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Metaphysics Directory
Astral Thyme
Astral Thyme Gary W. Fisler
P.O. Box 1064
Woodbine 31569

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Phone:  912-576-1766

Astral Thyme is a complete resource for information and products that are needed for spiritual growth. There are articles on astral projection, scrying, channeling, herbal therapy, psychic development and talking boards. Our metaphysical store is not large but we do pride ourselves on having the best products available. We welcome the opportunity to help you on your quest for spiritual growth.
The Word Foundation Inc
The Word Foundation Inc Dante DiProsa
P.O. Box 180340
Dallas 75218

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Email Member
Phone:  214-348-5006

This web site is part of our effort to fulfill our charter: "To make known to the people of the world, the contents and meaning of Thinking and Destiny, and all other works by Harold W. Percival." The importance of these works to our present civilization cannot be overestimated. Once you understand what is said even in the first chapter of T&D, you will probably not rest until you understand what the rest of the book has to offer you.
InnerChange Magazine
InnerChange Magazine Karen Newton

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Email Member
Phone:  919-661-2282
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Innerchange magazine has been serving the mind/body/spirit community since January 1996 as a free, bi-monthly publication., our website, provides a forum to explore the new age, spirituality, metaphysics, and natural healing for personal transformation and higher consciousness. Content includes articles; online exclusives; columns on astrology, tarot, feng shui and Body/Mind; community calendar of events; classified listings; book and music reviews, and more! Visit and sign up for our monthly e-Newsletter, which informs you of updates to the website and upcoming events!
Protonic Creations
Protonic Creations Ray Meyers

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Empower Your Life! Full Spectrum Life Force is the Energy responsible for Metaphysical Phenomena, Manifestation and Miracles! Utilize unique Full Spectrum Life Force generated by our Energetic Creations to transform your life! Energize and Clear your Chakra Centers - Achieve deep states of Meditation and Relaxation - Amplify and Extend your Natural Psychic Abilities - Strengthen your Energy Atmosphere - Develop Increased Vitality - Neutralize negative fields from fluorescent lights and PC monitors ... Achieve the Ultimate in Personal Empowerment!

Psychic Readings and More MoonWhisper
Visit MoonWhisper for amazing psychic readings and new age products in our metaphysical shop .

Earth Spirit Emporium
many candles, all sizes and shapes

Crystal Master at Rosley's Rocks and Gems
ANCIENT HEALING STONES,Pet's Crystals,Reiki Wands, Chakra Amulets

Sai Rapture
Sai Rapture's temple doors are open. Fly by and allow your Spirit to soar through the myriad portals of Sai Love: Ecstatic Art, Literature, Health and Healing, Spiritual guidance, instruction and so much more.

Raven Hawke, Llc
Psychic, energy healing, meditation, hypnotherapy, stress reduction, feng shui, space clearing, parties & events.

Lailokens Awen
Hand-crafted and organic Loose Incense, Anointing Oils, Beeswax Spell Candles, Smokeless Smudge Sprays, and Bath Salts. All the products are made in purified, consecrated space, using Hermetic principals and observing astrological influences. Made in small batches to ensure that you are getting the best, top quality magical item, you can be sure that every product will meet your need.

Gypsy Chicks
Here you will find the most exceptional and unusual pendants, charms, greeting cards, & unique gifts available in the market. Browse our collection of Celtic and Wiccan jewelry, Magical Charms, Key of Solomon Amulets & Talismans, Gothic Fantasy Jewelry, Viking charms, Ancient Egyptian Amulets, New Age & Fantasy Greeting Cards, Divining Rods, VooDoo Charms, Magic Spell Kits, Rune Stones, Witch Stones, Pendulum Kits, Tarot Bags & more.

2012 Vision
Releasing fear about 2012 and the Great Shift by providing spiritual information, services and products. Free info, downloads, meditation music. Free one-question astrology reading.

60's And Further
Incredible Resource for Quality Handmade Dolls and Toys, Incense, Essential Oils, SW Botanicals, Magical Incense Blends and Incense Supplies. Flower Essences and Tinctures and lots of information and links.

A Mystic Merchant
Gem stones, crystals, jewelry hand made metaphysical new age symbols by Bill Mason. Fung shui, shamanism, and awesome info and links.

A Mystic Merchant
Source for jewelers, collectors, energy healing work of one of a kind gems crystals and jewelry hand made by Bill Mason. Fung shui shaman awesome info and links.

Aannsha Jones
Positive Outcomes contains articles, inspirations, services and products aimed at helping people become more aware. We are moving into a time of peace and joy where love, personal truth and responsibility are paramount. Share your success story with readers. Read Aannsha's witty, metaphysical Hot Tips and comments. You have the power within you to find joy right now.

