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Consciousness and Evolution Directory

A Next Step...light center for emotional healing
Blessings..Mother Earth is out of balance and must awaken and heal all Her parts. We are not separate from Mother, our awakening is Her awakening. The awakening of our Light Body must be happening now to support Her. Do not take this lightly and be asured help is available. Namaste!

Access Consciousness CFMW
Pragmatic development of awareness about health issues, money choices while improving relationships with self and others

ACCNetwork is a global outreach for the Ashtar Command, featuring info, nesa and activities you can participate in.

Adidam Seattle
Seattle's newest Spiritual Center & Bookstore. Features books, music, incense, warm fire, espresso, free film nights, interesting presentations. Dedicated to the Divine World Teacher Adi Da Samraj.

Aleya Dao Energy Balancing
CUPS OF CONSCIOUSNESS: The only subscription-based guided meditations that tune into the energy that comes onto the planet every day. The Cups of Consciousness meditations are the most amazing way to start the day. They guide you, support you, and bring in a whole new level of clarity and direction. Sign up for a free week:

An evolutionary publication of The Foundation of Revelation
Creative community space of consciousness, intercommunication space of The Foundation of Revelation members online.

An Online Spiritual Teaching
A website dedicated to helping individuals transform their experience of themselves and of life primarily through shadow-work and spiritual enlightenment.

Poetry of savage peace, photos taken & places visited, all are welcome to read & look to be amazed.

Lesson's concerning life and the development of consciousness as a human ego-soul-being. Links that will bring you to some Specific Soul work.

Art of the Spirit by Elle Nicolai
Visionary Art Images from Dreams & Meditation for Healing & Transformation.

Ascension Love Spirituality
A site on Ascension, Freedom, Healing, Fearlessness, Love, Empowerment and the beauty of All with useful articles and other resources.

Ashtar Lightwork Center
Site strongly affiliate to the AshtarCommand, earth's and humanities ascension into 5D. Also offers lots of great services.

study dreams and astral travel, out of body message board,learn your subconscious

Awakening Hearts One at a Time
Fountain of Life class teaching the Wholeness Blessing

Awakening Mind by Enlightened Enterprises
Books and Ebooks on using Mind Machines to achieve spiritual states.

beingLoved School of Embodied Arts
beingLoved is a process oriented movement practice that uses real life experience as the source for healing and embodied wisdom. This practice offers a living system of creative soul work by taking the disparate concepts of past, present and future and focusing them into one, expansive, all inclusive now. We co create an open system of play, artistic exploration, empathic listening and universal human experience. We do this with movement from the inside out, sourcing emotional gesture, vocal expression, journaling, art and Conscious Dance. Integral to this process is the creation of a loveMap which is an an abstract representation of their life's journey. Developed exclusively by Liz Ganz, the Lovemap is a linear tool used to measure and express the non-linear co-existence of our past, present, and future.

Blueberry Jazz
Beautiful Whidbey Island Retreat Center, facility rental for workshops, seminars, corporate retreats, with gourmet vegetarian meals. Also resource for study of the esoteric dimensions of Man.

Just as music is divided into octaves of notes, the universe is divided into Octaves of Light. Humanity is about to ascend to the next level. A collective shift in density through the cosmic spectrum. First there was pure light energy, then mineral, vegetable and animal. What comes next?

Discover how to unlock the power and potential of your Mind. Informative Universal articles on a wide range of Spiritual sources

Carl Sagan Productions
Official Home Page of Carl Sagan Productions and Cosmos Studios.
Our store offers chakra balancing mp3s that include background music that resonate with each individual chakra and we also have guided meditations and visualisation mp3s for your entertainment

Choose Love Now
Love and fear are not two different opposing entities. Fear is only one aspect, one expression of Love. This distinction, not made,and even supported by many is the reason that the two are seemingly never able to be reconciled within and cannot be as long as one believes these are two separate opposing forces. We must come to the understanding that there is only Love.

Christian Mysticism
The cscientist and the Christians are both correct at evolution if we look at pure consciousness being the medium.

Circle of Light
Bringing SoulMates or Twin Flames together in God's Love for the spiritual awakening and transformation of the world. Sharing God's Messages about SoulMate Love, conscious relationship and Sacred Sexuality through books and spiritual teachings.
Visionary art to use as focal points to transform your life, change the energy in your surrounding environs by C. M. Rose.

