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Magnet Therapy Directory offers high end magnetic therapy products including Magnetic bracelets for the sports and health enthusiast. Copper bracelets and copper magnetic therapy bracelets are available in a wide variety as well. A corporate custom logo program makes for added interest for those visiting the site. offers a best price on/off web gaurantee. - Magnet Therapy - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Magnet Therapy, Physical Therapists, Healthcare Professionals, Health & Medical.

Eternal Life Magnets
As featured & highly recommended in New York Times best selling book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About" by Author Kevin Trudeau.

europe-lux magnetic therapy wool bedding
europe-lux chose the four finest qualities of wool to make out our combination-offer to you: merino-sheep-wool, lama-wool, cashmere-wool and angora-wool.

g & b marketing, health magnets
stop pain now. use magnets for pain relief. - business opportunity.

healthquest, inc
they offer therapy, electrical and magnetic appliances, nutrition, and information to assist the body through the healing process and once there, support the body functions.

Lower your pH, absorb more nutrients and live healthier by drinking magnetized water! Charge your water with our easy to use Magnetic Water Charger. $19.97

Hundraland biomagnetics
your health and wellness is our number one priority! we are trying to help you live a happy and healthy 100 years. we provide magnetic health products. magnetic therapy is one of the world’s oldest alternative therapies.

improve your health with magnet therapy
magnetic copper bracelets, magnetic insoles, copper bracelets. improve your health with magnet therapy.

Just Magnotherapy Plus Holistic Health
Unusual magnotherapy jewellery and products plus holistic health such as aerobic oxygen, colloidal silver, ozone

lgs trust - magnetic therapy products
manufacturer and researcher of magnetic therapy

Lyon Brand Magnetic Health Products
Magnetic therapy specialists offering information on the benefits of natural therapy.

magnet megastore
magetic therapy store with magnetic bracelets and other health products

magnet therapy and purple healing plates
aches ?..discomforts ??...just magnet them away with products from our online catalog. also, check out the purple healing plates that renowned author linda goodman tells of in her 'star signs' book.

magnetherapy - magnet health
magnetherapy/tectonic magnets - how your health might benefit from magnets. many products are offered. compare prices before ordering from this supplier. this supplier offers some magnets of much greater strength than offered by others interested in using magnets for healing.

magnetherapy stockist, lancashire, england, uk
supplies magnetherapy pain relief

Magnetic Bracelets Earrings and Jewelry
Distributor of magnetic therapy products, including magnetic bracelets, magnetic earrings and magnetic jewelry.

magnetic foot insoles and other products
this site offers many magnetic products. prices are lower than nikken and higher than dr. burke's.

magnetic healing products and devices for pain relief
importer of quality medical magnets for healing and relieving pain in all parts of the body. also, america's largest collection of magnetic jewelry for pain relief. note that this company's magnets are more powerful than those used by most other suppliers. consider this experimental. prices are competitive.

magnetic ideas, inc.
magnetic therapy is nature's ultimate secret to better health and vitality! used by professional athletes and golfers around the world.

magnetic insoles
magnetic insoles at competitive prices.

magnetic insoles and other products.
magnetic insoles to help relieve foot pain and other products to relieve other kinds of discomfort. competetive pricing.

Magnetic Mattress Covers
Magnetic Mattress Therapy. Magnetic Mattress provides soothing magnetic therapy while sleeping on your mattress.

magnetic therapy
sells therapuetic magnets in bulk wholesale

magnetic therapy
natural, powerful pain relief with magnetic therapy

magnetic therapy alternatives
move over viagra - properly selected and applied magnets can provide a sexual boost -especially if poor circulation is a contributing problem to impotence or other sexual dysfunction.

magnetic therapy sales
magnets for support and pain reduction at low internet discount prices

Magnetic Therapy Specialists
We are magnetic therapy specialists providing a wide variety of magnetic products and information.

magnetic therapy used by millions for pain relief
the magnetic products quest iv will carry are the most advanced on the market. their strength is much more powerful than most magnets on the market and will far surpass 95% of other magnetic therapy products on the market.

magnetized 4 life
independent distributor of nikken products. discover the ancient healing powers of magnets and magnetic therapy.
Relieve pain and stiffness naturally without sleep-inducing over-the-counter drugs. Magnetic Therapy helps your body’s own natural healing processes without drugs or side effects. Magnetic Therapy is widely recognized today as an effective, non-invasive, non-addictive treatment for pain.Magnetic fields are believed to draw oxygenated, iron-rich blood to the site of an injury, helping to reduce pain, stiffness, and swelling, and to enhance the body’s own natural healing processes.Unlike over-the-counter drugs, magnetic therapy won’t make you drowsy, foggy, or lethargic, one of the many reasons professional athletes including football players, tennis pros, and more than 90% of Senior PGA tour golfers regularly use it to help reduce pain and to increase their flexibility.Isn’t it time you discovered the all-natural, 100% safe, magnetic way to eliminate your aches or pains. Weight loss with Magna1

Magnohealth Magnetic therapy Products
UK manufacturer of Magnetic therapy jewellery including copper magnetic bracelets, stainless steel bracelets and necklaces and sterling silver bracelets.

magzone - magnetics supplier
therapuetic, novelty, crafts, office, games, toys and bulk magnets. note site loads slow but well worth the wait site uses shockwave

nikken u.s.a.
these are top-of-the-line magnetic products from the premier marketer of these products in the world. i have personal experience that these products work and their popularity speaks for their efficacy. note that this company is multi-level, offering an opportunity to make money. prices for these products also are top of the line.

north pole magnets
pain relief magnets from kimberly health products - unipolar magnetic therapy.

professional magnets for pain
wide variety of magnet products for use with different conditions and parts of the body. reasonable prices.

qrs: a break through in pulsed magnetic therapy.
welcome to our quantronic resonance system therapy qrs® home page. pmf products pty ltd is proud to be the exclusive distributor of qrs in australia. m

quest iv health magnets
magnetic therapy is and has been used around the world on thoroughbred horses to aid in the healing of leg and spine injuries. it has been used in the training rooms of most of the national football league in the treating of major and minor injuries. and quest iv health, with world-renowned authority dr. william philpott as spokesman for the company, offers some of the strongest and best magnets in the industry.

synergy for life - norso therapeutic magnets
magnets provide an excellent alternative for pain relief, therapeutic medical strength magnets

Therion Magnetics
U.S. manufacturer of magnetic therapy products for natural pain relief.

webmd - news article
the largest health community and best medical information on the web from trustworthy professionals. this article discusses magnetic therapy from a medical point-of-view. peterluv

World of Magnets Ltd
Specialist online retailer of magnetic therapy pain relief products for arthritis, back pain and many other ailments

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