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New Age Directory
Mystic Lady
Mystic Lady Suzanna Lonchar
2980#2 W.Water Wds. Dr.
Port Huron

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A mystical site with background music that offers a wide range of services as well as much enlightenment. FREE SPELLS, PSYCHIC & ASTROLOGY READINGS Live video readings, Wicca, Magic Spells, Candle Magick, Tales of the Occult, Astrology Reports, Dream Interpretations, Past Life Readings, Ouiji Board, ESP Test, Palmistry, Angel Readings.
Harmonic Convergence 2012 - Visionary Art and
Harmonic Convergence 2012 - Visionary Art and Amoraea Dreamseed
590 Allison St
Ashland 97520

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Phone:  831 3452430
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Amoraea's CD's are designed as ceremonial soundtracks for ascension / access to source consciousness, 12-strand DNA activation. Perfect for massage/healing sessions, yoga, meditation, lovemaking, and dreamtime. His Mystical Art is created for your altar to embody your archetypal presence. These are multi-dimensional portals into the divine, with themes of sacred marriage, cosmic connection, sacred geometry, ancient prophecy, and our Divine Blueprint. Spiritual Auction Spiritual Auction Tracy Penwell
7000 N. 16th Street, Suite 120-418

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Buy & Sell YOUR spiritual items on Spiritual Auction, the online auction dedicated to all things spiritual, religious, and holistic. Categories include Buddhism, Hinduism, Judiaism, Christianity, Islam, yoga, martial arts, goddess, angels, psychic, travel, Native American, new age. Find books, art, antiquities, jewelry, equipment, music, and other products and services.
Alternative Market Place
Alternative Market Place Gordon Ireland
PO Box 181088
Utica 48318

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Phone:  8109979619

The Internets Gatekeeper to Mind, Body & Spirit. We are the only professional targeted search engine that binds the mutual interests of Alternative Healers, Metaphysical Suppliers, and New Age Products and Services.  From astrology and holistic health to lifestyle issues and shopping, Alternative Market Place is your internet resource for alternative living.
Divine Enlightenment
Divine Enlightenment Angela Lanuto
251 West Main Street
Catskill 12414

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Phone:  973-229-6875

DIVINE ENLIGHTENMENT is a Retail Web shop providing quality items to buy for your Spirit and gift giving needs. With over 700 items, categories include candles, inspirational/religious, incense, essential oils, home decor, water fountains, angel figurines, and much more! FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASES OVER $20.00! Quality and unique items to buy for your Spirit & gift giving needs. Divine Enlightenment carries over 700 items including angel products, candles, inspirational/religious, incense, aromatherapy, bath & body, home decor, fountains & more! Free Shipping on all purchases! Visit us at
Soul2Soul Treasures
Soul2Soul Treasures Harusami
251 Oneida Street
Denver 80220

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Phone:  3033220058
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New age, metaphysical & spiritual gifts for body, mind & soul. Tools to enlighten empower and entertain. Hand-picked treasures from around the world fairly traded for global benefit. Featuring a wide selection of crystal and gemstone jewelry, healing crystal wands, unique apparel & accessories, home & garden décor, books, music and more.
Soul2Soul Treasures
Soul2Soul Treasures Harusami
251 Oneida Street
Denver 80220

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Phone:  3033220058
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New age, metaphysical & spiritual gifts for body, mind & soul. Tools to enlighten empower and entertain. Hand-picked treasures from around the world fairly traded for global benefit. Featuring a wide selection of crystal and gemstone jewelry, healing crystal wands, unique apparel & accessories, home & garden décor, books, music and more.

MBS Noticeboard
New Age and green events,practitioners and products

Ylana's Earth-Friendly Market
Ylana's Network for Self-Empowerment and Sustainable, Non-Toxic Living

Enchanted Jewelry & Gifts
Metaphysical jewelry, greeting cards, aromatherapy items, incense, and much more!

Third Eye, Inc
New Age & Pagan Goods of all types!

Aural Australia
Music, Feng Shui`Products, Jewelery, Healing Tools and Delightful Gifts.

Something Witchy
Something witchy has everything for your new age/pagan/wiccan/metaphysical needs! Park your broom and come on in!

Enchanted Realms
Enchanted Realms offering Tools for Personal Empowerment for the following faith paths and practices: Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Wicca and Feng Shui.

Spiritual Joy
New Age & Wiccan shop offering Incense & Resins, Crystals & Gemstones, Mystical Charms, Spell Supplies as well as Spiritual & Divination products. Free UK Delivery on orders over £40.

Courageous Heart
Heart infused original images and visual affirmations luscious with life in full bloom. On an elegant greeting card/wall decor in one hanging on a shimmery silk ribbon to send or gift as a card and then hang on your wall! Magnets available. Deep, bright, vivid color and texture. Imagery that opens your heart.

