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FREE Marketing Tips for Your Holistic Health Care,Metaphysical or New
Get FREE Marketing Tips, promotional ideas and advertising Strategies that will show you how to make more money doing the work you love. If you are a massage therapist, psychic, healer, chiropractor,New Age Retailer,holistic health care,metaphysical or new age business owner that wants to make more money visit now

Diane Wing
Diane Wing, M.A. is an author, teacher, personal transformation guide, and intuitive consultant. She has a Master's degree in clinical psychology and has been providing valuable insights for the highest good of her clients for over 27 years. Diane works with her clients to gain self-trust and increase their intuitive awareness thereby empowering them to create the lives they really want. Classes * Coaching * Readings * Books

Blessing from the Heart INC
Sit back, relax, breathe receive. Call. On offer are 45 minute sessions to help you de-stress. I care about your health, healing, self-empowerment, and the achievement of your Soul's dreams and Heart's desires. Meridian tapping by phone for a better life. Reiki as a distance healing is available for those who choose to heal in the privacy of their own homes at a distance. 4062814891

Consciousness for New Paradigm
Online Transformational Life Coaching .Creating from informative level with our consciousness and getting faster results. We are reaching a whole new level the way we think and live our life's and the way we create our reality.Speed up your change,save time and money.Individual or group coaching.Online classes.

We offer self development courses for all who wish to start their self-development and spiritual journey, We work with transformation tools used by sages and gurus across the world, over the centuries, such as: Soul's Diary, Spiritual Diary, Meditation, Relationship Contract, Personal Development Plan, Drawing Mandalas. Try our FREE Course to help you look at your body, habits, your home environment, your thinking patterns and the time wasters in your life.
Whether you want to find the job that truly lights you up, the relationship you always dreamt of, or simply manage your time so that you can have it all, a Life Coaching relationship is the personal touch that allows you to define clearly your desired outcomes and design the steps toward them. Together, with your own words, we simplify, clarify, define, design, and implement. But most of all, you get to ENJOY every moment of it.

A Better Perspective
Achieve your life potential through personal effectiveness coaching and training

A Coach 4 U Coaching Services
Coach Steve Mitten coaches individuals to create fulfilling, balanced and rewarding lives.

A Time and Space Organizer will support you in simplifying your life by creating organization in your home and business. Receive coaching services for bookkeeping, recordkeeping and investment portfolios. Learn how to walk a spiritual path using practical steps. Find greater peace, harmony, serenity in your home and business with the use of Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement and space design.

A.R.Z.U International
A.R.Z.U International is an executive coaching and leadership development company.

Pete Quily adult ADD coach. I help adults with attention deficit disorder reduce stress and increase focus - Coaching Business & Personal - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Coaching Business & Personal, Counseling Services, Social Services & Welfare, Community Services.

Alternative Health Services from Dr. Rita Louise
As a Naturopath & Medical Intuitive, Dr. Louise is able to provide you with specific guidance to help restore strength and vitality to all areas of your life. Her alternative health recommendations can assist you in restoring your health.

Andrea Wylan
Coach individuals and executives for change. What are you wanting to change, achieve, create in your life? I have a great track record!

Authentically You Retreats and Life Coaching
Learning to live Authentically, Purposefully. Integrating Body, Soul, and Spirit to get back to your true self and life the life you desire.

Barbara Casey, Spiritual Marketing Coach
Spiritual marketing for business prosperity and inner peace. Consciously using Universal Laws in your business. Spiritual marketing articles, ideas and examples from Barbara Casey, Spiritual Marketing Coach.

BrainStyles, Inc.
BrainStyles is a system based on the principle that we need to stop trying to change ourselves and others. We have a network of coaches and instructors to teach and support others in the U.S., Mexico, and Brazil. The technology defines brain-based strengths and teaches you how to leverage them in everyday situations.

Career Coaching Toronto
Sigsoog specializes in executive leadership coaching, and provides small business coach and life coach services to businesses throughout Toronto.

Career Designs
What is your life path? Discover your passion and learn how to start living it now!

Centre For Life Essentials
At Life Essentials, we encourage our clients to work with CONSCIOUS INTENTION. That means to become aware of why are we doing something and to act with conscious intent to create an outcome of our choosing. You will learn how to be completely present in the moment, guided by your own inner wisdom to heal and promote a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit. We use a variety of tools, such as goal setting, visualizations, and emotional balancing, in combination with relaxation techniques, such as meditation and breath-work, to assist in this process.

