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Holistic Counseling Directory - Holistic Practitioner - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Holistic Practitioner, Healthcare Professionals, Health & Medical.

Authentic Self Spiritual Counseling Ministries of AIWP
Authentic Self is the Consciousness Evolution, spiritual counseling and teaching ministry of Amy Pierce. Amy is an ordained Minister in Integrative Healing with a Master of Arts degree in Applied Healing Arts. She is also a teacher writer, singer-songwriter, and artist.

Best Holistic Guide
check out holistic products, Training videos, courses

Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner
Telephone consultations by Board Certified Alternative Psychology Practitioner. Providing tools and technigues to release the root cause of negativity, depression, anxiety and stress to create an overall sense of inner peace.

Body Mind Integration & Chalice Productions
Body Mind Integration from a number of viewpoints based on a blend of gestalt and eastern psychological perspectives, one that develops a pragmatic form of "New Thought" and the use of the power of the spoken word including questions, as well as of metaphor, prose, and symbolic art. Body Memory is another important theme.

Center of Harmonic Living
Hawaiian Huna Tradition is an Ancient System of Self Awareness. Know Thyself and you bring peace, harmony and balance to your world, then to the world of others.

Energetic Weight Loss
An Energetic Weight Loss Session with Oshune Reiki is for people that have anywhere from 5-50 pounds to lose. It’s a a combination of an Intuitive Reading to help you get clear on the subconscious and energetic reasons for your weight gain and what to do about them, plus an Oshune Reiki Vibrational Healing Treatment that helps to clear the body of the energy patterns that keep you overweight. Losing weight is not all about diet and exercise, it’s also about energy. During these sessions, we address all of the factors that have kept you overweight – including diet, lifestyle, exercise, self-esteem and sub-conscious protective mechanisms. I created these sessions originally for my own health and lost over 50 pounds with these treatments. My clients have had great success with these treatments throughout the years as well, loosing from 10-100 pounds each. During the treatments, holes and tears in your aura are repaired, your chakras strengthened and your “Energetic Blue Print” is balanced – allowing you to replace the need for protecting your energy with excess weight with a stronger, more intact energy field. To help you lose weight more easily. Includes a diet, lifestyle and exercise consultation. These sessions are done mostly by phone using distance Oshune Reiki or in-person sessions (for women only) are available on a limited basis near St. Paul, Minnesota.

FloraSage Therapies
Flora specializes in Intuitive Consulting, Holistic Life Coaching, Energy work, Psychic Readings, Oracle Readings, Guided Meditations and much more.
"Getting Thru" includes holistic healing and developing your life purpose, as ways to connect more deeply with yourself and to relate in a more fulfilling way with your self, your friends and family, and those around you. This site provides resources for "getting thru" that touch upon all aspects of your life, including your relationships and your personal and spiritual development. We offer articles, free email newsletters, books and tapes, telephone counseling/coaching, home-study certifications in holistic healing and spiritual counseling, and university degree programs.
Information about quality psychotherapy and mental health. Therapists all over the world that adhere to our unique mission.

Holistic Arts Fair
The Holistic Arts Fair is a health, psychic, spiritual and visionary art fair all in one. An art, health and spirit fair

Holistic Healing
Infinite Grace is a community of thought and spiritual awakening. A platform for shared experiences and enlightenment and specialising in holistic healing

holistic health therapy
Holistic therapy is a more expansive approach to traditional psychotherapy, and acknowledges the deep connection between the mind, emotions, body and spirit. When one of these areas is out of balance, it can effect the health and harmony of our entire system. By examining these different aspects of ourself we can regain balance in our life, allowing for more harmony, peace, and happiness.

Ibiza Wellness for Body & Soul
Health/Wellness Counselling,Life & Soul Coaching for women worldwide online!

ICH Healing Therapy
Intuitive Core Healing is a new healing method and system for pinpointing and clearing our negative emotions and beliefs by helping you to find them, clear them and replace them with positive ones.

Indian Institute Of Medical Astrology(I.I.M..A)
treatment of diseases through Vedic Medical Astrology.Oriental alternative healing.100%side effects free.

Innergy Expression
Innergy Expression Soul-Based psychology uses the curative arts in an experiential process to bring individuals more fully to their whole self.

Intuitive Counseling
Intuitive counseling by Phone or In-person. I can read past & present experiences and patterns in your aura as I counsel and aid in your personal growth and spiritual transformation. Master's Degree in Counseling. Problem solving, spiritual emergence.

Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer®
Jan is the author of Grief Is…Mourning Sickness® and co-author of Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield.She is one of nine U.S. EFT Founding Master practitioners, an AAMET Certified Trainer of Trainers, NLP Practitioner, Interfaith Minister and Life Skills Coach.She is dedicated to taming the ego which liberates her audiences, students and clients from past disappointments and struggles.Through her innovative EGO Tamer formulas, she is able to take seemingly complicated life challenges and simplify them into step-by-step strategies for success!Jan is available for speaking engagements, training workshops and weekend events.She also offers private personal sessions and topic-specific group workshops.Her workshops and events are not of the “cookie cutter” variety. Based on your input, Jan tailors her programs to the unique needs of your company or organization. Her signature topics include:•Coping with Chaos and Change•Healing the Five Aspects of Grief: Recovery after Trauma, Loss and Change•Building Your Indestructible Self-Worth•Tearing Down Emotional Walls•Plugging Into Your Financial ProsperityFor speaking engagements, Jan travels from Charlotte, NC. To book her at your next conference or event, please call her event coordinator at (980) 228-1229 (or leave her a message on our office voice mail at (704) 563-0874).