Pagan Magical Crafts
Pagan Magical Crafts is an online Metaphysical Store focusing on handcrafted, handblended and vintage products for the Pagan and Wiccan community. Based in Shropshire we sell Worldwide and take pride creating custom Altar Sets and unique products that can only be found in our store. Whatever your requirements please take a moment to browse our store and feel free to contact us for more information. Pagan Magical Crafts offers a vast range of products such as Altar Sets, Herb and Incense Resin Sets, Handrolled Beeswax Candles, Woodturned Athames and Wands, Sabbat Sets and much more including individual altar ware such as Chalices, Cauldrons, Candle Holders and supplies for all Witch, Wiccan and Pagan followers. We have been established in this business for over 10 years, Pagan Magical Crafts is to be our new flagship for the Company and we do hope that you come on board, sign up for our newsletter and see what special offers and new products we have available, we look forward to seeing you soon.

The Magic Mercantile
With over 7000 products to choose from, you can create a truly magical world with music, jewellery, incense, herbs, and more. Whether it's a few small items you're looking for to create a simple spell, or looking to achieve a fully-dressed altar, with incense burners, altar tiles, athames, and candles, or wanting to create a magical environment with wall hangings, magical chests, artwork, and statues, we are confident that our store will meet your every need. And by using coupon code 20OFF every time you order to get 20% off the full retail price, you can be assured that you're getting the best prices anywhere online.

Gypsy Chicks
Here you will find the most exceptional and unusual pendants, charms, greeting cards, & unique gifts available in the market. Browse our collection of Celtic and Wiccan jewelry, Magical Charms, Key of Solomon Amulets & Talismans, Gothic Fantasy Jewelry, Viking charms, Ancient Egyptian Amulets, New Age & Fantasy Greeting Cards, Divining Rods, VooDoo Charms, Magic Spell Kits, Rune Stones, Witch Stones, Pendulum Kits, Tarot Bags & more.

Blue Moon Marketing LLC
We are purveyors of precious magical things to enhance and celebrate your Pagan lifestyle

A millennium adventure: aliens return to Earth to help mankind mend the ley lines and ascend to a new, higher level of consciousness.


An International Directory of People, Places, Products, and Services of Spirit. Find many sites of spiritual teachers, healers, workshop leaders; free newsletter; products & tools for transformation; plus much more!

2angels net
Enter to win a FREE+TRIP to Hawai'i to swim with Dolphins. is an eclectic, non-dogmatic experience. Add your listing for free.

a free newage monthly newsletter
Free subscription to our monthly newsletters covering the latest findings from health to mind tools and from anti aging to tarot back issues available on many subjects. Just email barry at with preferences or click on the url

A Magickal Life
A site providing information and advice on choosing & using crystals & essential oils, herbs & incense. We also sell a wide range of these items in our online catalogue. In the site you can also learn about divination & spellcraft, as well as being able to buy your own runes, tarot cards, pendulums & spellkits. We also offer an email Tarot reading service.

a new age search engine
A search of the largest conciousness site in the world may help in your search.

A TOI Mystery School
Devoted to activating the global consciousness through experimentation, employing the public ceremonial exploration of magick and sound.

AaaHa! Dynamics Press
Lif is like a bagel.The longer you take to enjoy it,the harder it gets!

Abandoned Toys
New age music composer

Absolute Alternatives
The freshest resource of alternative healing/therapies, health & Wellbeing, New Age Services on the net for the people of Melbourne. Also a Therapy Expo held quarterley.

"The year 2011 - the beginning of the Golden Age" - St Germaine

Alahoy Books
non-profit metaphysical books; ufo, ascension, spiritual

altered states
mind tools lucid dreaming obe healing radionics vitamins rife elf measuring accelerated learning mind software tesla books tapes videos mail order

Alternate Paradigms
Resources and links for the investigation of the lost, antediluvian civilization whose heirs we all are. Bibliographies, web links, contacts provided.

Alternate Paradigms
Resources for investigating alternate archeology, science, mysticism, especially the Quest for the Lost Civilization and new/recovered paradigms in Gnostic, Hermetic spirituality - Gay Spirituality, Byzantine Christian Esoteric Spirituality, theosophy, rosicrucians, druids, alchemy.

Alternative Market Place
Buy & Sell at Alternative Market Place's Auction. Free listing. Sell or bid for books, wands, ritual items, New Age Services and Metaphysical Products

Alternative Market place Inc
Alternative Market Place is designed to help you promote your business and increase your visibility. We are the only professional targeted marketing service that binds the mutual interests of Alternative Healers, Metaphysical Suppliers, & New Age Products and Services. From astrology and holistic health to lifestyle issues and shopping, Alternative Market Place is your internet resource for alternative living.

Alternatives hosts talks and workshops in Holistic Education and Spiritual Development.

AMATEC Scientific Research
Here, you can find infomation on conspiracies,ghost photos,patriots vs Gov.,paranormal links to millions of other metaphysic and phenomenal sites on the web,a link to my mind,body and health page, and the Leading edge database. Be an informed and knowledgable public .Thanx!

Amelia's New Age Holistic School & Healing Center
A Special and Advanced school for those who feel chosen for a more complete knowledge and evolution.

