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Books Directory 818-370-9025
4607 Lakeview Cyn Rd. #181
Westlake Village 91361

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The Four Pearls and The Four Squirrels: A Modern Fable About Happiness and Distraction. A new book by bestselling author Lissa Coffey. Do You Want To Be Happy? In the time-honored tradition of the fable, Lissa Coffey has created a whimsical, meaningful book that will delight readers of all ages. "The Four Pearls" is a modern-day classic filled with wisdom. It inspires and enlightens in the same way that Jonathan Livingston Seagull has for generations.
Cracking the Glass Darkly
Cracking the Glass Darkly Robert Egby
34724 Bubba Lane
Cape Vincent 13618

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Phone:  315-654-2060
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CRACKING THE GLASS DARKLY: Discovering the Power and the Ecstasy of Your True Cosmic Self. "The Glass Darkly" is an ancient phrase summarizing the suffering of humanity, the day to day struggles with a negative ego, a false self. Robert's book , based on 30 years of workshop teachings, takes you through dissolving the ego, living in the here and now, loving yourself unconditionally, and being open to Cosmic Awareness. Text is backed up by easy but powerful exercises.
Sophia's Web
Sophia's Web Burl B. Hall
6830 Red Rose Village Dr.

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Sophia's Web is a book that reveals the underlying pattern behind the major religions of the world and identifies their "mirroring" relationship with science. Through the "as above, so below" motive, the book further identifies gender and sexuality as manifestations of the spiritual process.
Unusual Metaphysical Books
Unusual Metaphysical Books Dr. Bruce S. Fisher
P.O. Box 3387
Prescott 86302-3387

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Phone:  (520) 778-6965

These books integrate Eastern mysticism, Western spiritual science and modern scientific views. They draw from classical Kabbalistic, Alchemical, Masonic, Rosicrucian and Theosophical sources. They are written in a clear and concise manner without compromising the underlying teachings, while providing ample references to aid the reader in further study. The author combines a 43-year scientific career with 30 years of spiritual study and practice.
The Oculatum 636
The Oculatum 636 Butler
PO Box 26401
Little Rock

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The Oculatum: This single volume, more correctly a collection of writings, was first mentioned at the time of the Great Fire in 1666 but had been brought to England much earlier by Flemish refugees escaping tyranny in Europe. It contains a series of observations, at times ambiguous, at times direct, but as poignant today, if not more so, than they ever were in the Middle Ages. "The Oculatum 636" is known also by another name - "Book of Choices".
Sirian Revelations
Sirian Revelations Pat Cori
lanet earth

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This is the most unusual body of metaphysical and cosmological teachings to have emerged in recent times. Its source is a group of discarnate six-dimensional beings who identify themselves as The Speakers of the Sirian High Council. Joined with other Light Beings of the higher realms, they have embraced the role of guardians in Earth's evolution, serving humankind at this most critical time of revolutionary change on Planet Earth.The Revelations consist in transmissions which will be regularly provided free to you on this site, teachings (lectures and courses) received through the channel, Patricia Cori and the trilogy of books, The Sirian Revelations.
Going Deeper - The Book of the Millennium
Going Deeper - The Book of the Millennium Francine Milano
69115 Ramon Rd #1386
Cathedral City 92234

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Phone:  760.324.3072

Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense, is the book that's changing the consciousness of our planet. This metaphysical novel by Jean-Claude Koven was written for a special group of Light Workers -- those exquisite beings who willingly took human form to help this planet during the current turbulence marking her transition into the next density.
Vegan World Fusion Cuisine
Vegan World Fusion Cuisine Bo
PO Box 1119
Kapaa 96746

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Phone:  808 822-0820

A new cookbook and wisdom work from our award winning Vegan restaurant on Kauai. An art book and wisdom work it includes a special foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall, sacred photography, philosophy and quotes throughout. We also include many reference materials, inspiration and knowledge for anyone on the path of health. Please visit our family of companies at Blessings from our hearts to yours
New Age Marketing
New Age Marketing Otto Collins

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If you want to improve your marketing so you can reach and help more people while at the same time make more money---my new e-book "How to market your Holistic Health Care or New Age Business Like a Pro" will help you do that and much more. If you order now-- You'll also get an Incredible bonus e-book called "New Age Marketing Brainstorm" absolutely FREE. This e-book is full of marketing tips, ideas and easy to implement strategies that people in Holistic Health Care and New Age businesses just like you are using right now to attract more customers and clients and make more money.
Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny by Neriah Lothamer
Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny by Neriah Lothamer Neriah Lothamer

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Recently selected by USA Book News as the #1 social change book of 2005, Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny: An Activist's Guide to Inner Disarmament is a book that can make a big difference: to you, personally, to your community, to the world. "This is Neriah Lothamer. Like you, I've been a seeker for social change and personal advancement. With nearly forty years experience as an organizer and activist for peace, for the environment, for health, and for higher consciousness—and almost sixty years of life experience, positive and negative, that formed me into the person I am—I've written Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny as a way of sharing what I've learned: in my years on the front lines, in my struggle to be the best I can be despite a history of adversity and the need to confront my own anger, and in my lifetime avidly absorbing books that can make a difference in the world. I offer this book as a way of giving back to the world, of sharing lessons learned in struggle, and in the hope that my work can make a difference in your life, and on our planet."
The Return of Light
The Return of Light elora
34 Rocky Road
Asheville 28806

