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Echoed Voices ~ Free Monthly Magazine
For all People, For all Paths, May the Circle be Complete. Our Goal is to Bring you Up-to-Date on News Around the World and Current Events, Spells,Rituals and Alchemy, Author Interviews and Book Reviews, Poems from Our Readers, Sabbats and God/dess of the Month, Monthly Horoscope, Forecast, and a "Q and A" Column, Editorials and Action Alert, Pagan Humour, Healing Circle and so much more. Best of All, To Give You Your Voice...We Bring you the Means to Let it be Heard. If you Want to Feed your Soul, If you Want to Have all your Emotions Touched Upon...Come and Enjoy.Do Not Believe This is the End...This is Only the Beginning!

Kiss the Violets
Creative site dedicated to healing sexual trauma..many resources, art, poetry, and inspiration.

Power Within Healing Centre, Calgary
Power Within Healing Centre beliefs cover a wide spectrum of philosophy, religion, metaphysics and spiritual sciences.One of our key concepts is about spiritual energy, and healing. Spiritual energy (Universal Life Force energy, Chi or Qi or Prana etc.) is no less real than electricity and operates according to natural laws. It can help to heal, inspire, guide, bless and protect whoever it is directed to.We all can learn to invoke and transmit this light energy as it is within us, innate in us to heal and help ourselves, and to help others including animals and the world as a whole.When we correctly navigating our own personal journey through experiences, being aware of what and why things happens to us for our greater soul purpose, we evolve and become increasingly aware of our Divine nature. As a result we gain greater enlightenment, and also greater spiritual powers, which can be used in selfless service to ourselves and others. For as long as I can remember I have had psychic, Mediumship and healing abilities, and developed a close connection with the world of spirit. My passion is to help people to find the truth about themselves – it’s the truth that sets us free. ~ JohnAndrea’s passion is to awaken and guide those who are burdened with problems to see the "pearl in their oyster" from a spiritual perspective and will only work with those who are prepared to open up to releasing old attitudes and ways of being that no longer serve them, and who are willing to take steps in finding a new direction and meaning in their life by reconnecting with the richness and true power of their Spirit. The result is self-empowerment and a joy-filled life.Andrea offers: Intuitive, Psychic, Spiritual Counselling ǀ Mediumship ǀ EFT& Matrix Reimprinting Transpersonal Hypnotherapy & Regression / Past Life Regression / Akashic Record Reading / Oracle Divination /Tarot / Symbols, dreams, colours and Energy /Quantum Healing Work.John Offers: Intuitive, Psychic, Spiritual Counselling / Mediumship / EFT & Matrix Reimprinting /Energy Scanning, Healing / Spirit Attachment & Invasive Energy Release( Entity Removal)

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