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Myths and Mythology Directory

666 Calculators
Electronic book on the biblical 666 myth. 666 on your phone keyboard. Free 666 Calculators. Bivalent Myth and Peaceful Coexistence: God-Satan, Poisons-Antidotes. Haunted Numbers and Antidotes

a land of mystical magic, and wizards' wisdom
Ask merlin readings, *merlin's message*, handbook for creating camelot, creating camelot club, train yourself for your true wealth on-line seminar, q and a with merlin through the oracle/medium marelin the magician, articles, and free wizard cap drawings

Achieving Happiness and Personal Growth
Self Help site warns about pitfalls in seeking happiness through religion and self help

Angel Monolith`s Magic Mystic Esoteric Homepage
Magic, Mystery & Myths.

Website featuring Three-Fish, an interactive site featuring EGroup, conspiracy theories, Arthurian legend, the meanings of numbers, spirituality and music. Check out the rest of Avalonia too!

Celtic Faerie Teachings at Avalon Grove
Spiritual teachings and other original information from and about Faeries, Mother Earth and Celtic Christian spirituality

DracoBlu Productions
The cultural, spiritual and historical fine art representations of Dragons.

DracoBlu Productions
Dracoblu Productions is the cultural, spiritual and historical fine art representations of Dragons.

DracoBlu Productions
Culural, spiritual and historical fine art representations of Dragons.

DracoBlu Productions
Cultural, spiritual and historical fine art representations of Dragons.

Evolving Media Network
An organization dedicated to increasing awareness and consciousness... some would say a cult based on comedy and absurdity. A guerilla-art movement.

Evolving Media Network
Fallen is a book written in multiple perspectives about the coming to awareness of a group of young adults in America from 1995-1997. It is written from their perspective, as the events unfold. Each of the characters have their own investment in the world as it is unfolding, and their own take on the way things ‘really are.’ The way the text is arranged, one can see it as a science fiction novel, a work of philosophy, the manifesto and confessions of a cult leader, or even a work of creative sociology, depending on whose perspective you want to take.

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling
David Swing offers intuitive spiritual counseling to help you rediscover the magic in your life. Guidance during a reading comes from your guardian angels and spirit guides and Davids own guides, who are members of the Celtic Faerie tribes. David is the author of "Gnomes in the Garden: Celtic Faerie Teachings" and "The Celtic Owl: A Year with the Celtic Faerie." He also offers faerie workshops for seminars and other gatherings.

Joanna's Dragons
Spiritually oriented site links that I have found to be exceptional, as well as some personal links of interest.

My site is unique in that it catalogues tales of faery beings from cultures all around the world. It also has sections on visionary art, poetry, music, and books related to the realm of faery. Come and experience the magic and power of nature.

Message to the Unborn - Mystery of the Calendar
The most amazing study of our Calendar ever published! You'll read about something incredible! For the first time in our history the Message of an ancient advanced civilization has been discovered!For untold centuries, both historical, and esoteric sources, have passed down stories of a forgotten "time-capsule" of ancient knowledge. The story of the Message begins with the events described in the ancient Book of Enoch. This book was banned, lost and forgotten for a thousand years. The Book of Enoch talks about "Two hundred angels, the children of heaven", who descended to earth. They explained the calendar to Enoch, which he recorded, "but not for this generation, but for a remote one which is for to come". What was hidden in the calendar for future generations? Vladimir Pakhomov has found this information!You can check all these facts without leaving your computer.

Myth and Culture
This is the website of Maggie Macary, cultural mythologist, speaker, and author. It explores the use and misuse of mythology in cultural and personal contexts

Myth and Culture
Exploring the mythological themes that underly popular movies and television shows. The approach to movie and TV reviews is archetypal.

An extensive collection of classic art images based on Norse Mythology: Gods, Goddesses, wights, Heathen places and rites; organised by subject.

Personal Homepage
Dragon magick and spiritual alchemy, with comparative methods and myths.

Phant AC Glass
Mythical creatures designed to your specifications. Wonderful gifts, beautiful stained glass, more affordable than you can imagine! Take a look at what we have to offer.

Rare Books Distributor
The purpose of these books is to explain the seminal relationship between Astronomy, Myth and Modern Religion. The books prove that ancient Myth/Religion was, in fact, a written pictorial(symbolic) record of the celestial movements within the Cosmos, under the Type of Mythical Deities.

SAK Intl
Talismans, gemstones, spells, occult, mystical,charms, witchcraft, gems, powers, mystic, pouvoir, marabout, magic, gemmes, pierres, magique, mystique, wiccan, blackmagic, voodoo, spiritualist, chakras.

Society of Celtic Shamans
Come, tread the paths of Avalon and sail to Tir na nOg. Join us in remembering the Faery Faith.

The Enchanted Complex
Access our free on-line almanac filled with folklore, stories, pagan information and more.

The Geser Fund
Buryat Mongol and Siberian shamanism, folklore, and culture. There are pages about shamanic beliefs and ceremony, as well as mythology, poetry, and folklore.

VedSutra is a platform for any and all information about Hinduism, its mythology, teachings, procedures and interpretations.VedSutra is an attempt to capture the essence of the rich history of India and its major religion Hinduism through mythological stories, historical profiles, modern interpretations and more. We intend to build an unparalleled collection of everything linked to India and Hinduism to make VedSutra the one place where anybody interested in these topics can access the knowledge accumulated over multiple millennia.

white rabbit
A listing of haunted places you can stay in Britain and Ireland

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