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Astrology Products Directory

Shri Siddhi Vinayak Jyotish Paramarsh kendra
contact for genuine & easy astrological guidance. We also provide Original Astrological products like Shri Yantra, DakshinaVarti Shankh, All types of Rudrakshs & Mala etc.

astrology reports & books, meditation CDs
Astrology reports, books, CDs. Also find free articles on astrology on website.

Elizabeth Francis Angelic Amulets
Angel Amulets Elizabeth Francis: Psychic Medium Shop Angel Amulets The 72 Angels of the Zodiak custom made silver amulets have been designed by psychic medium Elizabeth Francis. Their function is to enable alignment with the individual Angel that governs the wearers birth date so they can receive a sense of security, wellbeing and harmony. They can also assist with deterring self-sabotage and self-imposed limitations. The disc represents the astrology chart template, which represents a map of the universe. The semi-precious stone in the middle of the amulet corresponds with the wearer’s specific birth Angel. The degree line engraved on the front of this elegant piece of sacred jewelry shows the positioning of the wearer’s date of birth on that template. The abbreviated sacred letters stamped on the back of the amulet correspond with the Angel’s name and enables attunement with the wearer. With the amulet comes information which includes the name of the Angel and the stone, the degree measurement and the area within which the Angel governs and a translation of the sacred letters. which can be used for meditation purposes in the hope of finding ones higher soul purpose. They are individually hand-crafted by goldsmiths Macdara Jewelry, and blessed by interfaith minister, Alaya Samadhi, whose core belief is 'Many Ways to One Spirit.' These beautiful sterling silver amulets are 20mm in diameter and are exclusively available from this website. - Astrologers Psychic Consultant Etc - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Astrologers Psychic Consultant Etc, Entertainment Consultants, Consultants & Services, Business Services.

Ancient Indian Astrology
Veno offers affordable indepth Jyotish Readings on every aspect of life. She has been a practicing vedic astrologer for over two decades and has given thousands of readings to clients from all corners of the globe. She was a guest on BBC Radio andBritain's ITV and is coauthor of "Sun, The Cosmic Powerhouse". Her site offers free articles on Vedic Astrology and other Spiritual Topics.

Astraura Research Centre
Cast your Vedic Hindu horoscope online free in any system like Raman, KP ... Knowyour purpose, unlock your potential. Bargain books, ebooks,health shop and more .

The most trusted Astrology Software based on Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology. Available in more than 8 Languages including English and Hindi. Ideal for Astrologers and Astrology Students. Recommended by Astrologers since 1984.

Astrologers in Delhi Ncr
Find the list of best astrologer in Delhi India at WeddingPlz.Com - Indian wedding vendor search portal.
Astrology natal chart art wearables, metaphysical gemstone jewelry, astrology learning tools and resources.

Unique interactive astrology website. Multimedia forecasts. Free Astrotext program download. Talktime, one to one with personal astrologer. Different and new.

Diana Garland Astrology
Free horoscopes, astrology videos, and writing.
crafting handmade candles for ur personality.

Empowerment 33
Spiritual Technology, revolutionary and powerful products with include Magnetic and Crystal Therapy along with Astrology Sacred Geometry and Numerology.

Goddess Flight Divination
Astrology, Compatibility, Tarot, Numerology & Biorhythm Readings. High Quality. Inexpensive. Sales & Contests.

Janus Astrology Software
Janus astrology software. Accurate for natal, horary, electional and mundane horoscopes. Includes free astrology software.

Lifepath Counselling
Pathfinder Workbook by Wendy Freebourne MSc. Happiness is doing what you want to do most.A psycho-spiritual self-help tool.

Moonlight Astrology
Our individually for you created Life Path report will give you insight in your personality, and might reveal hidden talents you didn't know about.

Mystical Planet
Many people merely exist, living a life of quiet desperation, wanting more yet unsure where or how to start the process of change. We're so busy doing our life that we don't live our life. What I have learned is that there is nothing to fear. Making space in your life to tune into your own inner wisdom becomes the foundation for every life experience. It adds to your life in a beautiful, integrating way. When you allow yourself to connect with it, you can begin to understand and accept that anything and everything really does happen for a reason. is a forum for sharing and learning metaphysical techniques that will help you tune into the place inside you where all knowledge lies. We, at, want to help you begin your personal journey and encourage you to revel in the magickal, mystical adventure that awaits you. The path and pace you choose will be unique and comfortable to you. I've learned from experience that there's no single "right" way; your "right" way is yours alone.

Psychics, Mediums and Psychics Online for Paranormal Spiritual Consultation through our Helpline.Contact with the dead, predict future and questions about relationships, work or love. Contact aMedium, Clairvoyant Psychic or Medium on LiveMedium

soul divinity
We at soul divinity provides answer to all your unanswered questions. We have team of experienced Indian Vedic astrologer , tarot card reader , Vastu experts and numerologist.

Vision Scapes
Offering professional tarot and astrological services such as in-depth horoscope analysis, relationship charts, and card readings from a qualified intuitive counselor. Personalized sessions to meet your unique needs!

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