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Education Directory
Forest Trail Academy
Forest Trail Academy foresttrailacademy
3111 Fortune Way Suite B-16 Wellington, FL 33414
Wellington 33414

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Phone:  561.537.5501
Fax   :  (866)230-0259

Forest Trail Academy is one of the leading online schools in United States serving nation and abroad. K-12 online school is imparting education and serving as a best alternative to traditional education. Students can access the school, classes, courses and earn the education beyond the geographical boundaries just with an internet connection. Homeschool courses include Online Elementary School Courses for Grades (Kindergarten - Grade 5), Online Middle School Courses for Grades (6-8), and Online High School Courses for Grades (9-12). Along with these, the school does offer Elective Courses, Adaptive/Prescriptive Courses, Credit Recovery Courses and Individual Courses. FTA encourages student athletes by providing sports training and education and to get succeeded athletically and academically.
American Institute of Holistic Theology
American Institute of Holistic Theology Cheri Poole
2101 Magnolia Ave Suite 400
Birmingham 35205

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Phone:  205 323 8238

Learn how to help yourself and others be healthy in body, mind and spirit.The American Institute of Holistic Theology offers accredited nonsecular college degree programs through distance education. You can earn your degree in, Divinity, Metaphysics, Naturology, Healtheology, Holistic Childcare, Holistic Ministries and Parapsychic Science. Learn how to build and maintain a private health practice teaching the universal laws of health and healing. For a free catalog call 1-800-949-4325 or visit us at
Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Gerald O'Donnell
2234 N. Federal Highway
Boca Raton

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Email Member
Phone:  561-243-2087

Learn Remote Viewing and Influencing, and Experience the Ultimate Stress Relief!You will soon be walking around in a permanent state of increased bilateral Theta or Delta brain waves alike a Zen or Yoga Master, in fearless joy because you will have mastered the superpowers of the Mind and be consciously creating-as-you-go your reality !

The way to happiness
About Hot News Forms Of Study Newspaper "Enigma Of Happiness" Esoteric Tourism Company "Marianna" Photogallery Internetional Activity Magic Shop Archive Contacts With Us How To Choose The Right Partner How To Transform Your Husband (Wife) How To Invoke A Light Soul Child How To Awaken The Genius Of Your Child Healing Successful Business A Universal Prayer For The World

Wise Woman University
The Wise Woman University (WWU) is a sacred distance learning environment for the reweaving of the healing cloak of the Ancients. WWU is an online non-accredited distance learning environment, offering courses to women for personal empowerment and well-being. Register at the Wise Woman Bookshop to choose from WWU's empowering courses.At the Wise Woman University you will find mentors with women-centered skills pleased to offer their wisdom to you in a format that is lively, interesting, and easily available.

Menopausal Allies Online Course with Susun Weed
You will learn about herbal allies for menopause: herbs for dealing with fertility, mood and emotion, sex, hot flashes, sleepless nights, lack of libido, and your own personal problems. Join our menopausal moon lodge, honor yourself and reweave the healing cloak of the Ancients. This is an online course.

Your Healthy Vagina & Cervix Online Course with Susun Weed
Get to know your vagina and cervix, prevent or treat any problems that may arise there. Includes all modalities of health care; homeopathy, herbal medicine, drugs, surgery, energy medicine, lifestyle changes, diet and exercise. It is suitable for those primarily concerned with self-care as well as for those interested in helping others. This is an online course.

Herbal First Aid: The Wise Woman Way Online Course with Susun Weed
One of the easiest ways to develop a relationship with healing herbs is to use them externally to deal with small injuries such as scrapes, cuts, burns, bruises, muscle aches and swelling, insect bites and stings, and itching, and then to expand on our simple herbal first aid for everyday aches in the teeth, stomach, head, and uterus. This is an online course.

Nourishing Herbal Infusions Online Course with Susun Weed
Explore the foundations of creating good health in the Wise Woman Tradition with herbalist and women's health expert Susun Weed. This course covers some of the basic concepts of the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. Instead of spending money on supplements, learn about simple but powerful remedies that can be created from plants found outside your door. Build up your energy and create optimal health in a supportive, gentle and nourishing way. This is an online course.

Designed for those who have an inane zeal to learn yoga and adapt to the yogic lifestyle, the 200hrsyogattc program is an internationally certified program that helps you fulfill the much awaited desire to become a yoga teacher. This program is for everyone irrespective of their background in the knowledge of yoga.

