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Death Directory

a near death experience beyond the veil
ancient mysteries revealed about death and dying - support for the dying, the bereaved, and those seeking higher truth.

Aura Publishing
A Surprising Journey Through the Afterlife: "The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey" a nonfiction book by Robert Murray. Visit the official Web site.

austin iands
near-death experience education and support. non-profit group meets monthly in austin, tx. free and open to the public.

Christus St. Vincent CSV Holistic Health & Wellness
Integrative Medicine offers a whole-person approach that is designed to treat you, not just your disease. The treatments are often used alongside mainstream medicine and complement conventional Western medicine approaches.The integrative team at CSV Holistic Health & Wellness can meet with you to evaluate your needs and discuss how services such as acupuncture, nutrition consult, herbal therapy, massage, yoga and other movement classes, spiritual journey, mindfulness training and lifestyle coaching can help you create a treatment plan that is tailored for you. There is never a 'one size fits all' approach.

Dying Beautifully
Death and dying can be a beautiful thing. Our workbook teaches those passing through the stages of dying (and their care-givers) how to cope well with terminal illness, the associated grief, and eventual passing.

electronic voice phenomena pages
a site dealing with postmortem survival. is there life after death? we may have the answer to this question and more. actual voices from the dead can speak to you! are you ready to hear what they have to tell you? come explore this with us.

Empowering Caregivers
Emotional and spiritual support for people caring for their loved ones. Articles, healing circle, jouranl exercises, chats, forums, spotlights, humor, inspiration, newsletter and more.

Imagination, Un-Ltd.
Raindrop is a simple explanation for children of all ages who have ever asked, or been asked, the question, "What happens when we die?"

InSpirit Publishing
Resources for those who have lost a child. Free booklet download for support people and and an honour-system downloadable book for grieving parents.

Jandy Chambers
A grief resource website by author of "Grief As I Know It", Jandy Chambers who lost 5 family members in a 2 1/2 year period and then lost her last remaining relative by the time she was 34.

Kathie Jordan
Kathie Jordan’s The Birth Called Death is an exceptional tale of a small girl’s repeated visits to “the other side.” Exceptional in that the story is neither dogmatic nor speculative, but a straight-forward memoir of places and events that most of us may only dream of.

Mundo del Reposo
A place to remember the ones who lies dormant with the purity and strenght of the 4 elements.

OMlet Publications
Bereavement Support Group - Session Outlines & Guides

Personalized Urns
Personalized urns allow you to create a desired design from start to finish. While many companies can boast beautiful receptacles for your loved one's remains, very few offer full personalization services that render a piece truly special. Not only can you choose the shape and size of the urn, you can also determine the color and the text included, along with many other custom features that are typically unavailable from other companies.

Reality Center
The Near-Death experience, After Death Communication, Transpersonal psychology, Psychospiritual emergence and emergency, information, articles, personal stories.

Roanna/Eileen H. Kramer
The BEST afterdeath communication and spiritualism site on teh web.

Susan Kramer
Facing mortal death is really facing immortality. Some spiritual insight shared.

TOWARD THE LIGHT ...leading back to the Source
This web site is dedicated to anyone who's an earnest seeker of the Light and walking a path of divine Love and Peace. It is about the truth of Eternal Life and the immortality of the soul that one comes to know through near-death and similar experiences. Herein, you will find services and resources that will serve you on a deep level and help you along your sacred journey!

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