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Holistic Health Issues Directory

Health Links
Self paced courses for personal and spiritual growth (Stop Smoking, Stress, Self Hypnosis, Holistic Living, Surviving Infidelity, Learning to Love Yourself, Living with Illness, etc.)

1 healthy universe
your gateway to holistic medicine. interviews, self-care clinic, practitioner directory, newsletter, more.

34 Menopause Symptoms
At menopause stage women endure a multitude of symptoms, that’s why they search the knowledge and guidance crucial to lighten them. holds a complete list of the menopausal symptoms by the side of healing alternatives.
A stress relief and wellness resource that aims to help you achieve mind control and mastery over daily physical and psychological stress through Taichi and Qigong

5-HTP Reviews
Looks at thousands of reviews to find out whether 5-HTP works for depression, anxiety and insomnia.

achievers unlimited supplements
this is a web site with links to other sites on health related issues; also the story of how i got started years ago with supplementation, what i take now, and why and where you can find the same things i supplement with.

Acusound holistic therapies
sound healing, hypnotherapy,acupressure

AIDS, Medicine & Miracles
AIDS, Medicine & Miracles is a national non-profit organiztion. We serve individuals living with HIV and AIDS through creative educational programs that incorporate the mind, body and spirit.
Learn about an energy-based allergy treatment that eliminates food allergy, cat allergy, and other common allergens. Your complete allergy resource! - Infertility Services-Natural Treatment - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Infertility Services-Natural Treatment, Holistic Practitioner, Healthcare Professionals, Health & Medical.

Alternative Medical Information
Holistic treatments and reports.

alternative medicine and quackery
alternative medicine and quackery: what various alternative healing methods exist? for what diseases? mainly critical viewpoints.

alternative medicine newsletter free
bi-weekly, emailed newsletter. health information. research-based alternative medicine. find out what works and what doesn't.

american biotec
a company with interests in many health concerns.

Americans For Medical Advancement
AFMA is a not-for-profit organization that works to educate the public about the scientific invalidity of using animals to model human disease. We oppose animal experimentation or vivisection on scientific grounds.

Aquarius Wholism
Click here to learn about an effective and easy way to neutralise all kind of radiation and to restore your natural energy balance.

Aura Wellness Centre
We offer sessions and courses in Chakrs & Energy Bodies, Crystals, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Karuna Ki Reiki, Meditation, Usui Reiki, and sessions only in Therapeutic Touch. If you would like to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter 'The InnerKi Journal' please follow the link

awareness information resource
we are here to provide natural, fast acting solutions to almost any health challenge. all of our products are guaranteed and come with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

Bankhead Fertility House
I offer free help, medical advice and support to couples who are trying to conceive.

BioSignia, Inc.
The site for healthy living on the plant continuum.

Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner-Call for appointment
Telephone Consultation by Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner. Call for appointment 775-741-9566. Free 10 min. consultation.

BodyFueling by Robyn Landis
Health/fitness education site by Robyn Landis, author of BodyFueling and Herbal Defense. Tips, books, resources, Q&A, recipes, and links on nutrition, fitness, herbs, healing.

BrainSmart - Advance Brain Nutrition
Natural supplements that boost brain performance Money Back Guarantee & Free Shipping Worldwide

Bridges to Nature, Inc.
Having more energy, feeling more relaxed and getting a better sleep, less depression, better concentration, feeling of well being!

Celestial Winds
Celestial Winds Holistic Lifestyle Directory is a constantly growing guide to alternative health services, holistic products, and vegetarian restaurants available in Canada and the U.S.

center of study and research on bioenergy
cancer healing, research, chakra tuner, orgone, reich, bions, radionics, aromatherapy, cromotherapy, equipments, active water,holistic healing, music, meditation, new age music samples, tubes amplifiers,laser shower, reiki, and much more >150 pages+links

CFS Discount Books
Specializing in health, personal growth and history books.

