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Ask Guidance - Channeled Healings and Readings
Ask Guidance - Channeled Healings and Readings Katherine Aaron
by email
Rio Rancho

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Channeled Readings: Channeled Life Readings (CLR) Channeled Healings: Awakening; Mind-Body-Spirit medicine & energywork Guidance is a group of angels, ascended masters, healers, awakeners and teachers. Working with and through Dr. Katherine Aaron, they will assist you on your journey of spiritual awakening and healing. There is never any judgment, there is only Love and Light for you.
Star of the Wayshower
Star of the Wayshower Nancy

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Spiritual technologies, mystical and divine. Holistic Energy Healing, Channel of Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms, Attunements, Spiritual and Psychic Development training in person and by distance.
Deep Trance Channeler Bart Smit
Deep Trance Channeler Bart Smit Pascal Desrosiers
87 Fallingbrook rd.
Toronto, Ontario M1N 2T7

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Phone:  416.822.7264
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Through Dr. Williams and Deep trance Channeling with Bart Smit, a medium for 20 years, enlightening alternative; inspirational answers to your important questions about spiritual/ personal development, business and health.

In-Shops Clairvoyant. Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Irish Clairvoyant, Palmist and Tarot consultant specializing in 1-2-1 consultations in Belfast city centre, Northern Ireland. Also undertaking email readings worldwide.

Pleiadian Channelings ~ Angels of Pleiades ~ Michelle L. Hankes
Welcome, dear ones. We are the Angels of Pleiades.We have come here to offer our vibrational beingness to lighten your world and your true selves. We offer to you that which we are as a magnitude to increase your trajectory of awareness.We offer you this: You are Loved. Deeply, forever and without hesitation. We are here to assist you in our most magnanimous way. We love you. Group Channeling Sessions ~ Private Channeling Sessions ~ Interactive Seminars ~ Intuitive Writings ~ Books ~ Blog

Deck of Soul Cards Personal Reading (
An easy way or avenue to find solutions to your perplexing questions and given in a most loving & uplifting way via the guidance on the cards and your Soul/Higher Self which, I will connect with and channel for you. I will provide your reading via a printed Word Doc. via email. A wonderful way to help your loved ones incapable of expressing themselves.

5 Star Psychic Advice
The psychic ,Tarot, medium advice U need 2 get answers today.Chat Free b 4 U Buy, Live Psychic Phone advice.Tarot,medium,clairvoyant,Santeria reading

A Circle of Light
Psychic clairvoyant, Rev. Cassandra Anaya has brought her practice of channeling three angels (Metatron, Uriel, & Yannie) to the www. She can assist you to reconnect with your angels.

Akashic Record Readings and Classes with Gabrielle Orr
The Akashic Records provide you with a grand opportunity for personal evolution. A shift in perception allows you to change and expand your personal belief systems. As a result you will experience joy, happiness, inner peace and well-being.

Allow Love
Experience Kauai’s own Trance Channel Team. Each session is unique, transformational, emotionally moving and totally enjoyable. This one-on-one conversation with Spirit let’s you delve into questions on your life, relationships, personal growth---. What is holding YOU back? Move past obstacles?

A Channelled website from many different dimensional beings . Such as angels, aliens, fairies, dragons, Lucifer, the Goddess.A free on line book " The Mission of the One Star". Soul readings provided , find where you came from before coming to earth. Pick an energy and see how it will guide you for the day. Up to date channelled peices and poems , and multi-dimensional stories.

Angels of Pleiades - Michelle L. Hankes and Aaron Isaac Roberts
Welcome, dear ones. We are the Angels of Pleiades.We have come here to offer our vibrational beingness to lighten your world and your true selves. We offer to you that which we are as a magnitude to increase your trajectory of awareness.We offer you this: You are Loved. Deeply, forever and without hesitation. We are here to assist you in our most magnanimous way. We love you.