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Phone:  888-827-8741
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The Return of Light - The Imminent Restoration of Earth and Liberation of Humanity - Revelations from the Creator God Heru ... A book by Karen Kirschbaum and Elora Gabriel : Ground-breaking, profound, and deeply compassionate, The Return of Light takes us on an uncompromising journey: from memories of primordial paradise, through a descent into loss and terror, and finally to the utter certainty of restoration and redemption. What awaits us all is beyond our wildest dreams.
resell softwares
resell softwares mansour
reston r1 2ee
United Kingdom

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sell the products which you buy from us and amde a good fortune

Earth Spirit Emporium
Over a thousand Metaphysical titles

Humane Education, Non-Violence, Holistic Healing, Eco-Feminism, Animal Welfare, Spirituality, Vegan Diet

Alternative Self-Awareness Handbook
Alternative self-awareness handbook, reviewing Tarot card symbolism interms of archetypal images of the collective unconscious__with theoretically supported application to structured psychodynamic exercises for understanding self in terms of conscious ego, unconscious ‘shadow’, and finally, the integrated higher self. Includes esoteric & psychological meanings for all 78 cards.

Sonya Ki Tomlinson
Sai Rapture, The Ecstatic Journey of a Modern Day Gopi is a heartfelt "page-turner" that you cannot put down. The Divine Love for and from Sathya Sai Baba is palpable in these pages, and the author's experiences, trials and transformation are lovingly expressed. A beautiful work that will not disappoint. Please share the warm embrace of 108 Bhakti Kisses, The Ecstatic Poetry of a Modern Day Gopi

The books of spiritual teacher and author Swami Dhyan Giten
"The human heart is a healer, which heals ourselves and others." GITEN

Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny
Awaken you Divine Self. Achieve your Soul Purpose. Accomplish your Life Calling. Divine Living is the practical spirituality bestseller said to be the enlightened alternative to the well-known book The Secret. Divine Living by psychic medium Anthon St Maarten is the definitive new metaphysical handbook for finding your true life purpose and creating a prosperous and fulfilling life.

Somersault: A true story
This is an inspirational and lighthearted tale told with the personalized writing style of the 1960s, detailing one journey to answer the quintessential human question, Whats it all about?

Sai Rapture
Sai Rapture's temple doors are open. Fly by and allow your Spirit to soar through the myriad portals of Sai Love: Ecstatic Art, Literature, Health and Healing, Spiritual guidance, instruction and so much more.

The Book of Runes E-Book
Ralph S. Blums international bestseller, The Book of Runes, has been one of the most consulted oracles for the last several decades. It is now being released as an e-book and interactive web application.

New book: A Call to Magic - the Artful Science of Transforming Self an
Does it take a magician to change ourselves and our world? Perhaps. In this book you'll get a fresh perspective on bringing real magic into your life--from a real life magician. Mitch Williams invites us to answer the "Call to Magic": filled with practical suggestions on how to radically alter our perspective on life and the world and live a life of magic and inspiration.

Return of Love to Planet Earth: Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary
Return of Love to Planet Earth recounts author Nina Browns mystifying adventures in spiritual empowerment and unexpected invitations to consciously enter the Golden Age of Divine Love. Her discoveries confirm that appreciation and gratitude enrich our lives and return love to our planet. A must-read for any spiritual seekerLee Carroll,

Through A Different Lens
Serving spiritually-oriented men and women with ancient and contemporary creative tools for healing, transformation and restoring the sacred. Shamanism, energy medicine, therapeutic photography, imagery. Speaking, private consultations, online and live classes and retreats. Award-winning author.

A Call to Magic - the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World
Does it take a magician to change ourselves and our world? Perhaps. In this book you'll get a fresh perspective on bringing real magic into your life--from a real life magician. Mitch Williams invites us to answer the "Call to Magic". Filled with practical suggestions on how to radically alter our perspective on life and live a life of true magic and inspiration.

Alana's Memoir is a musical odyssey, the pied piper in her radiating out throughout her journey, each stop on her travels more unique than the last. We can almost hear her voice and her music as she writes about her magical life and how the hand of destiny guides her. A mystical journey, Alana's experiences of healing with sound, from NM to Greece, to India are filled with oder as astonishment.(S. Bess, "The path of the Mother")

Moontime Harmony
I offer sacred moontime coaching, ritual/menarche celebrations based on my book The Moontime Harmony Workbook-A Path to Creating a Sacred Menstrual Moontime.

Dean Fraser variously brought a million pounds worth of business into a publishing company within eighteen months while still a teenager, later ran his own design-led new age wholesale business for a decade, dealt in antiques, obtained a degree in body language psychology, became an internationally acclaimed poet and created an events company from scratch going on to run his own music and literary festivals within a year (his last official business venture before turning to full time writing and motivational speaking)....Dean has been researching, writing and talking about self-realization, motivation and human potential for well over two decades. A respected regular contributor to radio and worldwide magazines, he believes that many people are only half-living, unaware of the amazing potential laying right there within them. Facebook: Dean Fraser Unlock Your Life YouTube: Unlock Your Life

Ghosts, Demons and Psychic Healing Casebook: True stories of paranorma
Number One Downloaded Occult Title! Terrifying tales of demons personally taken on in world famous Megalithic monuments on to cases of yet more dark entities to be found lurking on apparently perfectly ordinary suburban streets. Of all too real hauntings and coming face to face with soul destroying creatures quite literally from the depths of hell! Also shared are cases of distant psychic healing, sometimes from hundreds of miles away and releasing people from horrific demonic possession. This is the paranormal reality of Decanus...this is what he does…come into his world…you may never look at your own "safe" world in quite the same way again! You have been duly warned!!!

A happy Friend
A Happy Friend compassionately guides you through self improvement, goal setting, peace, love, happiness and positive energy that helps you evelove into your true self.