Chi Expressions
Tai Chi, Holistice Fitness, and other Meditative Info. Videos, Poetry, Books

provides articles and commentaries on legislation and research reviews.

cholesterolbusters - naturally lower bad (ldl) cholesterol.
learn all ways to naturally reduce your cholesterol and triglyceride levels and how to prevent cardiovascular or heart diseases. find out which ones were proven best by scientific research. high levels of ldl (bad) cholesterol or triglycerides are major predictors of cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases, impotence, hypertension and brain stroke.

Colostrum in its purest form is the best immune helper on the market. The website discribes the benefits it presents

complete cancer care: complementary and alternative medicine
a partially completed website trying to present a balanced picture of the use of alternative and complementary medicine in cancer

Creative Potential
RELEASE EMOTIONAL STRESS IN MINUTES. Templates channelled from the Galactic Council, brightly coloured energy drawings which release any emotion within minutes. Combined with a blend Pure Essential Oil and music specifically composed for release work facilitates this simple but extremely powerful and effective method of releasing emotional stress. They are also powerful activators for the Crytalline Body.

crohn's disease
Treatment options and general information on crohn's disease.
The independent Internet site that meets all your information, help and support needs about depression. 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Dermatologia en Cordoba
Bienvenidos a Dermatologia en Cordoba. Dra. Alejandra Fernandez dermataloga. Espero poder aportar todos mis conocimientos que he aprendido de un gran dermatologo como así también de una dermatologa que me inspiraron para crear este espacios de gran valor, dedicado los pacientes que día a día confían en mí y dedicado a personas con ganas de aprender y consonantizarse sobre los temas dermatológicos y de salud corporal. No te olvides de suscribirte a mis tips. Un gran saludo y que lo disfruten - María Alejandra Fernández

Dianne Legro is a voice specialist and deep healer. Your voice carries your vibration get healthy by freeing up this primary expression of who you are in the world. Dianne will help you transform into the vibrant expression of your true self. sing, speak, influence, connect with true purpose these all happen when you voice your spirit.

e-bility Pty Ltd
This site offers a convenient entry point to an extensive list of disability related information, resources, services and products.

Ecumenical Society of Psy
Learn to heal and be healed with Jose Silva's Holistic Faith Healing System.

Peak physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being tools.

fasting -- healthworld online
by elson haas, m.d. benefits and possible hazards of fasting. how to fast; how to time your fast; how to break your fast. section on juice fasts.

fasting journal archive: fasting center international

Find the Cause of Your Depression
Find out what's causing your depression. Take our tests to find out if you could have one of 13 common causes of depression

fluoride: protected pollutant or panacea?
are the claimed benefits of ingesting fluoride over-rated and the risks to our health and eco-system under-reported?

garden of the moon
for those involved in health care, specifically geriatrics - this site has information on diseases and disorders, along with a message board in case you don't find what you're looking for. also herbs, astrology, and more to come.

general detoxification & cleansing - healthworld online
by elson haas, m.d. excellent, comprehensive primer in detoxification.

ginkgo biloba
educational home page. everything about the ginkgo biloba or maidenhair tree; also usage as alternative medicine.

Global Healing
Tom Conze,a German doctor living in the Philippines provides you distant healing powered by Pyramids.Detoxification and the Path of Truth leads your way back home-to GOD.

global herbal supplies
- mail order service for herbs.

good health guide - independant herbalife distributor
- herbal nutritionals

greensprings - alternative health and harmony
greensprings is an alternative health and lifestyle information center with links to many environmental and holistic sites. we also feature and information on alternative health products, fertility, food products and lifestyle products.

guide to supplemental medicine
an edu-commercial guide to supplemental medicine, created by physicians. includes reviews of herbs, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and other alternative medicine remedies; also links to purchase reviewed supplements and click-through to search on

guidelines for non-toxic living
substances to avoid and other recommendations for people with environmental illness, multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, or a desire to avoid toxins.

Hate Weight
Phentermine is an FDA approved prescribed weight loss drug that helps you to lose weight safely. Phentermine diet pills are most commonly prescribed prescription appetite suppressant.