Abaton Center of Healing Arts
A center to educate a student in the healing arts focusing on mind and body connections.

Academia de idiomas Hablalenguas
Escuela de ingles en Madrid. Nuestra academia de idiomas te enseñará ingles con profesores nativos y grupos reducidos.

Academic Guardians UK
Guardianship services Homestay arrangements, transport arrangements, school uniform purchase, school advice

Academy of Natural Living
A course in all aspects of Natural Living, Natural Hygiene, Nature Cure, Biogenic Living, Anopsology. An alternative to medicine, not alternative medicine.

Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
Learn Remote Viewing and Influencing, and Experience the Ultimate Stress Relief! You will soon be walking around in a permanent state of increased bilateral Theta or Delta brain waves alike a Zen or Yoga Master, in fearless joy because you will have mastered the superpowers of the Mind and be consciously creating-as-you-go your reality!

Accelerated Learning Institute Inc
Corporate training, Teacher training, languages, parenting, better grades, teacher training and corporate training. Conversational Spanish in 5 days. Italian, French, German and Spanish Home Study and Team learning courses

AIHFE Education
We offer self-paced professional courses like Arbitration, Ayurveda, Health and wellness, first aid courses and personal development courses in Perth Australia

Alternative Balance
Alternative Medicine & Natural Living Classes

Alternative Education Resource Organization
Networks educational alternatives (alternative schools, homeschool groups, etc) world-wide. Newsletter, directory, consultations.

Amelia's New Age Holistic School and Healing Center
This is a Special and Advanced School for those who feel chosen to bring forth a better life. Teaching Four Programs within four countries for eleven years.

American Sanskrit Institute
The American Sanskrit Institute was created by Vyaas Houston M.A. in 1989 with a vision of Sanskrit as a universal sacred language. Utilizing learning technology based on the theory and practice of yoga, ASI courses emphasize the ease and joy of learning Sanskrit through an immersion experience, the enjoyment of making the sounds, fluently reading the original Devanagari script, and directly reading, chanting and understanding sacred literature.

Ananda Institute of Alternative Living
A 4-year spiritual college inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi". Certification for: Building Communities; Health & Healing; Business & Leadership; Education; The Arts. Complete online brochure.

ancient visions
Our School is formend form the heart of Native American, Hawaiian and Celtic traditions in healing. We offer classes in traditional healing methods of the indignious people of our planet earth. We also offer healings, massage, sweat lodge, vision quest, weddings and other ceremonies that are traditional to spiritual being.

Arhanta Yoga Ashrams
Arhanta Yoga Ashrams is a yoga school in the center of India organizing 200 hour yoga teacher training courses certified with Yoga Alliance. They are 4-week short but intensive courses preparing students to teach yoga professionally all over the world.

Aromatica, Centre for Natural Therapies & Holistic Study
Aromatica is a holistic training & therapy centre offering education and therapies in Aromatherapy Massage, Myomassology Massage, Reflexology, Spa Therapies, Ear Candling, CranioSacral Therapy, Tuina Chinese Massage, Acupressure, River Rock Massage, Chair Massage, Paraffin Therapy, Chinese Cupping, Pregnancy Massage & Marketing & Business Practices.

Arvind International
ARVIND offers seminars, courses and longer development programes in the follosing areas: awareness, meditation, intuition, relationships, male & female qualities, communciation, creativity, Innovative Leadership - Awareness Training for Leaders, Stress Management Programe and Working with People from awareness

ARVIND International - Consulting & Education
ARVIND offers seminars, courses and longer development programes in: Awareness, Meditation, Intuition, Relationships, Communication, Male & Female Qualities, Innovative Leadership - Awareness Training for Leaders, Team Development, Presence - Working from Within: Working with People from awareness

Bach Flower Essences Distance Learning Program
Distance Learning Program on the Bach Flower Remedies. This course is approved by the Dr Edward Bach Foundation in England. The Bach remedies can help you to safely manage stress, worry, moodiness, sleeplessness, anxiety, and problems with concentration. An important tool for use in the home with all members of the family, they are also beneficial to those who work in a complementary practice. In this course, you will learn how to use the remedies for yourself, friends and family to alleviate stress and enhance well-being. CEUs are available for massage therapists.

Beaumont College of Natural Medicine
Professional training courses and correspondence courses in Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology under the personal direction of Denise Whichello Brown.