Accross The Bridge
The story of two men separated by 600 years, who are genetically related and who help each other.

Active Health
Get active about your health

Adawehi Healing Center
The courageous path of discovering who you are by what you create in everyday living leads to true wisdom and spiritual growth. It is a courageous path because when you experience chaos in your life it is easier to blame others than to search out and identify the pattern of living that created it. Every action has a reaction. Spiritual Energy Cycles can show you ways of isolating unhelathy patterns and methods for changing them. If you want abundance or love in your life, Spiritual Energy Cycles can show you how to identify the patterns that block you form having what is rightfully yours.

Alchemist/Light Publishing
Photographs from the San Francisco area from the 1960s, including summers of love, political protests, and more personal photos from the book The Tri-X Chronicles.

Alternative Psychology
Book on alternative psychology and a radically new view on human behaviour, the subconscious mind and the cause of misery in the world. Receive 10 hours of free NPL distance healing for emotional or physical problems when you buy this book. Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom.

Alternative Sight
Alternative Self-Help E-Guide to the Psychology of Tarot Archetypal Imagery for Higher Self Guidance, Life Path Awareness, Inner Vision, Spiritual Growth - Archetypal Guide to the Psychodynamics of Tarot Symbolism with card exercises for self-awareness & transformation - esoteric & psychological analysis of all cards

Ama Alchemy of Love Spiritual Novel
Ama Alchemy of Love Spiritual Novel by Nuit

American Angel
Private daydreams lead to incredible adventures through chance meeting with angelic forces.

Amethyst Moon
Books, gifts, ezine Beyond Infinity.

Ash Tree Publishing - Books you'll treasure, Information you can trust
Herbal Medicine Resources for women's health and wellbeing. Website has helpful articles, excerpts, and reviews on herbs for menopause, fertility and pregnancy, cancer prevention, breast care, plus spirit healing and luna yoga. Authors include herbalist Susun S. Weed and naturalist Juliette de Bairacli Levy.

Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality
Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality, by John Magnus goes beyond preconceived notions about how to get out of the body and then back in, as well as the dimensions to which the out-of-body adventurer can travel. Plus, incisive journal entries of his many out-of-body adventures will convince you that it can be done and give you the inspiration to go farther than you ever thought possible.Our site was created as a meeting place for readers and searchers alike. Based on his book, is a symposium where we discuss, learn, teach, and connect with others who also ponder the nature of our sublimely flexible reality.

Astrid Fitzgerald Books
Winter Break: A Luminous Journey into Wisdom and Love is a captivating, mystical tale that will appeal to readers of all ages


Awakening Books
Visionary Fiction. An epic adventure exploring the holographic nature of humanity—integrating science, religion, philosophy and fantasy into a cinematic view of human existence.

Awareness Rising
Looking for something to heighten your awareness? This is the place to visit to be reminded of our connection with the Universe as a whole.

B&A Products
Products for spiritual advancement and emergency preparedness from the author's of "Mary's Message to the World" and the "Survival Guide for the New Millennium", Annie and Byron Kirkwood

Banyen Books & Sound
A Watering Hole for the Spirit on the World Wide Web. More than 27,000 Books, CDs, Cassettes, videos, and Oracle sets. Shop On Line or Toll Free

Best Book Cafe
A book, STRIPPING ILLUSIONS, explores known reality one layer at a time, ultimately reaching the higher self. Get an edge on life and issues your Mother, rabbi, minister or priest never knew to discuss. A Must Read!

Best Book Cafe
STRIPPING ILLUSIONS will unfreeze your present viewpoint, fill in the gaps and fortify your life journey. If your shopping for a fresh attitude try this inspirational and motivational guide. A must read for conscious awarness!

Bob Rich, writer
Free books to request, great stories, essays and book extracts to read, books to buy.

Bodhi Heart Books
Over 1,000 select titles on spiritual wisdom from Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, and other mystical traditions; spiritual activism; meditation; life purpose; visionary fiction; sacred music & dance & more! Bodhi Heart Books -- books to inspire and enlighten!

Body Inspiration
A model based on the behavioral forces of human interaction. How are you expending your energy to attract the people in your life?

Book Conversion Services
The Data Processors INDIA provides highly value added Data Entry Services and Product Data Entry Service across the globe at a very affordable rates which save your money upto 80%. We offers all type of Data Entry, Catalog Processing, Data Processing, Products Data Entry, online/offline data entry, Data Capturing, Image Processing services services. Our professional team is equipped with cutting edge technology and are highly qualified to handle all types of outsourced projects.

Book Lovers
Indian publishers of books related to philosophy, buddhism, religion, indology, literature, children's books, law & economy, educational & medical books

Books on Creativity and Conscious Living
Mom's Choice Awards. Finally, a novel that not only offers an exciting plot line, an endearing heroine, and human relationships that are believable and sympathetic but also introduces a continuous thread of spiritual teaching that informs and advances the plot - a teaching about love, compassion and healing. Through the author's deft writing we watch the characters grow and change within the light of Caroline's mystical experience. Anyone at any age will enjoy this story because it is essentially about who we are and the joy of discovering our true identity. At the same time the author captures the enthusiasm and idealism of youth, without which our world could not evolve. Lyla Yastion, author of Pause Now: Handbook for a Spiritual Revolution

On-line bookstore for Mind Body Spirit Publications.Comprehensive synopsis accompanies each title with authorinformation plus image of bookcover. Book categories include; Astrology. Esoteric Teachings, Mediumship, Sufism, Wicca, Pagan, Personal Development, plus many other categories in this field of study.Secure on-line purchase facility plus free book delivery in the UK.