Above and Beyond
Above and Beyond offers a synthesis and a new approach and exploration into the interrelationship between the Tarot and the Tree of Life.

Akashic Record Readings and Classes with Gabrielle Orr
The Akashic Records provide you with a grand opportunity for personal evolution. A shift in perception allows you to change and expand your personal belief systems. As a result you will experience joy, happiness, inner peace and well-being.

alchemy lab
devoted to the transformation of individual consciousness and society through the ancient art of alchemy and the principles of the emerald tablet. free classifieds, personal alchemy quiz, alchemy art gallery, orginal texts, and more.

alchemy, spiritual transformation
alchemy unifies opposites. the union of opposites involves paradoxical thinking and the transformation of consciousness.

alchemy: the black art
official publication of the thelemic order of the golden dawn and the aleister crowley foundation. by david cherubim, chief officer of the t.g.d., o.a.i., and a.c.f. - Metaphysical Churches - Yellow Pages Yellow Pages provides business listings (name, address, phone, fax) for all categories covered under Metaphysical Churches, Religious Organizations, Community Services.

We retail Egyptian imports, and collectibles at reasonable prices including; papyrus paintings, MOP, Egyptian Jewelry, statues, Leather and Brass Items. Also aromatherapy, Vitamins and Herbs, essentials oils and oil burners

Amethyst Light
Empowered healing gifts for you and your loved ones to assist on your journey to wholeness. Chakra kits, sacred wedding boxes, candle, rituals, herb baths, natural crystal jewelry

Anandavala: At-one with the Bliss
An open minded and reverent enquiry into Truth on all levels, through any means available, both spiritual and scientific

Angels' Play Inc.
Wearing the "New Face" in the Metaphysics. A way that you are in control. You will be amazed what we have to offer! Pull up a cloud and enjoy the view. :)

Ascending Light Times
Attain physical immortality through spiritual enlightenment. Heal the mental barriers that make your body age and die.

Ascending Light Times
Ascending Light Times is a website about Ascension which I define as going directly to God without going through the change called death. It is a personal path to Ascension.

Ashtar Galactic Command
This is the official site for all Lightworkers connected with Ashtar.Also the only site where you can listen to Ashtar Radio online

Association of Universal Philosophy, Inc.
Prophecies and teachings given by spiritual messengers of God (angels) in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. "New words shall be written upon the sky, but they must be written in men's hearts first."

Mark Pritchard, whose spiritual Being is Belzebuub, is founder of a spiritual school called Gnosticweb and author of 'A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams'.

Beyond Illusion
This site is lovingly filled with inspiration, hope and information. Please come soak up the love and light!

Blackhawk Productions
Blackhawk's journey through the many faces of life in his walk on the Good Red Road. Poems, stories and teachings are shared from his heart. Your thoughts and contributions are valued here.

Blue Star Ent.
Quarterly transmissions from Blue Star The Pleiadian.

Body and Mind Connection
Complete online metaphysical store

books of shadows
individual designs, crafted with artistic patience - white raven relics - medievil style bos with matching athames.

Boston Chapter, National Council for Geocosmic Research
The National Council for Geocosmic Research is an international astrology organization with local chapters. Boston is the second largest chapter. All who are interested in astrology are welcome.

Brother Veritus' Teachings
Metaphysics, Spiritual Sciences, White Powder of Gold, Egyptian Mysteries, Violet Flame, Mysticism, Kabbalah, Star Nations

Cayla's Crystal Cave
Your one stop shop for natural gemstone jewelry, Spiritual, Metaphysical and everything in between.Come see us for ALL your spiritual needs.

Center for Conscious Living
A loving supportive spiritual community, sharing universal principles, which, when practiced, transform lives and create a world that is good for all. All are welcome to our celebration of life services on Sundays or any of our offerings.

Central Sun
Central Sun is a jumping-off point for the Truth-seeker. It offers metaphysical discussion, a recommended reading list, comprehensive links, auotations, and things to make you think.

Central Sun
Central Sun is a jumping-off point for the Truth-seeker. This award-winning site features discussions on metaphysics, a recommended reading list, comprehensive links to related sites, quotations, and much more.

Chiantha, a spiritual counselor, seeks answers for others, both personal and general information from collective cosmic consciusness. No fee as that which is bestowed by Spirit freely should be given freely.

Circles of Light
A weekly online ezine of metaphysics and astrology. Visit this site for a variety of interactive features, original articles and free readings.

Continuity of Life
We are a trinity of like-minded individuals who work together as Spiritual Mediums, Healers, and Psychic Intuitives.

