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Chinese Medicine Directory

Acupressure Institute
Oriental bodywork training leading to certifications in acupressure and shiatsu. Approved by the California Dept. of Education and the Board of Registered Nurses. Online catalog of acupressure books, instructional booklets, charts, videotapes, and audiotapes.

Beyond Well Being
Can acupuncture or Chinese medicinal herbs help you with your specific condition? This series of articles explores over 60 common diseases and conditions and talks about how they are treated with traditional Chinese medicine.

Beyond Well Being
This series of articles allows the individual with IBS to better understand their unique condition and the treatments available.

Bianca Stroll
Fully qualified, London based practitioner. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Plus one-on-one Iyengar Yoga tuition. Check out our comprehensive Acupuncture FAQ.

Bodhi Tree Center
Dating back to over 4000 years, Chinese Medicine is the oldest, professional, continually practiced, literate medicine in the world

chinese health institute
a resource for t'ai-chi, chi-kung, hsing-i, pa-kua, tcm, meditation, and feng shui. links page, tons of articles, how to make tiger balm, much more!

chinese medicine - effi kfir's site
a description of the principles of chinese medicine and the means of treatment such as acupuncture, herbs, diet and changes in lifestyle. 10 selected syndromes are presented with the chinese view of them, kfir's books are introduced and also tips and advices for good health. there is a forum for questions and discussion as well as links to other sites. english/hebrew.

chinese medicine and acupuncture in canada
for friends of traditional chinese medicine around the world. features a forum, chatroom, private consultation, and resources for patients, practitioners and students of chinese medicine.

chinese qigong, wushu, taijiquan
informative introduction to qi gong, wu shu and tai ji quan.
your online herbal store from hong kong. complete selection of chinese patent formulas, raw chinese herbs, tcm books and more...all directly from china. wholesale inquiries welcome.

cinnabar swan healing arts
educational website on acupuncture, oriental medicine, herbology, t'ai chi ch'uan (kuang ping style), qi gong, feng shui; theoretical essay changes monthly; current events listed

Crane Herb Company
Learn about Chinese herbs and the practitioners that recommend them.

Crystal Healing First Aid At Crystals, Rocks and Gems
Through clinical findings in my practice, theological and metaphysical experiences from ancient times to the present day, as well as, associations through color, vibration and other forms of energy medicine, this list has been compiled. There is room for more stones in each category and by no means is an exhausted list. It is a jumping point for anyone seeking adjunct therapy to other forms of healing. This is a quick reference to match ailments with crystals. Please note any warning and safety issues regarding their use.

daan acupuncture and herbs center
daan's online chinese herb store offers an extensive selection of herbs, vitamins and nutritional supplements. we also have a clinic with two chinese medicine practioners.

doc misha's paths to wholeness through chinese medicine
looking to improve your quality of life? let us show you how with nurturing asian foods, alternative medicine, herbal supplements, acupuncture, qigong, shiatsu, genseng, gingko, ...etc.

dr. parkers pathways
the dr. practices alternative medicine and natural healing with ancient chinese herbs, tonics, teas, and balms.

eastern medical center
specializing in acupuncture - herbology - chinese medicine - massage - qi-gong

Essential Elements
Looking for effective natural alternatives to help you look and feel better? A World of Good Health offers premium quality herbal remedies to address a wide variety of specific health concerns such as: Stress, Arthritis Pain Relief, Menopause and PMS Relief, Blood Sugar Balance and more.

Essential Elements
Traditional Chinese Medicine information, resources and premium quality herbal remedies to address a wide variety of health conditions including sinusitis, pms, stress and weight loss.

essentials of qigong
this page represents excellent coaching with thoughtful comments about the meditative-type process that happens beneath the superficial forms. practicing qigong is not like dancing, martial arts, or aerobic exercises, because of its dullness, simplicity, and unpleasant posture. there are no obvious external and internal effects for a long time. the state of the subconscious may be clear, but is not clear; may be real, but is not real; or, may be understood, but is not understood.

from acupowder to zhenjiu: a typology of chinese medicine
an overview.

ginseng 4 less
sulpher free chinese ginseng, teas, medicines, herbs

Herbal Serenity
Herbal Serenity - intergrating chinese and western herbal medicine, aromatherapy and essential oils into modern healthcare treatment

herbasway information
herbasway manufactures high quality traditional chinese herbal formulas for better health.