Archangel- personal training
Make breakthroughs in relationships, career, health, and more.Receive personalized guidance according to your Pre Birth Life Plan: the original life purpose your soul designed for this lifetime before being born on earth. The process is made with care and attention for keeping the freedom of choice of the receiver of the session, in a forum of un-manipulative dialog.Archangel Orel and the Healaura Academy have been providing custom training and coaching to people all over the planet for a dozen years to assist them in reaching fulfillment.

Ask Guidance
Guidance is a group of angels, ascended masters, healers and teachers working together to assist us with channeled readings and energy work through Dr Katherine Elizabeth Aaron, NMD.

Helping you create positive shifts in your life with free channeled messages and a free weekly channeled call every Wednesday!

Astro Ciri - Psychic Spiritual Counselor
I am a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Empathic, Intuitive, as well as, a Mediator, Tarot Reader, Numerologist & more. I have been reading professionally since 1983 and on the Internet since 1992. I will give you honest answers to your most personal questions.

Awaken and Become - Channeling
Watch and listen to inspirational recordings of some of the clearest Channeled material available on earth. Observe a stage 7 full body Channel as Spirit Masters take complete control of her body in order to deliver clear, powerful information from the spirit world directly to you.

Awakening Heart and Soul
Open your eyes to your own incredible potential. Professional intuitive, medium, trance channeler, past life regression, and spiritual teacher. Guiding people to move beyond limiting boundaries.

Awakening Rainbows of Light
Channeled messages and much more to support, empower and awaken!

Barb Mallon - Psychic Medium
Barb is a psychic medium who does her readings via telephone and in-person (Northern VA area). Featured in the Toronto Star!

Barb Mallon - Psychic Medium
Barb is a psychic medium (connecting to your loved ones in spirit) who does readings in-person and over the telephone. Featured in the Toronto Star!

Barbara Rose - Born to Inspire
Through a Divine Spiritual gift Barbara brings through information from God to create the highest vision of your life, and our world.

Beings of Light
Messages from high Levels of Consciousness through Monique Mathieu.

Beyond Mind Healing Center
Please join Vywamus as he helps you explore the universe and reveal the answers to your most pressing questions and concerns.

Celestial Communications
Messages from the Hosts of Heaven regarding the transition from 3D Earth to the "New Earth," Terra. Dealing with Earth changes, the coming Pole Shift and what is required to make the journey.

Channeling and Trance Medium by Bart Smit
Discover more about your life through Dr. Williams and deep trance channeling with Bart Smit.Delve into your career, relationships, spiritual growth, intuition, your guides and teachers, karmic patterns, fears, energies and dreams with Dr. Williams. Discover another perspective for taking control of your life and listening to your own inner wisdom.

Channeling Spiritual Guidance
Learn how to connect with your higher self and guides, receive personalized channeled answers from The Guides to your questions, read timely channeled messages for guidance and inspiration.
A site that describes the channeling of the Spiritual Entity called Kris since 1980, helping many people from all walks of life. Experience Ageless and Timeless Wisdom, Explore the Human Journey with some of the most interesting and thought-provoking channeling since the late Jane Roberts and Seth.

about channeled readings, morasin, brotherhood of whitelight, guides, how to become a channel

Dayna Stone
Connect with past loved ones, uncover personal life themes, contact your spirit guide, and discover your own spiritual energy.

Discoveries Unlimited
Channeled information bringingthrough an awareness of contemporary spiritual wisdom and guidance appropriate for living within the frequencies of the combined 4th and 5th dimensions. Perhaps perceived as a "New new ager vs an Old new ager."

Divine Sense
Using Divine Guides, Becky brings messages and information to you that gives you access to your Highest Purpose and reveals knowledge that will support you in life and in your spiritual path. Forwarded by the distinctions of Ontology (the study of the art and science of BEING), readings, meditative healings and high energy coaching, you will be provided a space to transform and transcend what the past demonstrates is possible for your future – in career, relationships, well being, finances…life!!Readings are done in person or via telephone.