Conscious Growth Ministry offers a daily advice column that answers questions on spiritual growth, higher consciousness, mental healing, and relationships.

Conscious Multimedia Database
The Conscious Multimedia Database applies Dr. David Hawkins' revolutionary conscious calibrations through the use of applied kinesiology to determine the consciousness levels of popular films, music and books.

consciousness, its transformation
consciousness and its transformation are described. links are made to meditation and paradox, union of opposites. cultural programming is illustrated.

Create Your Life
Presenting the Avatar® Course. Explore with us at a free evening session or come to a $25 four hour class, before deciding on a weekend or a nine day exploration of a lifetime. The Avatar Course is a series of experiential exercises that enables you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. You will experience your own unique insights and revelations. There is no limit...Avatar is a trademark of Star's Edge International. All rights reserved.

How to realize Conscience is your Sovereign Center of protection and personal guidance.

Crystal Vision Essences
A decadent skin care line that delivers the healing subtle vibrations of the Earth's natural minerals. Products are infused with gold and gemstone energy.

DancingStar Vibrations
Nonprofit empathic counseling and readings, mentor of meditation and metaphysics, East/West Philosophy, holistic, alternative

Digital Goddess
A collection of writings: relationships, evolution, channelled writings, dogma free zone, animal rights, astrological reports, etc.

Discovery Tools and Workshops
We feature the full line of Hemi-Sync products, an audio guidance process for improving human performance and consciousness.

DNA 12 Strand Activation
Activate your latent DNA strands and open to more light, information and consciousness.

Dr. Jennifer Holt, Transformational Consultant
Therapy & HealingLife Transformation

earth link mission
global stargate alignments and group consciousness connections to raise the vibrational frequency of the earth and ourselves.
As Earth is shifting into higher vibrational frequencies all fields of human endeavor, science, medicine, archeology, religion, the arts, are undergoing a revolution of consciousness, a Renaissance of spirit. The Earth Transitions site is dedicated to those stewards helping to birth this emerging new consciousness on the planet at this time.

El Atajo
El ATAJO is an Iinstitution that offers an understanding for your psychological-spiritual evolution. It offers a fast path for the knowledge of oneself, for the encounter with a Superior Consciousness, THE BEING.It offers a way for integration of mind and spirit in harmonic balance. It offers an answer to the questions that the human being has when is in searching for him-Self or her-Self. El ATAJO offers answers to those who are not satisfied with other ways of spiritual development.

Enchanted Spirit
Offering you information and tools for personal growth,nourishing the mind, body, and spirit, and opening pathsof exploration to help you become the best you can be.

Energetic Weight Loss
An Energetic Weight Loss Session with Oshune Reiki is for people that have anywhere from 5-50 pounds to lose. Its a a combination of an Intuitive Reading to help you get clear on the subconscious and energetic reasons for your weight gain and what to do about them, plus an Oshune Reiki Vibrational Healing Treatment that helps to clear the body of the energy patterns that keep you overweight. Losing weight is not all about diet and exercise, its also about energy. During these sessions, we address all of the factors that have kept you overweight including diet, lifestyle, exercise, self-esteem and sub-conscious protective mechanisms. I created these sessions originally for my own health and lost over 50 pounds with these treatments. My clients have had great success with these treatments throughout the years as well, loosing from 10-100 pounds each. During the treatments, holes and tears in your aura are repaired, your chakras strengthened and your Energetic Blue Print is balanced allowing you to replace the need for protecting your energy with excess weight with a stronger, more intact energy field. To help you lose weight more easily. Includes a diet, lifestyle and exercise consultation. These sessions are done mostly by phone using distance Oshune Reiki or in-person sessions (for women only) are available on a limited basis near St. Paul, Minnesota.

EnvisionEarth/Integral Gaia Yoga
EnvisionEarth web site spreads the message of Integral Gaia Yoga developed by Prabhath P. It is also the online home of Evolutionary Action for the Revolutionary Transformation of Humanity (EARTH), which is an online network of people promoting integral consciousness evolution. Prabhath is a writer, editor, integral intuitive consultant, artist and holistic healer based in India. Prabhath also offers integral intuitive readings, distant healing and dreamwork services based on Integral Gaia Yoga. He is a member of the INpresence group of the Intuition Network, an international network that aims to encourage people to cultivate and use their intuitive resources.

