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Biofeedback Directory
The Journey to Wild Divine
The Journey to Wild Divine Craig Webb
P.O. Box 381
Eldorado Springs

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Explore the magical realm of a new interactive spiritual adventure with breathtaking 3D graphics, visionary music, and biosensors that link you to your computer for body-mind feedback to reduce stress, boost your energy, and focus your mind."

2000 practitioners using biofeedback to help you achieve a healthy life.

aleph one
biofeedback and stress management products. - Biofeedback Therapy & Training - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Biofeedback Therapy & Training, Physical Therapists, Healthcare Professionals, Health & Medical.

American BioTec
Library and free biofeedback newsletter for health care practitioners and educators

Associates in Wellness
Psychological services and EEG Biofeedback to treat anxiety, depression, AD/HD, pain and stress disorders.

association for applied psychophysiology and biofeedback
national organization representing those with an interest in biofeedback.

Bend The Light
Bio Scan of the Human Energy Field using 21st Century Technology. People, pets, land

bio-medical instruments, inc.
biofeedback and neurofeedback instrumentation for today's health care professional.

Biofeedback and Family Therapy Center
Steven C. Kassel, Marriage and Family Therapist and certified biofeedback therapist has been specializing in the self-regualtion training techniques of biofeedback and neurofeedback since 1985. BFTC helps individuals with stress related medical disorders such as headaches, TMJ, back pain and hypertension as well as problems of brainwave dysregulation such as ADHD, siezure and depression. Individual, couple and family counseling available. 661 259-3704

biofeedback calendar of events

biofeedback instrument corporation
biofeedback and neurofeedback equipment and courses, mind machines, peak performance trainer, and seminars.

biofeedback products from futurehealth
clinician founded in 1978. provides biofeedback, stress, and relaxation materials, books, lecture/workshop tapes, and most major brands of professional and consumer biofeedback systems, instruments, and supplies. prices from $5-$25,000. free sample.

biofeedback systems inc.
supplier of biofeedback hardware and software.

Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Training Associates
Biofeedback/neurofeedback training by remote or at our center for ADD/ADHD, stress, meditation, depression, anxiety, cognition enhancement. Biofeedback & neurofeedback equipment and courses also available.

biofeedback: review, history and application
an article by donald e. o'hair, ph.d.

biofeedback: the process
explains levels of stress, how they become chronic, and the role of biofeedback in relaxation.

biofeedback: thought technology ltd.
developer, manufacturer, and distributor of clinical biofeedback and psychophysiological data acquisition systems.
BIofeedback Products and Resources for Home Users and Practitioners

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph's advanced technology integrates Eastern and Western medicine.

biorhythmus software

Dr. Bell Body and Brain
Dr. Bell specializes in EEG Biofeedback for the treatment of ADD/ADHD; learning disablilites; anxiety disorders including, panic disorder and mania; depression; PTSD; sleep disorders; substance abuse rehabilitation.

eeg biofeedback
a resource with many internal and net links on eeg biofeedback and neurofeedback, articles, winter brain meeting abstracts, tapes of lectures and workshops, links, and meeting and workshop announcements.

eeg spectrum
neurofeedback research and clinical services. information, articles, and case histories involving the treatment of wide variety of disorders with biofeedback. lots of information for professionals and the layperson.

focused technology
physiological monitoring and feedback equipment.

futurehealth inc.
general information on biofeedback, including meetings, research, books, and supplies. sign up for a free email newsletter called biopsy webzine.

hartje biofeedback
distributer of j&j engineering physiological monitoring systems.

Inner Harmony Health Center
Learning to connect the head and heart thru biofeedback decreases depression, anxiety, insomnia, blood pressure, knee jerk reactions, and stress, and increase creativity, production, health, and well being. Used in schools, hospitals, businesses.

j&j engineering inc.
manufacturer of biofeedback and physiological monitoring systems.

