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Mysticism Directory

The Mystic -- Discover the Secret Knowledge
Revered mystical techniques are revealed online by a master mystic.

Direct-Mind Approach to the Absolute
Richard Rose, founder of the TAT (Truth and Transmission) Foundation and author of several titles on esoteric philosophy, developed a system of approaching the Absolute or Enlightenment after his death experience in 1947. His findings are laid out in his writings and lecture tapes made available through the TAT Foundation.

Avalon's Gifts New Age and Spiritual Online Shop
An amazing cornucopia of esoteric and new-age gifts and tools for your own spiritual journey

Aathman Awareness Centre
Aathman Awareness Center founded by Guruji Sundaramurthy Swamigal, a self-realized master teaches kundalini meditation and secrets of inner travel. Serves as a beacon to spiritual seekers

Advaita Brahma vidya pratishthana is a wonderful web site with comprehensive and authentic information on Srividya, Mantra Shastra, Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Advaita, Tantra, Srichakra, Vedanta, Shakti Devi Upasana etc.

Ama Alchemy of Love Spiritual Novel
Ama Alchemy of Love Spiritual Novel by Nuit

Barra Books
Barra Books is dedicated to the dissemination of universal wisdom gleaned from inspirational personal journeys, spirituality and life experiences that have brought about fundamental changes and a more positive way of being.

My VisionDreamings, where i was taken by Guides, intothe afterlife spirit worlds where we all go after wedie. Some of these visions are here for you to read,on this site.

Over the years i have been given the Grace of having,somewhat like of Paul, to be taken by Guides, in myout-of-body dreams, to experience places and realms inthe afterlife worlds, where we all go after we die!On my site, I have some of these experienceswritten up, so that you may read them. I add more,from time to time.

Center of Light
The Centers of Light are non-denominational, Mystical Christian schools that offer classes, seminars, Sunday services and sacraments to anyone wishing to have a deep and meaningful connection with God. Students work individually with a teacher focusing on the healing of their hearts and experiencing the internal reality of the God Self. This takes place in a loving, spiritual community that supports growth and balance in all areas of life. There are centers across the country and we also offer a long distance correspondance format for learning. We welcome your interest.

Cersan Mystical
Mystical and Spiritual Sites,nonprofit

Christian Mysticism
Awaken the inner message of Christian Mysticism and dismantle the thoughts and ideas that separate us and make us afraid. Christian Mysticism recognizes and respects diversity and the interconnectedness of all living things. It opens Christian minds closed by belief.

Christian Mysticism -
Christianity is reverent and alive if one listens to the call from inside.

Cristin's Spiritual Sanctuary
Spiritual Site which honors all paths. Featuring learning resources, inspiration, prayer list, message boards, chat, articles and more.

Dead Elvis
If Gurdijeff and Gandi had a bastard Dead Elvis might be it.p.s. Any resemblance between Dead Elvis and a rock & roll singer (living or dead) indicates serious need for an eye exam.

Elementals of Life
Festival of the Little People 2000 is the fourth of eleven annual events respecting all life, co-created with the earth beings, fairies, trolls and angels, to celebrate everything we dream of, through live music, organic vegan food, art, dance, movement, a labyrinth, earth-honoring wares, and much much more! Come celebrate with us!

First American Church Enlightened of God
An explanation of gnosis, gnostics, and gnosticism. Roadmaps, a compass, and an Indian-guide for you spiritual journey.

Foundation for the Awakening Mind
Enlightenment/Salvation: constant Peace, Happiness, Joy, Love, & Freedom, is our Inheritance as a Child of God. Seeing past all deception, releasing all error and illusion, and coming to Clarity and Harmony of Mind is realistic, for such is Truth.

Fourth Way Station
Essays on the teachings of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Rodney Collin

Fraternidad Rosacruz
Cartas Rosacruces. Escritas por antiguos membros de la Ordem .I.Sabiduría Divina. II.El Medio Práctico de acercarse a la Luz. III.Verdad Absoluta y Relativa. IV. La Doctrina Secreta. V. Los Adeptos. VI. Experiencias Personales. VII. Los Hermanos.

Fraternidade Rosacruz
Rosicrucian Online Library. Virtual Sanctum. Songs of Light. Portuguese language.

The Ceremonial Magick Webstore. Serving the Thelemic, Magickal, Pagan, Wiccan, and Occult Communities.