EnvisionEarth/Integral Gaia Yoga
EnvisionEarth web site spreads the message of Integral Gaia Yoga developed by Prabhath P. It is also the online home of Evolutionary Action for the Revolutionary Transformation of Humanity (EARTH), which is an online network of people promoting integral consciousness evolution. Prabhath is a writer, editor, integral intuitive consultant, artist and holistic healer based in India. Prabhath also offers integral intuitive readings, distant healing and dreamwork services based on Integral Gaia Yoga. He is a member of the INpresence group of the Intuition Network, an international network that aims to encourage people to cultivate and use their intuitive resources.

Escuela Sammasati
An online resource for the Gurdjieff´s Sacred Dances and his teaching. The search for concious harmony.

Evolution of the Soul
Sharing the process of soul evolution. Many fascinating insights and experiences along the spiritual path including travels to Egypt, Machu Picchu, Tibet, Mayaland, other worlds, etc

Fellowship of the Inner Light
Enter the Realms of Expanded Consciousness ... the Paul Solomon Source, expanding consciousness through music, metaphysics, meditation and new reality thinking.

Findhorn Press
The spiritual journey of the pilgrim soul through Creation and Evolution.

Floyd Project
Moving from one thought system to another.

foundation for a new consciousness
this online book examines paradoxical thinking and shows that the arts form the basis for meditation. ideas from alchemy, astrology, and modern sciences are used to clarify paradoxical consciousness.

Franklin Media
Gaia Matrix is a book that explains it all, or at least posses some good questions. Gaia Matrix uses a two dimensional model to reveal a fifth dimensional reality of North American spiritual eveloution, from the orginal peoples to New Age seekers.

fundación c.g.jung de psicología analítica de la rep. argentina
first organization created under the laws of our country, to spread c.g.jung's thought in spanish and english

Gabriel Morris, author and traveler
Read an excerpt from my book "Kundalini and the Art of Being", on the subjects of kundalini awakening and the spiritual search; read other spiritual and travel articles; view photos from my worldly wanderings; link to other related sites and more.

Gaele Arnott Promotions
A site offering personal empowerment through the creativity of life. The healing power of words through workshops, stories and poetry

Garden of One
Garden of One is dedicated to the blooming or flowering of each individual soul/consciousness; to activate and expand your full potential and your own unique, Sacred Mission in Life through Education, Consultation and Transformational Products

GRACE esoteric training center
A source for original esoteric & new age thought, information & spiritual development - oriented to Earth Volunteers.

Healing Spaces® Home Page
Site for a transformational healing community and Centre in development in Western Australia. Semi-residential workshops, Reiki, Myofascial Release, breathwork, and other holistic strategies combine with planned Yurts, a Chartres Labyrinth and whole earth care.

Heart Ki - Akashic Records Readings
Online distance Akashic Records readings and intuitive guidance with Nuno Heartki. Also features regularly published articles on spirituality and metaphysics, a free online card deck, interactive questions and answers, and more.

Heartsong Books
For all ages and all times--simple words to waken the mind and nourish the heart. Our Heartsong Books website celebrates the interconnectedness of all life. We feature Caregiving/Caregetting, Publishing Tips, and Be Inspired pages, plus the Neighborcare Story , over two hundred annotated links and the story- behind- the-story of each of our generously-praised books.

Heathens Against Hate
A statement of Asatru / Heathen / Pagan solidarity against racism, sexism, homophobia, Nazism, and other ideologies that do violence to people. Includes HAH banner campaign, member websites links list.

Human Being Books
I am Madam X, and I am a messenger from the Eternal Culture of the Timeless Dimension. Learn about Eternal Culture and Eternal Being,and The Human Being Society. Take home a few of my new and unique books, and enjoy!

Huna for Life
An acient holistic system of self awareness.

Read/Study/ADD your Views... Various Messages, BBs, Will hold your words, for 60 days, What Would YOU, tell the world.

Inside Look Magazine
Inside Look Magazine caters to individuals who care about Conscious Living. By exploring Green, Holistic, and Spiritual topics, our readers are able to become more aware of what’s going on in the world, in their own neighborhoods, and within themselves.