Breathwork Novel
This is the first ever breathwork novel. It shows how spiritual development can save the world

Brendan Granahan, author of Voyager: An American Prayer
A pair of gold-coated, copper phonograph records attached to twin NASA spacecrafts, Voyager I & II, are the unlikely symbols in Brendan Granahan’s debut novel, Voyager: An American Prayer. At a subconsciously level, the gold plates represent mankind's attempt to communicate with the creator of the universe---God. Voyager: An American Prayer is a road trip for the body, sould and mind.

CFS is a Call For Soulwork
A hopeful, inspirational, holistic book and resources to help those with Chronic Fatigue as well as their friends, families, and healers

CFS is a Call For Soulwork
A hopeful, inspirational, holistic book and resources for CFS sufferers, Their friends, families, and healers

Chelsea Green Publishingq
Chelsea Green publishes books on innovative shelter, organic gardening and renewable energy as well as sustainable business and many more related subjects.

Chinup Chinook Books
Enter the uplifting and inspiring world of author/illustrator Ronni Ann Hall—children's books, whimsical animal prints, charming spirit dolls and dancing dog cards—for the child of tomorrow.

Clarity Works
Unusual spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical books by a professional scientist.

Creation And/Or Evolution: An Islamic Perspective
Describes an Islamic theory of creation that is not incompatible with evolution. He accomplishes this by weaving together insights from modern science, the Qur’an, and pre-Renaissance Muslim history.
A self-help memoir dealing with personal growth, cancer and a Master Teacher unaware

Dancing in the Shadow of Tyranny by Neriah Lothamer
Declared by USA Book News as "The Social change Book of 2005", Neriah Lothamer’s new book Dancing In the Shadow Of Tyranny, An Activist's Guide to Inner Disarmament is a timely appraisal of Humanity’s dilemmas, which currently impact life on Earth. Terrorism, tyranny, anger, oil co dependency, nuclear wars, and modern civilization are pressures everyone must now live with. Combining his attitudes toward political realities and his experiences of childhood abuse, Neriah offers solutions that work in our personal lives when confronted by bullies, terrorism, or tyranny."A passionate call for the reader to awaken and confront the tyrant within themselves. Lothamer provides an intimate and revealing account of his healing process, a process that we must all go through if we are to be empowered to heal the world."- Charles Cresson Wood, Pathwork helper, and author of Opening To AbundanceElite Books, 191 pages, $14, quality paperback, ISBN 0-9720028-8-X

Dean Fraser The Quantum Poet
Dean Fraser (The Quantum Poet) Official Channel! books and e-books The Quantum PoetShow less

Dean Fraser Unlock Your Life
Dean Fraser, author and teacher talks of small changes we can all make to live amazing lives every day! His books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other good bookstores - look under Dean Fraser and they're right there!

Desert Rose Publishing
Tahirih - The story of a young Persian Poetess who gave her life for the freeedom and equality of women, fully illustrated by Ivan Lloyd.

directinfo tm
book for sale. an all-in-one multisource book: traveling tips, buying a home or investing in real estate, homeopathic remedies, building a better resume, starting a home-based business, preparing for a wedding and it's expenses. directinfo is educational, informative, and reliable.

Discount NewAge Books
1,000's of New books deeply discounted 50% to 85% off on topic such as, Complimetary HEalth, Astrology, Wicca, World Religions and much more

Earth Lodge
Earth Lodge offers information and support for an integrative life -- holistic books and CDs, flower essences, crystal elixirs.

East West Bookshop of Seattle
East West Bookshop is a resource center for conscious living, offering you a wide selection of books, products and programs representing spiritual traditions and new insights into mind, body and spirit from around the world.

Empyrean Quest Publishers
We publish and sell metaphysical books and music, new science. Free kinesiology tutorial, I-Ching, Astrocharts, Midi music album, online version of on of our books. Our vision is the integration of eastern wisdom with western science. Don't miss P. Stephen Petersen's book: 'The Quantum Tai Chi'.

Energy Experience
Katie Kieffer shares her journey and beloved encounters with Spirit in this inspiring and heart-opening chronicle of her path, "We Do Not Walk Alone," (ISBN 1-930394-01-2) Trine Publications.


ETC Publishing
Metaphysical How-To and Self-Help books and tapes for the avid learner and discerning reader
World Renowned teacher, Dr. Erhard Vogel, is the founder of the Nataraja Meditation and Yoga Center in San Diego. The Expert In LifeTM program, as well as his latest book Journey Into your Center, provide in-depth experiential teachings to lead a fulfilling and successful life. His teachings are realistically directed toward the attainment of Self Realization in this lifetime.

Faulks Books
Faulks Books is a online book seller and distributor. Small and self publisher. Franz bardon, wicca magic

development resource center, information to help bring quality into living, family friendly site.

Flight fans and readers
Magic book site. Discussion, author trivia, pictures, and more about the acclaimed ultimate thriller about love and human origin, FLight: A Quantum Fiction Novel by Vanna Bonta.

Foundations of Light Publishing
We publish the Honoring the Hermit books for increasing spiritual awareness of the interconnectness of all of life.

