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Flower Essences Directory

Shaman's Secret Flower Essences
Alcohol-free, made fresh from the garden.

3 Flowers Healing
Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences bring the blessing of Safe Passage for the journeys of life. These wildflowers teach us how to energetically trust, surrender, and honor our inner wisdom. True Aromatherapy synergies.

acorn health supplements
suppliers of a wide range of alternative health products, and in particular the full range of bach flower essences. based in the united kingdom and delivering worldwide from a secure online ordering system. all orders dispatched within 24 hours.

anaflora flower essences
flower essence therapy for animals and animal communication. natural holistic health care for animals emphasizing anaflora flower essences and formulas. telepathic animal communication offering diagnostic insight, inspiration and guidance.

ancient forest essences
specializes in flower essences as well as essential oils and blends.

Animal Power Essences
Animal Power Essences are scientifically tested vibrational remedies that allow anyone to access the medicine of animals to naturally improve emotional health, intuition, spirituality and animal communications.

Antakarana Enterprises
Informational and secured shopping site for a large selection of individual wildflower essences and combination formulas, practitioner supplies and counseling assistance in creating one's own custom essence.

antakarana mt. shasta wildflower essences
dispensary and informational site devoted to the wildflower essences of the mt. shasta vortex. individual and combination formulas, custom essences, practitioner supplies, retail and wholesale, secure online shopping cart.

Canadian Distributor for the Australian Bush Flower Essences. Individual and combination drops, mists and creams that help rebalance the physical, emotional and spiritual states.

AusAngels Imports
We are the Canadian Distributor for the Australian Bush Flower, Findhorn, Korte Phi, South African and Aum Himalaya Sanjeevini Essences. Products include individual and combination essences, books, stock kits, flower insight cards and glass nail files.

australian bush flower essences
australian bush flower essences - powerful catalysts to unlock full potential, resolve negative beliefs and give clarity to one's life purpose. usage guide and ordering information.

avalon rose flower essences
essences for personal and spiritual development, descriptions and info on selecting/using flower essences

Bach Centre
Home of genuine Bach Flower Remedies and the Bach Foundation's International Register of Practitioners

bach first aid remedies for domestic pets
by sally hamilton. introduction to using bach remedies for pets, which to use and what to watch out for.

bach flower essences : alicia sirkin
internationally certified bach flower essence practitioner, author & lecturer, alicia sirkin guides you to the appropriate selection of flower essence combinations based upon your needs for a multidimensional healing approach.

bach flower remedies and fes flower essences: a resource guide
bach flower remedies and fes flower essences are for emotional healing and personal empowerment. flower essence consultations. articles about bach flower remedies and fes flower essences.

bach flower remedies for animals
book for sale.

bach flower remedies from
buy flower essences,from this website. orders shipped same day. sales people available to answer questions online.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Bach Flower Therapy!I am Certified in Bach Flower Therapy with more than 10 years experience. In addition, I am an Intuitive born Psychic Healer & Medium. I use my gifts in my Bach Flower Therapy sessions enabling me to connect deeper with my clients as I select the Remedies best suited for a person at that time to assist them to move beyond negative emotions & negative emotional states & restoring harmony to the mind, body & spirit.BachFlower4Life brings a brighter future to the world by raising positive energetic awareness through Bach Flower Remedies!

Chaitanya Bach Flower Therapy Research Institute
Based in Aurangabad, Maharashtra (India), is a dispensing netclinic that impedes negative emotions from the personality with the aid of Bach Flower Therapy without visiting a psychiatrist and disclosing identity in a person. This therapy says that every physical ailment or disease is a result of disharmony between the physical body and eternal soul due to the negative state of mind.

cortesia flower essences
most of the flowers are organically grown in our 2-acre garden or wildcrafted from surrounding forests and meadows; a few come from gardens and sacred places in hawaii. the essences are prepared using non-treated water and preserved for freshness with the finest brandy available (this accounts for the slight taste when taken). they are futher enhanced and potentized by placement in a copper genesa crystal from peralandra

Cosmic Alchemy Flower Essences
cosmic Alchemy Flower Essences are all natural plant and flower extracts in a vegetable glyerine base to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Cosmic Connections
personal dowsings of New Millennium Healing Garden Flower Essences - Mail Order - clears blocks faster by taking the remedies needed rather than chosen by ourselves - dowsing by Demara (published channeller of ascended masters)

crimson bath flower essences
we use 100% alcohol free essences. try our formulas once and you will agree--they are superb and worthy of the investment you made...