Institute for Global Communications
Connecting the People who are Changing the World

Institute for Mystical Experience Research and Education
Read mystical experience examples and/or share your experience story (anonymously, if you prefer). The nonprofit Institute for Mystical Experience Research and Education conducts mystical experience research and provides information on mystical experiences. Learn more today.

International Association for Regression Research and Therapies
Established in 1985, IARRT is the first professional organization for regression research and education.

International Association of Consciensotherapy
Holistic interactive website about healing and conscience awakening.

IO Empath Academy
Empath training and support. Multilevel resources for empaths and all intuitive beings.

Jamie Wood.Com provides a resource for unearthing your path to wholeness and full embodiment of Spirit. It offers information about Jamie Wood's latest works, workshops, and views on earth spirituality. The Divine lives and breathes as you. Blessed be.

John Columbus Taylor
Channeled teachings from the Archangel Gabriel and others, available on audio tape to assist one's evolution and spiritual awakening.

A place for agnostics, atheists, and pantheists to gather and discuss spirituality and philosophy from their unique perspective. All are welcome, including opposing views.

Kiravell's Cosmic Creations
Facilitating the conscious evolution of humanity through positive creative works and intention

Knowledge of Reality Magazine
A quarterly magazine with a focus on spiritual experience and the nature of self-realisation. The realisation of the spiritual nature of our beings is essential to the establishment of a universal culture and spirituality that can solve the many social, economic and ecological problems that we face in the modern age.

Learn how to Ascend. Ascension is attaining physical immortality through spiritual enlightenment. The ascension process includes healing the thoughts "I am separate from God" and "Death is inevitable." Meditation, prayer and channeling from the Christ level and higher. See website for deeper explanation.

Language of Cosmic Love, A ~ Z
A learning experience concerning the Divine Virtues of Letters, ie. the power within Word, enhancing Life with Spirit's Energy, Virtue, Consciousness, & Bliss. A study of purity and perfection through messages from the Angels of the Earth Grid.

Larry A. Huls
Aren't we all waiting for the shift from Young Soul into Mature Soul consciousness? Leaving the materialist-oriented consciousness of today and moving into a humanity-based consciousness will be a great relief for our planet and ourselves.

Leading Edge International Research Group
Social and Planetary Paradigm Analysis - 40 MB Interactive Database. Home of the Leading Edge Research Journal and the MATRIX books.

Life Divine
Evolutionary liberation

Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation
Site offering energy modalities to assist you in accelerating your spiritual growth in clearing, healing, activation and manifestation (Lightarian Clearing™, Lightarian Reiki™, the Empowerment Ray™, and the Manifestation Ray™). Become attuned with the Masters El Morya, Buddha, Maitreya and St. Germain. Supportive energy work and teacher trainings inspired by these Masters. Also from the Institute: Educational information about the unfolding personal and planetary transformation, including inspiring Articles and new Book.

Living Withi Intention
Discover how your life - indeed, ALL life - REALLY works. Experience for yourself the profound beneficial value of Living With Intention.
Individual Online Sessions & Workshop - Mental and Emotional Hygiene, Spiritual Engineering, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, Duality Transcendence, Self Integration and more.

META Center New York
META Center is Manhattans #1 destination for Consciousness Raising, Cutting Edge Spiritual & Metaphysical Education, Healing and the Creative Arts

Metaphors For Life
A website for those who have, or wish to have, an active and practical spiritual life. Featuring content on contemplative arts, interfaith issues, modern mysticism, recovery from fundamentalism, the Grail Gup ezine, and much more.

Miriam's Well
Miriam's Well is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the deep spiritual work necessary to live a full, spiritual, integrated life. We invite preenters and teachers who are willing to broach sensitive topics, embrace viable solutions, and guide us in reclaiming our power as spiritual citizens.

Mother Earth Healing Foundation
This Foundation was founded to help raise the consciousness of the planet, through classes, workshops, vigils, and other venues.

Mushaba Forcew
Mushaba Force offers a variety of spiritual disciplines and training which includes White Tme Healing, New Earth Teachings and Mushaba Force Teachngs for total self mastery in the new way for we as a humanity is moving up to become a part of the extrs-terrestrial worlds. Much of earth knowledge is no longer valid and new earth teachings are now available.