Ciao Coaching, Coaching Inside And Out
Professional Life Coaching and Image Consulting Services. Located in Pasadena, California. Debbi Sebastian is a Certified Life Coach and Image Consultant. Life is Beautiful, What Does Yours Look Like?

Claire Godwin Coaching
Life coaching is about helping you to achieve your goals, aspirations and dreams – both personally and professionally.

Clarity for Life
Spiritual life coaching and retreats with Nicola Walker. Subscribe to our Living Your True Self E-Newsletter. Learn tools to manage your energy, mind and emotions for inner peace and success. Dissolve limited thinking and connect to your intuitive wisdom. Laws of attraction, focused meditation, self-empowerment and joyful living.

Coach Andrea
Certified with The Coaches Training Institute

Coaching from Spirit
As a Certified Coach and the Founder of Coaching from Spirit, I have helped thousands of people to create miraculous new realities in their business and personal lives, regardless of where they are now, through individual coaching or through one of my programs.I have more than 15 years corporate experience in human resources,marketing, sales, public relations and social service. I am also a Master Spirit Coach, Certified Spiritual Counsellor and published author. I lead workshops and group coaching programs for business leaders, professionals, coaches, healers and the general public and have studied with several other leaders in transformation theory.

Comprehensive Coaching U
Comprehensive Coaching U trains professionals to be more effective in their current professions and to be Certified Comprehensive Coaches. It teaches them the basic skills and the advanced skills they need to coach all types of clients with complete ease. Simply stated, we train the "best of the best". This is the only comprehensive coaching program that teaches you the core competency skills of coaching and how to take your existing skills as a professional and transition to personal coaching. This approach allows you to become a personal coach quicker and easier. In addition, Comprehensive Coaching U teaches you business skills and how to build a full practice through a proven marketing/referral system.

Conscious Connections
Dynamic Success and Joy with Innovative Life Coaching for business, relationships, spirituality, creativity, enhanced performance for artists and athletes, career transitions. Free consultation.

Consciousness for New Paradigm
Transformational Life Coaching. Creating in a new way,from informative level of consciousness.Understanding that our view ,perception and interpretation forms our reality, exit from influence of old collective consciousness.Lets make it simple. We don't need more how to books what we need is expanded consciousness.Save yourself time and money ,we are in 21 century where everything is high speed and so is transformation.

Coresight Coaching
Coresight Spiritual Coaching helps you find the love of your life and the life that you love; attracting your right livelihood & soul mate.

Dalian School for Health & Consciousness
The Dalian School for Health and Consciousness offers an invitation to all those who desire to deepen their self-exploration, realign with their true nature, and experience the inner joy, peace, and presence of their being. It is for those who know that they have something valuable to offer to the world and wish to remove the blockages that prevent them from living their full purpose and potential. The seminars, workshops, intensives, online courses, and coach & facilitator trainings offer many opportunities for Self-exploratio, Transformation of limiting beliefs, Strengthening the ability to witness and dis-identify from thoughts and emotions, Learning to trust your inner voice and wisdom, Tapping into your creativity and manifesting your limitless potential. For more information please email:

David W. Ford Empowerment Coaching
David Ford helps men and women explore new careers or take their current one to the next level, improve their relationships, or make a dream a reality.

Deena Douglas Ultimate Energy Therapy
Energy Therapy & Coaching release blocks and limitations with Spiritual Response Therapy & 24-Strand DNA Activation. Personal sessions available internationally by phone and email. Please visit for more information.

Diane Wing, M.A.
I'm a Transformation Guide, but really I'm a Perspective Changer and Blockage Buster. I'm a wiz at helping women find their Inner Magick. And I've devoted most of my life to finding ways to be happy in the present while creating the ideal future. To sum it up? I am a master at bringing magick into the everyday. When we work together, you can expect to come away with a higher sense of self, a brighter view of your life, and extraordinary tools to create your ideal future. And you'll probably be enchanted by using magickal methods to reach your goals. My work inspires and motivates because it allows you to experience your life as a wonderful adventure. Classes * Coaching * Readings * Books

Dianne Laramee
nsight on how to develop intuition. We are the keepers of an intuitive intelligence so powerful it can tell us how to heal. Time has come for each of us to claim it again. Your passion change things and will make a difference. It already has!

donna kaufman
pickaxe: the golden tool. a model of inquiry as applied to ethos systems of professional and personal coaching. donna kaufman, mother lode 21, inc., fern park, fl

Empowerment Coach
The spiritual path is lifelong and sometimes we need a helping hand or kind words or even a little push in the right direction. Whether its your next big leap or slow methodical move, with Truth, Compassion and Oneness I am here to assist you during your process.