Jaren Carnabucci, MSS, LCSW, TEP
Counseling, coaching and training for helping professionals and educators from a whole person perspective and the use of leading-edge methods, including psychodrama, guided imagery, mindfulness, sand tray, imagination activities and Systemic Constellation Work. See web site for e-mail newsletter and free e-books.

Jen Springer
Workshops (massage CE's), nutrition coaching, essential oils, horses & animal health, energy work.
energy consultant,past,present and future.

Holistic lawyers believe law is a healing profession, and offer quality, caring service at reasonable rates to individuals and business.

Laura Giles, holistic counselor in VA
No nonsense holistic counseling that respects science, innovation, and intution.

Life Coach Luna
Online Life Coach to Empaths, Outcasts, Indigos, Healers & Creatives. Offers online meditation classes, spiritual mentoring, professional training and certification & more.

Metaphysical Healing, by Lisa Tarves, M.S.
Metaphysical Healing is a belief in the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit. What does this actually mean? Simply put, negative mentalthought patterns will eventually result in physical disease or illness. With that in mind, reversing those negative mental thought patterns and turning them into positive patterns, can lead to healing of the body. Counseling, Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy, Chakra Therapy and Reiki.

Online Ministry for Spiritual Empowerment
America's hottest new Inspirational Speaker and New Age Author, Mark Patterson.

Pathways To Wellness
Holistic Health Counseling. Herbal therapies, nutritional guidance with the use of iridology, kniesiology, blood typing and body typing. Services for individuals, groups and companies. Workshops and seminars. Yoga Classes and Training programs for those wishing to become teachers.

Pati McDermott
Achieve Any Goal. Solve Any Problem. Become The Person You Choose To Be. Private Sessions In Person and By Telephone. Pati McDermott, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified NLP Health Practitioner, & Certified Hypnotherapist. Call 877-881-4348 toll free any time.

Perth Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy treatment available via high quality downloads.

Psychic Business Coaching
Psychic Business Coaching Available Worldwide on a limited bases – on the phone.- Update: as of 9/4/2012 WildFlower currently has 2 weekly business coaching spots open…..A Psychic Business Coaching For Entrepreneurs session with WildFlower offers Wisdom, Insight, and Clarity regarding your business and life balance matters. This is no ordinary psychic consultation nor is it your average business coaching appointment! These enlightening consultations help you to open your eyes to the bigger picture of what’s going on in your life right now and teach you how to utilize the “Law of Attraction” to manifest your hearts desires and succeed in your business. Discover why people refer to WildFlower as “The Professional Angel” .WildFlower is an experienced and seasoned entrepreneur with 17 years of owning multiple businesses. Besides being a natural born psychic, she has been behind the scenes creating marketing campaigns for celebrities and entertainment professionals since 1997. Her client list includes: Academy and Grammy Award winners, New York Times best-selling authors, TV personalities and a variety of fortune 1000 companies.

Red Lotus Spiritual
Explores spiritual awakening, love, inner growth with guidance and meditation basics for harmony.

Relationship Counselling
Solving Relationship Problems with Wendy Freebourne MSc. Email relationship advice service.

Sacred Fields of Possibility
Helping individuals who want to work through emotional/spiritual pain by means of an alternative to traditional counseling or religious direction, acquire new tools, andâ feel calmer, connected, constructive, and capable of moving forward in their lives.

Seek To Know
Consciously living wholeness, health and prosperity, holistic and spiritual counseling, living on purpose, energy healing, transformational workshops

Soul Path Center for Soul Healing
Join with the power of your spirit allies and live your soul's path in all areas of your life. Shamanic journeywork, soul retrieval, past life/between lives regression, ancestral healing, deposession, curse unraveling, destiny tracking, mediumship. Celtic/Norse shamanic practitioner, regression therapist, and psychotherapist. 22 years experience. Phone/Skype sessions world-wide.

Soulcottage a Spiritual Growth School
Diploma Courses by CorrespondenceIn Palmistry Tarot Clairvoyance. Also Introduction courses in Aromatherapy and Meditation. With the View that students will become professional Holistic Counsellors.

Spiraling Violet Gold LLC
You will find information on my audio books and workshops, as well as learn about me

Spirit Connections
Sandramarie and her Guides offers Life Coaching, Sound Healing, Integration healing, meditation and other modalities to assist you in balancing your life, achieving goals, healing, empowering and uplifting you to wholeness, body, mind & spirit.

Spiritual Counselor Shanti Lin Rose
Spiritual counseling, meditation(mindfulness) instruction, pathways for inner peace and harmony with Shanti Lin Rose.

THE infogatherer
Free shot at your dream: no strings attached.

The Sacred Place Within
International 4th Generation Canadian Pyschic/Medium,Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna(r) Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Foot Reflexology Instructor offering Certified Courses and Workshops.

World Lifestyle
World Lifestyle is an influential general interest publication, designed to inform and entertain our readers on a variety of subjects. We strive to offer an exciting mix of high quality style, beauty and lifestyle content, presented in a way that will appeal to those people who demand the very best of everything. Our articles educate, empower, delight and enrich people's lives.

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