J&J Engineering, Inc.
J&J designs state of the art physiological monitoring systems for biofeedback

Learning Discoveries Psychological Services
Wholistic Remediation for all manner of Learning DifficultiesAlternatives to Medication for ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety etc.Assessment, Remediation, Screening and Counselling of Individualswith Learning Difficulties and Attention Deficit Disorder,QEEG , Neurofeedback, Sound Therapy, Retained Reflexes, Hypnotherapy, Reiki

Life Force Activation
Quantum Balancing mirror the possibilities of the Universe by Remote or in person.

low cost, high-quality biofeedback equipment
this site features several low cost methods of using biofeedback and other mind machines to learn how to relax, focus, meditate, and get into the high-performance zone with less effort and more fun.

med/aid,inc: electromyographic biofeedback laboratory
leading the way in advanced physical & neurological rehabilitation programs. the mid-atlantic center for the brucker method of electromyographic biofeedback in new castle, pa is dedicated to dr. brucker's method of developing new and innovative behavioral techniques and microprocessor technology for the restoration of function for people with physical disabilities.

moe electronics research and production
biofeedback instruments for personal or professional use in stress reduction therapy.

Natural Medicine Clinic
We offer comprehensive healthcare, custom designed to meet your family's needs, including medical testing, healing services, homeopathic remedies and a commitment to listen honestly to your suggestions. With same day analysis, our patients are provided with immediate results.

Neurofeedback therapy for ADHD, LD, Behavior Problems and Mind Fitness. NeuroDynamix is one of the most experienced centers in the country providing comprehensive services and a team of experienced professionals.

neurodynamix is the leading provider of neurofeedback for adhd, ld and behavioral problems in the philadelphia and s jersey area.

Neurofeedback Centers of America
Does starting and finishing a project seem equally impossible? Does your computer have more memory than you do? Are your grades below average or your job possibilities limited because of dyslexia or some other learning problem?

neurofeedback news
a monthly summary of general news, case histories, and introductory articles about neurofeedback for the interested layperson.

neurofeedback therapy center - torrance, ca
neurofeedback therapy - dr. karen dastrup - specializing in neurofeedback therapy and eye movement desensitization reprocessing (emdr)

neurofeedback today
recent news, articles, and books on mental health and neuroscience. updated daily.

r a bell instruments ltd biofeedback instruments
free information on biofeedback applications as well as information on a wide range of biofeedback instruments that can be purchased online

Spiritual Life Society & Hudson Yoga Center
Classical Astanga Yoga, Meditation, and more...Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Hatha Yoga; Instruction in Pranayama; Meditation; other aspects of Astanga Yoga and Yoga Philosophy

the biofeedback network
a wealth of information related to biofeedback.

The Institute for Medical and Biological Cybernetics
The plot of the game is conducted by your heart rate (finger skin temperature). The advantages of the game training allow you to relax and to reduce heart rate efficiently and softly. The set is equipped with a palm-size electronic device "Pulse Detector".

The Journey To Wild Divine
Explore the magical realm of a new interactive spiritual adventure with breathtaking 3D graphics, visionary music, and biosensors that link you to your computer for body-mind feedback to reduce stress, boost your energy, and focus your mind."

The Mind-Spirit Institute
The Mind-Spirit Institute is a spiritual center dedicated to supporting and assisting others in rebuilding their health, lifestyle, self-confidence and peace of mind through alternative self-care.

Wayne Martin, LCSW
Biofeedback and Counseling in Fort Worth, TX. I work with stressed people who want to thrive in spite of stress.

winter brain 2000
an advanced meeting on neurofeedback, eeg biofeedback, qeeg and correlates of consciousness, enlightenment, optimal functioning, with 50+ plenary talks and 30+ workshops with extensive discussion of techniques and applications to a wide range of disorders, from add, autism, to ocd, odd, pain, pms, tourettes, etc. good exhibit hall

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