Giomach Books
We are publishers and distributors of rare works on subjects such as : Secret Societies, Knights Templars, Crowley, Illuminati,The Yezidiz, The Occult, Ancient Religions, Conspiracies ,UFOs, Rosicrucians, Magic, Assassins, Alternative and Ancient Science

Giomach Books
We are publishers and distributors of rare works on subjects such as : Secret Societies, Knights Templars, Crowley, Illuminati,The Yezidiz, The Occult, Ancient Religions, Conspiracies ,UFOs, Rosicrucians, Magic, Assassins, Alternative and Ancient Science

Going Deeper, a metaphysical novel by Jean-Claude Koven
Going Deeper, a metaphysical novel by Jean-Claude Koven, was written for a special group of Light Workers -- those exquisite beings who willingly took human form to help this planet during the current turbulence marking her transition into the next density.

Healing into Consciousness
A recipient of seven book awards, this book is a shining jewel. It is a step-by-step spiritual guidebook to each person's journey out of fear, pain, and suffering and is a manual for living in the Now. Written by a mystic and a self-realized master healer, who calls the journey to enlightenment "healing into consciousness" it will delight anyone who is interested in transforming their ego-mind into a fully awakened consciousness. "I enjoyed reading Mada's book. It has the ring of authenticity and offers a simple and elegant map of the path of enlightenment." - Deepak Chopra

Health Insurance Off the Grid e- Book
Learn how to create a healthcare plan for yourself or your company that puts holistic health FIRST and also creates a safety net of Western medicine for emergencies. This e-Book (also available in paperback) explains with no jargon how a normal person can create an inexpensive healthcare plan for themselves. Especially geared for the self-employed and/or underinsured.

health research books
- publishing rare and unusual books since 1952. over 2,000 listings in more than 120 categories. some books more than 300 years old! categories include: yoga, breathing techniques, longevity, regeneration, natural health, alternative medicine, kundalini and many more. our mission is to keep this rare and valuable information available to the world's citizens.
Psychology of the Hero Soul captures the essence of the universal hero. By combining the wisdom of over 10 years of research of what makes great leaders, along with studies in the fields of psychology, human potential, philosophy, mythology, the dramatic arts, and comparative religions, Sharif Khan has revealed the inner makings of heroes around the globe. This book is for anyone who wants to embark on the hero’s journey.

hingepin integrative learning materials
books and continuing education courses on food and nutrition, ecology and environment, alternative medicine and holistic health, relying on research from indexed journals in environmental medicine, clinical ecology, toxicology, molecular biology, and genetics. written by buck levin, ph.d., r.d.

Holy Books - Free PDF ebook library on religion and spirituality is a huge library of public domain books about religion, spirituality and self-improvement. We have loads of free ebooks about meditation, yoga, tantra, biographies, and special collections where you can find all books by Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, Ghandi and many more.

Homekeepers Publishing and Music
"A poignant, personal story about the psychological costs of an adoption gone wrong." Robert Pelc, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. Theresa Rodriguez Farrisi relates her story of adoption and discusses issues such as adoptive bonding, foster care, birth mother search, child abuse, and healing.

Homekeepers Publishing and Music
"A poignant, personal story about the psychological costs of an adoption gone wrong." Robert Pelc, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. Theresa Rodriguez Farrisi relates her story of adoption and discusses issues such as adoptive bonding, foster care, birth mother search, child abuse, and healing.

Horoscope for the New Millennium
First complete study of how the planets correspond to world events past and future, and indicate your place in the dawning new world.

Inspiration for Recovery
Dr. Barbara Sinor's newest book, "An Inspirational Guide for the Recovering Soul" is now available! Healing quotes and rituals for anyone needing an inspirational lift on their path.

Jackie Ashton
Author Website

All about the Battle of Otok

Jesus A Revelation of God
A comparative study of the words of Jesus in The Bible and The Urantia Book.

Joan Adamak
An on-line metaphysical book providing guidance and explanation of all aspects of human experiences compiled from channeled tapes. Also stories about Atlantis from recall.

Joseph B. Mullen
Information about the book "Psychic Secrets" with links to free a free psychic quiz and free ESP development lessons online.
Info about books by Judith Laura: Three Part Invention, a novel; Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century:from Kabbalah to Quantum Physics; She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother. Also poetry. Book excerpts and reviews; samples of published poetry.Reading group guide for Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century. Also connected to Tarot info.

Kaushalya is a catalyst for change and spiritual awareness. Her aim is to spark-plug people into action and advocates to vote the major parties OUT!Her book is called BETWEEN FRIENDS.

Lantern Books
Lantern Books publishes books for all wanting to live with greater spiritual depth and commitment to the preservation of the natural world. Our topic include animal rights, vegetarianism, spirituality, health, and nature.

Light Up Your Life
“Making Your Wisdom Come Alive” is our new ebook. It points to the source of timeless Wisdom, the place of enlightenment. Step by step we show you how to take down the walls that seem to keep you feeling separate and limited so that you can stand free and discover your own Self-Nature the source of Wisdom and infinite Joy.

Linda Tuck-Jenkins
A spiritual thriller. " visionary novel since the Celestine Prophecy."

Liquid Mind
Inspired by a vision, Liquid Mind: A Dive into the Ocean of Consciousness is written from the perspective of an astral traveler who exists in another reality and decides to come to Earth to have a human experience. This mixture of allegorical fiction and philosophical analysis is a parable for the Planetary Human.

Live long and healthy bestseller
One book that has already changed thousands of lives. Let it change yours too!How to Lose Weight,our diet and cancer,the art of staying young,healthy Spine, complete body cleansing,“Natural Doctors” Internal and External Beauty Natural Healing Remedies and more..

Living Traditions
Nexus of Sources, Resources and Reviews focused on Spirituality and tradition

A mystical adventure and eloquent portrayal of the Sufi path of Love, wherein a modern-day Sufi Master sends seven companions on a quest for the original ring of power - King Solomon's seal ring, said to control the Jinn.