ERE Professional Coaching, Inc.
ERE Professional Coaching and Speaking specializes in helping you discover your passion, live a life you love and make your life effortless.

Find the Divine
Spiritual direction/coaching with author, teacher, and theologian — MaryEllen O'Brien. Explore the fundamental question of spiritual direction, "Where is God in my Life?""Where is God in THIS? — suffering,discontent, or happiness, joy?" An Anam Cara (Celtic) model of spiritual direction. A sacramental (seeing the sacred in all) and poetic journey of the spirit.

Fun & Healthy Lifestyles
Fun & Healthy Lifestyles will help you stay healthy and fit. Services include self mastery coaching, yoga classes, personal training, Reiki, journaling, wellness products.

gateways to creativ
consulting for creative achievement, based on jungian psychology, for anyone seeking greater goals. nyc.

gonstead clinical studies society
chiropractic is not an alternative to medicine nor is it complementary to medicine. it is a separate and distinct science, art and philosophy of health and healing. chiropractic is the largest natural healing art in the world.

Grounds for Life
Grounds for Life is a sanctuary where your body, mind and spirit connect. Dennis Grounds, intuitive healer, mentor and founder of Grounds for Life, has developed holistic methods to assist individuals in finding their true path and to work toward their own journey of transformation and healing. Grounds for Life combines universal energies, nutritional healing and intuitive counseling with life counseling skills developed with his own expertise, such as the R.A.Y. (radiance about yourself) method to assist you in reaching your higher self and potential.
Highly evolved, innovative counselling for deep insight, personal growth and healing.

Healing Tranquil Source Reiki Long Island NY Patty Alessi RMT
Weekly Reiki Healing CirclePrivate Reiki Healing SessionsReiki Training

Health, Wellness and You
As a coach and workshop leader, I encourage clients to pay attention to what is ‘showing up’ in their personal and professional life. Putting the coincidences or events together tells a story. A result of paying attention, and discovering one’s inner resources, brings out the best they have to offer and affords the unique opportunity of finding one’s own sense of equilibrium. In other words, this process assists people who haven’t yet tapped into their full potential, to fill in the gap between where they are, and where they want to be. From my first encounter with a client, I see that client as having achieved their desires and goals, and I hold that intention for them until they believe and co-create it for themselves. I support others in their process of self-discovery and self-empowerment as they are discovering their own inner wisdom or intuitive abilities. I enjoy being a resource assisting with the development of the ability to make decisions from a position of strength, instead of from a position of fear and anxiety.

holistic coaching institute
a non-profit organization dedicated to serving anyone seeking to learn, coach, practice and live a self-empowered life from balancing the energy of mind, body, and spirit

Holistic Life Coaching Online
Holistic Life Coaching brings body, mind, heart and soul together to Ignite Your Passions, Channel Your Creativity and Revitalize Your Life! Together we work to strengthen your Core Self – that part of you who knows exactly who you are, what you need and what kind of life you really want to live.

I'm you man
Welcome! If you want to improve the quality of your life i'll help you, free! ;-)

Infinite Insights, Inc.
"NO CHANGE - NO CHARGE GUARANTEE": If you don't experience a clear, tangible benefit from a session, it's free. Fears, performance issues, life coaching. on graffiti-research
descriptors of the workings in complex technological societies

Integrated Therapies, Positive Action Coaching
Certified Positive Action Life Coach, Massage Therapist, and Energyworker (Reiki, Reflexology and Polarity Therapy.)
The Center for Intuitive Learning is a coaching and training company and online community that fosters personal and professional development and conscious change by supporting all people in making fuller and richer use of intuition to live with love and wisdom.

Intuitive Consultant - Nancy Wagaman, MA
Intuitive consultant for business excellence and self-mastery. Harness the power of your consciousness to improve your inner environment and engage fully in life. Understand and shift subtle dynamics to affect business results.