Healing Beam
Articles,poetry,journal,books and tapes on wellness.

health & healing news & products
online articles and products regarding holistic and natural health care including aromatherapy, herbs, pet care and more. affiliate.

health & personal care: r4l
reach4life strives to continually update and improve our site on the latest research and products in the natural health & medical industry. our main focus is to provide each viewer with the knowledge they need, to be an informed consumer in making health wise decisions.

health bulletin
alternative, complimentary and preventive health news. factual health information from leading scientists to keep you up to date in this rapidly growing field.

health care reality check
answers to frequently asked questions on alternative and complementary medicine.

health claims: separating fact from fiction
federal trade commission tips on buying health-related products.

health education alliance for life and longevity
10,000+ hand-picked resources that sort the wheat from the chaff on alternative medicine, y2k, vitamins, herbs, natural product recommendation and resource lists. marketing coop; wellness author features; citizen's action and freedom of choice in medicine updates. medical intuitives, spiritual counseling, hormone testing, enneagram coaching, and referrals to holistic practitioners.

Health Revolution
Disease Cannot Exist In the Presence of a Healthy Immune System The role of MBS in fighting and preventing disease is clear. So if you didn't you know.
Offers a Healthfacts encyclopedia, informative articles on health conditions, trends and products, as well as community resources and editorial content.
the world's most complete natural health store offering over 6,000 natural health products and 10,000+ pages of natural health articles and information.

Healthy Environments
Offering information, secure shopping for a variety of Earth and people friendly products. Special focus on chemical sensitivities, allergies, seasonal depression and creating a healthy home and workplace.

heart disease - causes and preventives naturally
a full explanation of heart disease -- more than 500 pages of easy-to-understand technical data about the causes and preventives for heart disease and stroke. the most complete explanation about intravenous chelation therapy, oral chelation, cholesterol lowering drugs and related subjects. by author and researcher karl loren -- who promises to answer every personal message personally.

information on meditation health, healing, nutrition, supplements, oncology, sounds, phytonutrients, etc.. note:site uses flash

Holistic Healing
Infinite Grace is a community of thought and spiritual awakening. A platform for shared experiences and enlightenment and specialising in holistic healing

Holistic Healing South Africa
Holistic Healing, Spiritual Teaching, Massages, Lymph Drainage, Counseling, Reiki, Herbal Medication (HIV/AIDS, cancer, etc.) Mindpower, Buteyko Breathing (asthma), Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Journey therapy, Meditation, Chakra&Meridian balancing

Holistic Health Tips – Answer My Health Question
Articles, resources, and counseling from a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition.

holistic m.d.
dr. ronald hoffman's informative webpage. dr. hoffman is the host of the syndicated radio program health talk.

Holistic Web Directory
National Search directory for holistic health services and alternative medicine practitioners. Plus Discussion Boards; Calendar of Events; Articles on health, fitness, & diet; and a complete line of books, tapes and cds.

holistic wellness advice
advice on balance and wellness for a healthy life.

holisticnurse is a free resource to those seeking information on alternative and complementary healing modalities. you will find books, links, and other resources to assist you in your quest for knowledge.

home remedies
You will find the very best treatment of yeast infections to help you cure your candida and regain your health. Don't deal with a yeast infection when it can be cured using natural cures with no drugs. A lot of women experience a yeast infection in their lives, but to avoid a reoccurrence learn how to treat candida naturally.

How to Get Well
One in a million people are 'truly well'. Take this self-test to see how you measure up on the 'true wellness' scale. Online wellness consultations.

Human Spirit Magazine
Free Magazine with articles and advertisements pertaining to the broad field of alternative/holistic/integrative health and wellness.

Human Spirit magazine
The on-line holistic/healing arts source for York region and surrounding districts. Products and services available, advertising rates.

iCBS, Inc.
The most comprehensive website for health information with more than 2000 pages of information, 2000+ herbs from around the world with drug interaction and safety. Complete nutrition database, all alternative therapies including ayurveda, yoga, meditation, stress management, acupuncture, reflexology. biofeedback, reiki, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, humor therapy, pet therapy, guided imagery, homeopathy and more. Diseases and holistic remedies, vitamins, directory of practitioners

complementary health care news & resources in central Kentucky

innerself magazine - healing the whole being
articles on holistic health, herbal & vitamin guide, holistic health glossary, and emotional health.