herbspring natural chinese herbs
complete selection of traditional chinese healing herbs. available in bulk, patent or classic formulas. high quality, ginseng, ginkgo, teas, books and supplies.

inner self magazine - medicinal herbs in chinese medicine
herbology evolved into a healing art in china through observation and usage. this knowledge was compiled and passed down for refinement through the centuries. herbs, like everything else in chinese medicine, are classified according to their energetic qualities and functions

Insight Publishing
Articles for beginner & clinical practitioner of traditional Chinese health practices, with tibits of Chinese culture & mythology.

joy enterprises
offering oriental herbs not known commonly, including ling-zhi, tu-chung tea etc.

Learn Chi
Resource for understanding chi cultivation. History, styles, and about this ancient Chinese practice

alternative natural treatment of alzheimer's disease using oriental medicine

meditopia - oriental medicine web site
articles by andrew h.y. kim, who is selling a book through the site.

north shore tai-chi club/ chinese healing institute
director john toy teaches gin soon chu's yang style tai-chi chuan, tcm & medicinal cooking, qigong meditation, tui-na therapy

origin herbs medicines
well-organized catalogue of chinese medical herbs.

Patrick H. Fannes Tao of gung Fu and T'ai Chi chuan
A site dedicated to the Shaolin mind body experience, accentuating the Art of Wudan style Kung Fu and T'ai Chi Chuan, emphasizing meditation, Qigong, and Spiritual Healing.

prima birds swallow nests
information about how swallow birds' nests are used for alternative medicine in chinese herbology. nests for sale.

prime herbs and julia chang,
text on chinese and western approaches in gallstone removal, gallbladder problems, liver diseases and woman health problems such as estrogen dominance and endometriosis. prime herbs products for sale.

qeva elk velvet antler products
provides information and research on the qeva elk velvet antler products designed to enhance the health and athletic performance of people, dogs and horses.

qi - the journal of traditional eastern health & fitness
sales catalog, articles, directory of commercial tcm practitioners, etc.

qigong-chinese darrmoo qigong
a great healing art to let the miniature universe of human body produce internal medicine that can be used for curing cancer, diabetes, colitis, hepatitis c, hypertension, rhinorrhea, aids and other chronic diseases.

silveron elk velvet
making available the health benefits of elk antler velvet as a natural food supplement.

Spirit Dragon Healing Arts
Amma Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy, Nutrition

An Integrative Medicine site, specializing in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

tai chi chuan philosophy & practice
tai chi chuan philosophy and practice by s. gatts, a 9 year disciple of marshall ho'o. personal homepage.

taiji quan and chinese medicine
the development of chinese medicine and taiji

tashi enterprises homepage
tashi enterprises was established in 1987 by dr. kris yang, who is an acupuncturist, doctor of oriental medicine and a certified nutritional specialist. full line of nutritional supplements and chinese herbal extract in tablets and instant tea form; also available are therapeutic devices, books, cds, and videos. chinese and englinsh versions.

the chinese medicine sampler
a public education site about traditional chinese medicine and written for lay people. an extensive library and mock diagnosis are available. the libray is free, the mock diagnosis is $15.

the healing herbs of china
chinese herbs, herbal teas, formulas,extractcs, ginseng, gotu kola for alternative medicine

thingsofnature natural chinese herbal health products
specializing in chinese herbs used in traditional chinese medicine, tai-chi herbal care products, alternative healing without chemical side-effects.

traditional chinese medicine
homepage of the international society of traditional chinese medicine

traditional chinese medicine (tcm)
traditional chinese medicine: the authoritative and comprehensive traditional chinese medicine (tcm) internet resource.

traditional chinese medicine to heal arthritis
free treat arthritis medicine - use to treat rheumatoid arthritis, prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. patients will fully recover from this illness in two months.
Largest online resource for raw Chinese medicinal herbs, Patent Medicines, and botanical extracts at discount prices. All products imported directly from China. Extensive information database for the general public updated frequently.

Information on skin care, chronic pain, hair loss, weight loss, women's health, children's health, auto-immune diseases, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue and much more!

yuanji energy medicine
information on an indigenous chinese healing approach.

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