Nahziryah Monastic Community
Many paths - One goal. Many names - ONE DIVINE CREATOR, Source of All That Is. Universal Consciousness. Highest Spiritual Evolution. Our Order is the Nazir Order of the Purple Veil. Purple is a color of the highest spiritual vibratory rate. Website highlights include consultations w/ Nazirmoreh(ABRD), mountain top retreat, holistic living, organic gardening, meditation, omniversity, alternative health care, newsletters, fragrance catalog.

Cosmic Manuscript offers universal truths and answers. This new dimensional awareness will help transfer you into enlightenment.

Network For a New Culture
Designing a New Culture, without fear or violence and supportive of growth, in an environment of truth, honesty, sharing, and cooperation.

Neuro-Logical Universe
Live through knowledge of Self rather than beliefs of the world. Be what you are, not what Others want you to be. TO BE or not to be.

New Era Video
Explore a unique library of transfomative and inspiring videos and audiotapes from some of the worlds foremost teachers and thinkers.

New Perspectives - A Journal of Conscious Living
Exploration of new consciousness and leading areas of human potential, New Thought, Eastern Philosophy, Mind/Body interaction etc.

A giant leap forward in evolution is now occurring. The eyes of this universe and unseen universes are on us.

share your feelings, thoughts and experiences. learn more about yourself and those around you. Along the way create more understanding towards eachother

One Mind
Evolution of consciousness. We walk a thin line between the known and unknown; the soul is the bridge.

One Source Enlightenment
A path to world union.

One World Flag
"Honoring the Talents, Abilities and Uniqueness in Each of Us, as Strengths that May Benefit All of Us."

Directory of infomation,resources,Channelled Articles,tools,and Light Circles for all Planetary helpers, Lightworkers interested in Earth changes and consciousness expansion for humaniety and the Planet Earth.

Online Dharma Shop
Beautifully created Dorje Shugden items - from statues to pendants to books on Buddhism. The Dorje Shugden Online Shop provides everything you need for your Buddhist practice and more, shipped directly to your doorstep!

Vegetarianism, Environmentalism, and Animal Rights are all connected at ORBYSS.

Osho Institute for Living and Dying
Our work is concerned with the spiritual dimensions of conscious living and dying. We offer meditations, seminars, trainings, audiotapes and articles related to issues of spiritual maturity, life and death, spiritual realization-

Paths of Promise: Retracing an Ancient Wisdom
A site dedicated to the transformative effects and spiritual teachings of near-death experiences and deathbed visions.

Pathway to SOUL
The purpose of SOUL is to help raise the consciousness of Humanity through the sharing of the Esoteric Teachings. In the past, this has been accomplished with group classes and one-on-one meetings.We are now being led to reach even more of humanity through the Internet with a Web site, E-mail list and On-line classes.

PC Workshops
Awesome Link's is unlike any site on the internet. Please allow patience while you switch from your mental/intellectual thought processing to your intuitiveness; allow your higher consciousness to guide you.Pay attention to your feelings as you gaze upon the graphics, Feel through the colorful buttons and zoom off to explore new and unknown places on your quest for truth and experience

Peace and Loveism
A site focused on spiritual/self growth, social transformation, and the shifting of the global consciousness.

Perfect Creation, Inc.
A foundation developed to empower humanity to remember

Peruvian Whistling Vessels
Made and used by Peruvian cultures for 2000 years, only to disappear when conquered by the Spanish in 1532. The unique sounds produced by the vessels induce an expanded or shamanic state of consciousness.

Phoenix Center for Regenetics
Facilitating conscious personal mastery as a bio-spiritual healing path through integrated DNA activation.

Exploration on the esoteric Philosophy and Science of the Soul and the process of unfolding higher levels of Consciousness

PowerSoul exists to empower you on your divine journey by equipping you with the wisdom and tools to living in soulful alignment. PowerSoul Enrichment Experience will ignite the vibrant spectrum of your supreme self. The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Now is the time to live your best life.

PowerSurge Publishing
Devoted to the possibility of human physical immortality

the search for whatever truth might be

Psychictopia is a resource dedicated to all-things psychic and spiritual.

Reality Crafting
We create the safe and sacred space to heal and come back into wholeness. We clear away the perceptions of separation and make way for our own Divine Blueprint to be anchored in the temple of our physical body. We create a birthing room for the God/Goddess/Divine Child to emerge, express and begin co-creating Heaven on Earth.There is a focus on providing the safe and sacred, loving space to integrate this transformation.

