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Avalon Spirit
A Pagan Online Community for all to enjoy. Many features such as message boards, arcade games, Online Pagan Auction and much more.Stop by and visit its free.

Circle Pines Center
Circle Pines Center is a member owned not-for-profit center for cooperative education and recreation founded in 1938 by the Central States Cooperative League. The aim of the Center is to demonstrate cooperative alternatives for social issues and to teach cooperative as a way of life.

Coaltion for Self-Learning
Envisioning a world without schools. Creating a world of Learning Communities. Deschooling society is a necessary first step toward transformating socity to one of peace, justice, and human survival.

Community catalyst Project
"VISIONS OF UTOPIA: EXPERIMENTS IN SUSTAINABLE CULTURE" is a 2-1/2 hr video documentary about intentional communities. Nearly three years in the making, this important resource is nearing completion and with luck will be out by the end of the year. Features profiles of 18 diverse contemporary communities, plus an overview of the communities movement, a sketch of 2500 years of communities history, and ideas about what works and what doesn't. For more info and progress updates, check out

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
We're building a rural ecovillage to be a demonstration site for sustainable living. We also provide information about how to live more sustainably.

Disabled World
Online community for disabled persons Free disabled dating forums classifieds latest news for people with disabilities.
Welcome to a community dedicated to spiritual and holistic living.
We are the connection to the mind, body and spirit of India. We provide travel, heritage, arts and culture related services to our visitors

Family of Light
Spiritual Community membership online and offline, also featuring spiritual travel, books, magazine and spiritual living content.

Federation of Egalitarian Communities
A network of income-sharing communities in North America, ranging from large rural communes to small urban group houses.

Fellowship for Intentional Communities
The ULTIMATE RESOURCE for folks wanting to know more about intentional communities--what's unique about each one, where to find them, how to start them. 30 articles, 700+ community listings, maps, cross-reference charts.

Fellowship for Intentional Community
An information clearinghouse about intentional community: from cohousing to ecovillages, urban co-ops to organic farms.

Friends of Sanctuary
Friends of Sanctuary is a spiritual community dedicated to being a place for people of all faiths and beliefs to come and discuss in open forums, message boards, online chats and with guest speakers on various spiritual topics. Our focus is on working with others to help them heal, grow and learn more about themselves spiritually and share that knowledge with others in this journey that we all share that is "Life." It is an extension of our gallery site Sanctuary Productions where we can also let people come to learn about the spiritual and Native American artists we represent and have discussions and meet new artists who create through spirit. Come rest and feed your spirit with us.

Greenstar is placing self-contained, solar-powered community centers in remote locations around the world. Each center hashealth facilities, including telemedicine, a classroom complete with distance learning equipment, and a business center, throughwhich we will operate ecommerce in native cultural products. The solar array powers the unit and also purifies water for 2,200.Ecommerce is the revenue stream that pays for the facilities and brings wealth into the community. One of the main lines ofproduct will be "digital culture" products, such as music and art, that can be duplicated and transported effortlessly, making thetransaction highly efficient.

Healing Place Cafe (The Home Page for the Empowered Age)
The Home Page for the Empowered Age

HEALL - Health Education Alliance for Life & Longevity
85,000 hand picked resources that sort the wheat from the chaff. Practitioner & product referrals to save time and money. Discussion groups, reading lists, alternative medicine worldwide clinics, hard to find treatment protocols. Dedicated to a vision of a cyber community based on cooperation, sharing to contribute to mankind and mother earth. Visionary community of authors, medical intutives, naturopaths, scientists, researches, TCM, herbal medicine. Medical and human rights freedom community. Join us.

Hippydharma Unincorporated
The true pathway to blissful love, peace and happiness

KrystalRose Designs
A friendly place for spiritual-minded women and men to become part of a virtual community via free web pages, chat, forums, post cards, and more.

Kyn Hearth
A rural community on 69 acres of wooded land in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of southwestern Virginia. Major passions include open sexuality, green building, innovative recycling, alternative waste water systems, alternative energy systems, organic gardening, radical honesty, dancing and lots more. Kyn Hearth is open to exploring membership potentials with like-hearted/minded folks.

Liberty Village Cohousing
Liberty Village is the first cohousing community in Maryland, where five families are now in residence. We are growing. Visit our website and visit us.

Lifelight University
An Esoteric College of Light and Community of Light-Bearers

Lotus Living Arts
320-acre forest, lakes, & wildlife refuge 60 miles east of St. Louis. Conscious dance/yoga/meditation community, a paradise in the Heartland. Land for sale, rentals, work/study possible

*Free international directory of psychics, mediums, spiritual counselors and alternative healing practictioners. *Join our interactive Community for the "metaphysically curious"

Nagah Mage Foundation
We spread the occult knowledge of immortalist mages, seekers of magical power, practices and rituals, to awaken the powers within the seeker, so that he/she may attain a point of elevation, to awaken the greatest powers of all immortalist mages: immortality, regeneration, manifestation.

NJHealingWeb is dedicated to serve the North Jersey Healing Community as a vehicle to connect to the various healing gatherings & events in the area ... If you like to be involved in events such as Full Moon Groups, Prayer & Healing Circles, Meditations, Sabbath Ceremonies, Sweat Lodges, Healing Support & Empowerment Groups, Labyrinth Walks, Spiral Dances, Crystal Bowl & Drum Circles, Sacred Circles of Sound, and more, you are in the right place!
Occult oriented forums discussing magic, witchcraft, spells & ritual, paganism, Wicca, Satanism, Gnosticism, tarot, Thelema, Necromancy, and much more.

Proximity Cohousing Community
Cohousing community forming in Northern VA. 18 homes share 164 acres, common house, barn, water. Rural; near DC. Build your own home!