Intercessary Prayer Group
If you'd like to request a prayer for yourself, a friend, family member, or pet. Requests will be read daily and intercessary prayers offered.

International Natural Therapies Association
International Natural Therapies Association is a non profit natural therapies association designed to support massage therapists in their right to practice their art freely without undue regulation

internet health library
free information resource on health and well-being focussing on alternative and complementary medicines and natural health care

JCL International Ltd
On-line consulting for home improvement through Vaastu & Feng Shui. The secrets of Lecher Therapy and Colour Therapy in holistic healing.

Jennifer Ables
Natural Health Practitioner, Diet, lifestyle, herbs.

justbe-you is your health advocate bringing nature's miracles to your body, mind & spirit. vitamins, supplements, nutrition, aromatherapy, reference, tips & more.
stress relief, relaxation, massage, aromatherapy and body care products and gifts.

Le Hoang, D.O.
traditional osteopathic physician treating patients for chronic back and neck pain, migraines, herniated discs and difficult cases failing specialists, PT, chiro, without medication

LeanBody Community gathers together Abel James and hundreds of weight loss enthusiasts who claim on impressive results. The guide spreads over than a hundred pages and brings in specific techniques to lose weight. Everything is developed with a healthy body in mind, so there are no risks associated with the naturist techniques.

Less EMF Inc.
Everything for EMF detection and protection. Electromagnetic field meters, shielding, low emf appliances, books and more

Levitra Talk :An online resource on LEVITRA, a new FDA approved impotence drug. LEVITRA is in the class of oral impotence medication like VIAGRA.

Life Quest exhibitions
stalls, workshops and performancesBury North Manchester 3/4th September Tel: 0161 764 1440 for details

Lisa's Herbal Express
Holistic Health Practioner: Certified Herbalist, Masters in Alternative Medicine, Doctor of Divinity. Recommend natural healing programs for clients health issues using Medicinal Herbs, Homeopathics, Essential Oils, Vitamins, Magnets, etc.

Liz Roberts
alternative health & healing, creative arts, mental health & psychology,

Longtermcare Hotline
Abuse of longterm care patients, dehydration, emaciation and drug overdoses resulting in untimely deaths rendering more profit to the facilities due to the lack of employees needed to assist the patients. If a patient is too weak, and drugged they do not take as much work.
This site has numerous ways to lose excess body fat and other health related ideas.

M. Padgitt & Associates
Color Therapy Chart with booklet by Color Specialist Margie Padgitt
Find an alternative practioner at - the health and fitness web design agency

md healthline
we offers individuals who suffer from erectile dysfunction, allergies, obesity, or arthritis an opportunity for a medical evaluation to determine the suitability of a prescription for therapy. alternative formulas also offered. this evaluation is performed by our team of american physicians in a simple and secure manner. we use the internet as a discreet tool which allows you to communicate your medical information openly to a qualified physician. this ensures privacy and avoids any personal embarrassment.

medboo tcm (english version) is a unique health web. the content includes health news and events, correspondence program of tradition chinese medicine, acupuncture, qigong chinese massage, and more.

medical research on hms90(tm) immunocal (tm)
information and product sales site
UK Information and listings from Acupuncture to Yoga

millennium research
professional advocates for your health consulting physicians and researching innovative, quality health products

mission possible at dorway
mission possible is an atlanta, georgia based organization founded and run by mrs. betty martini. since 1993 betty has worked ceaselessly to spread the word that aspartame is a toxic poison unfit for human consumption... a slow neurotoxin that is especially bad for diabetics. many of the letters, news releases, and messages she has initiated and assembled can be found here at dorway, to be downloaded and disseminated as you see fit.

modern medicine vs. alternative medicine
the battle of self interest continues. find out the pros and cons of both sides from a patient's perspective and experience. bottom line? don't fully believe either side! learn the fundamentals of 'how to get well' - today!

mother earth's creations
the ultimate natural health outlet with over 2,000 natural products in herbs, supplements, aromatherapy, personal products. we offer a discount club, wholesale pricing, and below retail prices.

mother nature
edu-commercial site. over 30,000 products, including vitamins, supplements and minerals, weight loss plus in-depth health information and advice.

mothers & others for a livable planet
a national consumer education organization focusing on sustainable and healthy choices. newsletter, the green guide, and shoppers' campaigns. covers genetically engineered food, organic cotton, eco-apples and better food choices.