david's garden flower essences
custom-blended flower essences from the heart of david's garden in the heart of pennsylvania's endless mountains. learn more about essences and purchase those that could be helpful for you.

desert alchemy flower essences
desert alchemy flower essences for sale; info on how to select and use them for emotional harmony and spiritual well-being.

dr. edward bach centre - mount vernon, england
the bach centre home page: huge amounts of information about dr. edward bach and the bach flower remedies, including educational opportunities and publications.

Earth Lodge
Earth Lodge offers information and support for an integrative life -- holistic books and CDs, flower essences, crystal elixirs.

EarthSpirit Connection
EarthSpirit Essences are environmental essences holding energy from the ancient landscapes of Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. The unique energies of EarthSpirit Essences act as a catalyst to reconnect us with our own ancient wisdom and reactivate the primordial energy within ourselves. They promote intuitive understanding of life's journey and accelerate our personal evolution.

Earthstar Co-Creations
Earthstar Co-Creations is Vibrational Essences and tools for personal and planetary transformation. I offer personal essence consultations and blends, as well as other products (vibrational jewelry, stonessences, wands) to support your emotional and spiritual growth at this time. Welcome to the magic~

emethy essences
emethy essences commercial site

Essence of Tasmania
Vibrational remedies for body, mind and spirit made from the oldest plants in the world. Descriptions of remedies, photos of plants, energetic pathways through Subtle Anatomy.

Your resource for high quality nature and flower essences made from the sacred energies of nature: flowers, animals, minerals, sacred geometry. Holistic health education.

findhorn flower essences
findhorn flower essences are made using wildflowers from scotland, and pure water collected from sacred healing wells. they are prepared by the sun-infusion method pioneered in the 1930s by dr. edward bach, whose own remedies revived the age-old use and understanding of the natural healing power expressed by flower plants and trees. from the famous establishment in scotland. books, products and courses all available.

fleurs de vie - english site
french distributor of many types of flower essences

flower and stone company
flower essences, buenos aires argentina

Flower devliery:Online Send Flower
Duoduo Flower delivery:A flower shopping site to delivery your gift Worldwide.

flower essence gem report: order a personalized astronet report.
learn how to use flower essences, gems, music, aromatherapy, color therapy and visualization to increase your health and well being.

flower essence pharmacy
the flower essence pharmacy website provides information on over 7,000 different flower essences and other forms of vibrational healing. although flower essences are often confused with aromatherapy, they are really quite different. this website explains what essences are, how to choose them, how to use them, and how to purchase them.

Flower Essence Services
Flower essences for mind-body health, herbal skin care products, certified organic and Biodynamic.

flower essence society
flower essence research, education, publications and member networking. founded in 1979 to promote plant research and empirical clinical research on the therapeutic effects of flower essences.

flower essences
flower essences tips, books and websites.

flower essences
flower essences: medicine for the 21st century by ricardo milberg (an innerself magazine article) judgment play a big part in our lives, so much that we are not even aware most of the time that we are judging.

flower essences
very good introduction to what flower essences are all about and the main types available.

flower essences - spiral visions - healing & spiritual services
range of flower essences and other healing services

flower essences by petaltone
petaltones are a unique and exciting new form of flower essence. they work via evaporation into the auric field, and are capable of multi- level healing. they can also be used in healing animals, interaction with crystals, and changing the energy in buildings. our essences were created from english wild flowers in powerful natural energy centres

flower essences for animals
flower essences have done wonders for me and especially for my animals. they work at a soul-level, making subtle but long term changes in behavioral and emotional patterns. i am constantly amazed by their deep level of healing. an introduction to how these can work with your animals and how to purchase.

flower essences for cats, dogs, and other animals
in our flower essence consultation practice we've often been asked to recommend flower essences for people's companion animals. the principles involved are similar as those involved in recommending flower essences for humans

flower essences pharmacy
information on flower essence as well as essences from more than 60 international flower essence developers.