Dolphin Temple
Jimmy Vitakis is a Channeler, Healer, Reader and Heart Worker who is currently channeling a dolphin named Sea Spray.

Dorje Shugden
This website, an ongoing work in progress, is dedicated to the glorification and deeper appreciation of the name and holy work of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who by peaceful, increasing, subjugating and wrathful means spreads in this world the general and profound teachings of the Buddhadharma that can dispel all suffering and its causes.

Dotheo Speaks
Dotheo shares messages of love, peace and hope. We also provide practical living instruction on personal as well as community and global levels.

Earth Mission
Looking for the books and tapes by Avinash, Savizar& Silarra, Zavi & Ziva Alarius & Polaria? This is it!Here you will find tools, techniques and models of consciousness for the “exaltation of humanity” This is a place for “Considering the possibility that what you thought was wrong with you just might be something right about you.”

EarthLight, Inc./Discover Samuel
Practical spiritual teachings of self-empowerment for the awakening and activation of Planetary Guardians from Samuel, a spiritual energy channeled by Lea Schultz, through transformational channeling

Eikon is a light and joyful Spirit Guide who speaks through his clairvoyant channeler. When Eikon shines through, we glimpse a delightful Spirit Guide’s view of our lives.Read and listen to Eikon's messages here.

Elizabeth Francis
Award winning Psychic Medium, Tarot Reading and Authoress.Reliable, informative, no-nonsense.

Energetic Weight Loss
An Energetic Weight Loss Session with Oshune Reiki is for people that have anywhere from 5-50 pounds to lose. Its a a combination of an Intuitive Reading to help you get clear on the subconscious and energetic reasons for your weight gain and what to do about them, plus an Oshune Reiki Vibrational Healing Treatment that helps to clear the body of the energy patterns that keep you overweight. Losing weight is not all about diet and exercise, its also about energy. During these sessions, we address all of the factors that have kept you overweight including diet, lifestyle, exercise, self-esteem and sub-conscious protective mechanisms. I created these sessions originally for my own health and lost over 50 pounds with these treatments. My clients have had great success with these treatments throughout the years as well, loosing from 10-100 pounds each. During the treatments, holes and tears in your aura are repaired, your chakras strengthened and your Energetic Blue Print is balanced allowing you to replace the need for protecting your energy with excess weight with a stronger, more intact energy field. To help you lose weight more easily. Includes a diet, lifestyle and exercise consultation. These sessions are done mostly by phone using distance Oshune Reiki or in-person sessions (for women only) are available on a limited basis near St. Paul, Minnesota.

Everlasting Light
Completely bilingual (Spanish), caring and extremely accurate Spiritual Medium available for private and group readings. Speak to your loved ones on the other side! 214-395-2975,

Four Principles
Channeling website for John L. Payne & Omni-Emmanuel. Free newsletter, book excerpt, meditations.

Francisco Cartagena
Teoría, activación espiritual, canalizaciones, técnicas, y mucho más.

Free resources for Lightworkers
Spanish - Español. Free texts for Lightworkers. There´s a section dedicated to Kryon´s channelings through Lee Carroll (US) and David Brown (South Africa).

Gail O'Keeffe Australia
Gail O'Keeffe is an Internationally recognized Certified Higher Self Communication Guide & Teacher,spiritual channel, Metaphysical Practitioner and healer who brings through divine information that uplifts people's lives to help them become one with their Higher Self.

Gateway Associates and Flight of the Hawk
The Gateway Associates offers channeled readings,publications,reteats and workshops based on the Michael Teachings as introduced in the original books by CQ Yarbro. The website is also the home of Flight of the Hawk Center for Contemporary Shamanism and a contact for Victoria Marina, channel and teacher.