Natural Hormones
Shares a wealth of practical helpful tips about the responsibilities of the essential hormones progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen, in addition to hormone replacement therapies and alternative medicine.

Natural Nutrition
This site is committed to a wholistic approach to human health care, highlighting wellness through a clean, natural, whole-foods diet, free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, drugs, hormones, and pesticides.

natural products newswire
a daily-updated, pay-for-access service tracking research advances, public health warnings, media coverage, and other information about dietary supplements of significance to public health. this service is based on a comprehensive review of over 6,000 journals and news sources. natural products newswire provides plain-language summaries of current research advances, and a hand-indexed archive and database of research advances and media stories about dietary supplements.

natural sinus relief and care - neti pots
the sinus solution system offers an easy inexpensive method of practicing sinus hygiene. guaranteed to improve your sinus health and promote better breathing and overall respiratory health, naturally.

NaturaPlus Inc.
Natural vitamins, herbs, aromatherapy, homeopathy, diet and sports supplements, natural cosmetics.Holistic health information resources. Save 30-50% and taxes. Order easily today from Canada!

Nature Source
Specializing in all natural holistic supplements for you & pets.

nature's apothecary
informative & interactive site on holistic health.

naturopathic medicine network
lots of information on naturopathic training and practice. physician yellow pages, classified ads, chat room, newsletter. professional resources: physician center, round table discussion, free medline search, and more.

ncahf - position paper on nutrition diploma mills
ncahf - position paper on nutrition diploma mills in california.

New Awareness Page
Technology for exploration of consciousness and Awareness

New England Directory of Holistic Resources
Directory of practitioners, services & products, articles, calendar, classifieds and forum for the New England holistic community

Neways Independent Distributor
Free catalogue throughout UK for all your holistic health needs.

nontoxic home book list
a short booklist on how to create a non-toxic home environment, and on how to eliminate or reduce toxic exposure for babies.

nutrition, health & heart disease; cause & prevention
non-profit site about the role of foods and supplements in the cause and prevention of heart disease and general health.

nyh healthcare communications/medical writing group
healthcare-related communucations.

NYH HealthCare Communications/Writing Group
Medical writers, collaborators, lecturers, adherence strategists, patient satisfaction specialists, seminar leaders in better medical writing Holistic Magazine & Resource for Education, Entertainment & Empowerment. Free Web Pages For Practitioners. New England Holistic Directory.

Optimum Health Naturally!
Since our energy becoms unsynchronized primarily through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, resynchronization enables the body's mechanisms to function at optimum levels; preventing disease and allergies and rapidly accelerating the healing process.

Overton Studios Trust
WORLD-WIDE HOLISTIC ONLINE AND OFFLINE PRODUCTION AND SUPPORTfor sufferers from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post Viral Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and allied intractable medical conditions.

Performing Arts Psychophysiology
This website is for psychophysiology and health related problems of performing artists; however, we help everyone in the same way we help artists. You do not need to be in the arts to get help.

performing arts psychophysiology
mind-body solutions, including biofeedback, for musicians, dancers and actors. this site is for professionals in medicine, psychology and psychophysiology as well as for professional artists.

pesticides and polio
direct correlations between pesticide production and polio incidence. calls into question assumptions of virus causality.

peter schneider's isopathic/homeopathic page
this site gives some information about the isopathic/homeopathic therapy in humans and animals, mostly in the form of links - many of them to sites in german.

Pro Health International
Pro Health International is a Health, Wealth and Education Web Site

Protect Krishna's Cows
Protect Krishna's Cows and 5 other healing links. Plus, add your own link too!

quackwatch home page
some treatments make more money than cure patients, to put it politely. this site is chock full of information: what are the signs of quack medicine, how to evaluate a treatment, how not to get taken.

rocky mountain skeptics--failed alternative medicine page
have you had a bad experience with alternative medicine? we want to hear about it!

san francisco herb & natural food co.
wholesale prices on high-quality bulk herbs, spices & teas (as well as tinctures and fragrance oils) from san francisco herb & natural food co., now celebrating 30 years in business.

