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Light Therapy Directory

The Healthy Lighting Catalog
Full & natural spectrum bulbs/tubes, light therapy, dawn simulator

Natural Full Spectrum Lighting
Natural full spectrum lighting, Ergonomic Desk Lamps, compact fluorescent lights.

Enlightened Health
Full Spectrum biologically beneficial light boxes, bulbs & tubes

Light Therapy
Light Therapy Online carries a complete line of full spectrum light therapy products including desk lamps, light boxes, dawn simulators, and floor lamps for treating seasonal affective disorder and the winter blues. We provide only high quality, innovative products with patent-pending features found nowhere else.

Academia de idiomas Hablalenguas
Escuela de ingles en Madrid. Nuestra academia de idiomas te enseñará ingles con profesores nativos y grupos reducidos.

China BBoss Tiffany Lighting Co., Ltd
tiffany lamp in china factory with more than 20000 items for customer choose

China BBoss Tiffany Lighting Co., Ltd
We produce tiffany lamp and tiffany panel, which was designed by Bboss company, After 7 year's work hard, our company have own more than 10000 types of tiffany products for customer choose, through our customer's strive, our brand BBOSS been more and more famous, we always keep our lamp in good quality, and serive all this should according all of us to work hard continue

Emerald Star Publishing
Color Energy therapy brought forward into the new millenium by founder, Alijandra, author of "Healing with the Rainbow Rays". A cutting-edge healing modality from the ancient mystery schools. Classes taught internationally.

Enlightened Living Services
Healing patterns, emotions, past lives through Light Work

FeelGood Wellness
Light, massage and magnetic therapies for management of pain and stress in addition to increasing energy levels and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

HodgepodgeBlog...Bernard Dove Wisser's Blog
Bernard Dov Wisser's 1 day a week Journal of advice, opinion, and ventilation-raps about art, sprirituality, being a human being, and everything else. Wisser was an Early Soho Artist, and he is a novelist and the author of Ï Do Art, I do Life, Life Does Me" He was a drop out psychologist, and is a Buddhist. His column is loose, humorous, humanistic, and phenomenologically grounded.

mama nirvana's new yoga
Website for Mama Nirvana's New Yoga, a full-time yoga center in Easthampton, Mass. Find a class, workshop, course or weekend vacation.

mind body healing
colored light therapy promotes health of mind, body and spirit as an alternative healing treatment or holistic medicine in chinese medicine (ayurveda healing).

Morning StarLight
Inexpensive ganzfeld light therapy system for treating seasonal affective disorder, for meditating and relaxation.

morning starlight ganzfeld light therapy system for seasonal affective disorder, sad, meditation, re
morning starlight, which costs much less than any other light therapy system in the world, provides soft, white light to facilitate relaxation and meditation.
Natural full spectrum lighting, Ergonomic Desk lamps, compact full spectrum light bulbs. Feel Better, See Better Perform Better. Enhance home and work environment, increase productivity. Excellent for offices, stores, schools, factories, medical facilities, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), light therapy, etc.
natural sunlight simulating lighting by vita-lite. ergonomic desk lamps, energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. excellent for offices, retail, schools, banks, etc. duro-test light bulbs. used for sad (seasonal affective disorder), add students. free replacement warranty.

OTT Light Systems Inc.
Biologically Beneficial lighting:-elevates mood; reduces depression

Pure BeeGinnings
Temple Guardian Pillars"The original Pure BeeGinnings candle" are handcrafted from the purest beeswax available. These candles have astonishingly long burning times and bright, drip-less, soot free flames. Our candles create negative ions that bind with positively charged dust particles. The resulting neutrally charged dust molecule literally falls to the ground. ~ Natural Golden Color

therapeutic bright lights
high-intensity, energy efficient lights for the treatment of seasonal depression, sad, and the winter blues. also effective for jet lag, shift worker body clock adjustment. give yourself the gift of light!

what is color energy
our most important energy source is light, and the entire spectrum of colours is derived from light. sunlight, which contains all the wavelengths, consists of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that we depend on to exist on this planet. good discussion of the meaning of the different colors in healing and their relationship to light energy.

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