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Gardening Directory
Spiral Treasures
Spiral Treasures Terri Shofner
P.O. Box 85
North Plains 97133

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Phone:  503-647-5282

Spiral Treasures carries gifts and supplies for those on the sacred path, including Pagan/Wiccan supplies as well as home and garden decor to soothe the soul. There are over 600 items, all pictured, to choose from. We also encourage artisans to join our virtual consignment gallery to show off their spirit work and meet new clients.

Recycled Plastic Furniture
Attractive, durable outdoor furniture made with recycled plastic lumber.

Richters Herbs
Richters Herbs is the most quoted and most diverse herbal seed and plant company in Canada. Extensive educational website and online catalogue. Richters ships worldwide. Large book and gift section as well.

General Hydroponics
Major manufacturer of hydroponic systems, nutrients and supplies.

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer Dealer
AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizers - a USDA Certified Biobased product. Multi-purpose liquid concentrate - "excellent results on houseplants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, trees, and crops."" (details on OMRI certification pending)

Alaska Bountea
An all-natural humus tea system (a more advanced form of compost tea) that feeds beneficial microbes in the soil, resulting in bigger, healthier plants and tastier vegetables.

Avant-Gardening/Growing Creativity
"You Can Grow" using plants as a medium for creative expression and personal growth

Biocontrol Network, LLC
Bio-Rational Alternatives for Home and Garden

Dahlia's Secret Garden
Featuring gifts for home and garden including tools, soaps, bath salts, lotions, candles, vases, garden statues, bird feeders, aromatherapy products, herbal tea, hats, and Japanese lanterns.
Daylilies, See why daylilies are the most popular home garden perennial. Daylilies, native of the orient are perfect for ornamental gardens, container gardening, perennial landscaping and much more.
Daylilies, native of the orient are perfect for ornamental gardens, container gardening, perennial landscaping and much more. Enjoy summers of glowing flowers in your yard with this carefree perennial.

Denver Landscaping
Denver landscaping firm Altgelt & Associates delivers extraordinary designs and architectural creativity for both large and small projects in the Colorado area.

Eden Organic Nursery Services, Inc.
We help you GROW YOUR OWN chemical free healing herbs and plants. We have the seeds and supplies you need. Also seeds for tobaccos, vegetables, hot peppers, and indoor plants. Free printed catalog.

Gardener's Paradise
Garden tips and entertainment for the whole family at Gardener's Paradise gardening portal
Garden seeds made by Mother Nature, only in cheaper packaging. Huge selection of packeted garden seeds, non-gmo, high germination rates, free shipping and prices starting at $1.39 per pack.

Giannangelo Farms Southwest
"You Can Grow" organic, using organic gardening as a medium for creative expression and spiritual growth

GreeNeem - K.Sivaram Bros
Eco Friendly Organic Natural Neem Oil Bio Pesticide, Neem cake Organic Fertilizer ,Neem Coir Peat, CoCo Coir Peat Organic plant Growing/Potting medium, Grow Bags for Green houses, Bio pot, Vermi Compost, Bio Compost

Greenhouse Stardomes
An inexpensive alternative to ordinary greenhouses. Simple to build, easy to use, esthetically pleasing.

Greta's Organic Gardens
open-pollinated, organic seeds.vegetables, flowers and herbs.NO GMO's

Growing Places
Information about plant uses, history, growth needs, with photos. Plants for tea, crafts, dyes, healing, food, fun, kids, preservation, wildlife. Container gardens.

Growing Spaces
The most energy efficient greenhouse in the USA today! Available as a kit in 6 different sizes. Designed for off the grid living.
Unique and gourmet microgreen seeds and growing supplies. Growing microgreens is not only healthy and delicious, but it is a challenging and fun hobby.
Webs largest selection of high quality hammocks,hanging chairs,accessories and other unique , high quality products.
A Line of organic sprouting kits and supplies. Find a huge selection of organic seeds and sprouting seed mixes, sprouters, sprouting supplies, and kits. is your source for indoor garden kits & supplies. Find information supplies and seeds to grow your own indoor herb garden kits. Be sure to check out our stackable garden planters. Grow Herbal Tea, Culinary & Medicinal herbs.
Canada's largest internet gardening resource site, over 3700 pages and over 100 writers contribute to this site!
Donna Dawson, Master Gardener has been hosting this very special tour to the Chelsea Flower Show in England. Along with this, you will see many more gardens. Each year they are different, but always include the very best for your enjoyment!

Landscape Agency New York
Landscape, Architecture & Aesthetics

Let's Get Growing
If you or your child is interested in gardens, nature, ecosystems or habitats, explore our web site for kits, teaching tools, garden supplies and science discovery materials.

Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.
An online nursery that offers trees, shrubs, perennials, fruit trees, rose bushes, and much more to customers across the United States.

Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.
An online nursery that offers trees, shrubs, perennials, fruit trees, rose bushes,and much more to customers across the United States.

Neptune's Harvest Fertilizers
Organic fertilizers: Liquid fish, seaweed, blends, dry kelp meal & crab shell. Organic insect repellents: garlic spray & hot pepper wax. retail/wholesale/farm.
A guide to organic gardening, plants and soil management
A non-commercial directory of useful ideas and how-to knowledge on organic gardening.

Plants For A Future
A resource centre for edible and otherwise useful plants, contains an online database of over 7000 plants which are either edible, or have some medicinal or other use. An extensive selection of leaflets cover eco-friendly gardening methods such as permaculture, forest gardening and vegan-organics.

Roots and Shoots Professional Tree Care
Professional quality tree care at affordable prices from Roots and Shoots, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Landscaping and horticulture are our specialties.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Source of heirloom and traditional varieties of vegetables, sunflowers, flowers, and herbs. Over 500 seed varieties described in informative online catalog. Gardening accessories and books.

Sproutamo Corporation
The revolutionary quart-size system that makes sprouting amazingly convenient.

Lots of Garden and Quilts Slide shows and other Dictionary's and forms

Naturally Durable garden furniture made from FSC certified hardwoods. Benches, chairs, tables, reclining chairs, and planter boxes built to last decades outdoors.

T & J Enterprises
Our natural organic products work for all your growing situations: organic (or not) farming and gardening, flower, bulb, vegetable and container gardens, orchards, lawns and landscaping, house plants, Bonsai, Rose gardens and more.

The Alternate Press
Online version of 23-year-old newsmagazine about sustainable living, natural health, organic gardening, deschooling and more.
A Complete selection of growing kits, juicers and supplies to grow wheat grass, barley grass, herbs, sprouts, greens and edible mushrooms. We also carry soy milk kits, composting supplies, books and more. Check out our information library & blog. Our sprouting seed are certified organic.

Will of the Wind
Wind Chimes designed for ultimate clarity of tone and resonance. 10 year guarantee

Woodgrove Farmstay
On our hill country farm in Kaikoura we have backpackers who stay and work 4 hrs daily for food and accommodation.
Red Wiggler composting worms, Compost, Worm Bins, Worm Books, Compost tea makers, Vermiculture, Vermicomposting
Hydroponics is regularly used by growers around the world to produce fast growing crops with a high yield. Although the name sounds quite high tech and modern, soilless growing has been around for centuries, researchers as far back as the 18th century realised that soil itself was not essential to plant growth.

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