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Music Directory
Alana Woods - Sound Vistas
Alana Woods - Sound Vistas Alana Woods
P.O. Box 20471

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Books, CDs, videos, audiotapes and aromatherapy products for explorations through and beyond the senses. Alana Woods began music training in piano at age three and has over twenty years experience as a harpist. She has studied with leading pioneers in the field of music and consciousness, psychoacoustics and brain physiology, evolving her own work through hands-on independent research and work with different patient populations such as the dying, ill, mentally retarded and handicapped. Specially selected music is used in all her work, including Aromatherapy and music, on a Somatron™ acoustic table.
New Earth Records
New Earth Records Erica Johnson
Santa Fe

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New Earth Records delivers profound music for healthy living. Whetherit's relaxation, rejuvenation, or revelry, we offer the music toaccompany the setting. We specialize in: Yoga, Meditation, Massage,Reiki, Relaxation, World-Beat, Electronica, and Lounge. Call 800-570-4074 for a free catalog with over 100 titles! Visit to buy CDs and listen to songs. (ALSO:Download individual songs to create your own customized CD!) Michael Perricone
2260 Centinela Ave.
Los Angeles 90064

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Phone:  310 230-1596

The place to download music of a higher vibration dedicated to elevating consciousness. Pick the songs you like, choose a format and buy them for your computer, mp3 player or iPod. Music to accompany a contemplative yoga practice, to power through your daily workout, to help with relaxation for a massage, or something to shift gears after battling the distractions of the world.

BeZed contemporary instruments
Premium hardwood Native style flutes. Precision tuned and affordable.

Pat Clemence Music Pages
Healing Music for Massage, Reiki, Relaxation and Tai Chi

Planet Earth Music
New Age, Native American, Celtic, World music reviews and sales

Above a Star online Earth Spirit Music Radio
TOP Earth Spirit online radio station! Music, resources, CDs, more.

Alana's Memoir is a musical odyssey, the pied piper in her radiating out throughout her journey, each stop on her travels more unique than the last. We can almost hear her voice and her music as she writes about her magical life and how the hand of destiny guides her. A mystical journey, Alana's experiences of healing with sound, from NM to Greece, to India are filled with oder as astonishment.(S. Bess, "The path of the Mother")

We are music label specializing in meditation, body, mind and soul music. Currently, we offer 24 titles.

Himalayan Bowls
Singing Bowls from Himalayan Bowls, the singing bowl source. Free videos, information, sound clips. Read The Singing Bowl Book. Shop for genuine antique singing bowls as well as the best new singing bowls made today. All authentic. Each sale supports traditional artisans in Nepal. Thank you!

.:: serotonin _ audio _ manipulations ::.

Air Mail Special
Air Mail Special is a five-piece jazz/swing combo specializing in the high energy swing of the 30s and 40s.

Akashic Productions
Morocco 2001 will be held this upcoming New Year, from December 30th to January 2nd. Our aim is to present the mystical side of Morocco, its openness to the world, and its legendary sense of hospitality. This Festival will be an intercultural event as well as the ultimate celebration of spiritual dance music. The Festival will take place on the vast 25 acre island of Lake El Mansour Addahbi, surrounded by miles upon miles of fresh cobalt blue water; with a view of the cascading High Atlas Mountains and the ruins of an ancient kasbah (castle.)

Alan Peterson Entertainment Enterprises
New thought singer/songwriter, Alan Peterson, provides inspirational music, ceremonies, workshops and seminars based on his memorable compositions such as "Circle Of Love" and "How Sweet The River"."...If You Believe Love Is A Miracle..."

Alana Woods - Sound Vistas
Books, CDs, videos, audiotapes and aromatherapy products for explorations through and beyond the senses. Alana Woods began music training in piano at age three and has over twenty years experience as a harpist. She has studied with leading pioneers in the field of music and consciousness, psychoacoustics and brain physiology, evolving her own work through hands-on independent research and work with different patient populations such as the dying, ill, mentally retarded and handicapped. Specially selected music is used in all her work, including Aromatherapy and music, on a Somatron™ acoustic table.