Creative Wings Entertainment
See reel relationship with messages played in this metaphysical moviewith An Ascended Master, The Goddess of Light and The Hollywood Angel that entertain right choices.

Cyber Magick
All paths lead to Cyber Magick. Welcome to our Online Occult and Spiritual Product Superstore! Here you will find that our prices on many items cost up to 25% less than the other smaller New Age stores. Also, we carry the widest selection of popular and hard to find books anywhere. Kick your shoes off and stay as long as you want! We're open 24 hours a day and have secure online ordering for fast delivery. Buy what thou wilt.

Dan Scorpio
A site dealing with language and meaning - NLP, ambiguity, metaphor and mind-body union

Dancing Star Creations
Spiritual discussion, web reviews, book reviews, message board.

David Geiger Minerals
High vibrational quartz crystals

Death & Dying
Information and web resources about death and dying, and caregiving. Interactive course in spiritual growth.

Distant Psychic Healing and Metaphysics
Full service metaphysical site with free brief occult readings, free monthly newlsetter,metaphysical features. Energy balancing plans, helaing mandalas, comprehensive occult readings, distant psychic healing sessions available for purchase. A virtual school offers metaphysical classes as well.

dolly's tarot
Tarot /psychic readings by a Certified Tarot Reader in good standing with the Canadian Tarot network and the American Tarot association.

Dowsing Explained
Dean Fraser explains dowsing with a pendulum.

Dragons Wing
Providing alternative pathways and essential tools for your spiritual journey through this lifetime.

Metaphysical/ Esoterical information, links, message board, shared personal experiences.

Druid's Foot
Online portal for metaphysical, occult, magick, spiritual and other related topics.

Duirwood Galleria
Psychic powers and study. Astral projection, telepathy, psychometry...etc.

Duirwood Galleria
Psychic powers and study. Astral projection, telepathy, psychometry...etc.

Earth Spirit Emporium
Online metaphysical store. Where Olde traditions meet the New Age

Easily Manifest Money
Manifest money, abundance and prosperity using three simple steps. Articles, products, tools and techniques to help you manifest money easily and effectively.

Empyrean Quest Publishers
We sell metaphysical books and music, new science. Free kinesiology tutorial, I-Ching, Astrocharts, online version of one of our books. A new repository for great thought, modeled after the Alexandrian Library. Tour Egypt from our site.

Enchanted Realms LLC
Enchanted offers whimsical spiritual gifts for all ages -- books, toys, incense, crystals and workshops. Come in for upliftment and comfort. Our mission is to help you live joyfully.
Beautifully designed, mini-ritual kits containing candles, oils, incense, chocolate, tea, healing stones, and more. Take our quiz!

Enlightened Path
Enlighten yourself with information on candlemagick, tarot, sacred stones, or even a private spiritual consultation.

ePagan Auctions
Not just an auction site.. a Community!! *Giveaways * Free eMail * Free Greeting Cards * FFALinks * Banner Exchange * Member Calendar * Much more! NO FEES!

Epic Publishing
This book, which was highly excerpted in James's Redfield's "Tenth Insight" Experiential Guide, is a collection of 27 interviews with paradigm pioneers in medicine, psychology, spirituality, busines, education, science and human potential. Carolyn Myss, Larry Dossey, Joan Borysenko, Willis Harmon, Marilyn Ferguson, George Leonard, Matthew Fox, Fred Alan Wolf and Gary Zukav are among those interviewed in this fresh and highly insightful book.Highly recommended!

Portal to quality esoteric literature and information, free pdf ebooks and downloads.

Esoteric Philosophy
This site provides a basic introduction to Esoteric Philosophy. There are many topics to choose from the esoteric perspective as well as links to many good sites.

A blending of spiritual, philosophical, and psychological ideas using poetry, art, music, and articles.

Eternal Being
Learn the Truth

Gateway to Awareness
Resources for Humanity, Metaphysical and Spiritual Evolution

Gatherers of the Light
Come share all your views, dreams, opinions, etc.. about enlightenment and evolvement, we are all on a such for the truth of All that Is and All that resonates within the light..join us

Global Psychics Inc
Detailed personal readings from amazingly accurate psychics, mediums, animal communicators and medical intuitives; insights on the prophecies, the new millennium, spirituality, being psychic, alternative health and lots more. Secure online shopping.

Guaranteed Healing
Erin Heaven ~ Clairvoyant Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing, Classes, 300+ Worldwide Testimonials, Money Back Guarantee!Ask about Free 20 minute reading! Message us at and Like our Facebook page!