Intuitive Services and Coaching for Life Mastery
Heart-centered intuitive readings and coaching for relationships, career, health, spirituality, life. Get to the heart of the issue quickly. Learn Spiritual Psychology techniques. Nancy Wagaman, M.A.

Joyce Levine Astrologer
Astrological consultant works with individuals, couples, families, and businesses. Joyce helps you (1) recognize your natural abilities and use them to overcome personal obstacles to success and (2) to take action at precisely the right time to achieve the results you desire.

karen knapton- life coach and mentor
karen can help you be the person you always wanted to be, to discover the questions to ask and to live them, to cope with the fear of change, and live the lfe you always wanted, by personal coaching and mentoring

life coaches consortium of the black hills
we work with life's issues - issues which the individual identifies as a source of struggle at this present moment. solutions are then developed, and strategies are implemented with focused energy and enthusiasm. the life coach brings their expertise to assist the individual in their struggles and triumphs in an open and caring manner.

Life Coaching
Create your future . . . balance your life . . . find fulfillment . . . reach your goals

life coaching
life coaching can help you find direction and fullfillment in life. judith mcknight krynski, ms.

Life Coaching USA
Personal Soul-utions is a leading training, coaching, consulting and personal development corporate entity formed and managed by Tasneem Kagalwalla.

Lifedesigning(TM) personal coaching is specifically designed to assist those who are ready to discover their inherent truths, and embark on the journey to their Personal Renaissance.

lightsource personal and professional coaching
life coaching to bring out your best, have balance in your life, make changes, financial security and a fulfilling personal and business life. uk-based coach wendy hearn.

Living by Design
Learn to LIVE BY DESIGN, rather than by default ! Discover how to let your ESSENCE be your guide in moving you FORWARD in your life. My services are for people who want to BE more, DO more, ACCOMPLISH more in an easy and JOYful way.
Life Coach, Meditation CDs, Speaker and Writer - coaching that embraces self-discovery, spirituality and realizing goals. Marcie's effective Power Your Life Coaching includes relaxation, re-programming, guided imagery, aligning energy, and action based on true purpose and life goals. Guided imagery CDs are also available on her site.

Marcus Padulchick ND and Source Excellence
Our success comes from helping you achieve your success

Maria the Muse
Practical help & instruction for how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest more of what you want in life.

Maria's Place: Coaching, Consulting and Courses
It's time to enhance the quality of your life - personally and professionally. We can help you create success by custom-design solutions and systems that propel you forward.

Mona Kelly Studio
Numerology Readings, Life Purpose Consultations and coaching

Mor Amora
I'm a Faerie who loves to give Intuitive Starseed Readings and to facilitate healing with Long-Distance Reiki and sound therapy. I also post free (mostly downloadable) meditation tracks to my blog~

Moving Spirit
Debbie Call is a professional coach, speaker and writer. A Certified Spiritual Coach, she teaches a process of coaching from spirit to tap into inner wisdom. Debbie is a Coach U grad and is a Professional Certified Coach. She writes a free online newsletter 'In the Spirit of Success'.

Noreen Walczak
Noreen works with individuals and professionals to assist them in discovering their inner gifts and develop the confidence to incorporate these gifts into all aspects of their personal and professional lives. She is also the owner of Holistic Guidance.

Partners in Renewal Inc.
Approved Institutes of NLP and Quantum TLC(TM). Personal and professional development training and one-on-one and small group coaching sessions.

Past Life Therapy & Healing
Laleh is a certified therapist in Past Life Therapy & Emotional Repatterning. She has studied energy psychology: EFT, Cellular Memory Healing and Subconscious Programming and use them in her sessions.

Patty Alessi
Patty Alessi RMT,CTBF,Certified IIICS Life Coach,Transformational Breath Facilitator V,Byron Katie WorkReiki Sessions-Reiki Trainings-Guided Meditation

personal coaching is the doorway to understanding the personal coaching relationship, hosted by vivian rindik-wiener, personal coach, and the creator of the lifedesigning(tm) method of coaching.

Personal Health, Nutrition, Weight-Loss & Lifestyle Coach: Monique N. Gilbert
For the motivation, guidance and support you need to naturally get healthy, fit, lose weight, keep it off, strengthen your immune system, increase your energy, reduce stress and anxiety, look and feel years younger, and achieve your goals.

