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Living Purposefully Directory

For Inspirational Quotes, Articles, Special Reports and e-courses by My Mentors and Heroes

Ann McLaughlin, Spiritual Counseling - Living Purposefully
Help you discover Life Purpose; navigate life changes & challenges. Harness the power of subconscious; intuition & dreams. MSW with 25 years experience. Work with people all over world by phone or Skype

A community dedicated to purposeful living supporting others where ever they are along the journey. Mind, body and spiritual integration to provide a set of tools for stress reduction, increased awareness and compassion in all aspects of living.

Dean Fraser Unlock Your Life
Dean Fraser, author and teacher talks of small changes we can all make to live amazing lives every day! His books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other good bookstores - look under Dean Fraser and they're right there!

We supply oils, spell candles, healing crystals, spiritual music, enlightening book, tarot cards, rune stones, spells and knowledge. Find us at you.earthshadow
Whether it's your career, relationships or life in general; if having what's important to you seems impossible, then it's time to adjust your life plan. You can step back, reevaluate your priorities, and make a conscious decision about the future you'd like to create. How do you make such a decision ? Where do you turn to when you decide to improve the quality of your life ? When your body is out of shape and you need help getting fit or losing weight, you hire a personal trainer. Wouldn't it be great if you could do this for all other parts of your life ? Well, now you can. With the help of a "Life Coach", you can shape your life and overcome the obstacles that get in the way of living a life that you love

Frugal Living in the UK
Advice on how to live a happy life on less money - househild and shopping tips, cheap vegan recipes, days out, finance, freebies and a spiritual abundance section.

Grounds for Life
Grounds for Life is a sanctuary where your body, mind and spirit connect. Dennis Grounds, intuitive healer, mentor and founder of Grounds for Life, has developed holistic methods to assist individuals in finding their true path and to work toward their own journey of transformation and healing. Grounds for Life combines universal energies, nutritional healing and intuitive counseling with life counseling skills developed with his own expertise, such as the R.A.Y. (radiance about yourself) method to assist you in reaching your higher self and potential.

K & E Innovations LLP
Our purpose is to touch lives with the spirit of gratitude. Our book "Gratitude Works" is a simple and easy way to get into the practice of gratitude. On our website we include "Gratitude Resources" which lists professionals and authors on how gratitude promotes health and well-being.

Life of Learning Foundation
Website of self-realization author Guy Finley, the founder and director of non-profit Life of Learning Foundation, a school for self study and higher learning located in Merlin, Oregon. Guy is the author of over 40 books and audio products, available on this site, that have helped aspirants worldwide find a life of true happiness and purpose. Guy offers classes open to the public 4 days each week and an online Wisdom School.

Life Purpose Readings
Life Purpose Readings by Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones, a caring, spiritually focused psychic. This reading reveals which lessons you are here to learn, which abilities you are here to acquire or express, and more.

Live Life U Want
Are you satisfied with your current level of fulfillment in Physical / Mental / Social / Spiritual area of Life?Are you living the life you want?Do you want the inspiration / motivation to achieve your Dreams?Whether or not, you reply yes or no to above questions; Live Life U Want is a place you may explore to help you find the Resources needed in living the life you want.

Mariposa Soul Transformation
Offering Soul Realignment™ - soul level transformation through Akashic Record wisdom. Bringing understanding, healing and clearing, to remove energetic blocks and restrictions, that are interfering with you living a soul inspired life and more fully manifesting your soul’s purpose and potential.

Marvelous Publications
If you like to read stories, explore the annals of human emotion and experience or just peruse a poem or two, Marvelous Publications has got it all. Our blog -"Faith in the Making"- is about learning to walk with God in everyday life. There's also some freebie downloads and a free blovel (translation, "blog novel") too, so take a look around and see ..

Free online courses: Astral Travel, Searching Within and Journey to Enlightenment. Learn all about atsral travel. Discover your true potential. Techniques to powerfully transform yourself and your life.

Paths of Promise: Retracing an Ancient Wisdom
A site dedicated to the transformative effects and spiritual teachings of near-death experiences and deathbed visions.

Practical Spiritual Healing Guide
Contains powerful spiritual information presented in a practical, straight forward, easy to understand manner to help you enrich every area of your life. Visit the site and get your free ebook How to Get What You Want.

Spiritual Quest Journeys
Spiritual Quest Journeys offers spiritual tours to sacred sites and magical places worldwide.

THE infogatherer
Free shot at your dream: no strings attached.

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