Holly and Hazel
Spirits, spells and magickal jewellery

Institute for Mystical Experience Research and Education
Read mystical experience examples and/or share your experience story (anonymously, if you prefer). The nonprofit Institute for Mystical Experience Research and Education conducts mystical experience research and provides information on mystical experiences. Learn more today.

justerrys msytical gifts
jusTerry’s selection of Mystical Gifts, Discover the Magic of the Tarot Cards,Magic spells for Luck, Love, Health and Wealth. Charms or Amulets.

L.V.X. Lodge Ordo Templi Orientis
L.V.X. Lodge is the local Los Angeles chapter of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), a magical fraternity and mystery school in the Thelemic tradition. Our aims as a Lodge are to advance the Law of Thelema by striving to perfect it within ourselves, and work.

LadyTruthsayer's Homeland
Prophetic, Mystic Christianity Website, chat room, Prophetic requests answered. Site is new and constantly evolving.

Legacy in stone
Hand carved ancient-world mystical symbols with hand lettered histories embedded on reverse.The stones combine mysticism archeology and thealogy. Each stone is signed and numbered by artist.

Magic Pathways
A site devoted to magick and spirituality, giving an overview of several aspects of both.

Magik Link Wedding Ceremonies
Tom Johanson and Hannah Desmond perform legal non-denominational weddings in New Orleans and around the country. If you are spiritual but not religious, practice an earth based religion or want a truly unique wedding we can create and perform your ceremony. We also perform handfastings (permanent and for a year and a day) vow renewal ceremonies and committment ceremonies. We provide guitar, bagpipe and djembe drum music and a photographer.

Metaphor for Life
A website for those who have, or wish to have, active and practical spiritual lives. Featuring content on contemplative arts, interfaith issues, modern mysticism, recovery from fundamentalism, the Grail Cup ezine, and much more.

Metaphors For Life
A ministry of Church of the New Renaissance, by, for, and about mystics. At MFL we offer seminars, workshops, one-on-one counseling, books, CDs and more to assist the spiritual sojourner.

Metaphysical Products At Crystals, Rocks and Gems
Healing crystal and stone pyramids, merkabahs, spheres, pendulums, eggs, skulls, rune sets, obelisks, hearts and more

Mystic World Fellowship
Do you know about your higher levels of consciousness and what they can do for you? Here you can explore the mystical part of your life. Nothing on earth is more rewarding. You too can enter many sublime realms of higher knowledge and remarkable functioning.

Slow down and visit us for a Positive experience where we believe in Miracles and Magic*We offer Readings,Handmade crafts,a Chatroom,Egroup,and so much more*

Navneet Mahajan
Poetry from 'The Back-Door of My Heart', Thoughts, Stories, Songs. Spiritual poetry about psychic experiences, enlightening thoughts, photographs of moments and thoughts.

A brief overview, and a few individual insights, of the fourth way, the esoteric system of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.

Essays in Rational Mysticism

Ordem Rosacruz
Brazilian Rosicrucian Portal for the New Milennium (in Portuguese language)

Ordo Antichristianus Illuminati
Occult Order dedicated to propagation of Thelema and the "sancta femina."

Ordo Svmmvm Bonvm
The Order of Maat is a secret society of writers and webmasters devoted to mystical themes.

Pathways To Eden
Enlightenment, spirituality, new age, meditation. Spiritual discovery, alternative healing therapies, remedies and many wellness categories. Practical advice on personal growth and living spiritually in a material world; dedicated to the healing and transformation of humanity.

Prayer Connections
Where spirituality and psychology merge. For those who are seeking a closer connection to the divine.

Talismans,spells,witchcraft,holy squares,spell casting,love & money spells,sigils,ritual books,PLUS..Official site of renowned occultist and best selling author Jason P.Pike RitualMagickJP supplies QUALITY ritual magick books and tools,talismans,amulets,sigils,lucky charms,power chants,rune sets,spell casting for you by expert occultist,astral projection and esp utilization courses,workshops throughout the year,psychic consultations and spiritual guidance,rune stone divination and/or guidance.FREE catalogue. A genuine supplier with a reputation to uphold!

Rosicrucian Online Magazine

Ruhani Satsang Hamburg
About meditation od the inner path of light and sound, and its origin of the past Sikh-Gurus, as well as the living Satguru

Santuario de la Rosa y el Grial
En este sitio damos la Bienvenida a todo buscador sincero, que desee recibir el Legado que los Grandes Iniciados de la Humanidad nos hacen llegar desde la Tradicion Primordial; y que por distintos senderos fluye cual manantial inagotable de Luz y Conciencia, para saciar el eterno deseo por la riqueza espiritual que ilumina el camino de retorno a la Fuente Primera de la Creacion Universal.