Healing Tranquil Source Reiki Long Island NY Patty Alessi RMT
Weekly Reiki Healing CirclePrivate Reiki Healing SessionsReiki Training

Heart Ki - Akashic Records Readings
Online distance Akashic Records readings and intuitive guidance with Nuno Heartki. Also features regularly published articles on spirituality and metaphysics, a free online card deck, interactive questions and answers, and more.

Higher Ground Whole Life Resources
Spiritual Guidance counseling, psychic readings, classes, training programs

Hope's Metaphysical Mindscape
A place in Cyber Space that seeks to Enlighten, Inspire and Inform.

Humans, Etc.
The Michael Teachings Web Site for the souls who are young at heart!


Ibis Books UK
Ibis Books UK carries books on spiritual paths both Eastern and Western.

Incense Incense
Your source for the finest Incense, White Sage smudging products and Resins from all over the world. Quality Japanese, Fine Tibetan, Traditional Indian, Cone incense, Gift Sets and much more!

Free interesting articles on Metaphysics, Magick, Occult, etc.Ebooks on magickal powers, spells of the Indonesian magickal traditions.

Amazing magickal products from Indonesia!

Infinite Being
Free articles: Discover New Vistas of Inspiration, Love and Creativity through Spiritual Metaphysics.

Inner Wisdom Promotions
A metaphysical and Spiritual Site. The Home of Auz Astrology-the Australian Animals Zodiac and Australian Animal Tarot Deck

Insightful Psychics
specializing in tarot and astrology matters. We also have daily horoscopes available and articles on the tarot realm and current topics.

Intuitive Balance
Resources for self actualization with metaphysical articles on utilizing mind power and prosperity techniques.

Intuitive Fortunes
Tarot Readings, Spiritual Advice, Prayer, Prophecy, Stock Picks, Sports Predictions & Business Promotions.

Isle of Avalon website
Glastonbury's magic alternative online gateway

Articles and essays on a variety of metaphysical and alternative subjects. Most of them funny, all food for thought.

Joan's Metaphysical Musings
Lift the Veils of Death; Infinite Realities; Atlantas, Fact or Fiction; Manna for the Millenniu; Will the Real Jesus Please Step Forth

Joyce Levine Astrologer
Astrological consultant works with individuals, couples, families, and businesses. Joyce helps you (1) recognize your natural abilities and use them to overcome personal obstacles to success and (2) to take action at precisely the right time to achieve the results you desire.

Ken Paschen
A paradigm based on Aristotelian logic that provides a rational foundation for science, religion, and psi phenomena. Awareness, will, and reason are the undefined objects of the universe as a mind. The world is a virtual reality.

Kessinger Publishing, LLC
World's Largest Selection of scarce and hard-to-find occult reprints. Over 1,750 titles unavailable elsewhere!

Krystalnet Psychics
Psychic, Tarot and angel card readings by phone, or e-mail. NASA tested Pernel. Toll Free number and secured server on the site. One simple question for only $5.00. Visa, AMEX, MC and Disc., Paypal accepted.

L/L Research
L/L Research studies metaphysics, spirituality and UFO contactee channeling.

Lady Dyanna
Beginner classes available in Metaphysical and Magical Subjects. Classes are designed to introduce you to Spiritual and Magical living.

Dissertation on the secret teachings of Krishna, Sankara, Christ, Buddha and others, especially through Vedanta--by the author of FREEDOM.

Leonie Faye
Information on Meditation, Chakras, Spirtual Healing, Tarot,Runes, Crystals, Channelling, Herbs, Reiki, Seichim and Massage

Library of Thelema
The web's largest collection of historical, contemporary, and classical writings on Thelemic thought, culture, and history. Come visit us and find out more!

Life's Way Ministry
Rev. Steven Barr provides a free service of metaphysical healing by request. Also... much more.

Living from Spirit
Living from Spirit website features the latest information on spirituality, holistic health, personal growth, relationships and the environment. Come check out the Spiritual Directory and subscribe to the e-zine! Diana Kennedy inspires seekers to create the life they desire and to connect with their spiritual nature all with great joy!

Living Sun Tarot
Psychic Sunra Phoenix provides interesting information on meditation, tarot, aromatherapy, and best of all, her famous free Love and Prosperity spells.

Lois Grant-Holland
The ANSWER is an online resource guide for spiritual seekers on all positive paths.

Lotus Center
Physics, metaphysics, and spirit find a common ground in a higher reality.

Magical and Mystical Supplies, Whitewitchspellschest
Your one stop shop for all magical and mystical supplies

Mark A. Foster Services
A spiritually-based philosophy of science (a meta-methodology), focusing on the social structural nature of unity in diversity.