flower essences, gem elixirs and vibrational healing
describes the healing properties of specific flowers and gems

flower essences: nature's healing soul
these simple and nontoxic therapies restore inner harmony by ziporah hildebrandt. article from nutrition science news feb 1998

flower essences: what are they?
flower essences are a fascinating and powerful way to work with plants for healing. working with herbs themselves, as extracts of various kinds or as food sources, uses the chemical components of the herbs as well as their vital energies

flower remedies, solarblend - sun essences - norwich, norfolk, uk
sun essences - the english flower blend company.

flower vision research
new zealand new perception flower essences with clarity and light - mary & dolf garbely

flower vision research
specializing in the most powerful & magical flower, plant, gem & environmental essences from around the world

Flowerbase is used for diagnosing flower essence remedy needs, and is used today by thousands of therapists world wide. Available in Windows, the program serves as a useful holistic growth program for the professional or home user.

flowerbase - computer software for users of flower essences - emotional balancing and pain relief th
flowerbase is used for diagnosing flower essence remedy needs, and is used today by thousands of therapists world wide. available in windows, macintosh and dos, the program serves as a useful holistic growth program for the professional or home user.

gaia's own
wild-crafted flower essences for spiritual soul-integration and ascension from mt. shasta and sedona

Gaia's Own TM
Wildflower essences co-created with Gaia and nature for soul integration and self-empowerment. Awaken, connect, and align your electrical system. Made in the energies of Mt. Shasta and vortexes of Sedona. Funshops, Treks, and Pilgramages with Nature. Private consultations.

Green Island
Select your own flowers and send it to your dears in Syria

healing herbs
the british company which produces flower remedies exactly according to the original directions of dr edward bach.

heartslake essences
metchosin, b.c. this series of flower essences have all come from one organic co-creative garden in metchosin, where plants have graciously offered their energy, through my hands and understanding, for your healing.

Influential Vibrations Essences
Visit and explore the world of Essences a little deeper. A plant has more to offer than the healing properties held within each flower. Discover Root Essences, Leaf and Stem, and Seed Essences. We offer many Elemental Essences, and Gifts of the Water Beings, as well as Stone Essences/Gem Elixirs, and of course, Flower Essences!

Jenny B's Flower & Crystal Essences
Flower and crystal essences, objective, unbiased information about various forms of vibrational medicine, with many essence related and spiritual links

jenny b's flower & crystal essences info page
objective and unbiassed information about flower and crystal essences and vibrational healing, regularly updated with various essence companies featured, includes many links, both essence related and spiritual

kauai flower & gem essences
a wide selection of flower and gem essences are offered for your healing purposes from the garden isle of kauai. channeled transmissins are updated regularily

Lady of the Lotus Healing Arts
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Flower Essence Readings and Wellness Consultations.Services by email, phone or in person. The Lotus flower has been a symbol of spiritual awakening, for thousands of years. It is symbolic in it's growth from the muddy depths, which it relies upon for nourishment, to the blossoming of it's full potential. Similar to the Lotus, the human being awakens through the muddy waters of day to day life. The Lotus seed has the ability to remain dormant for centuries, and grow once again when planted, reminding us that set backs are delays are not permanent, and new life is possible.Lady of the Lotus sessions support inner alchemy through compassionate service of body & soul. Thanks for considering my work, and I extend wishes of happiness to all who visit this listing.

ladyslipper and co. flower essences
welcome to ladyslipper flower essences. ladyslipper flower essences are derived from flowers found in the wilderness areas of northern georgia.

life cycle elixirs
life cycle elixirs have been made for profound changes that occur in various cycles during our lives. the planetary elixirs have been formulated on each new moon, a time of beginnings, and each carries with it many specific planetary energies.

Living Essences of Australia
Living Essences of Australia provide a range of Australian alternative medicines based on natural flower essences. These natural therapy products treat a range of physical, mental and spiritual ailments or illnesses.

living flower essences
a variety of products offered, including essences, specialty kits, salves, animal lovers essences, specialty formulas, and more.

living flower essences - astrological kit
astrological kit for natal charts and transiting aspects by veronica vida and rhonda pallasdowney to show which flower essences would be most effective. page includes some specific examples.

master's flower essences
master's flower essences, the second oldest essence line in the world today, is dedicated to research, education, and certified programs; and to supporting and developing the reputable integrity of flower essences worldwide.