Being Divine yoga
Being Divine is an International Yoga TTC in india ,Yoga Teacher Training School in Goa India, Offer best Yoga Alliance certified 200 Hour Yoga TTC, 100 Hour Yoga Teacher training in best cost.
Search 25,000 quotations by keyword, author, source, nationality, profession, and even author's day of birth. Find creative quotations from a famous person born on your birthday. All quotes are selected to inspire creative thinking.

Bennett/Stellar University
Unique 15-day comprehensive program that combines NLP, Hypnotherapy and Reiki to enable a practitioner to holistically counsel and heal their clients and themselves in a fun, enriching and inspiring setting with compassionate, professional teachers.

Beth Coleman's Courses
Learn Ancient Huna And Feng Shui Manifestation ProcessesTo Create What YOU Prefer!FIND THE HIDDEN BELIEFS THAT KEEP YOU LOCKED IN OLD PATTERNS.1. Take stock of where you are, using kinesiology (muscle testing) to clarify issues. 2. To create a new beginning, you must first clear old patterns and programs. New programs can be installed using Theta Brainwave Techniques. FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!“What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us."~Julia Cameron Knowing your path is having a roadmap to abundance!· Learn to open your “valve” for Abundance..· Learn to “radiate” Abundance..· Reawaken dormant Creativity.· Learn secrets of Entrainment.· How Numerology affects your life.


BoJo A-Go-Go
A look inside the wacky world of Bob Jones University by a former student.

BoJo A-Go-Go
A look inside the wacky world of Bob Jones University by a former student.

BookMyTrainings Pvt Ltd
It is India’s best training marketplace that provides a platform for learners and training providers to reach out to each together. The learners include individuals who are taking up training courses for their own career growth as well as corporate learning & development (L&D) managers who arrange training for their team.

Boston Shiatsu School
Integrating traditional methods and Western science, the Boston Shiatsu School offers both full-and part-time certification in Shiatsu as well as continuing education workshops and classes. We also offer treatment in our student clinic.

Buenos Aires Centre
Intensive Spanish Language, knowing the culture and idiosyncrasy of Argentina, and its people. Immersion in Estancias.

Buenos Aires Centre
Programs of Spanish Language and Culture with personalized attention by native teachers.Immersion in Estancias or Ranchs.

Cancer Prevention Coalition
Information on awareness of avoidable risks of cancer from personal hygiene, beauty cosmetics and the environment.

Career Coaching Toronto
Sigsoog specializes in executive leadership coaching, and provides small business coach and life coach services to businesses throughout Toronto.

Cartridge Express Recycling Ltd
Cartridge Express is a online resource of information relating to printer supplies and recycling issues.

Center For Massage & Natural Health
6 Month, 600 Hour Certification program begins every 3 months. Contact us for your FREE 20 page catalog TODAY!

Centered Yoga
Centered Yoga offers yoga teacher training courses for aspiring yoga instructors. We were one of the first to offer this type of training and are also part of the Yoga Alliance.

Courses for Life (TM)
Infinity offers over 50 courses, retreats and professioanl trainings in personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Courses In Wellness
~ Linda's Mission Statement ~"To empower as many people as possible with a low-cost natural health education, thus lengthening their lives"

Covenant University
Covenant University is a part of the Liberation Commission that God gave to the Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Bishop David Oyedepo, (Ph.D.) some years ago.

Cultural Destination Nepal
This program is designed for those people who wish to visit Nepal and contribute their time and skills to benefit the community people as well as learn Nepalese culture & customs by living as member of a Nepali Family and doing volunteer work in various fields (normally in a school teaching different).

Dental Sleep Masters
Avi Weisfogel

Driver Education Course
Driver Education Course. Take Driver Ed Online course at 30 hours easy DMV approved. Join Driver Education Course for taking Driver License Online or DMV learners permit.

Earthseeds has created an exciting environmental education curriculum with support materials for pre-school through elementary school aged children, including the 2004 Parents Choice Award winning globe of the Earth, as taken by satellite. Ideal for Earthday lessons for elementary, home school and pre-school settings.

Department of EASTWEST CENTER, the RAINFOREST ACADEMY offers on-hands Consciousness and Healing courses in the Rainforests of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Educosm Technical Campus is an AICTE approved institute, offering the best PGDM and MCA courses in Jaipur, India. Educosm Technical Campus is also affiliated to the Rajasthan Technical University for its MCA program.