Ananda Books & Gifts
Ananda Books & Gifts has been serving Riverside, California since 1974. We are a full service metaphysical bookstore and gift shop featuring books on metaphysics, philosophy, religion, psychology, yoga, meditation, holistic health and much more. We carry a large selection of gift items including crystals, jewelry, statuary, candles, aromatherapy supplies, incense from around the world, New Age-Environmental music, calendars, drums, and a wide range of exotic imports.

Ancient Wisdoms
We carry a great selection of natural bath products, herbs & herbal products, oils, incense, jewelry, candles, books, ritual items & much more.

Poetry, Fiction, Tantra, Pictures... and soon my own music! All downloadable and completely free!

Angel Talk
Angel Talk has quizzes, games, illusions, clipart, and FUN...for the entire family.

A site offering you angel products (book, tapes, cards) and also a daily Angelic Inspiration to help you connect with your angel each day.

AngelHrt099 Spiritual Growth & Healing
AngelHrt99's Web Site is dedicated to Spiritual Growth, the Healing of Body, Mind & Spirit, Metaphysics & Philosophical Thought

angelic creations
the perfect gift, shows you how to contact your guardian angel

Angelic Harmonies
Beautiful angel music, CDs and Tapes, by angelic music composer, Ann Warner. Enjoy online samples, angelic meditation and more..

Angelic Reflections
Susan is a very gifted Intuitive Artist who is able to visually tap into the Angelic Realms. And has created many angel inspired pieces of art work.

Angelights - The portal for Spirituality and Enlightenment!Free Email, Horoscopes, Discussions, Chat and Greeting cards! Featuring Online Classes by Peter & Helen Evans. Shop for incense, essential oils and affirmation candles. Visit our Enlightenment Room and embark on a journey of awareness.

AngeLove a site from the angels to show that God's love is alive and around us all and that He wants us to learn and discover that the answers to life's lessons are within each of us..The angels will assist but we must learn our own lessons..To provide guidance in personal,business and spiritual matters..PRovides energy healing and assists in self healing of physical and emotional ills..To laugh and grow

angels and miracles
site for angel and miracles stories

Everything in 3D duality "on-ness" appears separate, even stars, sun, planets are not where they seem to be because of seeing "in part" until we move beyond into wholeness by end of '99 when astrology won't work anymore because it won't be needed.
A person's afterlife is determined by their genetic structure.

Artes Aniger
We offer Atlantis Ring, pendulums, open reame pyramids, amulets, talismans

Your source for information and products to support your spiritual and personal growth. Astrology charts, aromatherapy oils and accessories, and books. Plus metaphysical courses, energy healing, weekly meditations and much more.

Ascensation is a portal or conduit for wisdom. It's readers and authors share the common ground of Spirituality. Each honoring the other's pathway without conditions, judgement or censure. The day a Buddhist can speak with a Wiccan who is sharing with a Christian who is talking to a Lightworker is the day we celebrate freedom. This is a true Recipe For Magick !

Ash-Kar Press
Free, the complete text of "Visioning," a book which shows how to "manifest" what you want—believe your dreams into reality

Ashtar Galactic Command
This is a ashtar Command site with messages ,chat,events listings all related to Ashtar,and the Ashtar Command

Ashtar Galactic Command
This is a site dedicated to all lightworkers with the Ashtar Command.News,Messages,and discussions,chats and home of the Ashtar Command radio show online.

Ashtar Galactic Command/Ashtar Command
This is the official site for news,channeled transmissions,irc chats,messageboard and linksto all area's of Ashtar Commandon Earth.

Association for Research and Enlightenment
The A.R.E.,Inc., is the international headquarters of the work of Edgar Cayce, considered the most documented psychic of all time.

Association for Research and Enlightenment
The A.R.E. was founded in 1931 by Edgar Cayce and his associates to help make available the information in his 14,000 readings, two-thirds of which are on holistic health and healing.

Association of Universal Philosophy
Angels prophesy in preparation for the coming of the Messiah.

astral traveling
the popular gateway experience in-home training system evolved directly from the monroe institute's world renowned gateway voyage. like the voyage, this course is dedicated to the exploration and development of human consciousness.

Astrology for the New Age
The Shroud of Turin and its connection to comets, the New Age and Astrology. Predictions of future world events, the Book of Revelation.

Astrology for the New Age
Predictions of future world events for the next 10 years using astrology, religion and New Age ideas.

internationally known and over 40 years experience, $2 minute - 30-min minimum, live toll free Psychic Readings by Cheryl, angel contact, find out who your guardian angels are through Spirit Art, no 900 charges, Spiritual counseling, LifePath Coaching

atlantis new age online shop, netherlands
atlantis new age online shop for bach flower remedies and about 50 essential oils. also for polarity massage and lymphedrainage massage. nb. text is in dutch.

Atlantis Wisdom
on-line transcripts of the Atlantean records

Australian Professionals Psychic Phone Readin
Our Professional Psychics and mediums in Australia can help you through their Accurate Psychic Phone Reading which can help you in love, relationships and other general life problems

Chatting about metaphysical, spiritual, healing, experiences, beliefs in an open minded environment.