Graces Psychic Circle
7 ways to a Successful Psychic Reading - A psychic reading is an open channel of energies between yourself and your psychic.

Heaven-Earth - Krow's Council Fires
Through deep-trance Krow channels the 'Ancient Ones' who speak from the 'Council of Elders' on the other side of the veil. Recent sessions are posted on-site. Topic information may include; Earth Changes/Transition, Creation, Manifestation, Soul Groups/Families, and much more.
Soul Talk. The purest, deepest, highest form of communication with self and others. I can see, hear, feel messages and information while in soul connection with others. It is pure Soul guidance that helps you with clarity and a deeper connection to Soul/Yourself.I hope to meet you on the soul level. Love, Eva

Inner Light Service
Spiritual channeling for peoplewho are interested in hypnosisand inner guidance.

Isabella Durante, Professional Intuitive
Practical guidance to help you step into your soul purpose. I offer Akashic Record Readings, Spirit and Animal Guide readings, and channelled guidance.

Isis Readings
Channeled readings by email at a great price. I channel my Higher Self which is connected to all that is and therefore has unlimited access to all knowledge. This pure and natural connection ensures readings of the highest quality.

Isis Readings
Intuitive, channeled readings by email. Great price, fast turnaround, high-quality. I channel my Higher Self with a pure and natural connection, which ensures readings of the highest quality.

Jacqueline Llewellyn
Hello I am a down to earth spiritual coach and psychic medium also a light trance channel. I offer psychic readings, spiritual guidance readings and Channelled trance readings on a CD. I have been aware of my spirit guides for many years and through my work as a spiritual platform medium I have helped many people find inspiration and guidance from Spirit and their loved ones who have gone on to the spirit realms. I use my gifts of clairvoyance to help you to open your own doorway to spirit. If you would like to find out about my readings you can have a look at my website. May you always be guided by the unseen ones and know that they are here to help you. Blessings Jacqueline
Kit Danes was barely five years old when she had a powerful vision. Profoundly affected, she was not able to speak about it for thirty years. She eventually shared her childhood experience with an elderly Healer. Under his tutelage she found herself launched on an extraordinary journey of self-exploration. This journey led her to discover and develop her working relationship with "jauhn."

Please allow me to help you with any concerns or life questions. Let me be the channel through which higher dimensional beings communicate with you. I am trained, experienced and have worked with Spirit for many years. I can help you gain greater insight into any situation by interpretting information for you from what I hear, see and feel from Spirit World. I would love to help you and work through phone readings or will send you a cassette taped reading in the mail. Please see my website for details. I live in the mountains not far from Asheville, NC. I AM a starseed, I AM, Joy

Kelli Faulkner
Kelli Faulkner has been a professional psychic medium for over 10 years. She uses her unique abilities to help law enforcement and families find missing loved ones. Every time you purchase a reading from Kelli she uses those funds to keep her missing persons work alive. You can hear Kelli Faulkner often throughout the United States on local radio stations fighting for lost victims.

Key Of Eden
Illuminating the Path to Ascension through Lightbody sessions and workshops on Adam Kadmon Merkabah of light and our Divine heritage.

Kitsy Higgins Psychic Medium
Kitsy is a Psychic Medium, Channel, Spiritual & Grief Counselor, Reiki Master. Offering phone & in person sessions in Pittsburgh PA

"The site that describes the channeling of the multi-dimensional personality matrix (Spiritual Entity) called Kris since 1980,helping many people from all walks of life. Experience Ageless and Timeless Wisdom, Explore the Human Journey with some of the most interesting and thought-provoking channeling since the late Jane Roberts and Seth".

Kuthumi Answers
Do you have a question for the Master? Kuthumi answers them in a free mp3 Web Session each month. Four other monthly Web Sessions are also available.

Lemurian Visions
Channeled Books about Lemurian Civilization and the New Millennium and Awakening

Linda Blumenthal
Professional, highly accurate, clairvoyant channel and counselor offering guidance, clarity, healing and teaching of universal laws.

