Voyante

voyance par telephone
voyance par telephone sur

vrai voyance
voyance serieuse, voyante gratuite, voyante serieuse, chat medium, voyance imediate, vrai voyante

Wandering Star Designs
Custom jewelry based on astrological principles. Wearable, readable, accurate astrology charts!

Whispering Sky Astrology
this site offers astrology as a way to find inner peace and harmony in your life, we also offer monthly horoscopes fresh from the zodiac!a free psychic reading and shock treatment! stop in for a visit.

Widget's Astrology World
Several hundred astrological articles in a searchable directory. Free Compatability Reports. AstroQuiz. Free Natal birthchart Calculator, Freeware Astrological Font. Zodiacal greetings cards. I-Ching Oracle. Free hosted articles. Astrology games and much more.

Wife Vashikaran Mantra
Astrology and vashikaran is science of helping people in whatever they desire and fulfill all dreams, now astrology ha progressed a lot that with the help of vashikaran , black magic and many more techniques all major problems can be easily solved out and can fulfill all the dreams. Pandit rk shastri is vashikaran, black magic expert and specialist can help you with all your major problems of life to make your life more successful, happy and prosper.

Wishing Moon
Wishing Moon offer genuine, honest and confidential psychic readings and spiritual guidance from experienced astrologers, clairvoyants, mediums and psychics whom are specially chosen for their talent and desire to help others.
I am a research vedic astrologer
Astrology articles, predictions, greeting cards and T-shirts
Who are you? Experiment in being... Barter something in exchange for astrological guidance.

Y's Astrology
Astrology reports for adults, children, lovers and transits.

Yagya, Astro Vedic Yagya, Yagya in India, Vedic Yajna, Vedic Yagya- AstroYagya.Org
Yagya, Astro Vedic Yagya, Yagya in India, Vedic Yajna, Vedic Yagya, Best astro yagya services by

Yoga Technology
Open a new window on Astrology with our Free Ezine, containing a unique and fascinating synthesis of Astrology, Spirituality, Meditation and Kundalini Yoga. Learn how star signs, planetary energy and astrological events can impact on you, and influence your life.

Zodiac Arts - Sandra and David Mosley
Dedicated to the exploration of zodiac arts.

Zodiac House
Top notch horoscope and astrology site. Your personal planets with interpretations, free daily horoscope, romance guide and much more.

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