Martha Tierney
Mediumship Readings, Reiki Sessions and Training, Healing - all things metaphysical. Located in the Brighton / Boston area.

This is a book that probes the roots of the Holocaust; conclusion, the Patriarchy must give way to Matriarchy,

Meeting Spirit
Free online Mediumship and Psychic Development Circle. We have a discussion forum with online journals, lessons and assignments as well as guided meditations. We also have an online circle through chat which is held weekly.

Merkaba Circle of Life
The artist Nicolaas Maritz describes himself as a “metaphysical artist, whose work represents a geometric visual interpretation of the Aquarian consciousness or the 4th dimension”. The Age of Aquarius represents a time of spiritual evolvement of self.
Showcase directory

Metaphysical Blog
The Metaphysical Blog. Spiritual, metaphysical, religious and new age thoughts and articles.

Metaphysical Mentor
For those who wish to learn more about metaphysics, new age, spiritual topics and areas of interest. Founded by a person with expertise & personal experience in all areas of metaphysics & new age areas.

Millineum Books and Gifts
Take a moment to check out all of our great products and wonderful selection of books. Please feel free to go to our forum and leave a message such as an uplifting quote for the day, to share a story, or a review on a book you have recently read that others might find beneficial to them.

Mobius Products and Services
We offer a variety of elegant and unique Mobius Strip jewerly in sterling silver, copper and 14kgold.Our products include "the Mobius Transformation" handbook, and Vol.I and II, Hatha Yoga audio tapes. Astrological and tarot readings available as well as Hatha Yoga classes in Bisbee and Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Moonlight 4_99
a page of poetry and articles about spiritual growth.

Mstikal Enchantment's
Eclectic collection of metaphysical subjects plus pages about India and Hindu.

My Pathways
This site provides a unique personal empowerment, spiritual approach to intuitive readings, as well as a vast array of other resources for the spiritual seeker. Access your Spiritual Guidance and turn negative karma into spiritual gold!

Mystic Lady
A Mystic site with background music that offers a wide range of services as well as much enlightenment and enjoyment. Some of the main topics are: Psychic Readings, Tales of the Occult, Dreams, Spirits, Past Lives, Soul Mates, Magic Spells, Astrology, Angels,ESP Test, Tarot Crd ReadingsOuiji Board etc.

Mystic Voyager
Your Favorite Metaphysical Emporium featuring everything from: Readings, Books, Gift Items, Charts, Horoscopes, Celebrity Gossip, Specialized Consultations, Art Work and Articles. is a community and mall for like minds covering holistic and metaphysical interests (from feng shui and magick to spirituality and aromatherapy), that offers charitable contributions, newsletters, moon aspects, daily quotes, free e-mail, and more.

Mystickal Willows Olde Herbal Shoppe
Here you will find essential oils, incense, spell kits, ritual candles, mojo bags, bath salts, gemstones, pagan and Wiccan jewelry, spells, books and more. We provide all the tools you will need for witchcraft spells and rituals in Wicca, witchcraft, and any of the pagan, occult and earth religions.We now have Tarot readings!

This site is dedicated to the reasearch and promulgation of a myriad of occult sciences, including: Wicca, Thelema, Enochian Magic, Ceremonial Magick, Chaos Magick, Witchcraft, Satanism, &c. Also includes NORA membership opportunities.

Nancy J. Cullen
Services provided are psychic reading, phone reading, palmistry, tarot, candle reading, and house cleansing & blessing.

Nancy J. Cullen
Professional Psychic Readings provided by nationally known psychic, Nancy J. Cullen. Services have been provided since 1979. Located in the Greater Ohio Valley Region.

Narcean Technologies/Mind Driver
Software/hardware mind machine with GUI programing interface and disscussion forums, a comparison chart of mind machines, and binural scripting examples.

NeverEnding Journey
A metaphysical and spiritual site with information on a variety of topics.

New Age Healing
Here you will find Metaphysical Poetry as well as Metaphysical Studies and Research. We provide first hand experiential knowledge and wisdom in regards to a large and intuitive amount of information through Metaphysical Study. Good luck, and may peace be with you.

New Falcon Publications
Publisher of books and tapes on metaphysics, occult, sexuality, astrology, tantra, tarot; authors include Aleister Crowley, Robert Anton Wilson, Christopher Hyatt among many others
Your Best Resource for New Age distributors, wholesalers, dropshippers, and publishers.

A nexus for Dharma-induced Conscious Creators

Occult Products
Our company, Apokrifo (Απόκρυφο), is located in Thessaloniki, Greece and we produce the following products: 1. Handmade candles. (non scented) various types, shapes and symbols.2. Handmade scented candles3. Handmade Greek Orthodox incense granules AAA' quality.4. Handmade Catholic incense5. Handmade sacred art incense (chakras, meditation, planetary, zodiac etc)6. Pyrography items7. Esoteristic products such as wands, pens etc.