Eso-chology Institute
This site is dedicated to helping parents discover the normally hidden reasons for confusion, conflict, and resentment in relationship with themselves and their children.

Eso-chology Institute
A site that introduces the visitor to a fascinating look at the whole human being.

EXCEL Spanish Language Centre
Personal/small group intensive Spanish instruction by professional teachers. Extra curricualr activities. EXCEL study packages include tuition, accommodations, meals, pick up and tours of Cusco and Machupicchu.

Fellowships of the Spirit
We are a spiritual organization that exists to provide environments where all people can experience their own connection with God. We study, teach and practice spiritual unfoldment so that we may understand more fully God's presence in our lives.

Foundation for Educational Renewal
Summarizes books, articles and research on diverse forms of alternative and holistic education. Resources are available for parents, educators, scholars & school decision makers.

Gestalt Institute of Austin
Gestalt Institute of Austin, (GIA), is a federated community of Gestalt Therapists who are engaged in the professional training and clinical supervision of students. GIA functions as a recognized educational, training and research center, serving the southwestern United States.

Ghost Ranch Education, Retreat and Conference Center
Ghost Ranch is a non-sectarian conference, educational and retreat center of The Presbyterian Church (USA), offering art, photography, archaeology and spiritual workshops and courses, set in the canyon where Georgia O'Keeffe painted.
The Latest News on Breakthrough Green Jobs Training programs in the Renewable Energy world. This informative portal offers news, views and resources on Wind and Solar Certifications, Schools, and degrees.

Healing Touch
Courses and education of energy healing for beginners to certified practitioners

Heartwood Institute
Residential massage school in Northern California offering career training and continuing education for massage therapists--Nationally accredited by ACCET.

Certified hypnosis center offers best training sessions. See our hypnosis certification schedules in Northern Virginia.

IBERO Spanish Argentina
The most important and best Spanish school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. High quality immersion Spanish courses.References.

ICYAS offers Yoga Teacher Training certification with Nutrition, Healing and Numerology electives. Half of our students are international students.

IES (Institute for the Int'l Education of Students)
IES offers quality study abroad programs in Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America for college-age students.

Indian Astrology School
Indian Astrology School is established by a dedicated group of professionals. They share a common passion of spreading the awareness about Indian and ancient traditional arts in every house. We wish to invoke interest in young generation about ancient Vedic traditions and arts and impart their knowledge at the most reasonable rates, even skilled enough to take it up professionally.Online learn various courses like Vedic Vastu shastra, Jyotish shastra ,Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Feng Shui, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, and Gems and Crystal Therapy are conducted through correspondence (distance learning) pattern. Students can learn, master these arts, and help themselves and others. The course is easy to understand and student friendly which helps you become an expert in the subject. Students can practice as a professional after completing these courses.All Advance courses have been prepared by a panel of experts of these fields from across India. Utmost attention to quality and practical applications has been given. High level of expertise of the said professionals and their years of experiences has been incorporated in the designing the syllabus and course material. We are hopeful that this course will be appreciated not just in India but will have lot of followers in foreign shores too.

Inner Focus
INNER FOCUS is a professional school for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing and Enlightenment with teachings for everyone. We offer professional training with a four year curriculum. We are a school of Spiritual Mastery and Personal Mastery. You will learn about - Clairvoyant Scanning- Energetics of your Chakras- Meditation- Soul Centered Healing- Protection and Cleansing- Living from your Heart- The Power of Choice in your Life

Institute of Global Education
Nature-Connected Psychology Online: Ph.D or M.S. degrees include your prior experiences: inexpensive, dedicated, accredited. Transferable courses and internships improve careers, global consciousness and human-environmental relationships.

International Pre School in Hyderabad
Springboard is a fun, safe and nurturing environment for little learners from 15 months through to 5 and-a-half years of age. With excellent facilities and resources, your little one will develop a curiosity and enthusiasm for learning that will help them to become school ready.

International School in Bangalore : Redbridge International Academy
Best international school in Bangalore providing ICSE and IGCSE Education

IW Spanish courses and Translations
We offer Spanish lessons in very small groups and individually, we are a family-owned school. We also offer English- Spanish translations of official documents and other types of texts.