Madame G's Tea Room
Unique & unusual gifts for fortune-telling: tarot cards, books, videos, candles, teas & more !

Magazine Subscription Finder

Magazine Subscription Finder
Magazine Subscription Finder offers up to 1500 popular magazine subscriptions around the world.

Magazine Subscriptions is the magazine subscription search engine online to find lowest magazine subscription prices.http

Magazine Subscriptions City offers up to 92% discount on the magazine subscription purchase.http

meditation bookstore
meditation books. christ. yoga. siddha. discounts. gifts. interfaith. associate: link to special collections.

Message to the Unborn - Mystery of the Calendar
The most amazing study of our Calendar ever published! You'll read about something incredible! For the first time in our history the Message of an ancient advanced civilization has been discovered!For untold centuries, both historical, and esoteric sources, have passed down stories of a forgotten "time-capsule" of ancient knowledge. The story of the Message begins with the events described in the ancient Book of Enoch. This book was banned, lost and forgotten for a thousand years. The Book of Enoch talks about "Two hundred angels, the children of heaven", who descended to earth. They explained the calendar to Enoch, which he recorded, "but not for this generation, but for a remote one which is for to come". What was hidden in the calendar for future generations? Vladimir Pakhomov has found this information!You can check all these facts without leaving your computer.

Metaphysics 101: A Practical Guide to the Universe
An extensive theory on the nature of life and the universe. Casually presented in the hilarious novel, Dear Amber, for enjoyable reading.

millennium book
creational story and film treatment
"Hot Chocolate for the Teenage Mystical Soul" is the third in Ford's popular book series featuring heart-warming and life-affirming stories about mystical experiences in our everyday world.

MythMaker Press
This tale of heroes, villains, romance, and Divine Intervention delivers a wallop described as "The Celestine Prophecy" meets "Stranger in a Strange Land." Cleverly disguised by vivid characters and a sizzling sci-fi plot, the practical spirituality of "Second Messenger" transcends religion and speaks directly to the heart of the reader.

new age idiot book list of dummies and complete idiots books for sale that have new-age themes.

New Age Marketing
If you want to improve your marketing so you can reach and help more people while at the same time make more money---my new e-book "How to market your Holistic Health Care or New Age Business Like a Pro" will help you do that and much more.

new choices in natural healing
book for sale. a comprehensive, simple, elegant guide to self-care using alternative therapies, from prevention magazine health books.

New Consciousness Research Organization
This website presents interview transcripts, journal entries and photographs documenting how God revealed secrets of life to Mark Russell Bell and provided him with physical evidence of his previous incarnation as an Egyptian priest. Bell previously was a publicity writer for Paramount Pictures, the film studio with the familiar mountain logo. Bell comments, "The Angelic Force that has manifested in my life is the same that spoke to Moses in the Mount, was known to Nostradamus, used Edgar Cayce as a channel, was referred to as 'The Mahatmas' by THE SECRET DOCTRINE author Madame Blavatsky, communicated via the Ouija Board toinspire the MESSAGES FROM MICHAEL books, and was glimpsed in a neardeath experience by Dr. George Ritchie as chronicled by Dr. Raymond A. Moody in "LIFE-AFTER-LIFE." TESTAMENT evolved after Bell wrote an unpublished book chroniclingtalking poltergeists throughout history, including the Bell Witch case of the early 19th Century. He then learned about a contemporary family--the Bell/Mc Wethy family of Centrahoma--experiencing the talking poltergeist phenomena and traveled to rural Oklahoma for interviews. Upon returning home to Los Angeles, Bell decided to continue conducting interviews about the unexplained and turned his attention to Hollywood. His lineage chart is included in the book and reveals ties with film directors Alfred Hitchcock ("Rebecca," "Vertigo") and Ken Russell ("Tommy," "Altered States").The bell synchronicity in his life culminated when he became aware hehad lived a previous life in Egypt as Bel-Marduk also known as Ra-Ta(Sun-Earth) the priest. Visiting an antique store several blocks from his home in Echo Park, Bell found an Egyptian pendant with a profile of his exact likeness. In 1932, Cayce prophesied Ra-Ta would return to the world in 1998; in that year people discovered Bell via his website.The connection between Bel-Marduk and Ra is a subject of the work ofZecharia Sitchin. In Sitchin's recent book THE COSMIC CODE, ancient texts are cited concerning Marduk's emergence from the Great Pyramid. Sitchin identifies these texts on pages 59/84 as "precursors of the New Testament tale of the death, entombment, and resurrection of Jesus. Sentenced to exile, Ra/Marduk became Amen-Ra, the unseen god. . . . scholars seriously debated at the turn of this century whether his storywas a prototype of the story of Christ."

New Falcon Publications
mind expanding book

New Leaf Distributing Co.
the largest wholesale distributor of spirituality, alternative health, wellness and conscious living books, products, music, calendars and magazines with over 40,000 titles


Occult ebooks and videos
Occult ebooks and religious occult magick rites and advise.designed mostly for mobile phones.wap jason pike's official site.lots of helpful links.

Oculatum 636
The Oculatum 636: This single volume, more correctly a collection of writings, was first mentioned at the time of the Great Fire in 1666 but had been brought to England much earlier by Flemish refugees escaping tyranny in Europe. It contains a series of observations, at times ambiguous, at times direct, but as poignant today, if not more so, than they ever were in the Middle Ages. "The Oculatum 636" is known also by another name - "Book of Choices".