Bands of Gold
To introduce you to Angels, Soul Channeling, Masters, Solar Lords and Soul Family. To receive Wisdom, Love and Truth from their words. Also available alternative therapies, books, tapes, CD,Chakra Cards and Soul Art

Bands of Gold
Channelled newsletter, book, tapes, CD, angel drawings

banyen books & sound
the watering hole for the spirit on the world wide web. one of north america's most comprehensive resources specializing in books, tapes, cds, videos, and oracle sets, aimed at raising consciousness, illuminating the heart, and promoting spiritual and physical health and wellbeing. come search our inventory of over 25,000 titles. order online or by phone.

berufseigungs-, laufbahn- und persönlichkeitsberatung
die beratung auf psychopysiognomischer grundlage für jugendliche und erwachsene. kurse, vorträge, physiognomische analyse, literatur, comments, news.

Beyond the Rainbow
We provide a useful mix of information and products, with over 100 articles on crystals, flower and other essences, Reiki, and personal/spiritual development. We carefully select our crystals, fountains, jewelry, essences, and other fine products.

Black Sauce Gothic
online store selling gothic, pagan, wiccan and spiritual items. Huge range of Nemesis Now fantasy fairy and dragon figurines and giftware. Alchemy Gothic jewellery and t-shirts, more clothing being added soon

Blazing Hearts Castle
Virtual castle community for spiritual warriors, lightworkers and heart-centred souls. Spiritual discussion of life, love and human experience. Virtual workshops, seasonal events and monthly interfaith services.

Free monthly online magazine which publishes articles, interviews, inspiring stories, news, vegetarian recipes, and book, new age music and movie reviews.

Bliss Publishing
Free monthly New Age online magazine featuring articles, interviews, inspiring stories, news, vegetarian recipes, angel readings and book, new age music and movie reviews.

Blue Star
transmissions and teachings from Blue Star The Pleiadian

Blue Star
global links of spiritual/humantarian sites

BrainWave Enterprises
A World the way a World should be accomplished by many doing a little good a lot.

Brian Joseph Snyder
Mystery School Links, Golden Mean, more. No java, no ads.
One of the largest selections of Evil Eye beads, charms, amulets, jewelry and giftware. The evil eye is known for its power to reflect negative energy that can cause misfortune. If your evil eye amulet breaks, it has done its job and should be replaced.

CAS Enterprises
A transcendental portal into the realms of self acceptance and enlightenment

New Age directory and metaphysics

Cayla's Crystal Cave
Your one stop shop for natural gemstone jewelry, Spiritual, Metaphysical and everything in between.Come see us for ALL your spiritual needs.

Celestial Cooperatives
Messages from the Hosts of Heaven regarding the transition to the New Earth, Terra

Celestial Healing Arts
Psychic Intuitive LaVaughn presents tools of transformation, healing, and life mastery: psychic readings, tarot gallery, books, ritual tools, informative articles, and more.

Celestial Tidings Astrology
We provide a full range of astrological information and resources, both entertaining and instructive, including natal chart interpretations, progressed charts, compatibility reports, transits, and reports for children. Take advantage of our "web-view" option and print your report right from the web, with no additional shipping and handling costs.

Accurate Life Readings, Orhai Healing, Free Teachings from the Council, Totems, Earth Changes, Articles, Stories that warm the heart, Spiritual-Psychic Development

Channelings from Chandara

Chandler's Soaps
All natural handmade soaps and body care products, including massage oils and essential oils

Chois Choice
The largest database of new Age and Spiritual Links on the web. Free online readings and a lot more.

Cindy Oriente
Love Cards: The connection between your birthday and personal relationships. Home of the weekly, international World Healing Network

circles of light internet magazine
with a focus on astrology, alchemy and metaphysics, this ezine offers a wide variety of special areas for the new age reader.

Clarity of Sight New Age Shop
New Age Holistic shop, selling crystals, gemstones, tumblestones, angel cards. Offering Reiki healing and angel card readings by Penny Alterskye.

Coffee Cup Reading Clairvoyant
Clairvoyant , Babylonian descent, life time experience, specialising in problems with love, marriage, finances,removal of curses....

Community ConneXion
FREE listings, classifieds, email,features, stories and resources for conscious living

Concepts In Human Development
A magazine that bridges the gap between spirituality & the workplace. Self-empowerment articles, prosperity, meditation, . FREE NEWSLETTER

concepts in human development
articles on spirituality, angels, prosperity, self-empowerment, positive thinking and attitude. practical techniques to use for better living. a bulletin board with thought for the day, prayer requests, and question and answers. very uplifting!

The Purpose and Intention of Cosmic Link is to unite people of like-heart and spirit, to support and encourage each one of their life's journey and soul's purpose, to expand our circles, to bring healing Light and Love into our communities and to provide a format for spiritual and inspirational material.