Marlenes Insights.
Marlene is a gifted International psycfhic and healer. She is a Reiki Master, clairvoyant and Thought Field Therapist

messages are a cross between automatic writing and channelling. most are in the form used by nostradamus.

New Paradigm Enterprises
Channeling from the Master Thoth by Rev. Maia Nartoomid. Sacred esoteric mysteries, ancient knowledge, akashic translations, metaphysics and higher meta-sciences. A journey into another dimension!

Nightingale Natural Healing
I have helped over three hundred couples connect with their spirit babies...the souls who have chosen them as parents. Facilitating communication often leads to successful pregnancy.

no company
Former member of Jane Roberts' Seth Class in Elmira--Answers Questions Concerning Seth & what class was like

Norma Gentile - Healing Chants
Sound is given the power to heal through the intention of the practitioner and client. I am very good at helping to lift off heavy energies and get chronic issues to begin to move. Any energy released goes home, to follow its own growth and evolution. This means that what is released does not return.

Karen Anderson,is a Clairvoyant and Spiritual Medium who's abilities in helping others have spanned over twenty years, internationally and locally. Recognized for her friendly and honest approach and connecting with those that have past over to the other side, Karen has brought a new spiritual awareness to many.

On Wings with Deborah Berry
A Psychic Channeler who offers readings and counsel that are healing, loving and directional. Spirit guides, angels, past lives and purpose are explored as well as choices and options available to you. Departed loved ones may also come through during the reading with a special message for you.

Opalescent Nine: Remembering a New Reality
Home of the Pleiadian Renegades, here you will find the collected writings and more from the source of Nine, through the League of Light and Anica, as channeled by Maryann Rada.

Psychic Readings with Twin Featherz

Psychic Stuff
Natalie Lewis is a professional psychic, clairvoyant and healer with over 30 years experience who lives in Buckingamshire, near London.She has been internationally recognised for her work, her caring, personal approach and sincerity.Born with her psychic abilities, Natalie has developed her intuitive skills over the years and now has a wealth of experience and expertise.

Psychic Tarot
Home of the Ethical Psychic Group. Don't pay $4.99/mn to psychic hotlines! Free info on astrological compatibility, developing your psychic skills, healing paingful relationships, aromatherapy, and more.

Clairvoyant 18 yrs experience. Crossing over. Meium. Clairsentient & Clairaudient.Over 5,000 readings held. Group sessions.

Rainbow Lady Communications
Donna's Channeling site featuring her Spiritual source Reflection!

Raven's Spiritual Counseling Website
I'm a Conscious Channel for Mother Mary and offer channeled meetings with your Spirit Guides. Helping Human and Spirit to work together.

Robert Longley
These channeled works are in the same quatrane format used by Nostradamous. There are over currently 100 listed.

Seth Quotes
Extensive quotes from The Nature of Personal Reality, The Seth Material, Dreams and Projection of Consciousness, and other Seth books by Jane Roberts. Articles on channeling, "instant manifestation" etc.

Spirit Of Spiros
Web-site consists, mostly of earlier, street-wanderer poems of Spiros and later prayers of protection and messages from spirit, Ram; through Spiros.

spirit readings by albert
i conduct private spirit readings for anyone who has lost someone dear to them

Spirit Talking
Professional Psychic Medium offers affordable psychic readings by chat or email. Specializing in spirit connection, past lives, love compatibility and dream interpretation.

Spirit Touch
Psychic Medium - phone readings and spirit messages

Spiritual Connection
Extensive channeling site with various sections, includes teachings by Emmanuel, archangel Michael and others. Forum ("SpiritBoard"), chat room ("SpiritChat"), spiritual web directory ("SpiritSearch"), and many more features.
Channel for the Assembly of Light, Aura Soma Color Therapy, Flower of Life /Merkaba workshops. Laybrinths/Ceremonialist

Readings, Reiki, Hypnosis, Theta Healing. Phone readings available. Development classes taught.