JB Institute of Technology
JB Institute of Technology was established under the aegis of Jai Bhagwan Educational Society with the aim of imparting higher knowledge in Science and Technology to the aspiring boys and girls so that they can emerge as competent scientists, engineers and technologists of repute.

johannine grove
sacred inner mystery school publications and tapes, based on 29 years of accumulated higher dimensional information, primarily from thoth.

Kathleen Sciacca
This web site focuses on resources for co-occurring mental illness and substance disorders, including severe, persistent mental illness. It includes opportunities to purchase books, videos, manuals, and other training and program development materials. It provides consulting opportunities for program development and matters of dual disorders training and systems issues. It includes training opportunities for dual diagnosis service providers. And opportunities for Motivational Interviewing training for providers who work with behavior change.

KC Enterprises: Networking & Relationshipping
A place to learn about listening, networking, sharing, relationshipping

Learn Reiki
Reiki is a key to keeping clean and healthy of your mind and body. Reiki Chennai is used to preventing your all internal diseases. Reiki classes in Chennai are used for behaviour development and bring harmony in life.

Lighthouse Homeschool Resources
You really should be aware of the advantages of homeschooling over the more traditional forms of education. It should be one of the options that you should look into if you want to get the best kind of education for your child.

Lightspan, Inc.
StudyWeb is a comprehensive research resource indexing over 141,000 content rich academic sites. All sites are human selected and reviewed for content, approximate grade level, and for visual content - where visual aids are available for use in reports.

Lotus Learning Pvt. Ltd
Make your dreams comes true through Linguaphone Business English Plus Program which provides a vocabulary of 3000 words with British & American English as well as it helps to achieve confidence and fluency over language & expression.

Lotus Learning Pvt. Ltd
Everybody wishes to have a command over Communication skills while interacting with people or delivering speech before audience.Linguaphone helps us to learn International English in 90 days merely spending 30 minutes everyday. The success of Linguaphone is based on the simple method of Listen, Understand, speak. Linguaphone Institute London was founded in 1923.In those 80 years over 6 million people all around the world have learned a new language using linguaphone programs in more than 80 countries. Besides International English we can learn 30 International languages. Among the celebrities who have benefited out of LINGUAPHONE programs are Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, George Bernard Shaw, Emperor Haile Selassie, Mahatir Mohamad, Ava Gardner, Peter Sellars and Richard Attenborough, to name a few.LINGUAPHONE Programes have changed the lives of kids, students, businessmen and executives. And it has been accepted by many renowned Educational Institutions too.

Luminous Spaces Feng Shui
Consulting and Live Online Certification for Feng Shui, Biophilic Design, and Earth Energies

Maitreya Education Trust
Dedicated to educating people. Removing fear and negativity, and making them their own Master.

Are you looking to do MBA abroad then Singapore is definitely one of the best destinations you can ever choose. Singapore's economy is growing from strength to strength. The quality of education in Singapore is also high as students here learn through professional trainings and thus this experiential learning really helps them later in their professional careers.

n.o.e.t.i.c. university
professional empath training and career development; personal transformation and enlightenment

Natural Health Instruction
This site is devoted to providing a natural health education to as many people as possible, thus lengthening their lives.

NeuroPathways Education and Training Centers
The NeuroPathways 26-week Parent Coaching Program integrates the left and right brain and connects the mind and heart. For dyslexic, ADD, ADHD students. Career opportunity available for instructors.

NeuroPathways Education and Training Centers, Inc.
A revolutionary approach to learning problems that balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain and integrates the mind and heart. Addresses academic as well as emotional blocks.

New Radiance Marketing Services
One-Stop Resource for Holistic and Spiritual Marketing Tips & Tools: How-to Articles, Marketing Ezines, Book Marketing Help, Marketing Courses, Book Review Service, Florida-wide Co-op Mailings and more.

North Carolina School of Natural Healing
Our programs are designed to open your heart and activate your soul they include Massage Therapy, Meditation and Energy Healing. We also offer Continuing Education Classes, and a Student Massage Clinic

NVC Resolutions
NVC Resolutions uses the powerful process known as Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication to support your personal growth in the areas of communication, healing and reconciliation, and relationships.

O.L.E., Organización Lingüística de Español
Specialized spanish language school Start courses every Monday, for all levels and ages

Free online courses, support and healing for metaphysical development. Monthly Newsletter and great Fun Area.

