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Gem Therapy Directory

Arkansas Crystal Works
Crystal points, clusters gathered with respect/honor to Mother Earth

Sacred Treasures
Yoga Mala Beads for suitable for all traditions. Full sized 108 bead 8mm malas knotted reasonable priced. Gemstone and sandalwood. Made and shipped in the USA

Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers
Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers is a family-owned and operated jeweler who has been providing excellent customer service for over 30 years. It has built its success on providing unparalleled services and quality goods to its loyal clientele. Since its inception in Fairfield New Jersey, Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers has been shaped and molded by Edward's expertise as a gemologist and Faina's keen sense of style and fashion. As a husband and wife team, and first generation immigrants, Edward and Faina Shapiro have achieved business success and the American Dream through hard-work, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Alternative Answers
An extensive site listing stones and crystals from A-Z and their healing metaphysical properties. Find the coorelation between crystals and the Aura, Color Therapy and the Chakra. Buy crystals, clusters, quartz, gems, amethyst points, wands, geodes,Chakra Healing Kits, Hot Stone Massage Kits, and more!

Ancient Voices
Ancient Voices is dedicated to preserving the folklore of stones, gemstones, and alike.

Ankur Gems
Wholesaler of Metaphysical product, i.e. pendulum, tumbled stones, spheres, healing wands, chakra pendants. And We also deal in loose gemstones, Minerals Specimens, Silver Jewelery.

Healing Vogel Cut Crystals and Sacred Geometry Amethyst and Quartz Star of David Pendants and Many more Semi-Precious Healing crytals and wands.

Arkansas Crystal Works
Reasonably priced high quality Arkansas quartz crystal points and clusters hand gathered with respect and honor to Mother Earth. Other gemstones and crystal wands. Wiccan owned and operated.

Astral Gemstone Talismans
The Ultimate in Personalized Planetary Jewellry since 1975

Exquisite Crystals, Minerals and Jewelry for sale

Avalon Crystals
A large variety of healing stones, crystals, gemstones, chakra stones, and other gemstone healing tools, learn from our crystal healing course, lots of helpful information.

birthstone calculation
edu-commercial site about calculating individual (precise) birthstones and contemplation on crystals or gemstones. reports are for sale.

Celestial Healing Arts
This site offers psychic crystal readings among other informative topics dealing with new age.

colour crystal healing
detailed article on using crystals in colour healing.

correx archives - crystal power
interviews concerning crystals.

Croftlands Crystals
Beautiful crystal and mineral specimens for sale. Learn about the different crystal shapes. Free email updates.

Crystal Clear
Healing Crystals straight from Mother Earth!

crystal healing
by julia jablonski: this article presents a couple of ways crystals can be used to augment energy healing, also known as therapeutic touch or healing touch

crystal healing
edu-commercial site. over the ages crystals have been found to carry vibrations that stimulate certain energy centers within our electromagnetic systems that are in constant motion within our very bodies. as we have a circulatory system we so to have a vibrational system. this has been well documented and researched by such eastern sciences as yoga or acupuncture. this is where crystals come in to the picture.

crystal healing
by janeann dow: from the introduction of crystal journey, travel guide for the new shaman.

crystal power
robert todd carroll on crystals. from the skeptics dictionary.

crystal spirit: the amazing sound of pure crystal
deep relaxation tape and cd by new age artist and healer yatri, using the glass harmonica, and instrument invented by benjamin franklin. the etherial sound of crystals induces total relaxation, drug free stress reduction, ideal for contemplative listening

crystal star people
channeled information on crystals and their use in healing

Crystal Therapy
Crystal Healing Site. Professional Practitioner Training Diploma Courses to become a Crystal Therapist. Crystal Healing One-Day Workshops. The benefits of Crystal Healing and how to find a Qualified Crystal Therapist. Gem Sales Wholesale and retail.

Crystalife Designs - Handmade Gemstone jewellery
Welcome to Crystalife.A place where science, art and a little magic come together in harmony, to create awesome handmade jewellery and bring a little love back into the world, through the use of Reiki, Gemstones and Crystal Healing.

articles from ellie crystals site - including the earth's core crystal, atlantean crystals and more ...

Crystals and Gemstones - Screen Savers and Icons
Website full of free, beautiful, jeweled background sets. Many dividers, bullets, buttons, angels and fairies. Learn about Crystals and Gemstone's healing properties.

Crystals and holistic items
Shop for crystals, books, aromatherapy, DVDs, incense, tarot and more at

crystals, gems and stones
purported supernatural properties of various rocks and minerals.

crystals: healing, crystal methods,
jade, amethyst, metaphysics, malachite, crystal healing. how do crystals work? what powers do they have? are crystals more reliable than today's medicine?

crystals: more than meets the eye
useful article on the intriguing world of crystals, their structure, formation, and uses.

