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Martial Arts Directory

Silver Tiger Tai Chi
Tai Chi, Bagua and Gigong, Free information, event and class schedules.

A Circle Of Light Healing Center
Circular movements, complex palm turning, and evasive footwork characterize Pa Kua Chang, the ancient Chinese knowledge that is more than a martial art. Much like Tai Chi, Pa Kua emphasizes spirituality, health and healing. Pa Kua also offers Martial Arts, Self Defense, and Ancient Weapons. In Chinese, “Pa” means eight and “Kua” means changes. Pa Kua, the art of the “Eight Changes,” is thus a complete body of knowledge helping us through the ever changing situations of our daily lives. Other martial arts schools often teach the same movements class after class. In Pa Kua the fundamentals are strengthened and new techniques are introduced at every class, keeping the interest level at a maximum.

Aikido Academy of Boca Raton
Practice the Peace & Harmony of Aikido as taught by Jim Polselli, Sensei, 5th Dan. over 25 years teaching experience. No Contracts. No Signup Fees. Month to Month - Daily Mat Fees Available - Discounts for pre-payment available. Our Air Conditioned Dojo has a lively family oriented atmosphere. Everyone is Welcome.
Quality information and resources on aikido, martial arts, self-defense, health and fitness, alternative health, yoga, new age music, and much more ! - Karate & Martial Arts Supplies - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Karate & Martial Arts Supplies, Sporting Goods, Specialty Stores, Shopping & Shopping Services.

Amatsu Tatara Shumon Bumon
Adaptable, understandable instruction with a highly qualified instructor in Tradtional Ninpo, Jujutsu, Taijiquan, Self-Defense, Weapons, Yoga and Qigong. I have studies Martail Arts for 35 years and Yoga for 25.

First Home Security
Self defense products: stun guns, pepper sprays, tazers.

Internal Kung Fu
5 Elder Monk Mew Hing's 18 Daoist Palms System of internal Kung Fu.
Judo Information

magnetic therapy products to relieve pain

Martial Arts Online
Great resource for kungfu and taichi tutorial videos. All demonstrated by famous kungfu masters in China. e.g Chen Zhenglei.

Ngo Cho Eng Chun Kun Group

Physical Training Traditions
PTT is a place for enthusiasts and students of Yoga, Internal Martial Arts, Philosophy, Spirituality, and much more to exchange and promote information.

Rick Sheridan
We offer a variety of links to martial arts training resources.

Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong
Martial arts e-books about Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu and health improvement method based on Qigong.Lam Sai Wing and his books. Kung Fu Directory.

Taijiws Association
Tai Chi for Adults. 18 to Seniors.Sun Style Tai Chi (TCA) has Chi Kung (qi gong) qualities. Easy to learn and fun to do!

The Jitsu Foundation
Jujitsu is not a sport but an approach to life, through physical and mental exercise it is possible to achieve a state of active meditation. Jitsu therefore can therefore encourage physical, mental and spiritual development.

Tridaya Inner Power
Extraordinary technique art of inner power for security, health and prosperity. To activate your inner power is powerful enough to enable a person using it throw an opponent without touching him

World Judo Organisation
World Champions in Action and Interviews. Don't miss it

Xiong Jing
Books, videos and workshops to learn Tai Chi, Qigong and Self Defense

Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association
The Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association promotes all traditional Chinese martial arts, but primarily concentrates on Cheng Man Ch'ing style Tai Chi. We welcome all to our classes whether you are looking for the health benefits of Tai Chi or the martial side.

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