Oceanic Metaphysical Temple
Join us on our inspired pathway of deep metaphysical exploration, in pursuit of self-realization and enlightened living. We offer skilled, compassionate mentorship, a heart-centered and visionary community, and a pure and gentle, earth-based way of being. Help us welcome in the World of the Fifth Sun - 2013 and beyond. Truth and compassion shall prevail.

Paragon Peacock Publishing
Specializing in Arthurian, Wiccan and Metaphysical Literature

Paragon Peacock Publishing
The 2002 Metaphysical Directory. Hundreds of links to information, products, and services for the open minded individual.

Free online courses via chat room and forums for spiritual, psychic, mediumistic advancement.

Paul Taylor
My name is Paul Taylor and I wrote a work about metaphysics and spirituality, available in full for free on my website, I made this work for those interested in the nature and structure of reality, thought and energy, and metaphysics and spirituality. My written work is concise but dense with information. It takes the form of a series of metaphysical equations or formulas describing spiritual concepts displayed as a set of images. I offer my limited perspective on metaphysics and spirituality with the caveat that I make mistakes and that I live and learn. My website is sometimes updated and edited, so the content of my work can change anytime. If you have questions or comments about my work, please direct them to me using the contact information on my website. Yours sincerely, Paul

Planet Starz
A metaphysical site that offers free mini readings,on demand readings,classes,ezine & our Starz Emporium.

Protonic Creations
Our Unique Energetic Creations enable you to Become a Force of Power within your life! Shatter limitations and gain greater control of your circumstances! Protonic Creations – Helping you achieve the Ultimate in Personal Empowerment!

Psychic Bloggers
Psychic Bloggers features daily posts by some of the leading psychics and mediums on the web. News and views on paranormal phenomena, divination, psychic development, metaphysics, intuition, lifestyle and spiritual beliefs and practices.

Psychic Body
Complete information on psychic abilities: astral projection/OBE's, meditation, psychokinesis and more! Discover your potential.

psychic medium online John Shurvell
John Shurvell PhD. (Metaphysics). He is a Psychic Medium, Healer, Psychic and Spiritual Counsellor. Emotional Healing Technique and Vibrational Medicine Counsellor. Spiritual counselling is about empowering your life. Helping to make the way forward clearer and put your destiny firmly back in your hands.

psychic reading rooms
Psychic reading rooms is a unique company with over 200 psychics, mediums, tarot readers and astrologers all reading at expert level. Established over 14 years. All readers have multiple spiritual gifts and can offer advice on all life aspects.

Q Infinite - I am Q
Q Infinite is a life changing ebook, written just in time to explain the changes we're seeing in the world. You'll never be the same.

R. John Spiritwalker
Metaphysical Counseling, Instruction, Classes and Seminars; Channeled material R/T social and Earth changes.

R. John Spiritwalker
Spiritual Services, Native American, Channeled Msg's, Poetry, Aromatherapy, Original Writings.

Rainbow Lady Communications
A Deep Trance Channeling site featuring Donna Kinniburgh and her Spiritual source Reflection,Free newsletter.

Rainbow Path inc.
The Largest Metaphysical Bookstore in the Carolinas! We Ship Everywhere!

Raven Hawke,llc
Psychic, energy healing, feng shui, space clearing, meditation, hypnotherapy, parties & events

We all shift reality, and can learn how to bring what we most desire into our lives. Reality shifts are the physical changes we create with our thoughts and feelings that manifest as objects appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting... as well as changes in how we experience time.

Red Kore Communications
TELEPORT is a multidimensional transport system powered by a network of consciousness exploration units, or trips.

Rev. Marjorie Rivera
Rev. Rivera draws from a combination of studies and modalities such as intuitive counseling/psychic insight, mental imagery, mediumship, past life knowledge and energy healing.Readings are done by phone or skype. Credit Cards accepted. Call 412-884-7788 for more info or to schedule.

Sahasra Adhi Pura
Presents the Wisdom Philosophy of Indonesian yogi, Bapak Hardjanta, and his vision for a Global Metaphysical Center with the aim of preserving sacred metaphysical knowledge, kundalini yoga and meditation practices, carried forward since ancient spiritual times.

Self-Discovery Portal / Benoit Zen
A biographical sketch of Hubert Benoit, a recap of the main ideas expressed in "The Supreme Doctrine," and a technique of meditation suggested by this French psyciatrist and student of Zen.