Sarff Systems, Inc.
A Extend A Hand Grab Bar assistance device installed for safety to prevent falls keeps seniors, handicapped, and disabled individuals safe, independent, balanced, reinforced, secure. Sarff Systems assistance device aids senior citizens in bathroom safety, shower safety, physical therapy, independence, access, accident prevention.

Self Discovery Wellness Arts Center
Comprehensive wellness programs for body-mind-spirit integration and excellent health. Classes and one-on-one services to support the individual's healing journey.

ShannonLynn Nutrition
ShannonLynn Nutrition, a place to nourish your body, mind and spirit, was born out of the belief that health and wellness are paramount. By integrating ancient healing wisdom and modern nutrition and wellness research, I teach individuals and families how to live a holistic lifestyle. My mission is to honor, respect and empower my clients so that they may achieve and maintain optimal health for years to come!

Shirley's Wellness Cafe
Consumer Alert! - Raising Public Awareness about the health hazards of: nutra sweet, vaccines, margarine, dental amalgam, genetically engeneered foods, fluoride, AZT, microwave, canola oil, steroids (prednisone, cortisone), antibiotics, circumcision, estrogen, bovine growth hormone rBGH (bst), chlorinated water, toxic carpeting, MSG, and much more. What you don't know can hurt you!

Shirley's Wellness Cafe
A nonprofit educational web site dedicated to help promote holistic health for people & animals. Learn to achieve natural health for yourself, your children and your pets with alternative/holistic/complimentary/integrative and preventative methods of healing: nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbs, urine therapy, raw foods & juices, fasts, biomagnetics healing, aromatherapy, flower essences and more

Health is an important part of self improvement. Science, alternative medicine, spirituality, self realization are all an important part.

Soul Guidance
Soul Sounds is a singing bowls CD of a shamanic session. Singing bowls are used for activating the kundalini, opening the chakras and clearing negative energies. It is also used for meditation, relaxation and to enhance rituals. is a free online meeting place where you can fill out a profile, and then e-mail, chat or instant message other members in the comfort of your own home at any time of the day. As a member, you can share your deepest thoughts and feelings without revealing your name or e-mail address. Whether you're interested in a shoulder to lean on or just an e-mail friend, is your source for connection with others who understand what it means to face illness.

Stall Geriatric Systems
Principles of geriatric and hospice care for patients, families and health professionals.

Stress Education Center
Stress Management information. Free newsletter! Get Back in Control! Get the coaching you need to enhance the quality of your life!

Subtle Energy Solutions
Features the subtle energy technologies of Russian Physicist, Dr. Yury Kronn. Via this technology "life force," or "chi" can be imbued in anything. Extensive documentation.

Sue Berger-deRada, RN, LMT
see listing under Massage therapist....Slidell, LA 70458

Susun Weed
Natural Health, Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way. 4000+ Pages of Complementary Integrative Health Resources for Women & Men.

Tapping Club
A website for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tappers! Articles and weekly online meetings

The Best Weight Loss Tea
Diets don't work! There are 7 main reasons why, take our free course to find out why you scale is stuck or keeps going up. Fix the 7 causes, you weight balances automatically.

the coalition for natural health
the coalition for natural health: a grassroots organization committed to advancing natural health and consumer access to smart medicine.

The Healing Bridge
The Healing Bridge Project supports a global reality of caring connection, soulful and conscious living, self-actualization and healing. We explore the process of personal transformation that results from healing mind, body, and spirit through interviewing individuals who wish to benefit others through sharing their authentic experience. Our website provides a bridge from isolation to a compassionate collective who offer inspiration and encouragement through email. The Healing Bridge Project is dedicated to building a global network of communication and exchange to encourage cross-dialogue between disciplines and provide a means of working together for the purpose of transformation and healing.The Healing Bridge offers:--Free access to a growing archive of online stories of healing from a diverse population.--Monthly updates to subscribers--Articles on the transformational process of inner healing.--Links to inspirational and healing resources--Ongoing research on the process of healing for education and publication

The Healing Path
The Healing Path specializes in autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata; Lupus; arthritis; chronic fatigue; Epstein Barr and Crohn’s disease. These disorders are treated using my original herbal tinctures and Energy Healing. The Healing Path herbal tinctures are thoughtfully handcrafted with healing hands. All tinctures are imbued with healing Reiki Energy and can be ordered on line. I have also created a system so that the lay person can have healing energy at their disposal anytime they choose.