Rebecca Williams
A page exploring my personal breakthroughs and what I consider to be Universal Truth.

Recreating Eden
Rallying point for those awakening to the realization that the path to ascension is LOVE; home base for visionary author and teacher, Julia Rogers Hamrick

Robert Adams Institute for Compassionate Living
Live The Illuminated LifeWith One Who Knows. "Within You Is Unimaginable Beauty. The Universe lays waiting in sweet repose for you to discover who you really are." The Original Pure Form Teaching of "The Father of Awareness" who introduced the Now, Awakening, and Happiness is Your True Nature to the West in the beginning. A true Illumined Sage of love, compassion and humility offers his global community revered internationally for four decades. The Liberation Meditations. Trancending Suffering. Happiness is the Substratume of Your Existence. Personal counsel in the pure lineage, classes, online lessons, celebrations, jewels of Light from An Illumined One revered globally.

Robert Coon
Physical Immortality, Sacred Sites, Earth Chakras, Celestial Alchemy, Robert Coon, Crowley and Cabala.

Become a planetary citisen, get involved with Amnesty International, great KidzPage with movies, you can even play chess!

Sage Advice
Supporting and encouraging spiritual enlightenment and development

Sai Rapture
Sai Rapture's temple doors are open. Fly by and allow your Spirit to soar through the myriad portals of Sai Love: Ecstatic Poetry, Art, Spiritual guidance and Instruction, Health, Healing and so much more.Lots of Premasonya ki

Saint Michael Sanctuary
Doctor of Homeopathy, ND, Acupuncturist, Iridologist, Medical Intuitive, author of 6 books and of numerous articles, Michael is a very grounded individual who combines natural gifts with an extensive knowledge of the esoterical tradition.

School of Mastery for Entrepreneurs
Crisis is a life lesson to move you on and upward. We help you fast-track you progress to total freedom

Scientific Spiritual Center "Swami"
Contemporary knowledge about God, the Evolution and the meaning of human life.Methodology of spiritual development.

Shamagaia Universal Healing Archive
A resource base for the exploration and development of spiritual wisdom, subtle-energetic healing techniques, ecological intelligence, multi-dimensional understandings of self, extra sensory perception and global transformation.

Silver Threads, Reflections of Spirit
One sentence inspirations on love, choice, consciousness and the soul.

Society for Ascension
Offering the art of consciousness expansion, quickly freeing the nervous system from stress

Soul 151 Readings
I am an intuitive guide who uses claircognizance and the Tarot to help people discover their deepest interests, needs and abilities, and the steps they need to take to put these into action. My greatest joy is helping people discover how the mystery of their past and present holds the key to the adventure of their future. This is especially important now, as the Earth is preparing for a consciousness shift into the 4th dimensional state of vibration. explores relationship from the atom to the infinite through interpretation of ageless wisdom, meditation, music, cosmology, loving nature, healing arts and a new world religion.

space age technologies
pyramidal consciousness products, new world order books, tapes, seminars and more.

Spiritual Archaeology Society
Travel to sacred sites and power places - unique journeys offer Spiritual Archaeology with Luminous - Sedona, Peru, Guatemala, Easter Island, Tiahuanaco, Sacred Places Southwest USA will be visited in 2013

Spiritual School of Ascension
Organization that brings forth information on self-mastery through ascension. We also host study programs and larger events that support human and global ascension.

Spirituality Blog
Consciousness, human awakening, spirituality and the Multiverse are some of the frequent topics of this site. Take charge of your destiny now.

Starfire Servers
An educational organization dedicated to the establishment of right human relations.

Stephen Victor Inc
Collaborative Leadership, Constellations, Business Consulting

Tara, Tarot Consultant & More
a site for Tarot, dreams, Astrology,Musings, Informations,personal readings, corporate events

An ezine Gnostic culture magazine for Knowledge & Light seekers, an invitation to the Way of Salvation as given in the book of Gnosis: a commentary on the Eastern Orthodox Esoteric Tradition, written by Bouris Mouravieff. Full illustration of the Tradition figures & diagrams together with commentaries.

Examining the esoteric traditions and modern esoteric practices. Studying the results of the past few decades of work with western and eastern yogas and magicks.