Serapis Bey Editores, S.A.
Enseñanza de los Maestros Ascendidos según se descargara a través de Guy Ballard y Geraldine Innocente. Libros en español

Seth Cards by JOY distributors
The SETH Deck consists of 54 playing cards containing insights and exercises from the Jane Roberts/Seth books.

shivanand's chess & occult page
occult links

This page contains personal facts about spiritual enlightment.

Sister Othelia
Professional Clairvoyant, Ann Marie, has read for 35 years, given 13,000 Psychic Tarot Channelings at Keen. She will read on Career Dynamics, Romance and Life Choices. See Feedback. 3 Purchase Choices. Keen Phone Readings, Kasamba Online Chat, Pay Pal.

Sophia Net
Sophia Net offers a variety of articles and reviews on various subjects ranging from metaphysical to occult. We offer a Crones newsletter and our own personal newsletter, as well as offering an open place for anyone of any faith and practice to share their minds.

Soul Self is a virtual holistic venter, dedicated to astrology, tarot, Reiki, crystals, angels, and much more.

Soul2Soul with Harusami & Friends
Intuitive guidance, alternative healing, spirituality, sexuality, growth, awakening and transformation in body, mind and spirit. A resource for metaphysical, spiritual & holistic services State-by-State. Free psychic readings and spiritual guidance with gifted and compassionate readers.

Metaphysical site with free and paid online tarot readings, free e-cards, ramblings, shopping, and more added all the time.

Sphere's To You
The world's leading emporium of mineral spheres for healing energy and radiant beauty. More than 5,000 specimens, including natural mineral marbles.

Spirit Messengers
Spiritual readings by experienced talented geniune mediums

Spirit Steps Tours
Spirit Steps Tours provides a bridge, a transformational link, from the present-day routines of life to bold encounters with our rich heritage along with a fresh look to the hope of the future. Broaden your spiritual horizons; investigate a interuniversal cosmic perspective for a divinely led adventure to this sacred area. To those destiny reservists who have a call to serve humankind in these exhilarating times of global change we bid you come.

The next best thing to a photo and phone call from the other side! Psychic husband and wife team together to give you portraits and messages from passed loved ones and spirit guides. Positive proof of life after death!

Stairway To Heaven Esoteric Books
Stairway to Heaven Esoteric Books specialises in secondhand books and publications relating to new age, body, mind, spirit, spiritual, occult, metaphysics, magick and personal development topics.

Steven Henson - Writer and Teacher
I am a writer and teacher based in West Cork, Ireland. At the age of 45 my health, which had been fragile for some time, deteriorated substantially.I was facing death and, with the consequent emotional turmoil, I was resigned to ending my personal search for Truth in this life.In late 2001 Divine intervention took me through an intense and prolonged course of healing culminating, in 2003, when I was directly invited to meditate upon the great question “How does God become conscious of himself?”

Swami Krishnananda - The Divine Life Society
Online books on metaphysical issues and Eastern and Western philosophy

Swargeya Publishing
Revealing a god of infinite love providing abundance, peace, and prosperity

Come visit Talied's Reality where you will find many channelled pieces from spirit, alos links to other Realities and energies.

The 11th Commandment, Thou Shalt Lighyten UP!
Life is like a bagel.The longer you take to enjoy it,the harder it gets!

The Aleister Crowley Foundation
The main World Wide Web site for the Aleister Crowley Foundation

International psychic and metaphysical practitioner offers a variety of services

The Astral Pulse
The Astral Pulse contains the latest revisions of Robert Bruce's work to date. The subject matter primarily relates to OBE (out-of-body experiences) and metaphysical research. Here you will find books,poetry, articles, free downloads, training guides, a forum, chat room and links of interest.

The Awakening Center
Awaken the center of you through Online and inperson Chats, workshops, readings and classes. We utilize metaphysical concepts and esoteric tools. (tarot, numerology, astrology, psychic readings/guidance, meditations and healings.)We have a chat room called "InnerQuest 9" (where we give back at NO COST thru MINI-sessions and with VOLUNTEER time.)We also offer, for those in pursuit of self-awareness in more detail and depth, The Awakening Center Forum.(fee based forum).