Serious/humerous view of the ongoing planetary changes.Provides prophetic,channelled and scientific information to help all truth seekers on tehir pathway to the light.

Crystal Dawn Books & Gifts
Oils, Incense, Herbs, Polished Stones, Crystals, Gazing Balls, Wands, Cloaks, Fountains, Feng Shui, Chalices, and more metaphysical products

Crystal Heaven Mining Co. Inc.
Quartz Crystals, Metaphysical Crystals, Crystal Wands, Handcrafted Dreamcatcher's and more..

Crystal Visions
A collection of unique crystal specimens and jewelry. Specializing in one of a kind pieces, Vogel crystals, singing bowls, and specialty items.

Spiritual Awakening - Music Meditations and Initiations, Healing, UFO, Sacred Places and Teachings, Daily E-Zine, Ancient and Lost Civilizations, 500 subject files

cybek of New York
Traditional Hermetic Social Management Technique updated for Cyber Age

D'ann's Place
We carry a large selection of new age and metaphysical items including bath & beauty products, books, candles & incense, crystal & pewter items, jewelry and tarot cards. We also offer free daily horoscopes & tarot readings.

Dancing Mantis Jewelry
Jewelry Inspired By Ancient & Modern Traditions. Handcrafted Silver & Gold Jewelry By Artist Timothy Holbert. Connect To The Moon & Sun With Dancing Mantis Jewelry.

Darren Main
A resource for beings on the path.

dataICON Company
Dedicated to spiritual growth and enlightenment. The purpose is to aid those seeking a spiritual path by providing information from many sources. Independent of any religion.

David Geiger Minerals
High vibrational quartz crystals

Dhamsala's Place
You've found the place for ascension support. All aspects of life offer opportunity for our Spiritual growth. Food for Mind, Body, Spirit. Come, browse, discuss, shop and be refreshed.
Unique decorative sacred bronze door handles and hardware, hand made in Nepal. Goddess, Tara Blessing Hand, Ganesh, Buddha, and more.

Divine Enlightenment
Quality items to buy for your Spirit & gift giving needs. Divine Enlightenment carries over 700 items including angel products, candles, inspirational/religious, incense, aromatherapy, home decor, fountains & more! FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASES OVER $20.00! Quality and unique items to buy for your Spirit & gift giving needs. Divine Enlightenment carries over 700 items including angel products, candles, inspirational/religious, incense, aromatherapy, bath & body, home decor, fountains & more! Free Shipping on all purchases! Visit us at

Divine Images
This is your source for handmade, hardwood personal altars (3 styles) devotional statues and wall art from many traditions, unique candle holders, books. The site features advice on creating sacred space, as well as legends and stories about divine figures.

Downtown Express Productions
An extensive site containing spell kits, empowerment kits, incenses, oils, crystals, candles, guiding principles, intuition, perception, how to "work" a spell, positive affirmations.

dream world
discounted mind/body enhancement devices and information

Dream Zone
Positive Lifestyle Catalog: unique gifts, India tapestries, natural fiber clothing, global imports, children's toys, herbal remedies

Dreaming Gates
Retail & Wholesale, Discounts and Custom orders - the best in supernatural and metaphysical gifts.

We are an unusual New - Age Shop from Vienna !
Free person-to-person auction dealing strictly in pagan/wiccan/occult/newage merchandise. Listings are free for all! We have hundreds of unique items up for sale, msg boards, sweepstakes & lots more!.

Earth Tones
New Age website explains many of the old ways and the usefulness in modern times. Leads to our retail store and eclectic product lines.

Gemstone Pendants, Rune Pendants, Sterling Silver Pendants, Turquoise Pendants, Amber Pendants, Red Jasper Pendants, Elvish Runes, Bind Runes, Crop Circle Pendants & Earthchild Handcrafted Pendants. New Age Gifts include Rune Sets, Natural Crystals, Hanging Crystals, Chakra Sets, Tumbled Stones, Candles, Incense, Fragrance Oils, Simmering Granules, Wax Melts, Oil Burners, Wood Boxes, Gift Bags, Celtic Wax Seals, Wood Boxes, Wands, Spell Candles, Magic Candles

New Age Express offers handcrafted ritual tools, incense, oils, books and more. Find free information on Witchcraft, monthly moon phases, correspondence charts, horoscopes and our famous "Ask-A-Witch" service

Earthstones - Insight in a Bag
EarthStones13 beautiful carved clay disks designed to enlighten, empower and open up your own intuition. Earthstones are packaged in a lovely organza bag with a larger gift bag including an informative guidebook.

Eco-Beauty Music
Eco-Beauty offers a beautiful lineof relaxing music that create a pleasant ambiance for daily relaxation, reflection, reading, or just for pure enjoyment. The music is well-suited for spa treatments, meditation, yoga, and the healing arts.

Elsa Lambert
To present Zecharia Sitchin's Books, The Earth Chronicles Series, as they are, no vain comments will be found on my site. Simply As It Is!