Thangka Mandala - Art Gallery and Blog
A small family business based in Nepal, we are here to spread Buddhism through imagery and simple explanations of Thangkas.

The 2012 Shift
The Shift of the Ages is upon us right on time. According to the Maya, we are shifting into a new age, place and space of personal and collective transformation or change on our planet.

The Being Company
Helping people and organisations to create the reality they prefer utilising and delivering the Avatar course/materials

The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation
The Bridging Heaven & Earth Television Show is a one hour spiritual talk show hosted by Allan. Produced live in Santa Barbara, CA, it is broadcast in over 35 cities nationwide with 13 live shows on the Internet. The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to perpetuating the TV show and to creating a global communication and retreat center.

The Cybermonks
A place to renew the spirit.

The Essence
How to feel Energy,Self&Distant Healing/Communication,Tetrahedron Technology,Crystals,Power Jewelery, as well as Articles on Dimensions&Conceptual Referencing

The EVP Internet Center
A Site dedicated to the study of the survival of the human consciousness beyond physical death via electronic and digital evidence.

The Gaia Network
The Gaia Network is the place were you can read about alternative topics, feel a part of a community, visit new cultures in our Planet Earth Section, read about natural products and win great gifts in our competitions.

The Keys of the Melchizedek Blueprints
Evolving towards self-mastery and to raising the consciousness of one's self and assisting others.

The Larger Universe
The Larger Universe explores all aspects of Paraconscious Research and Development, including Knosomatics and Remote Viewing.

The Monroe Institute
The Monroe Institute is an educational and research organization providing practical applications to questions of human existence through consciousness exploration founded by Robert Monroe, author (Journeys Out of the Body, etc.) and inventor (Hemi-Sync sound technology).

The Moon Temple
Namaste! Welcome to a place dedicated to individual "sadhana" or spiritual discipline. Here you will find tools to assist in ritual and meditation, spiritual and personal growth, love and devotion.

The Mother's Service Society
Sri Aurobindo's Integral yoga envisions the evolution of mankind towards the Supramental consciousness now at work in the world. Our Society has applied the principles of this yoga to everday life.

The Order
Participation-platform/starting point for the science, spirituality and politics of an alternative timeconsciousness

The Phoenix of Immortality
Articles by Robert Coon and others on Earth Chakras, Sacred Sites, Planetary Healing, and Physical Immortality.

The Word Foundation, Inc.
Man is more than an animal in drapings of cloth--he is divine, though his divinity be masked by, and hidden in, the coils of flesh. Man is no accident of birth nor plaything of fate. He is a POWER, the creator and destroyer of fate. Through the power within he will overcome indolence, outgrow ignorance, and enter the realm of wisdom. There he will feel a love for all that lives. He will be an everlasting power for good.

Thou Art That
Spirituality guide dedicated to self enquiry and consciousness

Time Travelers Organization
Advanced classes for people seeking to prepare the physical body, mental body and spiritual body for Multi-dimensional Consciousness.

Tools For Exploration Inc.
The largest resource of alternative medicine products and information. Peak Performance, Biofeedback, Mind Machines, Subtle Energy, Meditation, Lucid Dreaming, Sound Therapy ... and more!

Transformational Counseling & Studies with Paul
An extraordinary and masterful teacher of the nature of reality, universal principles and transformative processes. Paul offers telephone sessions to assist with life coaching and exploring avenues for acheiving goals and aspirations. Paul is intently interested in working with individuals who are on the path of self-discovery, have a desire to deepen personal understanding and consider themselves able to attain wisdom. The individuals who are naturally attracted to the teachings Paul has to offer are those seeking the comprehensive learning experience and personalized attention that he provides.

True Spirit
Transformational Energy Facilitators offering a range of services and products to help people move fully into their Divine Selves.

tune2peace - EFT, Reiki & Matrix Reimprinting for Personal Transformation
Cutting Edge energy psychology - EFT, Matrix Reimprinting & Reiki Channeled Energy Clearing. Free your mind and find peace with Transformation & Healing Sessions in Brisbane. Release Limiting core Beliefs & Old Stuck Emotions. Free yourself to make the choices which bring you happiness. Sessions, groups and workshops in Brisbane, Qld, Australia. EFT, Reiki & Matrix Reimprinting.