Secret Order of Mystics
Web based course in Mysticism. The course is designed to accomodate various levels of competency and ability-beginner, intermediate, high school, college and university.

Solists/SOL Mystics
A non-profit site devoted to an innovative and disciplined approach to advanced spiritual development, centered on the application of Heart Chakra energies. There is also a plethora of channeled information (subject to revision) that addresses key spiritual and metaphysical topics.

a spiritual site that seeks to know the source and better manifest spirit.
Personal and Spiritual Development through consciousness transformations to profound live changes. Online Skype sessions for vanishing problems, achieving goals, reaching higher states of consciousness and personal spiritual development.

Standingtrees Homepage
Philosophy of the mountain and One, Growing up as a mystic. Book reviews and poetry, Personal experience.

Sumarah leader
A concatenation of rather negativistic mystic visions and a frontal attack on Modern Life

Sumarah leader
A description of Java and then of a Javanese mystical (kebatinan) group that teaches and practices opening to and confronting existence

Svmmvm Bonvm Org
The Inner Circle of the Rosicrucian Order

Swami Krishnananda - The Divine Life Society
Online books on mysticism and mystical experience.

Esoteric Search Engine - Mystic Symbols - Kabbalah - Alchemy - Magick - Astrology - Hermes - Tarot - Thelema - Ufology & More .

TAT Foundation
The Albigen System and Direct-Mind approach to the Absolute were developed by Richard Rose after his death experience in 1947 when he became fully enlightened. There are many lecture tapes available and he has written several books on the subject.

The Ageless Wisdom
A non-religious approach to spirituality, the nature of the Soul, and the development of consciousness. Also known as the Perennial Philosophy or prisca theologia, the Wisdom is a general consensus from all cultures and all times about the Spiritual Reality of our lives as human Souls incarnate.

the fane of the psilocybe mushroom
the fane is a fourth way mystical school that celebrates the mushroom sacrament as the most sublime and gracefully efficient access to the expansion of consciousness which is what we define as the religious experience.

The Gnostic movement
Free online Esoteric and Mystical classes.

The Last Testament: A Call To Holiness
This book is written by John Peniel whose entry into the earth plane was predicted by Edgar Cayce.

The Mystic Missal
The Missal's Mission: The Mystic Missal was formed to distribute and preserve practical esoteric knowledge to help lead the serious seeker to a change of being. Through this site I hope to offer a few simple and effective tools for turning one's life into a living prayer : ways and means on the practical road to the Divine.

The Mystic Scientist
The Writings of Troy R. Bishop.Contemplation, insight, and inspiration for the eternal journey.

The Order of Maat
Supreme Grand Lodge of The Order of Maat, a secret society reserved for writers and webmasters devoted to mystical themes, focusing the New Era.

The Order of Sanctuary
The Sanctuary is a place for seeking Healing, Peace and Love. Our foundation is Self Healing through Spiritual Access and Nutrition. At Sanctuary we also offer classes and trainings in Ancient and mystical practices with classes on, "The Modern Mystic", "The Mystics PathII" and "MasteryIII" We invite you to see our website for detailed informations

The Society Of Light
This mysticism site explains an innovative approach to advanced spiritual development, centered on a sophisticated utilization of Heart Chakra energies. Additionally, there is channeled material on a number of key metaphysical (and controversial) issues.

The Teachings of Surtoma
The Teachings of Surtoma is for the truth seeker that longs to know their true “Origin” which is you Soul, and where you come from. It is not the physical ancestry or what religion has taught for centuries. If you have ever wondered about Soul as to: Who, what, or where...then this teaching is for you; and learn how to prove it to yourself by way of Direct Experience out-of- body exploration as Soul. Secrets and long forgotten truths have been kept from the masses in order to have power and control over them. Now is the time for you to have the “real power” back in your life. Books,Home study discourses, and workshops as taught by Surtoma

The Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn
Initiating Aspirants into Magick of Thelema

The Western Mystery Tradition
Site about the Western Mystery Tradition, Tarot, Qabalah, Hermeticism. Features links to some very good websites.

Thelemic Golden Dawn (T.·.G.·.D.·.)
The main World Wide Web site for the Order of the Thelemic Golden Dawn (T.·.G.·.D.·.)

Free forum for sharing messages and dreams of God. The primary goal is purification and enlightenment.

Vedic Shamanism
Ancient shamanic tradition of transformation and enlightenment. Includes interviews with enlightened masters, vaastu (Indian Feng Shui), healing, and mysticism.

Writings and laughter by Zareen, a modern mystic. What if all you had to do to wake up is to remember . . .

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