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MetaSpirituality Directory

Karma Kola: SHAKE IT UP!
Eclectic items from all over the world: Africa, India, China, Thailand, and more! Clothing, incense, musical instruments, religious items, home items and other fascinating finds!

Blue Ridge Spirit
Many metaphysical Articles, as well as spiritual jewelry and items to enhance the joy of living life.

Channel of Blessings
Trance contact medium offering aura/spirit cleansing, ancestral or generational ghosts and alien visitation removal using Catholic/Hebraic methods.

Elizabeth Francis - Psychic Medium and Tarot
I work with Spirit to provide you with information that can help you gain clarity and guidance whether it is in the realms of a relationship, health, career or finances.I also have a portfolio of corporate clients for whom I can remote view on their behalf to obtain information about competitors and partners, including psychically tracking those involved in business negotiations. Although coming from a successful business background, I has been psychic since birth. For the last eighteen years I have used my psychic gifts, which include clairvoyance, mediumship and remote viewing, I can provide you with information that can assist in your decision making. Both my verbal and written readings are in-depth, reliable, and rewarding. My readings tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. My goal is to motivate and assist you to self-empower so you can live a more productive, holistic lifestyle which can improve both your standard of living and quality of life. It is to this end I was inspired to write my book Gift - From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth In 2014 Gift was added to the US New Leaf Distributors List. In May 2014 I launched my range of sacred jewellery, the 72 Angels of the Zodiac Amulets.From 5th June to December 2014 I had the privilege of hosting my radio show "Gift With Elizabeth Francis" on A1R Psychic Radio and recordings of these shows are available on their web site. I write for both Silent Voices and Paradigm Shift e magazines and my articles for both magazines can be found on my website blog. I also run various residential and day spiritual development workshops from my home in Callington, Cornwall.

In Search of Heaven
Based on the author's personal experience of being in heaven, this site accurately shares updated knowledge about Jesus, Heaven, God, and Eternal Life with everyone, no matter who you are or where you live.

Inner Vibe Marketing
Manifest wealth, happiness and passion into your everyday life! Create the life you have always dreamed about, today.

Joan's Metaphysical Musings -
Free: A culmination of experiences and research encompassed in radical and thought-provoking books that introduce the neophyte to various aspects of basic metaphysics.

Magick Bezoar stones
We are dedicated to helping the public in accelerating their spiritual growth and evolution; we are offering many empowerments and magical items, including genies, talismans love potions and magical stones that are derived from animals and plants.


Opalescent Nine: Remembering a New Reality
Home of the Pleiadian Renegades, here you will find the collected writings and more from the source of Nine, through the League of Light and Anica, as channeled by Maryann Rada.

psychic reading rooms
Psychic reading rooms is a unique company with over 200 psychics, mediums, tarot readers and astrologers all reading at expert level. Established over 14 years. All readers have multiple spiritual gifts and can offer advice on all life aspects.

Spiritual Feng Shui Healing
Spiritual Feng Shui Healing - You are the center of the energy. Spiritual healing incorporating the concepts of Feng Shui. Free 10 minute evaluation.

Spirituality & Karma Cybersite
New Age Spiritual Resources

Spirituality Blog
Consciousness, human awakening, spirituality and the Multiverse are some of the frequent topics of this site. Take charge of your destiny now.

Dedicated to multilevel forms of evolution.

The ART and WRITINGS of Mary Harris Cutting
Vibrant Metaphysical semi-abstractArt, Teachings and Stories. Please visit and sign up for sporadic, bi-weekly newsletter based on her book, "How to become the Radical Goddess You Already Are!"

The Gaia Minute
The Gaia Minute is a world-wide call for round-the-clock collective meditative prayer for Gaia. The message is being spread through websites and The Gaia Minute Call. You are invited to participate and help to spread the word.

The Majickal Garden
The Majickal Garden for anyone traveling the path...interested in enhancing spiritual growth.Sharing insights of the esoterical, mystical..NewAge..paganism..The Arts.

The Raven and the Sparrow
The Raven and the Sparrow is a publisher of New Age, Metaphysical art and books. We are new the the web, and are building our product list daily.

The Temple of Universality
The Temple of Universality is located in Tucson, Arizona, and it celebrates the unity of God and Man through spirit, worship, healing, and prophesy.

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