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Dreams Directory

All Faiths Consulting
Deep level Soul readings and clairvoyance. Clearer insight than most, because the questions and answers go beyond the ususal.
Read poems and stories about dreams online or submit your own.

Association for the Study of Dreams
The Association for the Study of Dreams is a non-profit, international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the pure and applied investigation of dreams and dreaming. Our purposes are to promote an awareness and appreciation of dreams in both professional and public arenas; to encourage research into the nature, function, and significance of dreaming; to advance the application of the study of dreams; and to provide a forum for the eclectic and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information.
Spiritual Consciousness for this level and beyond.

Awaken One
Share your dreams with others and learn to interpret them. Simple and fun method for fast results.

awaken the medicine dream: personal dream coaching
interactive dream interpretation for understanding the spiritual significance of dreamtime messages. includes alternative healing, herbal wellness tools, links and webrings.
Its a site where you can have your dreams interpreted.

Over the years I have had over 100 Dreamvisions ofheaven, Guides taking me to experience the afterlifeworlds. I see my earthly life differently now! MyJournal reflects this, as I write about my life.

christine lawrence lifeskills counseling
understanding yourself through understanding your dreams.

Conscious Dreaming
A site to learn about out of body travel and lucid dreaming.

Curious Dreamer - Dream Dictionary
Decode your dreams instantly using our free online dream dictionary for self-improvement. Wander through a wonderland of dream DIY information and resources: articles, common dreams and symbols, dream types, articles, and how to interpret a dream.

deborah's dream world
a site about dreaming, dream journaling, astral travel and oobes. share your dreams here or your ideas about dreaming and out-of-body experiences.

Provides a free dream dictionary and Prediction deck called Loracle. Other parts of Diverseworld site have New Age interest.

Dream Index
A site containing over 400 of my dreams cross-referenced in 3 different ways.

Dream Interpretation Therapy
The process of dream interpretation therapy can help you identify and change the way you deal with conflicts, pain and distress. You will also have a better understanding of your own behaviours, beliefs and underlying subconscious wishes and fears.

Dream Network
Evolving a Dream Cherishing Culture

Dream Visions
Expert dream analysis using Applied Psychology and psychic techniques. Fast answers by email or phone. Web site includes a dream dictionary, do-it-yourself dream instructions, tips for dream recall, dream types, plus more.

Dream Visions - Dream Interpretation Services
Professional dream interpretations by a dream expert, starting at $10. Use your dreams to live your best life. Online dream dictionary with more than 15,000 symbols, DIY dream analysis, tips for dream recall, and more - all created by an applied psychology expert.
No-nonsense dream interpretation by Brad Turner of Corning, NY. Compassionate, caring, conscientious service.

Dreamers Inc
Dream info, healing thru prayer, dreaming, shamanic ceremony & ritual, Earth Dreamer fine arts in metals

Dreaming Kevin
Dreaming Kevin is an inspiring story of thehealing poer of dreams and after-death communication in reconciling the death of a child. Join author Carla Blowey in her quest to interpret an ominous dream that predicted the death of her five-year-old son, Kevin, just hours before he died in a bicycle accident. It is this nightmare that heralds the many numinous dreams and synchronistic events that offer her spiritual growth, forgiveness, healing, and new life. Weaving excerpts from her personal dream journal throughout this intimate narrative, Carla shares her most desperate moments as a bereaved parent and her extraordinary encounters with Kevin as he reveals the mystery of his transition to the afterlife. Dreaming Kevin is an excellent resource that will assist and affirm bereaved parents as they travel the perilous road of grief toward reconciliation and healing.

A comprehensive introduction to the world of dreams. Includes a large on-line dream dictionary, discussions on dream theories and the spiritual nature of dreams.
Learn to interpret the meaning of your dreams. Dream Moods features a 1900+ word dream dictionary, discussion forums, and other information related to dreaming.

DreamQuest Project Inc.
DreamQuest has developed two tools to facilitate dream insight. Dream Dictionary and DreamQuest Cards.

Everything you'll ever need to know about dreams and astrology. From dream meaning to horoscopes to psychic readings.

Dreams ~ dream journal ~ dream dictionaries ~ enter your dream in my guestbook ~ links to free oracles ~ metaphysical links

Learn about your dreams and submit dreams for interpretation.

Utilizing Dream Interpretation, Hypnosis, Tarot and Meditation to assist in mind body spirit oneness.

Predictions of the future based on dreams and intuition.

DreamWork Wellness LLC
Explore the deeper meaning of your dreams. Decode your unique dream language and find out what they are are trying to tell you.

Esoteric Knowledge
Esoteric Knowledge is located in Sydney, Australia and we offer free courses that include a diverse range of techniques and practices to enable you to uncover for yourself the mystical and esoteric side of life

Heaven Org
Control the action or activity in your dream as well as utilize it for relieving stress and inhabitions.

Insightful Nights
On-going workshops devoted to group dream telepathy, natural dream interpretation, dream journaling & dream recall techniques. Located in Naperville, IL.

John Roberts' Alcove
Observations on Spiritualism, Dream Experiences, Autobiography, Bible Commentary, many essays on spiritual and social topics.

kristo's dream work
the sacred art of dream interpretation.

Laura Suzanne Spiritual Advisor
Spiritual Advisor Laura Suzanne is a master at helping others to gain clarity and perspective from their dreams and to use them in a very practical manner.

Lolie's Dream World
Dreams, the bridge between the ego and the subconscious

Manifest NOW Foundation
Dreams & Manifestations; The Dreams & Dolphins Network, Dream Weaving the Light of Creation: The Manifest NOW Foundation

Nicole Rivera - Dream Analysis & Guidance
Nicole Rivera is a Dream Analyst, Reiki Master and Interfaith Minister. She is a Spiritual Counselor greatly inspired by the works of Carl G. Jung.

Personal Site
A very large web site about "big" dreams, earth changes, prophecy, myths, religions, survival, ancient sites and numbers, crop circles, and many related subjects. Extensive pages of links.

Soul Future
This site is dedicated to assisting you with connecting with your core essence. Includes intuitive and spiritual counseling, personal growth courses, dream interpretation and an online dream dictionary.

the gathering force
a totally new concept in dreamwork to awaken your inner guidance, creative potential and personal power. it's easy to do and it works. stop by the website and print out a copy of the working the dreamtime technique. this is dreamwork everyone can do!

THE infogatherer
Free shot at your dream: no strings attached.

what do your dreams mean?
the dream doctor uses the ancient art of alchemy to interpret your dreams providing you with a unique understanding of these nightly messages.

World of Dream Symbols
Learn the language of your dreams! Discover the bright and vivid world of dream symbols and the valuable messages they communicate every night. The content of this site is intended help you connect with yourself, so that you can live the life of your dreams. Wake up by going to sleep.

Your Dream Team
We professionally analyze dreams, using Traditional (European and Native American) and Jungian interpretation. We provide a popular, printer friendly, Dream Questionnaire. "What is the meaning of my dreams?" can be the beginning of a successful spiritual quest.

Your Dream Team
DREAM READINGS: A collection of intimate dreams and meanings, using Traditional and Jungian dream interpretation. From Your Dream Team. Come visit us!

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