AUGUST 15 & 22— with Helene Buntman So, are you ready to step forward, fully, into your spiritual nature? Let’s help each other explore what is often buried deep within and yet right out in the open, like a limb on a tree. Find God within and all around you and everyone you meet. 2:00 - 4:00 PM $10

AUGUST 5 — with Helene Buntman As a child, did you see or hear things that others said didn't exist? Were you precognitive? Did you shut it off so as not to be different or hold it all inside? If you did and want to share your experiences to support each other and gain further insight and acceptance, then welcome to this group. Helene will facilitate group members to gain understanding & confidence through storytelling and the sharing of your experiences.10:30 to 12:30 PM $10

AUGUST 8 — with Helene Buntman As a child, did you see or hear things that others said didn't exist? Were you precognitive? Did you shut it off so as not to be different or hold it all inside? If you did and want to share your experiences to support each other and gain further insight and acceptance, then welcome to this group. Helene will facilitate group members to gain understanding & confidence through storytelling and the sharing of your experiences.2:00 to 4:00 PM $10

The ES Press
Thoughtful Expressions of Spiritual People. The ES Press is the online magazine for everyone with an interest in Spirituality and Metaphysics. A magazine for professionals, novices & clients alike. Let your presence be known by the company you keep.

The Innerspace Hoot Owl Attic
We are a metaphysical book store, and Mystery School. We have a wide selection of books, altar supplies, candles, oils, incense and much, much more. We have psychics available for readings seven days a week. We have a psychic fair the 3rd weekend of each month with lots of psychics and practitioners to choose from. We have a used book room where all books are 50% off the retail price. We offer various classes and events on a regular basis.

The Lost Aphorisms
A series of aphorisms concerned with energy, cycles, consciousness and the conceptual approach to reality.

The MoJoMoon Magick Shoppe
Page that includes links to Informational pages on various metaphysical subjects such as the basics of magick, recipes for herbal alternatives,lore in regardto angels,flower meanings,trees,herb & oil uses in magickal herbalism,how to make candles, etc....

The Order of Maat
Livraria Digital Rosacruz - Download gratuito de livros feitos com WebCompiler/Rosicrucian Digital Bookstore - Download for free books made by WebCompiler.Mantida pela Ordem de Maat/Maintained by The Order of Maat

The RAMLOR Foundation
The RAMLOR Foundation is an informational resource center for those in pursuit of knowledge in academics or spiritual areas. In addition, The RAMLOR Foundation offers spiritual counseling and assistance.

The Sirian Revelations
Site of author Patricia Cori, channel to the Speakers of the Sirian High Council, offers guidance and information for individual and planetary ascension.

The Spirituality Post
The premiere Spirituality news magazine featuring videos, books, art and teachers from all over the world! Our mission is to provide the best links and resources to our subscribers for them to do their own research in developing an awareness of their own spirituality. Our purpose is to help you discover yours! Peace and blessings to you and your family on your individual journey!

the thirteen field-harmonics of the kabbalah
holotropic-informative process manifest through field-harmony

The Wizard's Window
Tools for higher consciousness!

Tree of Life Bookstore & Educational Center
To help regenerate America's Innercities & its residents.

United Church of metaphysics
The church teaches how to attain harmony with and communicte with the One Universal God and use the information to improve your life.

Visions Of Heaven
An oasis to enrich the mind and soothe the angel blessing postcards, free email, gratitude message board, spiritual articles, mystical journeys, world prayers, angel meditation tapes, book reviews, and more!

Volmarr's College of Wizardry
Learn the age old art of wizardry! We teach esoteric knowledge, how to transform reality, divine by the stars and cards, the sciences of hermetics and metaphysics, how to read tarot cards and transform lead to gold!

Voodoo A Magick Pillow
Hand crafted in traditional ritual manner. Specifically for your desire.These pillows are made to order personally for you.

Whole Earth Productions
A metaphysical site designed to educate and entertain those interested in astrology, metaphysics, poetry, art, esoteric studies, philosophy, mythology and alternative spirituality.

Wisdom World
The Wisdom World web site features a free online book. The cover title and discription reads like this: To Humanity With Love. . .THIS WAY TO THE PROMISED LAND!©

Within The Light
Tracy Lee Nash is the founderof Within The Light; a Metaphysical Ministry offering spiritual support,intuitive/mediumship readings and more.

Wolfsong Enchantment
A Shamanic and Goddess source for Spiritual Readings and Counselings, Wisdom and Sedona Vortex tours.

World of Dream Symbols
Learn the language of your dreams! Discover the bright and vivid world of dream symbols and the valuable messages they communicate every night. The content of this site is intended help you connect with yourself, so that you can live the life of your dreams. Wake up by going to sleep.
New Age and Mystical Gifts including Crystals & Gemstones, Pagan, Wicca, Tarot, Native American, Mystical Charms and much more..

Wyrd Ware
A collection of alternative, magical, weird and wild links

Zen On Earth
Practitioner and Instructor of Reiki and Meditation. Chi Prana Master and Teacher. Massage Therapist specializing in Sports massage and stretching.

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