Prague Language Centre
Our 4-week course in the centre of Prague leads to the prestigious Trinity College London Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is the perfect opportunity to gain teaching skills and experience.

PSYETA is a national nonprofit organization of psychologists and other social scientists and health providers interested in animal welfare. We edit two academic journals -- Society and Animals, and Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science. We also are interested in the relation between violence toward human and other animals.

Quiescence Music
Learn to play in the New Age style with these free online lessons for beginning adults.

the Reiki, Yoga and Tantra school in Milan (Italy) held by Dorje Shiayvam Atothas (Dott. Alessandro Segalini

Renewal of the Spirit Institute
We provide ordination,training,certificates & degrees for those men/women called into the healing ministry. We also provide training, in herbology, pastoral counseling, art therapy, therapeutic touch, spiritual art for healing and healing touch.

Rishikul Yogshala
200 Hour, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, India - We are one of the best school of 200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India, certified by Yoga Alliance, USA

Ronni's Psychic Room
Artistic intuitive empath and spiritual teacher, Ronni Ann Hall, offers courses in working and healing with Angels, Fairies, the Other Side, and the Animals. She also offersmany resources for those that are psychically sensitive including readings.

Rozi Rojgar
Rozi Rojgar is a free jobs portal of India which provides recent college graduates and other job seekers with latest Goverment jobs in Banks, Railways, Army, Police, etc public sector jobs.

Sarkari Naukri
Get info about Sarkari Naukri / Sarkari Naukari (Govt Jobs) & Private Nokri. Welcome to Get Sarkari Naukri.

Sarvyoga provides best yoga teacher training in India with highly experienced yoga teachers under these yoga teachers you can easily know all yoga technique.

Sciacca Comprehensive Service Development for MIDAA
Introduces visitors to the pioneering work of Kathleen Sciacca in the field of Dual Diagnosis of co-occurring mental illness and substance disorders, including severe mental illness. Links to a variety of resources for Dual Disorders including: education, a treatment program directory, resources for training and program development, a bulletin board and more.

Sciacca Comprehensive Service Development for MIDAA
DUAL DIAGNOSIS WEBSITE: The Dual Diagnosis Website for co-occurring mental illness and substance disorders includes the following resources: complete articles and book chapters to read or download; up coming events; materials and services for program development and training; A national and international treatment program directory (to add to or search for programs); an interactive bulletin board; links; subscription to a credentialed listserv; a bibliography; a search engine; and much more. The site is hosted by: Sciacca Comprehensive Service Development for Mental Illness, Drug Addiction and Alcoholism, MIDAA.

scuola toscana
Italian language courses in the historical centre of Florence. From absolute beginners up to perfecting, small groups, special activities

Simplicity Institute
We teach business wisdom wrapped in New Age spirituality. Classes include business planning, marketing, health insurance and others. Please join us for no-fear Web-based business classes, anytime, anywhere.

Simply Believe
Change your life by changing your thoughts. Live your life to the fullest. Overcome limiting beliefs. Believe in yourself and the power you have within.

Smart Students Smart Schools of India
30 Years of establishment, refined standards of education and vision to go beyond obvious by imparting Futuristic Education, stands Young Scholars Schools Barnala, Handiaya in Punjab, affiliated to CBSE, out from the crowd,Year after year. YS Schools have brought laurels by producing achievers in both academia and co-curricular activities.

Offering Products in the School, Church, Business, & Parenting Industry...With an Emphasis on the Unique & Interesting, & a Focus on Great Deals!!!

Spirit of Nature
Products, services, and nature excursions to open the heart and improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Tantra Meditation Retreats for Couples
Tantra Meditation Retreats for Couples

The Church of Seven Planes
The interfaith seminary offers degrees from bachlors to doctorates .Some degrees available without courses and others that require a course.

The Holistic Therapy Center
Stop smoking, reduce weight, manage stress - naturally through hypnosis, herbs, reiki, breathwork. 150-hour hypnotherapy certification training as well as on-line Holistic Christian Practitioner certification training.

The Institute for Earth Education
The Institute for Earth Education is a nonprofit volunteer group made up of an international network of individuals and member organizations. In the past twenty years the institute has grown to become the world's largest group of educators devoted to helping people live more lightly on the earth.

