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Eastern Directory

Hindu and Buddhist Fine arts
Order Hindu and Buddhist Statues, figurines, jewelry, clothing, Software

India Essence- Where the Spirit of India REIGNS!
Imports, Statues, Incense, jewelry, Henna, Teas, Kama Sutra, Astrology and more!

Visit our site for Tibetan Buddhist and Dharma supplies. We stock a large variety of quality dharma goods. Tibetan Incense, Rupas, Thankas, offering bowls, prayer tables,malas, singing bowls, books, music and much much more. Om Mani Peme Hung!!

Healing Tao
We offer a training based on the traditional taoism

Inner Wisdom
Sowing Seed Thoughts for Lasting Happiness

Isisdownunder's Kuan Yin Pictures and Information
Most Kuan Yin pictures on the web! Come to Isisdownunder's Kuan Yin website for pictures, Kuan Yin Invocations, Prayers, Poetry, Other Goddess information, Buddhist Pictures for the kids to colour and heaps more. Over 10,000 visitors in under a year!

Hare Krishna site featuring regular articles, message board, marketplace, weekly music and lectures in Real Audio, and much more

Laksminkara Buddhist Institute
Buddhist sutras and other scriptures as well as links to other spiritual sites.

Mystic Radio
Mystic Radio ( is a free, online music service describing itself as “a cosmic blend of new age, chill, ragas, and rock.” Featured artists include: Tangerine Dream, Delirium, Sacred Spirit Ii, David Gray, Enigma, and Amethystium. Great Music!

Pan Gu Mystical Qigong Boston Association
This is the students practice this qigong in Boston which created by Mr.Ou in 1990.

Sai Rapture
Sai Rapture's temple doors are open. Fly by and allow your Spirit to soar through the myriad portals of Sai Love: Ecstatic Poetry, Art, Spiritual guidance and Instruction, Health, Healing and so much more.Lots of Premasonya ki

Self-Discovery Portal - Ch'an Masters
The teachings of sudden illumination by the Ch'an Masters of ancient China. Includes sections on Seng-ts'an, Hui-neng, Hui Hai, Huang Po and others.

Where the Spirit of India REIGNS!
The finest imports from India andHenna,Bindis, Tikkas, Puja Items,Religious statues and posters (largest selection on the 'net),Malas,Clothing, Batiks and other artwork,ankletsand bellychains as well as toerings,sarongs,imported incense, hippie items,hindu jewelry,Ayurvedic items, and much, muchmore!!!

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