Aleya Dao Energy Balancing
CUPS OF CONSCIOUSNESS: The only subscription-based guided meditations that tune into the energy that comes onto the planet every day. The Cups of Consciousness meditations are the most amazing way to start the day. They guide you, support you, and bring in a whole new level of clarity and direction. Sign up for a free week:

Angelic Music
Welcome to the official website for Peter Sterling and Harp Magic Music, an oasis of magical, angelic harp music for body, mind and spirit. Inspired by beautiful visions of heavenly angels and mystic journeys to exotic lands of the world, Peters unique and distinctive harp sound has touched the hearts and souls of thousands around the world

Aquarius Music
We belief in a world moving in rhythmic harmony, of business with heart & soul, the art of new unique music productions.

Ariel's Wokshop
Music Caregiving - Harp music for healing. Certified Music Practitioner (MHTP grad.)

Art Gomperz
New Age Bluegrass and Swing Rockabilly. Free Music .. Win Prizes

Bach, chakras, tarot
A lot of music that helps us experience, heal and release the spiritual kundalini energy of our 7 chakras is being created today; but Bach was there first! His Toccata in F is the most powerful and vivid musical experience of the chakras ever created, or that ever will be. It is also a key to all the esoteric mysteries.

Best Midi Keyboard
Find the review of best midi keyboards and comprehensive guide for buying a midi keyboard.

Guitar tutorials and numbers formats for learning guitar without notes - shockwave tutorials in music history and theory


Blue Water Music Ltd.
Blue water music is an ethical music store that specialises in music for the mind, body and spirit.

CD Nature
Natural Soundscapes by Beto Bertolini.CDs: Atlantic Forest, Costa Rica, Amazonia

celestial creations
healing music by siberian bio-sensory sound therapist boris mourashkin. use during meditation or body work; for energy or sleep. use to stabilize and heal the body, mind and spirit. a unique and effective music. what it is, how it works, client and professional testimonials.

Celtic Harp, Voice, Reiki
The healing sound of the Celtic harp and natural voice for relaxation and revitalization. Reiki and events.

center of study and research on bioenergy
holistic healing, music, meditation, new age music samples, why we should listen to the music only using tubes amplifiers

Channel 1 Records
Smooth out those rough days with peaceful, soothing Music for stress, burnout, anxiety, relaxation, music therapy and therapeutic ambience.

Chris Kubie and Earthweb Music Company
Music Of The Thirteen Moons -"Music that can peace you out but is lively at the same time." Canary Burton Alternative Music Press

Chris Kubie and Earthweb Music Company
" Music that is lively, but can peace you out at the same time"...Canary Burton Alternate Music Press

Chris Southall
On line djembe drumming tutorial, drumming CDs, tuning and re-skinning your djembe drum

Chrisse Feros
Concert Performances and Teambuilding Workshops by Chrisse "Mamafrika" Feros and her group of international drummers, all endorsed by leading drumming companies for excellence in performance and presentation.

Christopher Boscole Music
Keyboardist and composer Christopher Boscole is a multi-faceted musician and pianist whose works range from New Age to contemporary and classic jazz.

Czapla Music
Czapla Music specializes in Canadian contemporary jazz recordings, guitar and bass lessons featuring high tech studio with live to tape recordings, music curriculum, transcibing, etc.

astral soundscapes, tai chi ambience, mantra music, abstract relaxation, third ear awareness, weekly on new age radio program, Tep Zeppi, Amsterdam, Holland

Destroy Radio
Destroy Radio - replacing traditional radio with innovative free form playlists, live DJs, mp3s, videos, interviews and photos.

Deva Music
Find the best CDs in healing, meditation, yoga, and celebration at Deva Music, where music and silence meet.

Dirty Riffs Guitar Shop
Offering a range of guitars, guitar kits, effects, guitar strings, plectrums, stands, guitar leads and other accessories.

Eclectic Pop music for the 'adventurous spirit'.

East Side Kirtan with Ragani
Home site for the largest ongoing kirtan experience in the midwest USA. With over 22 years experience in yoga and kirtan, Ragani's kirtan music features traditional sacred mantras, beautiful melodies, and rich world instrumentation. Check website for live events and information on the kirtan experience. Hear soundclips of kirtan music at website or go directly to: Good for energy restoration and yoga routines.