Pittsburgh Journeyers Group
Group of like minded adults that meet monthly to discuss their Spiritual Journey so far. A place where we can learn from each other. Located in Pittsburgh PA

positive outcomes
positive outcomes aims to help people with personal and planetary growth through the use of various tools and methods.

Praktijk Kees Reijn
Practice for Personal Coaching, Counseling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Massagetherapy in Hilversum, Netherlands

professional personal coaching by steve mitten
professional coach steve mitten offers integrity and experience to help you move forward in your life whole-hertedly. free coaching demo offered.

Psychic Business Coaching
Psychic Business Coaching Available Worldwide on a limited bases on the phone.- Update: as of 9/4/2012 WildFlower currently has 2 weekly business coaching spots open..A Psychic Business Coaching For Entrepreneurs session with WildFlower offers Wisdom, Insight, and Clarity regarding your business and life balance matters. This is no ordinary psychic consultation nor is it your average business coaching appointment! These enlightening consultations help you to open your eyes to the bigger picture of whats going on in your life right now and teach you how to utilize the Law of Attraction to manifest your hearts desires and succeed in your business. Discover why people refer to WildFlower as The Professional Angel .WildFlower is an experienced and seasoned entrepreneur with 17 years of owning multiple businesses. Besides being a natural born psychic, she has been behind the scenes creating marketing campaigns for celebrities and entertainment professionals since 1997. Her client list includes: Academy and Grammy Award winners, New York Times best-selling authors, TV personalities and a variety of fortune 1000 companies.

PsykosyntesForum and Life Leadership Coaching
Forums for cognitive psychosyntesis therapy and selfgrowth products and for life, career and leadership coaching.

Queen of Wands Tarot
Conducting intuitive coaching sessions using tarot and lenormand, Jenna is the clairvoyant coach with more than 20 years experience creating intuitive sessions for others as well as a MS in Organizational Psychology; utilizing both intuitive as well as academic interventions she helps clients to ignite their own transformations.

Samm Sikora - Intuitive Medium & Spiritual Guide
Intuitive Tarot & Oracle card readings along with other spiritual services. Affordable prices, in-depth, compassionate guidance.

Sedona Women's Institute
A journey of self-discovery, personal growth and conscious living. We provide you with support and guidance through Facilitator Training, Women's Retreats and Workshops, Safe Travel Adventures and Mentoring programs.

Selina Bromley Life Coach
Don't just dream about how life could be - let's make it happen! Personal coaching to help you create a life you love. And fast.

Simple Awakening
Explore transformational coaching with the focus on nonduality and finding inner peace. Also enjoy the book on nonduality, 'What if the Problem's Not the Problem?"

Soul I am
Our journey personal and the help we give to each other

Souls Path
Hypnotic Coaching for Life Design: We help you make your ideal life your real life, now! Services: weight management, goal attainment, relationships, stress management and more

Soulwork Institutes
Coaching for health, emotional, relationship and organisational challenges.

Spiritual Healing Tools
SPIRITUAL HEALING TOOLS offers creative support for spiritual teachers, counselors, life coaches, and group facilitators. Use "The Heart Journal - A Spiritual Workbook" by Carna Zacharias in your group/workshop/seminar.

Step Into Power Coaching
The process of coaching utilizes a powerful, highly affirming process of inquiry, self-discovery, feedback and support that helps you build clarity and awareness around what is most important to you. Your new sense of clarity and purpose will help you choose practical, concrete actions towards realizing your vision of the life you‘ve always wanted. As your coach, I am 100% committed to your agenda. I provide a safe space for the authentic expression of your dreams, your aspirations, and your goals. I act as your guide in uncovering your formula to your ideal life. I hold you as a resourceful, creative person, and will ask the questions that lead to your personal solutions and strategies. Together, we will make your vision a reality.

Steve Morris Associates
Steve Morris is a globally recognized leadership consultant, personal development coach, corporate workshop leader, international speaker, and author of several personal development books.

Successful Life Coaching
Create the life you want. Successful life coaching helps make a plan for achieving goals, overcome blocks to sucess in personal and business areas, and realize one's own potential. Call 631-567-0008 now for a free 20 minute consultation.

Tarot Compass
Coaching with a psychospiritual twist; transforming spirit into action.