Unicity, Inc. [ A Convergent Technology Corporation ]
An Emerging Global Community Embracing All Religious Ideals Dedicated to Sustainable Living Through Right Livelihood

University of Nevada Las Vegas
This department at UNLV promotes the rational consideration of the nature of human consciousness and the possibilites of its persistence after death.

utopian analysis; the science of civilization
not opinion, not ideology, but discoveries of solutions to social problems.

Vantage Quest
A Mini-Ezine on consciousness, spirituality, healing, creativity, Transpersonal psychology and human potential. Intended to inspire, provoke, and advance new views.

Vibrational Religion Foundation
Education/Research in Ultimate Consciousness

A wisdom-packed spiritual e-magazine, founded by life-after-death survivor, Lauren Zimmerman, who created OTHER WORLDS: The Series. Topics include ascension, inter-dimensional communication, soul-integration, and much more.

Vows of Peace
The Vows of Peace were created to help us all make a personal committment to being more peaceful individuals, which in turn will help the world to become a more peaceful place.

Wainwright House
Wainwright House is unique place where all kinds of people get together for learning, for relaxation and transformation - for sharing in the joy and wonder of being alive. Wainwright House is not affiliated with any church, religion, or any particular spiritual or philosophical path. It is a sanctuary where all these ideas and cultural traditions can be remembered, re-experienced and re-discovered for the 21st Century.

Opportunities for exploring and expanding conscious lifestyle through a heart mind connection. Ideas, celebrations, personal journeys and collective gatherings. Located in Victoria, B.C., Canada

A different perspective to ordinary life

WEL-Systems Institute
The WEL-Systems Institute is a world leader in life-altering and generative change programs, products and experiences. We produce books, audio products (tapes and CDs), posters, free articles and a free monthly newsletter. You are invited to engage the WEL-Systems® approach as an individual and in group experiences via the operating divisions TidePool Resources, Portals Passages, Partners in Renewal and ProGenerations. WEL-Systems practitioners combine traditional techniques (Reiki, Huna, NLP, hypnosis, bioenergetics, etc.) with the Quantum sciences. We are a recognized institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), QuantumTLC™ and CODE MODEL™ Coaching offering a full range of certification levels.

Westgate House
Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe presents ideas and images about transforming consciousness and reaching a higher level of reality. It also offers two online books: Reality Inspector, a novel about computer-hacking and chess, and Foundation for a New Consciousness, an essay on the arts, traditional and modern sciences, and meditation. The ideas include alchemy, paradoxical thinking, and meditation.

Wish Only Well Communications Inc.
WOW is a combination of The Golden Rule, Karma and Creative Conscious Living. See how one little word can change your life! Wish ONLY Well...WOW!

Words of Tomorrow
Poems, visions and channeled material by Athm.
re-claim, re-discover; reorganize; and reconnect to the universal spirit in you--Living Inside Out workshops in COnscious Living--COnscious Business, COnscious Nutrition and ANcient Wisdom.The Goddess Herstory Workshop

ye olde consciousness shoppe
ye olde consciousness shoppe presents ideas and images about transforming consciousness and reaching a higher level of reality. it also offers two online books: reality inspector, a novel, and foundation for a new consciousness.

Ying Communications
Offering products and information for personal and spiritual growth including Zen Fountains, Zen Alarm Clocks, Peace Gongs, Affirmation Stations, Bamboo Chimes, Mayan Calendar Readings, Reiki, World Peace Day, National Prayer Day and much more!

Your inner Landscape
Private sessions are designed to help you become fully integrated: soul, body, mind, spirit. Your private Angel Reading/Healing session involves receiving empowering and life-affirming healing & messages from the Angels. Soul Integration, Aura Cleansing, DNA Activation

~SOULvolution - Alchemy of the Soul
Welcome Soul SeekersThe world is in great transition right now, and everyone is feeling it. As we are entering the Golden Era, a new world age, people are aligning more with their soul yearnings. At Ariel SOULutions you will find a complete toolbox for your Soul to assist you on your Soul's true path. Whether you are just starting out on your path, or ready for a full transformation, there is a class, workshop, or program that is guaranteed to open you to Spirit. I look forward to assisting you in your Soul Journey. Visit my Blog for free articles and training. Always in Love & Light, ~Ariel

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