Eco-Beauty Music
Eco-Beauty offers a beautiful lineof relaxing music that create a pleasant ambiance for daily relaxation, reflection, reading, or just for pure enjoyment. The music is well-suited for spa treatments, meditation, yoga, and the healing arts.

electronic nervana
outrageous sound & features at a super-low price!
Female vocals coupled with poignant lyrics about love, nature, one world and the goddess.

Evolution Controlled Creations
Copyright Violation for the Nation -- providing plagiarhythmic, plunderphonic, collage and sample based music to the public for way too long now.

expanding consciousness and experiencing altered states through music
introduction to using music to expand consciousness

fat loss
15-minute transformational piano composition to help overweight, anorexia, bulimia, depression and low self-esteem.

Firedance Records
Listen to Kaleah's hauntingly beautiful voice and powerfully introspective lyrics in her debut album "From The Shadows". This magical collection of songs is guaranteed to open the heart and awaken the soul.

Furnace DVD & CD Duplication
Furnace MFG is an independent provider of CD, CD-R, DVD, and DVD-R manufacturing services for businesses, software companies, film studios, bands, labels, and artists worldwide.

Global Suitcase
Listen to ambient sounds, smooth jazz with bite and Sambodhi Prem's relaxation music. Acoustic river stones, relaxing voices and Osho feelgood music.

Gourmet Records / Music of the Stars
Jesse Cutler present “Music of the Stars”, new age music for every Zodiac and Astrology Sign. Music designed for the individual of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Graffitti Studio - Commercial voice over
Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides multilingual and foreign language Radio commercial voice over and TV commercial voice over services to leading advertising agencies worldwide. We have a huge voice bank of 1000 broadcasted voice actors in 30 European languages with high voice acting skills. Our ISDN line enables you to monitor the entire commercial recording process and to talk directly to the Recording room and Control room.

Hard Miles Music
Independent record label featuring romantic and activist songwriters

Hard Miles Music
Singer-songwriters known for powerful lyrics and poignant harmonies - free mp3 listens & downloads
Harmonic Odyssey - An original new age instrumental music CD by Martin Izsak.

harp magic Music
The magical and angelic award winning harp music of Peter Sterling.Inspired by beautiful visions of heavenly angels.World instruments blend in harmonious unity creating a vision of peace.

Hawaii Healing Resort Co. Ltd.
We are a music production company located in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. We specialize in healing & relaxing music. Come to listen to the beautiful music created by MARTH!

Healing Harp
Welcome to the official website for Peter Sterling and Harp Magic Music, an oasis of magical, angelic harp music for body, mind and spirit. Inspired by beautiful visions of heavenly angels and mystic journeys to exotic lands of the world, Peters unique and distinctive harp sound has touched the hearts and souls of thousands around the world

Higher Light Music
Soothing harp music...take a listen and feel yourself relax.

Home Grown Music Network
Spreading the best music being madetoday! Focusing on live and improvisational music including: jam, jazz, funk, psychedelic, rock, blues, bluegrass, world and more!

iasos & the realms of celestial music
iasos is a music-creator specializing in celestial, heavenly, interdimensional music.

iDIDJ Australia
Biography of Djalu Gurruwiwi, world famous didgeridoo maker and player.

Independant Earth Spirit music support
A #1 MP3 music station!! Hours of the best Pagan songs, Wiccan chants, and Earth Spirit instrumentals: 50+ alternative, pop, Rock, new age, Celtic, reggae and world folk musicians and drummers. Send this URL to your Friends! Musical resources, reviews, CD's, top links, searches, directories and more

Lawrence Borg is a new age musician releasing new music thru guidance from Spirit. His debut CD is called The Tree of Life...... "The Tree of Life is a journey of enjoyment and expansion through the healing power of music."

both a music album and a journey toward inner understanding. a 9-song cycle of a personal recovery. pop meets drum-and-bass meets bossa nova. official website for inviolate, new york city.