The Journey To Profound Happiness-
Tap Into Your Own Healing Power, Conquer Dis-Ease And ImproveYour Physical And Mental Resilience. This Course Will help You Re-Discover The Amazing Healing Potential Of Your Body, Mind And Spirit, and Discover Your Life's Purpose. This course is not just a re-hash of old ideas. It is an actual hands-on process in accomplishing your personal goals. Aaik Van Munster, LCSW, BCD, Reiki Master, Master Practioner in NLP and Zulma Alvarez, Body psychotherapist, Reiki Master are looking forward to personally coach you, step-by-step, until you've reached your goals.

The Lilac Center for Healing and Enlightenment
Spiritual coaching, intuitive guidance, healing and attunements in Shambhala Reiki

The Optimal Functioning Institute™
The Optimal Functioning Institute™ (OFI) trains ADD Coaches internationally in a comprehensive 18-24 month TeleClass Training, operates a national coaching clinic & sponsors 4 International TeleSupport Groups monthly. Founder & CEO, Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, certified Systems Development Coach working with Attention Deficit Disorder since 1987, coaches internationally by telephone - helps clients develop methods to work with challenges in alignment with their *natural* functioning (alternatives/medications/systems aware).

The Soulful Journey
Here at The Soulful Journey, we believe in positive social change through personal transformation. We offer personal coaching services for individuals seeking deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. No matter where you are along your own journey, there has never been a more perfect time than right now to do what is best for yourself and for the world!The Soulful Journey also goes beyond the personal part of life coaching. We believe that it is through positive change in oneself that positive change can be created in the world. Our mission also looks at the bigger picture: making a difference! The Soulful Journey is all about growth that must start with the individual. When we discover the essence of what makes us who we are, a magical thing happens. The Soulful Journey - 415.448.SOUL (7685)

The Street Kid's Guide to Having it All
With "The Street Kid's Guide to Having it All", uncover the same, powerful strategies and techniques that life coach John Assaraf used to rise from a "street kid" with low self-esteem caught up in small-time gang life to becoming a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur!
Get more out of life. Let us help you tame your time.

Tranquil Source Reiki
Long Island New York Reiki Master TeacherHosts weekly Reiki Circle,Lectures about Reiki and Meditation Twice a month at local Wild By Nature Markets.Teaching classes for practitioner Certification as well as offering private and group reiki sessions.20+ years

Triskele Journeys
Healing and empowering your life through shadow work, past life regression and ancestral lines clearing.

Vino Mehta Associates
Vino Mehta Contacts are generally committed to provide you with finest visiting on your particular and company requirements.

Visions Illuminated
This coaching program will inspire you to make small meaningful changes. It will guide you through small steps that will slowly teach you to think, act, love, work and even laugh in a whole new way. Stop dreaming about a better life and start living a better life!You may not be happy with the life you are living. You know you need to make changes but don’t know where to start. Most people live their life pleasing others and no longer know what would make them happy. Some people are working a job that they don’t enjoy but it pays the bills. Why live a life that you don’t find fulfilling?We will first start by getting back in touch with you. Through a very simple exercise you will be able to get back in touch with your feelings. We will then get into what is holding you back in life. What is blocking you from your blessings and peace of mind? Finally we will go through the methods to help you clear your mind, overcome obstacles, and guide you to manifest peace for the mind, body and soul. Once this is accomplished we will discuss how to keep these lessons in your life for the duration of your life.

Whole Person Marketing
Coaching on business and practice building for holistic health professionals and other entrepreneurs focuses on the practical and the creative.
we ll remotely coach you and teach you personalized natural ways to attain vibrant health or to help overcome long standing chronic illness issues you were told "you have to live with".

You can change
Live the life you really want!

You Evolve Coaching
Leading edge life coaching for personal and professional development.

~SOULvolution - Alchemy of the Soul
Welcome Soul SeekersThe world is in great transition right now, and everyone is feeling it. As we are entering the Golden Era, a new world age, people are aligning more with their soul yearnings. At Ariel SOULutions you will find a complete toolbox for your Soul to assist you on your Soul's true path. Whether you are just starting out on your path, or ready for a full transformation, there is a class, workshop, or program that is guaranteed to open you to Spirit. I look forward to assisting you in your Soul Journey. Visit my Blog for free articles and training. Always in Love & Light, ~Ariel

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