The Institute for Self-Transcendence, Inc.
School of Transpersonal PsychologySchool of Transpersonal PhilosophyAwards Bachelors, Master and Doctoral Degrees

The Meditation Farm Ashram
The Meditation Farm Ashram in Australia is home to Spiritual Master, Avinash Do. It is a registered charity, offering spiritual education and community service. It is a home for sincere spiritual seekers who yearn for self realisation, and to live a life of compassion and service. The ashram is also an idyllic sanctuary for peace, rest, inspiration and upliftment. Meditation and satsangs take place regularly, as well as courses, classes and charitable works. Guests are welcome for events, and to have longer stays to experience ashram life, and have the rare opportunity to be in close company with an enlightened spiritual master.The ashram is located in the lush hills, forests and valleys of the Wollumbin (Mt Warning), Boarder Ranges and Mt Jerusalem National Parks. 360 degree views of mountains surround the ashram, located in the town of Doon Doon, Northern NSW.

The School at Highden Manor
The School at Highden Manor offers soul-based education for younger adults, in a residential, tuition-free environment. It is run by volunteers of a non-profit charitable trust, and marks the culmination of work by an international group of educators and professionals. The New Zealand-based school is the first of several schools intended for various countries, and offers an opportunity for the unique characteristics of the new civilization to participate in evolving consciousness and practical application of goodwill. Studies focus on individual life purpose with an emphasis on community service, and altruism, grounded in physical, emotional, mental and meditational practices. Courses begin 21 June 2001. Student interviews and onsite orientation underway.

The Seeker's Circle
All about intuition development and personal growth. Free articles, interviews, online workshops.

The Upledger Institute, Inc.
The Upledger Institute (UI) was founded in 1985 by osteopathic physician and surgeon John E. Upledger to support the work of CranioSacral Therapy (CST), a gentle hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the function of the craniosacral system (the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord). Today, UI is recognized worldwide for its ground-breaking continuing-education programs, clinical research and therapeutic services in CST and other complementary and innovative techniques.

The Vibrational Ark
An Open Door to the truth of yourself. Only you may discover it, by simply letting the already existing state of your reality out. We have a generous library and nothing to sell. Non-denominational, but only for those who are serious about letting the facts of Life be brought to Remembrance through vibrational responsibility and integrity.

Children learn math and reading skills with this personalized online educational enrichment. They build confidence and improve grades. Includes safe internet access and reports for parents.

Traditional Shamanism: Come Walk With A Shaman
FREE articles, tools, information and 3 courses in Traditional Shamanism. Counseling by phone or FREE email. This is old school taught by an indigenous Shaman teaching her own family's ways.

Traffic School Online courses
Traffic School Online courses & Defensive Driving courses offered by National Driver Safety Services are State Certified in California, Florida,Texas, Alaska, Colorado ,Idaho, Missouri,Nevada, NewMexico,Virginia.

Traffic school Online Defensive Driving
I DRIVE SAFELY Traffic School offers convenient Internet traffic School safety courses for Defensive Driving,Traffic School Online courses and State Certified courses

True Health
Learn the truth about your health and nutrition. No pills, potions or products!

University Jobs
University Jobs Blog is a free jobs portal which publishes worldwide University jobs.

Uttaranchal University
Uttaranchal University, Dehradun - Global standard of academics and the highest no. of multi-disciplinary study programs including Engineering, Management and Law with bench marked faculties.

VIA hispana
The VIA to learn and explore the language and culture of Argentina through workshops, spanish lessons, thematic tours, volunteer, certificates, DELE exams and more.

Vinyasa Yoga School
Vinyasa Yoga School offers 200hr RYS certified teacher training in Rishikesh, India. Our courses includes, 3 yogic meals per dayy, courses materials, private rooms with bathroom, and free admission to weekend activities.

Visionary Spiritual Institute of Australia
Professional Spiritual Practitioner Centre, offering Courses and Seminars in Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Chinese Astrology, Psychic Art, Meditation, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Feng Shui and more. Private Consultations available.

Waldorf Homeschoolers
THE Place for Home schooling Support! Meet Kytka, a home schooling mother, who shares her seasoned advice and the very best resources on almost every topic a home schooling parent could be seeking! Over 450 in-site pages of information and links to hundreds more. Her articles are informative, as well as entertaining to read! If you can't find what you're looking for or need further help, use the FREE "Ask Kytka" column and then browse the 180+ question and answer archives! Waldorf Home schooling is truly an A - Z site! This site does cover it all! We believe this is a site that should be on every home schooling or Waldorf-inspired parent's "Favorites" list!