The Healing Path
The Healing Path specializes in autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata; Lupus; arthritis; chronic fatigue; Epstein Barr and Crohn’s disease. These disorders are treated using my herbal tinctures and Energy Healing. The Healing Path herbal tinctures are all original formulas and are thoughtfully handcrafted with healing hands. All tinctures are imbued with healing Reiki Energy for added benefit. I have also created a system so that the lay person can have healing energy at their disposal anytime they choose.

The Healing Spectrum
The Healing Spectrum presents a range of resources that support healing in all its aspects. Both Alternative and Allopathic Medicine are profiled.

The Holistic Practice
The home page of The Holistic Practice, a group of therapists that believe that the whole person should be treated and the real cause of disorders established

the holistic universal registry
where the who's who of the holistic unite! natural health and healing alternatives. let us be your guide!

The Journal of Healing Corp.
The Journal of Healing is an online web magazine dedicated to individual, societal and planetary healing. To this end body/mind/soul healing and ecological healing will be addressed, for the health of one reflects the health of the other.

the natural health registry
network of qualified natural health professionals, products and services

The Oasis
Natural ways to optimum health and personal growth - updated with new information monthly.

the right-to-know network
empower yourself with data! search our databases to identify chemical releases in your neighborhood, toxic waste and industry compliance with federal

the scientific review of alternative medicine
the scientific review of alternative medicine (sram) is the only peer-reviewed medical journal dedicated exclusively to carefully assessing the claims, treatments, and hypotheses of unconventional medicine.

The South African Natural Health Network
A comprehensive resource of Natural Health and Healing. Information, Contacts, News, Discussion, Products, Places, Reviews and more.

the way up with dr slagle
holistic physician provides her guidance to optimimum health with selected products. also addresses health conditions & what to do. in-depth description of products & online purchase. many alternative health links. health books for sale.

Therapeutic Entertainment Products, Inc.
"inspiring creativity as an aid to healing®". Creativity kits, workshops, seminars, monthly ezine.

Tools for Transformation
In response to your questions, Ayal Hurst explains what underlying causes may be creating disharmony or illness in your life and suggests alternative healing options and personal issues to consider.

Transtana Alchemysts
A comprehensive educational resource for macrobiotic/anthroposophic living

UAB Center for Psychiatric Medicine
Comprehensive site on people who fake illness in themselves or others for attention.

vita-master updateable nutritional software for health and wellness
vita-master is an updateable nutritional software database with holistic information on vitamins, herbs, health problems, alternative medical practices and wellness therapies. free trial version.

Weed Witches
Free monthly ezine looking at herbs, alternative health, and social justice issues

Wellness Resources
Come and see our wellness tips, holistic health consultation possibilities, wellness books and free informational newsletters.

Wellness Resources
Come visit us! We offer books, newsletters, workshops and wellness consultation.

Designer and supplier of natural sea salt for internal and external health and beauty.
online holistic health magazine: alternative and traditional care, fitness/wellness, health care ethics, personal growth, and spirituality.

Wolftears (Tools for your Journey)
Wolftears ( Tools for Your Journey) is a website didicated to education and support for those living with Fibromyalgia.The page is operated by a Fibromite and retired, disabled Counselor, intuitive Clairvoyant

Womyn's Path of Healing
Holistic Bodywork, Life & Stress Management Coaching Services, Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes,
Find a large number of workplace and occupational safety related web sites categorized under dozens of topics at
Not-for-profit info site about foods and supplements and how they promote health; tables, simple, comments, cause of heart disease; prevention

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