Psychic Access Videos
Psychic Access Videos is an online video gallery showcasing the outstanding talent of the team of psychic advisors at Here you can personally get to know each of our psychics, by watching their introductory video and reading their complete profile.

Sacred Mountain Ranch
An off-the-grid community of people who are consciously on a spiritual path. Located in the White Mountains of Arizona.

Soulmate Searching
Soulmate-Searching - this is a friendship/dating site for people who believe in soulmates, twin souls, psychic energy, miracles, reincarnation, and, and, and... Often we are not born "alone" - only sometimes we lose track of our 'soulmates'. Unbelievable or not! - soulmates do not necessarily mate in a life. They help each other in difficult times, share happiness and accompany us for a short or also long time of period. Love, partnerships, marriage - Soulmate-Searching is not only for Singles, but also addresses everybody who is seeking for a true friend.

SpiritQuest Network
An online community and resource for the alternative lifestyle. Its purpose is to unite like-minded individuals with each other, professionals, product vendors as well as provide information for the spiritual enthusiast

Spiritual Hearts
A place of where people of any faith or nationality can come together from all over the world. Here we are all spirit walking our own spiritual path while respecting others.

Vision for Futuristic Eco-City

The Awake Net
The Awake Net provides a space where people can come together in unity to learn, share and grow through education, and community.

The Coven Organization
The Coven Vampyre Organization is an international Vampire organization for the preservation and prosperity of the Vampyre community and culture. The site focuses on vamp community building, providing vamp chatrooms, vamp forums, vamp message discussion boards, hosts an e-mail based vamp discussion list, vamp classified ads and vamp personals section, vamp e-postcards, comprehensive vamp members listings, free web pages and email addresses, and a calendar of Vamp events. Vamp related products, books, music, videos, clothing, jewelry, makeup, custom Vamp prosthetics (fangs, contact lenses, claws), ornaments and furniture. Vamp themed art, literature, music, contests, polls, resources and Role Playing LARPs.

The Federation of Egalitarian Communities
The FEC is a network of intentional communities that are committed to income sharing, sustainable living, and democratic decision making.

The Omega Foundation
A prototype new age intentional community providing counseling and training in conscious reality creation, personal empowerment and self mastery

The Orb
The Orb is a fast growing community with very active members. We pride ourselves for promoting peace between all faiths through understanding, education and tolerance. We would love to have you share your views on philosophy! This is a general magick community, non-denominational but all are welcome. We also run discussions and seminars on religion and magick-related subjects in our chatroom, Witches Workshop as well as bi weekly trivia games for a fun learning experience about religion, philosophy and the occult.

The Tao House
An omni cultural multi traditional Martial Arts Budo.

The Wholistic Community Network (WCN)
An international educational network that encourages the adoption of wholistic principles and practices.Based in Canada.

Trout & Creek Architects
Architecture of Houses, Lodges, Inns, Resorts, EcoVillages, Sustainable Communities

Twin Oaks Community
Twin Oaks has been a model of sustainable community living for over 30 years. We are currently looking for new members, and would love to have you visit. We can offer you: work in our community businesses, an abundance of homegrown, organic food, a thriving social scene, and an established culture of non-violence and egalitarianism. You can offer us: your talents and skills (or your unskilled enthusiasm) and your desire to live an ecological and income-sharing lifestyle. For information:,, 138 Twin Oaks Rd, Louisa VA 23093, 540-894-5126.

Twin Oaks Community
Twin Oaks is an intentional community of around 80 people living on 456 acres of farm and forest land in rural Virginia, USA. Since the community's beginning in 1967, our way of life has reflected our values of cooperation, sharing, nonviolence, equality, and ecology.

Twin Oaks Community
Twin Oaks is an intentional community in rural central Virginia, made up of around 85 adult members and 15 children. Since the community's beginning in 1967, our way of life has reflected our values of cooperation, sharing, nonviolence, equality, and ecology.

ULC Online
A meeting place for interfaith ministers, ULC ministers in particular. Featuring an active message board and friendly, interesting people!

Universalus Monks
Founded to provide an affirming environment for individuals who are committed to a universal approach to spirituality, encompassing all faiths and all traditions, and who wish to express their spirituality in a monastic tradition without dogma.
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Urth Yoga
Urth Yoga was born from an idea between friends to create a yoga oasis in the heart of Silver Lake, where people could come to practice yoga in an environmentally friendly space with easygoing teaching staff.

Washington Parish Louiaiana
Washington Parish Louisiana

weFringe represents a community of individuals committed to and seeking a life based on energetic principles. Balance... universal connection... being present... grounding

Westend Ashram
Private InterFaith Ashram in Colorado

Whole Village Ltd.
Whole Village is a group of 30 families and individuals who are building a conservation community (ecovillage) near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The group came together out of shared concerns over the present state of our social and ecological systems, especially the loss of farmland and natural areas to urban sprawl, the continued decline in farm income and the need for a common vision of a sustainable future. Whole Village is intended to be a model for sustainable development that is ecologically and environmentally responsible, conserves land into the indefinite future, fosters a vibrant rural economy and creates genuine community
An inclusive community for women from all walks of life focusing on spirituality, empowerment and support.

World Focus
Amarna is an alternative world where people can go to and live by the laws that recognise people as being more important than the State. Its governments role is to ensure that each individual has the means by which they can reach their full potential, Spiritually, Intellectually and Materially in that order. It is hoped that the ways of Amarna will provide a Beacon for fellow humans to follow. Armana provides an opportunity to for people to regain authority.

XG Alternative Lifestyles Network
XG is an Alternative Lifestyles Resource. The network is a community for people who enjoy living an alternative lifestyle.

ZOID CITY Community and Community Competition
An online community for web site creators of all ages, abilities, and ideologies.

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