Waldorf Inspired Students at Home
If you are looking for support and information on Waldorf Inspired home or unschooling, you've come to the right place! It is my hope that this site will become your favorite connection to resources for your Waldorf Inspired Home/Un Schoolers. I plan to keep this site growing, so bookmark it now and remember to come back again real soon. Have a cup of tea, relax and begin browsing through my inspirational collection of stories, verses, lesson plans, ideas, projects and links.

Washington University of Barbados
Washington University of Barbados is one among the top medical universities in caribbean, located in the barbados.Washington University of Barbados medical school aims at providing the students with a high quality education in an affordable fee structure.

Wise Woman University
The Wise Woman University (WWU) is a sacred distance learning environment for the reweaving of the healing cloak of the Ancients. WWU is an online non-accredited distance learning environment, offering courses to women for personal empowerment and well-being.

Wondergirl Music
Masterful presentation requires masterful communication skills-the ability to capture people’s interest, draw them in, and inspire them to action. StageWork participants lift their presentation to new levels using the skills and knowledge of great performers to create communication that is effective and entertaining.

world harmonic unified ministers
this site purports to teach skills necessary to become a harmonic master capable of controlling your health. one free lesson. publicly funded.

World Peace 2000 International
Gathering of All Nations for 2000 Years of World Peace
Through our experience, curiosity and ever thirsty quench for knowledge, we created this one-of-a-kind Search and explore countless professionals and well-known experts. Become part of our Directory with marketing options specifically created for your skills, or browse our countless number of knowledgeable professionals and learn something new! Welcome you to our site!
OnlineCompliancePanel offers training on Online Regulatory Compliance, Banking and Financial Compliance, FDA regulations, HR Compliance, Workplace Safety and more

Yandara Yoga Institute
Yandara Yoga Institute offers teacher training and certification in three locations. We offer RYS 200 & 300 hour certification in Baja, Mexico, Bali, Indonesia, and Hawaii, USA.

yoga course india
Yoga is the best way to find yourself, If you daily use of yoga than you can control your body and mind also you can connect with others.

Yoga Magik
Tantra Kriya Yoga Course with Dr Jonn Mumford (Swami Anandakapila Saraswati) provides transformational growth, personalized tuition, feedback over the Internet, Om Kara Kriya initiation, original practices.

Yoga school in Rishikesh, India
There are numerous Yoga schools in Rishikeshinstitute which provide the courses and hence you could always compare the same features provided by the yoga schools.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India
Become a qualified yoga teacher and gain international expertise with the 200hrsyogattc. The 200hrsyogattc offers different segments according to respective level of experience in yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh
In an authentic way, yoga teacher training offers the candidates complete hands on the theoretical as well as the practical training program that permit them to learn or master their sense towards yoga. This program enables you to fortify yoga practice using spirit, body and mind awareness nature. It helps the individual in order to build a solid foundation based on which he/she can develop their own style of teaching yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand
Welcome to Blooming Lotus Yoga Schoolwhere Yoga is considered to be a way of living; the journey of being. Offering Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Thailand, in depth Yoga Retreats & Workshops, Online Yoga Courses, Daily Yoga Classes, & enriching experiences from the healing arts & dance, the Blooming Lotus Yoga School aspires to foster the remembrance of our true nature through love, healing & awareness.

Yoga Vini Rishikesh, India
Yoga Vini Rishikesh is the traditional yoga school which provide 200 Hour yoga Teacher Training course certified with yoga alliance USA

Yogamea Yoga School
Yogamea School offers 4-week residential 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training courses (TTC), yoga retreats and intensive yoga weeks in Riccione, Italy & Agonda, Goa. Our courses are all inclusive - comfortable accommodation, ayurvedic and healthy vegetarian food, insurance, tuition and certification are all taken care of so that all you have to is get to our school! Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training courses meet all the standards of Yoga Alliance USA, Europe & the UK so you can register with the relevant regulatory body in your region after you complete the course. This will entitle you to insurance and give you support from a growing community of certified teachers. From 1600.

YS College - Management Courses in Punjab, India
YS College is among the top management college in Punjab, India, Affiliated by PTU, offering courses like BBA, BCA, BSc( IT) & B.Com in its modern and magnificent campus. The institute is firmly committed to impart high quality education of practical relevance to the present and future needs of our rapidly changing society.

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