One World Healing
Life-after-death survivor, Lauren Zimmerman, offers her books (the OTHER WORLDS series & MOMENTS OF MASTERY series) as well as some enlightening information. Fabulous graphics and lots of pages to review and learn from.
The One Soul site, where you can change your life in 60 minutes or less by reading this life changing,inspirational,motivational story in ebook form that includes three free ebooks

Openings Unlimited
By the author critics call "a master," this book offers over 200 unique, universal, and enlightening Openings for all who seek personal or spiritual growth. Here Opening after Opening fuses inspiration, prayer, and poem to reveal those secret gifts that bring us closer to ourselves and each other.

OurFoothills: The Place to Explore Your Spiritual Nature
But God is a provocitive, entertaining and insightful look at the life continuum and what we are doing here.

Paths of Promise: Retracing an Ancient Wisdom
A site dedicated to the transformative effects and spiritual teachings of near-death experiences and deathbed visions.

Peace Soup Inner-Prizes, Inc.
Gerald Bartholow, author of the book "Peace Soup", has helped thousands of people overcome distress of every kind and establish peace in a very short period of time. Discover for yourself the proven methods he has used in counseling, classroom workshops and clinical settings over the past thirty years in this easy-to-follow recipe. Use it for seven weeks and you will change your life forever!

Petty Destiny
A brilliant and beautiful woman who lives a full life using her assets to thwart efforts of a government to destroy somebody.

Psychospiritual Publications
Offering the spiritual books and tapes of psychospiritual therapist and educator,Dr. Joe Cusumano. Includes Reliv wellness products.

publishers of books on body, mind & spirit
publishers of books on healing, holistic health, new age, nutrition, herbal remedies and other related subjects

Purchase a Book
Features books for sale. Includes reviews and comments.

radiant light-boundless love
a new book about a former catholic who experienced god in a mystical experience that transformed his consciousness. he confronts religious totalitarianism & explains the original teachings of jesus have been misrepresented by a fear-based religion.

Raven Publishing, Inc.
Bringing horse lore to life, our mission is excellence in design, wholesomeness in content, and integrity and expedience in our service as we confront real life issues in an entertaining way.

readers fan club
Fan site for the book that has so many flying in their own beauty. If you love this book, visit this resource site with links, reviews and author trivia.

Render Unto Caesar
One woman's struggle to rekindle her belief in freedom and liberty for her country and herself.

Revista Press
This is an avant guarde press of electronic books, downloadable to computers, palm pilots and e-books for reading anywhere--- we have poetry, non-fiction, fiction and sacred texts. All within the smallest most monkish budget.

Official site of renowned occultist and best selling author Jason P.Pike,whose books include 'POWERFUL MAGIC WORDS' and 'THE HOLY SQUARES OF DIVINE MAGIC' (Finbarr). RitualMagickJP supplies QUALITY ritual magick books and tools,talismans,amulets,sigils,lucky charms,power chants,rune sets,spell casting for you by expert occultist,astral projection and esp utilization courses,workshops throughout the year,psychic consultations and spiritual guidance,rune stone divination and/or guidance.FREE meditation mp3 downloads plus much more.FREE catalogue. A genuine supplier with a reputation to uphold!

Rosemary I. Patterson, Ph.D.
My Fiction by Rosemary I. Patterson including Synergy, a comedy illustrating Tibettan Buddhist principles for relationships and living. First Chapter can be read at

Rudra Press
The publishing division of Nityananda Institute offers books on spirituality and the practice of Trika Yoga.

Sacred Journeys
Seven ancient laws of Manifestation, self help, empowerment, guidance, healing, direction. Answer the questions of your heart, find the "You", you were and are but forgot. All things come from within.

Sapphire House Publishing & Promotions
Called a "Kosher 'Out On A Limb' by one reviewer, this true love story transcends death and shows how forgiveness is the key to ascension.

Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls
The "Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls" is a new novel that reveals shocking discoveries of the place of Mary Magdalene in the life of Jesus.

Secrets of the Mormon Church
This book reveals the Mormon church's secrets concerning its past history,conflicting doctrines,temple rites,practices and conflicting prophetic utterances.

Serpents Of Wisdom
A brilliant, well-documented and researched compilation, which is a must read for any open minded seeker of Truth. Revealed are the following: The myth of Jesus is based on a much earlier Son of God myth from India, the legend of Murrugan, the Peacock Angel. The symbol of the Catholic Church is Murrugan's symbol, the peacock, a bird native to southeast Asia, not Palestine. Murrugan evolved into the Persian Mithras, and Mithras evolved into Jesus Christ. Saint Paul came from Tarsus, the center of Mithras worship in Asia Minor. He amalgamated the legend of the Persian Son of God onto Jesus' myth. The Three Wise Men were Magi priests from Persia who believed that Jesus was an incarnation of Mithras. The myth the "One and only Son of God" originated with Murrugan and Mithras.

Seven Directions
Visionary spiritual literature subtitled a woman's healing journey to higher consciousness about a quest to the seven sacred directions at the heart of Turtle Island to attain soul union.

Seven Directions
Cry of the Hawk For Her Beloved, A Woman's Healing Journey to Higher Consciousness, is visionary spiritual literature in East-West Mystery traditions, highlighting indigenous and Rainbow Path teachings.

promoting a book on urine-drinking for purported health benefits.

Shrisha Rao
Online text archive for the dualist Vedanta tradition of Madhva.