For over 25 years Carole Isis, singer/songwriter/guitarist/recording artist, has reached deeply into the hearts of audiences throughout the Americas, Europe, Japan and Israel with her penetrating intuitive lyrics and exquisite songs. Carole is a dedicated humanitarian and uses the healing gift of sound as wellas her sense humour to help bring the messages of peace and love whenever she sings. Her CD, "You Are The Diamond" is available via her website,and the new CD, "Only Love Prevails" will be out by Fall 2001.

jack lim's relaxation music
music with qi energy composed and performed by qigong grand master jack lim for meditation, healing, massage, reiki, taichi & qigong; videos for qigong, relaxation & cancer patients.
Bangla song mp3 Hindi music video bangla chat room bangla band songs bangla old Robindra shongeet Nazrul ghiti Rimex hindi radio

jim donovan music
altered state inducing music

Johannes Linstead
Let Billboard charting guitarist Johannes Linstead's lively rhythms, fiery fretwork and gorgeous melodies take you on a passionate journey through the tropics!

Original music to touch the spirit.

Unique original piano music. Neo-romantic. Review says "...a rare feat."

Kathryn Mannyng
Kathryn Mannyng, performing Acoustic Celtic Harp and Classic Voice for any occasion, weddings, handfastings, showers, rehearsal dinners, concerts, baptizms, namings, funerals, death transitions, social and corporate events. Indoors or outdoors. If amplification is desired it will be used gently. Specializing in Irish, Scottish, Breton, Welsh and Renaissance harp music. Recordings available.

keys to health
produced by award winning composer paul gilman, this 3-cd set is designed for well being, offering a balance of relaxation music, romantic music and meditation music.

l&m music-healing products
l&m music-healing products offers accelerated learning, healing music and other self improvement tapes and cds at low prices! it's music for the mind, body and soul.

Laura Light
Fiddler, singer and composer Laura Light adds fun to festivals and dances around the world. Her new CD, NO GRAVITY, "takes you from Quebec to Cuba, from the age of millewheels into the new Milennium, all the while betraying the kind of love of tradition that I particularly love in composers."

Lightbearer Presentations
Music and voice to touch your soul.Website music by the composer, Robin Blankenship. CDs: Midnight Meditations and Up Close And Personal

Living Sound Presentations
Music publishers and resource base, specialising in spiritual music and music to relax to.

LucidQuest Audio Engineering
Lucidquest provides stunning music which combines ancient wisdom with modern technology. Each track delivers the logic and harmony of geometry via the medium of sound. Free .mp3 downloads are available!

Mainz Didgeridoos
Didgeridoos are often used for meditation and healing. We have a huge range of quality didgeridoos available at low prices. All are authentic Aboriginal didgeridoos. There is also other Australian Aboriginal art and craft and didgeridoo music.

Malimba Records
Inspiring music for Healing Arts, massage, yoga, tantra and meditation.
It is an Art Gallery and cafe concert locted in Midtown Miami. Capacity 1,000 people, 2 bars, stage, otside garden

Mark Preston
New age music in hypnotic space ambient compositions with mp3 downloads created by Mark Preston best described as Yanni meets Pink Floyd in space.

Alternative independent music and contemporary fine art gallery, focused around the new spirituality and the oneness of all, are home to Marshall- musician, artist, writer, creator.

Meherkaren Sings!
Devotional music site dedicated to world peace, Meher Baba, the Divine Mother, consciousness raising, and women musicians as spiritual harbingers of peace.

Miracle Works Inc
Musicians services available. also, link to the Miracle Works Radio Network, with various Internet only radio broadcast. USE INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY!!!

Alternative rock band,Free mp3s, forums,Gallery and more...!

Moody Leather
Moody Leather your custom handmade guitar straps and bass guitar strap leader featuring ultra comfortable hand cut leather, top artist endorsements, designer straps, clothing, more.

Mundovivo S.A.
The best known world beat, acoustic and ethnic fusion musicians from Chile.