Enchanted Jewelry & Gifts
Silver Celtic jewelry, Viking charms, Mediaeval amulets, new age greeting cards, aromatherapy items, incense, selected books and tapes, zodiac charms, handmade soaps, candles and much more! Secure online shopping and immediate delivery!

Enchanted Spirit Metaphysical Resource Center
One of the web's premier New Age sites, we offer Astrology and Tarot readings, classes, books, e-books, free articles on many subjects of personal development and contemporary lifestyle, horoscopes, free daily and weekly newsletters, and a wonderful online metaphysical e-zine. The wisdom here will help you walk a new path of clarity and strength.

Enchanted Unicorn
New age items to help you on your path. Looking for something different? We have lots including, tarot cards, jewelry, aromatherapy products, spells, candles,incense, music, self help workshops, books, astrology, numerology and spiritual readings, gifts,soap, gargoyles, smudge sticks, herbs. Witchcraft items for ritual use, crystal wands and much much more!

Enlightening Minds Cafe
Enlightening Minds Cafe is a New Age informational  website that offers a variety of free resources. Our primary goal is to inform, educate, and enlighten people about the numerous New Age ideas / beliefs, products, resources, and services available on the internet.

How to end the spiritual search and Realize Truth. Includes dialogues between a spiritual searcher and an awakened Master.

Equinox Books & Gifts
Mind body spirit and new age gift store featuring beautiful and unique holistic products such as alternative books, aromatherapy oils and candles, flower essences, pendulums, journals, dream pillows and more.

Esoteric Media
Source of wonderful videos, DVDs music and gifts for the enhancement of the mind, body and Spirit! Titles include eastern healing arts; yoga, t'ai chi, qigong and feng shui. Self help with Dr Deepak Chopra, music for meditation, relaxation and massage. Also titles on lucid dreaming the ancient Egyptian oracle, Atlantis the Bermuda Triangle and lots more!

Esoteric Media
Quality source of new age and spiritual products for the enhancement of mind, body & Spirit.

eyara'psychic readings
psychic readings,returns lost loves,clear negative energy. reavels past,present &future.find your destiny!in love, marrage,money,health.

feel the vibes
after only 20 minutes on the aura cushion i realized this is no ordinary vibration device.

fellow travelers
searching fellow beings of light

Fellowship of the Inner Light-Shenandoah, Texas
Enter the Realms of Expanded Consciousness . . . metaphysics, the work of Paul Solomon, new realities, music to enhance consciousness . . . anything that will inspire a person to look beyond themselves to see their relationship and Oneness to the Universe.

fit america of central new jersey
sales of aids to weight loss.

Following your own religion
Creating and following your own religion. Making your own rules and living by them.

Forever And A Day
NewAge Books and Gifts in Woodstock, GA. Clothing, ritual supplies, alternative religion, incense, herbs and oils, statuary, gemstones & crystals, Readers/Practioners.

Freedom Press
Freedom Press features books and teachings concerning our Innate Nature of Bliss and Light, which is not dependent on any external circumstances. Unique aspects of the One Consciousness, we rest at all times in Total Freedom, which only requires conscious Realization.

Gael Quest
WELCOME ... to the premier Internet Celtic Gift store, where you can browse through our extensive catalogue of pewter and silver jewelry. We specialize in jewelry with a Celtic Flavor, the art of the ancient Celts and Books with a Celtic Theme

Gaia Projects
A Free Problem Page. Agony Uncle For The Spiritually Bemused.

Gaia's World
Wholesale Ceremonial Herbs and Resins. Native American - Shamanic - Magickal - Healing

Gatto's Place
We are a Metaphysical Shop that carries: candles, Oils, Incense, Crystals, Jewelry, Tarot Cards, Books, E. Books, Hand Designed Wooden Boxes and More.

Gemstone & Crystal Uses
Selection of free articles on the use of gemstones and crystals for spiritual and psychic practice.

George Zuberbuehler
Over 130 Urantia Book related hyperlinks in 15 categories.

gifts of serenity
dedicated to providing quality candles and gifts based on bringing light and happiness to all those who are open to receiving it.

GODDESSY is an Astrology - New Age - Spiritual - Metaphysical web site that offers the most unique and powerful news, articles, information, membership, FREE gifts, products (aromatherapy oil, incense, custom-blended herbs, spiritual jewelry), services (ancient Egyptian tarot card readings, astrology birth charts, love compatibility charts, personalized spiritual information, spiritual workshops, web designing) and more! GODDESSY is more than just a metaphysical web store, it is a community and a way of life.

good luck - the power of 'e'
achieve positive e from this commercial site. claims to rid yourself of everything that holds you back from what you deserve and want in life.

Gothic and Pagan Online
Gothic and Pagan online store to open soon!! This store is for the occult and we would like to know what you would like to see in this shop.

Grace Healing Arts
Divinely-guided products and services for healing and growth. Includes Divine Tinctures, Pendants, Lotions, Candles, and distance personal readings and healings.

Graces Psychic Circle
7 ways to a Successful Psychic Reading - A psychic reading is an open channel of energies between yourself and your psychic.