Sirian Revelations
Channeled Teachings for the Awakening of Earth - author Patricia Cori, channel to the Speakers of the Sirian High Council, offers guidance and information for individual and planetary ascension. Accelerating human awareness as we prepare for ascension of our sun, our earth and ourselves, lightbearers from the ascended Sirian star, Satais, are committed to helping us achieve the awakening of our light bodies, activation of our dormant DNA strands and a greater understanding of what we can expect as we approach the ascension vortex of our passage into the fourth dimension.
A free public library offering full text versions of important books concerning holistic agriculture, holistic health, longevity, spiritual healing, homsteading, self-sufficient living.

Soul Deep
Authors required. Spiritual, natural medicine, religion, indigenous.We create your e-book for free and sell it from our web-site.

Specialized books on spirituality, spiritualism, mediumship and spirit healing

spiritual books by beinsa douno and olivier manitara
telesma-evida publishes spiritual books by beinsa douno and by olivier manitara. they invite you to walk on the path of awakening, of inner blossoming and of initiatic ennoblement for the good of all beings.

Success Books
Accelerated learning, creativity enhancing, and other subliminal messages for dynamic self-improvement.

sunshine sentinel press home
books and recordings for sale. important first-hand and corporate-neutral observations by h. j. roberts, m.d., f.a.c.p., f.c.c.p. about many challenging medical problems and social issues.

Synchronicity Publishing
An independent publisher of inspirational, spiritual and children's books.

Fourth Way books by Dr Philip Groves, Herbal Books by Dorothy Hall and Objective Art Works in Relation to the Fourth Way

telesma-evida publishing
books of the master beinsa douno and of olivier manitara, for free awakening and the good of all beings

The Blueplanet Group
Select list of metaphysical books in association with

The Constant Creator In You
When you are ready to go deeper, to see more & know more. Conscious and aware creating 101.

The Dawn Horse Press
Publisher of esoteric and spiritual books written by and about Adi Da Samraj, as well as books by other authors from religious traditions around the world. Website offers excerpts and audio samples.

The DNA Conspiracy
The war on terror, genetic engineering and globalization converge. Does the end justify the means? At what price?

The Full Circle: From Teacher To Slumlord
To escape educational bureaucracy and welfare retirement,dedicated teacher purchases real estate, becomes millionaire, teaches 30 yrs memoirs describe above.

The ghosts of Silence
Dr. Benjamin Bones Dyer is an old black man who in his youth had a powerful gift. He was able to see the dead. In his old age, his gift has faded and nearly disappeared, but as he travels south to help his friend, his gift is returning.

The Green Apple
The Green Apple is a coupon book and guide to organic, natural, healthy and eco-friendly living. It combines relevant articles with over 200 coupons for more than $2000 in savings at eco-stores, online and offline. It makes a great gift!

The Hypnosis Store
A new online shop featuring hypnosis and spiritually oriented books, self-hypnosis CDs, imported beaded scarves, crystals and more!

The Lawrence Group LLC
Smart Selling is an eBook that provides an affordable and powerful educational experience. We start with the fundamentals of business selling and reveal the skills of top salesmen and saleswomen.

The Little Scribe Ron Bateman
Find out more information about mychanneled writings from the White Brotherhood and Brian in the Realms of Spirit. Download a copy of my free Ebook "The Little Scribe" containing the writings from spirit.


The Raven and the Sparrow
The Raven and the Sparrow is a publisher of New Age, Metaphysical art and books. We are new the the web, and are building our product list daily.

The Sixth Extinction - An environmental novel by D. Leonard Freeston
Detective Drach tracks a multibillionaire who would play God in a post-apocalyptic world in this environmental novel by d leonard freeston.

The TELEPORT Chronicles
Author discusses his work on a series of sci-fi/New Age books.

The Tofu Tollbooth
A nationwide guide to natural and organic food stores... with interesting stops along the way!

Through The Tarot Looking Glass - In Search of Self
Alternative self-awareness guide, reviewing Tarot card symbolism interms of archetypal images of the collective unconscious__withtheoretically supported application to structured psychodynamicexercises for understanding self in terms of conscious ego, unconscious?shadow?, and finally, the integrated higher self.

Triam Press
Fourth Way books by Dr Philip Groves

V J Enterprises / Now Get
The new book by Joshua & Desy Shapiro sharing updated information about the mysterious Crystal Skulls and the role they play for the future of humanity.

weight loss tips
sales of book: slender savvy.

Western Esoteric Books and Supplies
"The Mission of Western Esoteric Books is three-fold: to serve as a convenient resource for select books and supplies from the Esoteric Traditions; to contribute a percentage of all proceeds to the United Nations UNICEF program for Children; the International Red Cross, and the Best Friends Organization, and to support the various service activities of the Interfaith Institute."Bishop Timothy A. Storlie

westgate house, publisher
westgate house has published two books by john caris: reality inspector, a science fiction detective novel; and foundation for a new consciousness: an essay on art, science and meditation, which examines paradoxical consciousness.

Wisefool Press
Publisher of "Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing" by Jed McKenna

Wisefool Press
Experts agree, Jed McKenna's new book "Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing" is a masterpiece of illuminative writing, and mandatory reading for anyone following a spiritual path. "Absolutely marvelous, splendid, perfect book!" Shri Acharyaji

Words of Discovery
The ultimate site for conscious, positive parents.Books, Games, News and articles for children, teens and parents developing children's self-esteem, beliefs, values;spiritual, environmental, personal and social awareness.
Rachel G. Baldino, MSW, LCSW is the author of "The New Age Guide To Loving Simply: Eliminating Drama from Your Intimate Relationships."

a provocative new perspective concerning major differrences between religious belief, teachings and actual biblical truths

Yogi Impressions Books
Yogi Impressions is dedicated to publishing books and audio / video projects that inspire and challenge us to improve the quality of our lives and our world.

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