Music and Medicine
Music & Medicine is devoted to bringing the healing and focusing energies of music and sound to everyone. This is done through educational seminars and workshops, consultations, counseling, and the availability of audio CDs.The audio CDs we carry have been carefully researched and used within a variety of settings including: Hospitals - ICU, Fertility Clinic, Pulmonary program, Pain Clinic, Medical Rehab Unit, private psychotherapy practice, and Pre-Intra-Post Operative units; Schools; and Business units. We only offer CDs that we have seen to be effective with a variety of populations. The Musical Medicine series was developed by Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D., a psychotherapist specializing in Behavioral Medicine, Medical Rehabilitation, Music and Sound therapies, and Guided Imagery techniques. They were conceived and tested during her work in various medical, classroom, and training settings. They are now in hospitals and schools across the country being administered by nurses,therapists, and teachers. The combination of the ‘right’ music and complementary imagery suggestions assists the mind in using its own healing power to decrease physical symptoms. Using these on a daily basis can assist in decreasing the need for synthetic drugs.

Music Castle
Free CDs, Music Samples, Free catalogue. An extensive range of harmonious music for the Mind Body and Soul that will calm, uplift and inspire you.

Music for Healing
Available for instant download - beautifully composed healing and meditation music played by a live orchestra. Twelve timed five minute tracks - an ideal accompaniment for healing therapies.

music healing tips
11 helpful free tips show how to listen to music for transformation and healing from sound feelings.

New Age Music
Mesmerizing New Age Music that will stir your emotions and transport you to your own surreal dreamland.

new age music - gopher's underground music store
welcome! we have new age music designed to stimulate your senses and connect you to your highest spiritual essence.

New Earth Records
Music for people on the path. mwditation, relaxation, healing, feng shui, and many more categories

Nice Up Enterprises
Gateway to Reggae Music on the Internet

classic new age music

ommadawn's international drumcircle directory
drumming dancing drum circles

Discover musical masterpieces by listening to commented excerpts of Baroque, Classical and Romantic music. Extraits de musique baroque, classique et romantique, classés par thème, comme celui de La Folia, par compositeur, par époque ou par genre musical, de la musique de chambre au répertoire lyrique.

Peggy van Zalm
Australian singer/songwriter of spirit/nature new world music some reviews "van Zalm's cast as a genuine spiritual voyager in music a la Van Morrison and Joni Mitchell..." With her beguiling voice and thoughtful lyrics, Van Zalm gently introduces the great questions of existence"

porch daddies
Home-made unsigned acoustic music. Duo. Originals and covers.

Real Music
New Age record label featuring music ranging from relaxing to energizing. Free music clips for all albums, online ordering and special offers.

ReelsMusic / Gaia's Light Records
Celtic Music, World Fusion, and Meditation Music., Inc.
The most complete source for Reggae music CDs, DVDs, Videos and Books. Largest archive of biographical data and photos of reggae artists. Album reviews ad information galore!

Qigong Grand Master Jack Lim is a Qi Energy Healer who now uses his beautiful music to project healing, confidence, and inner peace.He discovered he was given the power to make this unique music when he could not see all the people who needed his healing.

Voice teacher offers singing lessons incorporating yoga for body/breath awarenss as well as intense breath work as breath is the crux of all relaxed, resonant vocal production, resulting in your authentic voice which you can then use anyway you see fit, from singing to public speaking to acting to simply communicating to the world around you in a way that speaks of your truth.

Rishi Records
"Poi for Gadje" is a Middle Eastern drum troop recording of dance compositions intended for Tribal-styled dance and fire dance. The routines vary from thunderous and upbeat to meditative and trance oriented.The names of thr rhythms and the track times are listed on the back of the CD. All drums are played by David Macejka.
Rod Kinny - Music With a Deeper Meaning

Sad Girl's Records
Based in Denver Colorado Currently Amy Bleu is an up and coming solo artist and singer-songwriter. She is a self described Anti-Folk Folk/Blues singer, but many liken her sound to the Alternative Folk Artist Kristin Hersh. Her Vocals, which range from a controlled scream to a mesmerizing lullaby are hauntingly beautiful and her lyrics poetically express anguish and joy with poignancy, depth, and pathos.