All Natural Bath Salts and Incense for ritual and everyday purposes. More all natural products to come soon.

Gypsy Marlene's
We're an all Essential Metaphysical Shop, that carries a wide selection of Divination & Altar Tools, Ritual Supplies, Herbs, Books, Jewelry, & Much More...

Gypsy Rose
At Gypsy Rose we sell Grateful Dead merchandise as well as a large variety of imports exotic places. We sell patchwork clothing, jewelry, stickers, patches, lights, candles, doorbeads, hemp products, tapestries, and a whole assortment of rock'n roll and Greatful Dead merchandising.

H&L Enterprises/Celestial
Celestial & New Age Gifts from New Mexico

Hand of the Father Publications
On-line publishers of "The New Gospel: The Celestial Testament of Jesus and Other Divine Spirits," a new revelation of the true teachings of Jesus received through automatic writing.

Harmonic Healing
Judith Lynne is a sound healer, Professional singer and ordained minister. She has studied extensively the physical, emotional and energetic production of the voice resulting in her creation of Vocal Energetics and Harmonic Healing.

Hawaii Healing Resort Co. Ltd.
We are a music production company located in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. We specialize in healing & relaxing music. Come to listen to the beautiful music created by MARTH!

Healing Harp
Welcome to the official website for Peter Sterling and Harp Magic Music, an oasis of magical, angelic harp music for body, mind and spirit. Inspired by beautiful visions of heavenly angels and mystic journeys to exotic lands of the world, Peters unique and distinctive harp sound has touched the hearts and souls of thousands around the world

high vibrations
links on the light side.
All about the human hands. Includes a beginners guide to hand analysis, articles, and directory of professionals.

IAS and Manjushri Mandala
New Age Spirituality, Buddhism, Astrology, Art, Data Research, Quotes.

Icarian-Sea Internet Club
Jupiter: Zeus-Pater, Jew Peter myth. Jesus Christ, God, Satan, religion, vs. paranormal Crowley Hitler hostage conspiracy.

India Essence
Where the Spirit of India REIGNS! The finest imports from India and Henna, Bindis, Tikkas, Puja Items, Religious statues & posters (largest selection on the 'net), Malas, Clothing, Batiks and artwork, anklets, bellychains as well as toerings,imported incense, hippie items, hindu jewelry, Ayurvedic items, and much, much more!!!

inessa king - past lives, future lives and reincarnation
links to information on past lives, regressions, past life regressions, future lives and future life progressions.

Infinite Being
Free articles: Discover New Vistas of Inspiration, Love and Creativity through Spiritual Metaphysics.

Infinite Insights
New Age site geared toward knowledge and love, info on everything from Angels to Magic.

Inhale Success
One Hour recorded breathing and visualization replaces negative imporinting with a new, positive life script. Download, Cd, Taps. Free yoga class + free s/h.Conscious Breath/Creative Mind.

InnerSelf Publications
Online magazine with over 600 full-length articles on relationships, health, astrology, sexuality, parenting, and much more. Articles by well-known authors.

Innervision new age products and services including metaphysical bookstore, ear cones, ear coning, psychic readings, astrological charts, events and more!

Insight Essences
Insight Essences contain a high frequency vibrational signature that eliminates the low frequecies of inherited fear resident in your blood.

insight essences: transforming fear into love
insight essences capture the vibrational signatures of authenticated crop circles. you body can use the high frequencies of our essences to eradicate the inherited low frequencies of fear resident in your blood, allowing a spiritual transformation.

Insights & Magic
Marlene is a highly respected psychic reader. She is in such great demand that personal appointments have to be made 2months ahead. You can however get her on the phone for a readingHighly recomended

Integrated Dynamics Resources
Deep Trance Psychic, Sheila M. Street, channels the gentle wisdom of The Herald, Source for personal sessions and books referencing New Age, Qabalah and Ancient Wisdom teachings.

Inward Bound/ Divine Healing Oils
ANCIENT HEALING SECRETSMENTIONED OVER 188 TIMES IN THE BIBLE.Learn about our Church Healing Teams and how you can be a catalyst for healing in your church or place of worship!We carry the exclusive trade secret formulations of the WORLDS' PUREST AND ONLY "CERTIFIED" Therapeutic Essential Oils in this country, grown on our own Organic Farms.

J&D Visions, Inc.
Online new age store offering a large selection of New Age products. Including Aromatherapy, Chromatherapy, Candles, Herbal Health & Healing Salves, Jewelry, Native American, Crystals & Minerals, Spell & Manifestation Kits, Divination Tools, Psychic Readings, Inspirational Music, Bath & Body Care, Incense, Sage &Smudging Ceremonial Herbs, Wind Chimes, Divination Tools, Self-Help Books, Metaphysical, Spiritual Healing and Protection.

J&D Visions, Inc.
Wholesale & retail store featuring incense, candles, jewelry, aromatherapy, chakra & aura products, psychic readings, herbs, oils, bath & body care, self-help books, divination & writing tools, audio/video, ritual kits, occult/wiccan supplies.

