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Breathwork Directory
Eupsychia Institute
Eupsychia Institute Brenda Shea
PO Box 3090

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Eupsychia Institute, founded by author/teacher Jacquelyn Small, conducts healing programs and certification in Psychospiritual Integration (Spiritual Psychology) and Integrative Breathwork. A soul-based institute of heart-felt therapists and teachers, we stress overcoming unwanted habits and ego issues, to live more from our Souls as guides for an awakening humanity.

A Gift to Yourself! Reiki Sessions - Certification Classes - Group Gatherings - Lectures - Patty Alessi RMT, East Moriches NY

Art Of Living
The Art of Living healing workshop. What will I learn on the course? ·Powerful breathing technique that eliminates stress and toxins from the nervous system. ·Practical tools that increase energy, focus, and clarity·Insightful knowledge that improves relationships, attitude, and outlook. Independent research findings demonstrate that the course techniquesØ Reduce stress Ø Relieve depression and anxietyØ Improve blood cholesterol profileØ Enhance health, well being and peace of mindWeeknights 7pm - 9:30pm, Weekend 10am - 2:30 pm Palo Alto Rickey's Hyatt, 4219 El Camino Real, CA 94306, Palo Alto. Call Anne Sinha 650-961-0189 . E-mail The Art of Living Foundation is a non-profit educational & humanitarian organization and a United Nations charted NGO

Authentic Breathing Resources
Natural, authentic breathing for health, well-being, and spiritual growth. Site offers breath-related articles, deep breathing excercises, Internet links, books, audio clips, classes, and workshops.

Balanced Energy Systems
Optimal Breathing education, services, and products for superior health, peak

breath therapy - an alternative healing technique
breath therapy, an alternative form of healing. also known as rebirthing, conscious connected breath, circular breathing, breath work. the homepage of a breath therapist.

Transformational Breath Sessions-Workshops-LecturesPatty Alessi Certified Transformational Breath Level V Facilitator

breathwork events
transformational breathwork. updates on gatherings, workshops, and practitioner trainings in transformational breathing. subscribe and read on the web or receive information via e-mail.

Breathwork Resources
articles on all aspects of breathwork written by professional practitioners of the highest quality and experience

Our birth and womb experiences create templates for how we experience love and commitment as adults. Rebirthing breathwork can help find basic sabotaging thoughts which caused the negative patterns and rewrite them. This is a gentle, powerful & relatively quick way to heal life-long negative patterns. And it feels great! Life can be easy. Joy is our birthright!

Eupsychia, Inc.
Eupsychia Institute, founded by author/teacher Jacquelyn Small, provides training and wellness programs utilizing Integrative Breathwork and Psycho-Spiritual Integration for those seeking alternative methods for healing body/mind/spirit.

health research books - breathing and breath therapy section
- we list over 2,000 rare and unusual books in over 120 categories including breath therapy and breathing. some books listed are more than 300 years old. our mission is to keep this information available to the world's citizens.

Inhale Success
One Hour Breathing and Visualization Program replaces negative early life imprinting with a positive life script. Download, CD, Audio Tape. Free beginner's yoga class, free s/h, and free wupport at 866.295.9337

Inner Sky Center
Here you can learn to meditate in the South London area. Inner Sky Center offers a range of meditation classes and is conveniently located in South London. Classes are suitable for new or experienced meditators so give it a go if you would like to learn meditation.

Integration Concepts
Breath Therapy is a powerful personal development tool; the most powerful energy therapy available. A therapeutic modality to compliment your experience as a mental health or health care provider.

Kundalini Bodywork & Breathwork & Laya Yoga
Breathwork sessions are two hours in length and consist of guidance and the breathing process. The charge is $120 per session. Larry H. Melamerson has over 12 years experience and collectively 500 hours of formal education in Dr. John Upledger‘s Cranio Sacral Therapy, John F. Barnes‘s Myofascial Unwinding, Rebound, and Release Techniques, Dr. Donald Epstein‘s Network Chiropractic Breathing and Emotional Release, Rebirthing Breathwork, Neurosomatic Integration, Polarity Therapy at Heartwood Institute ( Bruce Burger, M.A., R.P.P. ), Holotropic Breathwork at Kripula Center For Yoga & Health ( Wm. Michael Keane, Ph.D. ), Hakomi Integrative Somatics, and certified in 1996 by Transformations Inc. The School of Spiritual Psychology in Milwaukee, WI ( Jim Morningstar, Ph.D., ABPP ).In the last decade Larry’s work has evolved into a harmonious synthesis where Eastern and Western thinking comes together as in Plato's principle of music (yin) and gymnastics (yang). The duality of thought is unified when the breath becomes one with the body.

mountain wind
exploring health, self-knowledge, consciousness and self-transformation through natural breathing, taoism, chi kung, and the ideas and practices of g. i. gurdjieff.

Optimal Breathing
Optimal breathing education for superior health, peak performance and life extension. Free email newsletter, breathing tests, tips, relevant articles, & clinical research. Breathing self help manual, recorded exercises, lectures, workshops worldwide.

optimal breathing
discover how to breath deeply and freely, releasing tension, and feeling more alive and vital than ever before.

Patty Alessi
Patty Alessi RMT,CTBF,Certified IIICS Life Coach,Transformational Breath Facilitator V,Byron Katie WorkReiki Sessions-Reiki Trainings-Guided Meditation

Rebirthing is a safe efficient breathing technique which bypasses the mind and releses cellular memory and stored trauma. Rebirthing focuses on womb experience, as well as the birth itself as the energy patterns or imprints which were engaged in at that time begin to be our map of the world. Many of our core beliefs about life were formed at that time.

Successful Productions
Home page of the Atlanta Rebirthing Community. Offers information on Rebirthing, Rebirther Trainings and other Rebirthing Events, as well as Rebirther contacts, and www links to other rebirthing web sites.

The Joyful Living Project
I help people to live happy. Using tools like forgiveness, conscious breathwork and prenatal & birth psychology, I can assist you in finding your inner knowing and inner power. Passion, joy and purpose become obvious and life become easy.

The Philadelphia Rebirthing Center
Private sessions and teaching about wellness and the breath

Venus Rising
A Natural Altered State Journey into the body memory using the breath and music.

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