Talking To Spirit
Channeling every day from Guides and Folk in Spirit. A refreshing and sometimes humorous look at valid advice for everybody. Channeled material, readings and the Archived Collection of Daily Channeling.

The Archangel's Pen
Carolyn Ann ORiley is an Archangel Michae channel, writer and artist.Provided are monthly messages, books, tapes, advice sessions and childrens books

The Ascordia Center
New Age center for spiritual healing and education directed by Amy Bortner, B.A., CMT., R.M. Services in spiritual counseling, Reiki healing, Feng shui consultations, channeled readings, metaphysical teahing and tutoring.

The Astral Plane People
Fluoride   Brain  REALIZATION   Dimensions other worlds  Astral Planes ALCOHOL  TRUTH ABOUT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH    We are the creator of The Universe Aliens A TRUE RELIGION POSSESSORS POSSESSION KARMA  Afterlife Reincarnation Short Story DEVIOUS SECRETS OF ALCOHOL ADVERTISING  Sue Saintmarie LEVITATE Drunk Driving SEE MOVIES OF GOD, THE CREATOR, US.

AUGUST 1, 8, 15 & 22— with Helene Buntman Learn how to meet and work with your spirit guides as well as allowing channeled information to come through you. Use this feeling of being connected to help you in your creativity, your life, your relationships and in your healing work.7:30 to 9:30 PM $10

The Eyes of Kwan Yin
Free preview of the channeled book, "Through the Eyes of Kwan Yin," by Craig Robert Howell and Stefani Bakara. New channelings posted, products, services, news, personal readings and more. Updated regularly.

The HalfHuman Project
A site dedicated to channelled information to assist those that are intergrating their multi-dimensional consciousness.

The Little Scribe Ron Bateman
Find out more information about mychanneled writings from the White Brotherhood and Brian in the Realms of Spirit. Download a copy of my free Ebook "The Little Scribe" containing the writings from spirit.

The Path of the White Rose
Channeled Inspirational Healing Art, Human and Animal Healing and Spirit Guide Communication, Soul ClearingsTherapeutic Massage and Reiki Therapy

The Rainbow Bridge
The Bridge, Centre For Self Empowerment is a spiritual resource for all seeking enlightenment. Dellaina Andrew uses love and light to aid spiritual development through counselling, regression, channeling and healing.

Channeled Portraits of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Spiritual Guides, Guardian Angels. Landscapes, Dreamscapes to meditate, heal and find stillness in.

C.N.RODGERS is a Master Psychic Counselor and channel for The Council Twelve. Clear answers and solutions.

The complete Healing Services of C.N. RODGERS - Psychic Channel, Spritiual Teacher, Energy Healer and Psychological Intuitive.
Symbolic imagery channeled by Deb Barrett, a Reiki Master, life long artist and DreamWeaver vibro-acoustic facilitator. Unique Design / Gift Catalog featuring Greeting cards, Tees and more. Commissioned artwork for you and your business image or for your book cover!

Visionary Technologies, Inc.
Your website ofr personal/spiritual growth. Galexis offers you helpful, workable and down-to-earth techniques that further your life. Workshop titles cover a broad range of topics such as abundance, relationships, personal power, your connection with your Higher Self and much more.

WandererCommunity is a new age community for spiritual Wanderers and includes forums, chat,library, spiritual profiles, ESP test, and more.

WebHost360, Inc.
IRSHA - an integrated flow of frequencies transmitting intelligence and information from Ascended Masters and the Brotherhood of Light.Featuring guided meditations.

Write Thyme Healing
Do you need closure to be able to enter into life and be productive again? I can "tune-in" to the "other side" and get you a messege from your friend or loved one so you can leave the emotional pain behind. Donation only basis. E-mail

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