Salmon Brook Records
Great acoustic music from New England. Current home to recordings of Rick Ross, Mosaic, Lavinia Ross.

Satyamani store

Schultz Artistry Readings
I am a composer, writing often for unusual combinations of instruments. You may come to me for Soul Retrieval, where a grandiose violin improvisation guides your journey back Home. Shamanic counselling stabilises your personal power.

sheet music transcription f
At Contech we provide high quality, cost effective music engraving services. We have a qualified team of Music Engravers, Music Typesetters and Music Transcriptionists with years of experience in digital sheet music, scores and notations.

Sibelius Music Engraving and Tutoring
Offers the services of an Emmy winning composer to do music engraving, copying, transcribing and tutoring in notation software

Silent Sounds
Newly De-Classified Subliminal, Mozart Effect, Tomatis Effect, BrainCluster Music CDs and Tapes. Scientist/Inventor is Nobel Laureate Candidate. Six U.S. Govt Licensees.

Skin to Skin
The Swedish music group Skin to Skin make meditative ambient music for journeys of the Soul. Their resent cd is called Temenos (Waveform Records, Cailfornia - april 2002. On this homepage you will also find info about Creative Song Training, courses and individual sessions

Intuitive & cert.Energy/Sound/Axiatonal Alignment Healing Facilitator/Teacher for Personal & Home wellness.Artisan, sacred Singer,also offering Custom Foot care

sound therapy uses
sound feelings healing music has applications to many conditions, diseases, illnesses and symptoms.

producers of trancetrip 3d, the 2-hour, psychedelic 3d video journey with a soundtrack that works like a brain machine. also stickytape records, our own label, and original digital artwork, including computer-generated images and black-lite images.

South Pacific Organizer
Genuine South Pacific music is hard to find as much of what you hear in the islands is strongly influenced by Anglo-American pop. This site introduces you to the real traditional music of the South Seas, and you can listen to samples via some of the links.

Spirit Within New Age Radio
Free internet streaming music to relax your mind and energize your soul 24 hours a day.

SpiritSong Center; SpiritSong Records
Goddess-centered sacred music; "SpiritSong" workshops; "Goddess Chant" concerts; sound healing; CDs & tapes

Spiritual Healing New Age Meditation Music
Listen to beautiful music with online radio. Download healing music for your personal well-being. License music for wellness centers and holistic media.

spiritual & self lovealbums for sale $6+ & proceeds to helpingsave the

Stephen Cohn Composer
Emmy winning composer's website that contains, music excerpts, video interview, resume/credit list, reviews and contact information

Stresspopper Online
As the name implies, Stresspopper is music to sooth the soul, although at times the treatment can be rather intense. This unique website offers free downloads of 2 songs, thought provoking lyrics, and a special wolf rescue section!

Hasu Patel. a female Composer, Performer, and Educator of India's the most popular string Performing concerts and workshops At Yoga Centers, Colleges, Schools, COllaboratiosn with various musicians, COmposing Music for Dance Ballet, Music Festivals ( Woodstock, Chicago Jazz), churches, Temples and many Art centers. As a Educator, Teaching SITAR, TABLA and Vocal Music at Oberlin College, Ohio.Affiliated with Ohio Arts Council (touring Roster), Board Member of International Alliance of Women in Music (IAWM), Mid-America Arts Alliance, Greater Columbus Arts Council, Pand, and The Children’s Music Network.

Composer/Performer/Teacher of India's most popular string instrument SITAR and TABLA. Visit for my CD - GAYAKI SITAR

Swing Train
The Best Band For Your Special Event! Well known group, Swing Train is sought out by important companies such as US Bank, IDS Center, Minnesota Public Radio, and Value Vision. Swing Train will accomodate your entertainment needs...big or small. And we perform at a reasonable volume level so your guests can still carry on a conversation. Your guests will be raving about your choice in music...Swing Train, the group that looks great and sounds great.

Tall Oak Productions
Stan Slaughter, Eco-Troubadour, is an award winning teacher and seasoned performer who travels throughout the country performing for children and adults at schools, museums, libraries and festivals. His music, reflecting both the Blues of Kansas City and the country influences of his youth, draws on a repertoire of original and old favorite Earth Songs collected since the 70's.