Mind, Body 'n' Soul
Online Bach Flower Essence Consultations

Morningstar Essences
Flower and Vibrational Essences custom produced, along with articles on Astrology, Shamanism,and general Metaphysics.

morningstar flower and vibrational essences
wide range of essences including shamanic, butterfly, gems and more!

Morningstar Flower and Vibrational Essences
A wide range of Flower & Vibrational essences, online articles covering astrology to totem animals and free monthly newsletter!
We provide a searchable database and save our customers money by combining up to five essences of their choice and sending a personalized remedy.

nelson bach usa ltd.
the bach flower system works by gently restoring balance to negative emotion. home of rescue remedy in the usa.

Omega Communications
Information and energy assisting us unfold our potential ~ clearing blocks, healing tools, flower essences and techniques.

Online Bach Flower Essence Consultations
Qualified Bach Flower Remedy therapist, (Level 1 Bach Flower Remedies; The Bach Centre & Professional Membership International Council of Holistic Therapies) offering online consultations.

organix's bach flower essences
discount prices on bach flower essences, books and products. you will also find detailed information about the essences and their uses, along with a personal consultation form.

Organix-South, Inc.
Your online discount source for Bach Flower Essences, Nutritional Supplements, Therapeutic Oils (Neem & Emu), Herbs for Kids, Natural Pet Products, Homeopathics, Traditional Chinese Herbals and more!

perelandra, ltd. -- center for nature research
catalog for perelandra, ltd. center for nature research including flower essences

planetary earth change essences
on fall equinox, 1995, while anchoring energies from mt. shasta, i was guided to make these very special flower essences formulas. the blends came to me in meditation. each one includes a tachyon gem elixir, for the vibrations of universal life force energy, and water from medicine lake, near mt. shasta, which is noted for its miraculous healing powers. guide and ordering details.

preparation of the flower essences
star essences

Reiki for People and Pets
Betty L. Solbjor, BFRP, is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, offering consultations and personalized formulas.

rose cottage flower essences
Rose cottage flower essences is about the making,prescription andselling of flower,channelled, crystal and placeessences ,vibrational remedies.Robina is a flower essence therapist , Reiki master and charteredphysiotherapistin private practice.

Rose Cottage Flower Essences
Robina Hearle is a Flower Essence Therapist and Maker, Reiki Master and Chartered Physiotherapist. At Rose Cottage she makes, prescribes and sells Flower, Channelled, Crystal and Place Essences.

Sacred Space Essentials
Self-healing using gentle forms of vibrational medicine, such as Bach flower remedies and other flower essences, to help create and maintain balance and harmony of the body, mind, heart and soul.

sedona flower essences
flower essences and more, from the magical deserts of sedona arizona, usa.

flower essence therapy

star flower essences
star flower essences co-creates flower essences from andean orchids, from machu picchu, peru, other peruvian flowers and flowers from santa barbara, california

Starmen Unlimited
Purveyors of Kauai flower, gem and environmental essences, pr, "holy water" and books

Tree Frog Farm
Flower essences and aromatherapy from a registered wildlife sanctuary featuring all natural alcohol free, red shiso or aloe vera base. Questions and consultations welcome.

vibration magazine: the journal of vibrational/flower essences
a publication of the world wide essence society.

whole energy essences....gem, fruit and flower essences
vibrational essences lovingly made by hand from fruit, flower, gem, full moonlight newsletter!

Wild Earth Essences
In the tradition of flower essences, these vibrational remedies support and nurture with the wisdom and power of wild animals. Be One with the Wild.

Wolfbrook Holistic Healing
Wolfbrook Holistic Healing has been helping people since 1987.We offer Reiki Healing and Attunements, EFT (Tapping), Bach Flower Remedies, Chakra Balancing/Healing, Massage (including Lymphatic Massage), herbal products, and animal healing. We also offer long distance Reiki healing and long distance EFT.
Color-coded Hawaiian flower essences and gem elixirs for topical use- developed by Deborah Craydon, certified flower essence practitioner and co-author of FLORAL ACUPUNCTURE-Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites (Crossing Press 2005)
Official website for the book: FLORAL ACUPUNCTURE-Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites by Deborah Craydon, C.F.E.P. & Warren Bellows, Lic. Ac. Read book excerpts and case studies on this new modality and original research by the authors.

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