Downtown Express Productions
An extensive site containing stones and crystals fro A to Z with their benefits and healing properties, how to choose and cleanse your crystal, crystal products, chakra healing, color coordination, formation meanings and crystal healing information.

Eternally Grateful
Metaphysical jewelry of gratitude! Genuine gemstones with healing qualities, used in beautiful jewelry designs.

gemisphere energy medicine is now a recognized healing modality. we disseminate the teachings of the gemstone guardians through books, workshops, and training and make available therapeutic gemstones.

gemstone healing
a detailed and very useful guide to symptoms and what crystals and gems could best be used in treating that condition.

gemstone therapy
purported supernatural properties of various rocks and minerals. links to similar sites.

gemstone therapy
the healing properties of gemstones and crystals

gemstones & vibrational healing
gemstones: a living kingdom written by james mckeon : co-existing with the animal, human and plant kingdoms, is the vast family of gemstones and minerals. in truth, this is the largest, and most influential of all the kingdoms upon the various planets.

Gemstoneuniverse is an organisation formed with the same passion, vision and ethics as Astro Journey, albeit for the purpose of providing authentic and potent gemstones through the Internet for the interested community. It aims at being the destination for the individuals on a more aware plane looking at harnessing the powers of the gemstones. The high quality and superior features ensure that it can serve the taste of connoisseurs as well, who are looking for the exquisite.

healing journey
general information on crystals and detailed accounts of crystal healing

healing properties of gemstones
detailed description of many crystals and gemstones and their characteristics in healing. very useful as a reference.

Jewels of Healing
Our jewels of healing are a fun way to balance the chakras.

Journeystone Distributing Company
Gemstones are powerful tools for physical and emotional healing, raising intuitiveness, and spiritual growth. Retail and Wholesale Jewelry, Spheres, Pyramids, Singing Bowls, Fountains, and Tumbled and Raw Stones. All the New Age favorites. Moldavite, Phenacite, Sugalite, Angelite, Tanzanite, Tektite, Amethyst, and Moonstone, just to name a few. Come browse our extensive catalog with definitions of the metaphysical properties of the stones!

KSC Crystals
One of the widest selections of crystals for crystal healing and Reiki therapists. Over 300 tumbled stones several quartz, rare and high vibrational crystals.

living with crystals
living with crystals is devoted to the many ways to work with crystals for emotional and spiritual growth. over 50 individual stones are described in depth. visitors may also subscribe to the living with crystals email newsletter.

A nice website that features gemstone therapy through articles and offers a wide array of holistic products to help us with our healing.

Wholesalers and Retailers of Gemstone artifacts and Handicrafts straight from the artisans of India.

Mystic Gems
Utilizing the powerful partnership of Reiki and gemstones, designer and Reiki Master Melissa Disbury creates jewelry and tools uniquely compatible for the receiver. Reiki, gemstone and chakra information may be found here. Free distance healings available.

Ozark Rock Exchange
Discover the power of gemstones and crystals to change your life. Use our Stone Power Prayer Pouches to attract abundance or love, enhance health and happiness or provide protection.

Pacific Crystal Guild
4 X a year, mineral show w/ emphasis on healing arts.

pamela's metaphysical crystals
metaphysical quartz crystals and natural quartz crystal spheres.

Pixie Crystals
We supply beautiful handpicked and un-tampered-with crystals and minerals. We also have extensive A-Z crystal metaphysical sections, and research about chakras and energy work, with the Indian 7 chakra system and crystals. Beautiful photos to connect to.

Planetary Jewels
Balaji Natural Gems is devoted to bringing the finest quality gems suitable for Vedic astrological and ayurvedic healing to the public. All gems are guaranteed natural and free from enhancements or treatments. We provide as much education and information to buyers as possible so they may choose the gem most suitable for them in all respects.

Raiders of the Lost Art
Wholesale distributors of fine crystals, minerals, and rock specimens from around the world. Specializing in healing crystals and other New Age items.

ron coleman's quartz crystal mines
natural quartz crystals direct from the mine. rock, milky, smoky and amethyst quartz crystals. - all grades and sizes -

Rosley's Rocks and Gems
Ancient healing stones, Reiki Wands, Energy tools, Chakra amulets,mineral baths, Ajoite, Infinite, Sugilite, workshops

Rozdale Designs
Gemstone Angel pendants, known as Ultimate Angels, made with intent for healing and calming of the wearer by Rozdale designs.

The Wand Workshop
The wand workshop specialise in hand crafted selenite wands, crystal mandalas,lights, and light tools. Unique work Crafted by reiki masters.

Vedic astrology Foundation
VedicAstrologyFoundation offer astrology services in Tamil and Malayalam language, gemstone consultation services in Chennai,to individuals and business by vedic astrologers Chennai.Our Astrologists focuses on calculating the degrees of the planets carefully affecting an individual horoscope as well as checking the position and conditions of the planets.We are helping people seeking astro remedy for personal and professional matters for No charge.

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