The official website for TenDeep. Pure metal mayhem, thrashing lyrics, and the dark seduction of hardcore chaos all bound together for one awesome sound! An intense musical experience from a band based in Tampa, Florida.

The Alexandria Kleztet
The Alexandria Kleztet is an innovative and non-traditional klezmer band out of the Washington/Baltimore region.

The Angels Guide Soundtrack
The classic healing music CD. "One of the most diverse, beautiful and emotional experiences on CD". Hear it.

The kOkOMO Project
Free goa & trance (mp3s), psychedelic pictures & tools.

The Robert Adams Institute for Compassionate Living
EnChanted: The Joy of Chant Chant in guided delight at home in a unique spiritual experience of joy with the ancient tradition of happiness.Dive into beautiful Realities of peace, joy, healing."Chant and sing with all your heart! All suffering will subside." Robert Adams The original heart touching instantly elevating compositions in pure classically trained joyful chant with contemporary lush orchestration utilized and selected by internationally beloved teacher Robert Adams as performed live by the original label artist of his Discourses. "This clean fresh chant took me into another world, one of refreshing beauty and dramatic sweet transcendence." "Chant for a new generation. The depth and classic purity of familar yogic chant with an upbeat, joyful, angelic sensory engulfment in another dimension."Composed by label artist living eight years in hermatage, spread within the monastic spiritual circles for years, the humble joy provides a morning and evening instant upliftment into the ancient Joy of Chant. World ambiance, sitar, guitar, harmonium, keys, vocals, surge of dancing hearts. Enjoy the experience in daily audio listens on daily audio transmissions.Created for The Benevolence Project to assist homeless children, donating clothing and food. Concert Tour Dates Listed.

The synthetic dream foundation
Industrial and psytrance producer
Flash Sermon shares angelic information accompanied by rich music and visual media. MPEGs and mp3s. Ask a Spiritual Question...and more.

Trance/Goa Music Forum
A LUSENET forum for the discussionof psychedelic trance/Goa music.
Parties, festivals, global communities, altrenative / eastern spiituality, travel etc

Transformational Tools
Dedicated to facilitating transformation, balance and self discovery through education and service.

Original, inspiring, new age, Celtic music by Twinflame couple Wen Boley and Rebecca Hilton. Songs of peace, love and light.

United Global Artists
Indie music resource site promoting artistst from around the world

Valley Entertainment
Home to Hearts of Space Records, Valley Entertainment offers CDs and digital downloads. Our extensive catalog of music features Constance Demby, Robert Rich, Secret Garden, Lisbeth Scott, Jonn Serrie, Yanni, Will Ackerman, Bill Douglas and many more. offers something from every genre including: New Age, Celtic, Native American, Ambient, and World Music.

Vocal Beauty, Power & Expression
Voice lessons for singers and speakers, eliminate tensions, connect with your breath to free up your vocal expression.

Wandoo Didgeridoo
Authentic Australian aboriginal didgeridoos. Wholesale and retail suppliers. Stories of the dreamtime. Care for and tune your didgeridoo...
Want to experience the REAL Havana? Then check out, the all-new insiders guide to the Cuban capital. offers valuable inside information on the most interesting aspects of Havana, from what sights to see to the best music venues, bars and restaurants. It also has a What's On section, giving you the complete lowdown on current events - from concerts to ballet, festivals to art exhibitions, classical music to dance. Vastly different from the usual brochure-style website or outrageously misleading guide book. is written by journalist Eddie Lennon, travel writer Julie Napier, and several correspondents permanently based in Havana.

Wondergirl Music
Powerful woman musician/performer, delivers great songs, and inspiring performances. Original, dynamic national chart hits with a fresh, new sound. Get her CDs today!

Wren's Brooke Music Store
Carrying a collection of New Age, Celtic, Native American, Meditation, Reiki, World and Chillout music.

Writing the New Age with Carol Wright
Music writer and reviewer Carol Wright offers dozens of interviews with new age musicians, music reviews, and handy information about the indie music trade.

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