J&D Visions, Inc.
Those of you who need a little spiritual healing will really enjoy our site. We carry all kinds of new age products to energize your spirit. You'll find everything from aromatherapy candles and healing books to ritual kits and chakra therapy. You can even learn about your past lives through a psychic reading.

Jack in the Green New Age - Metaphysical Store
Jack in the Green for New Age and metaphysical products and supplies. Crystals, Jewelry, Incense, Pagan, Wicca and witchcraft goods.

Jaclyn Stein Henderson, LMP (ret.)
Sharing insightful publications, creative artwork and heartfelt sensitivity to the needs of all people.

James Nicholson
Learn how to move beyond the astral chakras and clearly reach your teachers

Jane Iris Designs
unique metaphysical imagery featuring The Original Spirit Healer

Jaros, Inc.
We provide distant energy healing to help people clear their energy fields and aura, release fear and let go of blocks to self esteem and worth, personal power and abundance.

Jeannie Ann Claire
Experienced author/editor will help you with your book. Ghostwriting, full editorial services, and manuscript critiques available. Specialize in metaphysical studies.

Machu Picchu photos, Poems, Inspirations, Links to new age sites.

joy light center new age books, music, audio
the largest online newage bookstore on the net offering best selling titles in stress reduction, spiritual healing, inner child work, substance abuse, sexual abuse, aromatherapy, reiki, meditation, alternative healing, spiritual teachers, and hazelden books. over 50,000 books, music, tapes, and audio. secure online shopping.

Just Wingin' It
Retail and wholesale catalog. Jewelry, perfume bottles, chimes and more. Online shopping, secure ordering. Visa, MC, Discover. US and Canada only.

Karen Heppner
Life Cycle Elixirs (also called Planetary Elixirs) have been made for profound changes that occur in various cycles during our lives. They have been specifically formulated to help us through those trying times in a way that is deeply profound and causes us to see the hidden meaning and depth behind these changes.

Everything for body,mind and spiritincluding ufo's, crop circles, alternative, holistic medicine, art, books to expand your mind, metaphysical experiences, fitness and more! Check us out!

Karma Gifts
Online new age and spiritual gift shop.

kay ross
independent distributor for awareness™ corporation's products.

Kingdom of Urania
Rational approach to the New Age

Central Virginia's one stop shop for all your metaphysical needs. Featuring Native American crafts, exquisite jewelery selection, Aromatherapy items, expanding Wicca selection.

Krisha Raye
Jewelry to adorn thyself, and to elevate a conscious connection with the energies of the earth and the universe.

Kristin Olsen-Alls
We offer no particular Religious of Political path.  We are open to all who seek the knowledge of the ages!  Have fun and remember:  Smiling uses far fewer muscles than Frowning.
Dreams, Astrology, Art, Alchemy and Intuition.

Lady Dolphin Moon, LLC
New Age, Pagan, and Witchy Wares all at bewitching below retail prices!  Candles, Incense, Oils, Spell and Ritual Items, Altar Items, Books, CD's, Tarot Decks, Pendulums, Crystals, Gemstones, and Jewelry.

Learn The Art Of Manifesting Your Desires
Information and resources on manifesting and many other new age and occult topics. Including free articles and e books.

leduc enterprises
Importer retailer & wholesaler of incense and imports from around the world

Lexington Lights
Handcrafted pendulums and jewelry

Life Now
Learn how to find joy in every moment! Oodles of book excerpts as authored by Dusty, numerology, astrology, goal attainment techniques, personal enrichment... much more!

life now books & sound
life now books & sound specializes in self help, health & wellness, relaxational books & tapes - and cd's in new age, world, native, environmental music and more.

This directory of over 500 distributors and publishers gives you all the resources you'll ever need! Sell everything from books, audios, and videos, to tarot decks, crystals and pendulums! 40% to 50% discount on thousands of New Age products! Hundreds of FREE wholesale catalogs available.

Light Enterprises
A great resource for Astrology, Kabbalah and Alchemy. A new Universal Kabbalah endorsed by his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Light Matrix Network
Accelerating new age spiritual consciousness. Meditation, esoteric mystical writings, astrological reflections, metaphysical studies, assorted mystical paths, alternative healing, books synopses, discussion of spiritual paganism, free Tarot readings

Articles, Planetary Origins, Light Anchor Project and Online Classes.
A family of Light networking site. Channeled articles, planetary origins, weekly online classes and home of the Light Anchor Project.

Lightwatcher Publishing provides illuminating news, inspiring stories and e-books from Lightwatcher Publishing. Our topics include spiritual evolution, mother earth, alternative medicine, animal/human communication, alternative energy, spirituality and quantum physics.

Lightword Publishing Co.
Recommendations and Promotions of Spiritual, uplifting Books, Music, Videos, in our publication, "Mindquest."

Eclectic works of art from all over the world - Decor and accessories to bring peace to thehome, mind, body and spirit. Featuring bells for magical gardens, star lamps, butterflies, journals, mandalas, bubble bath, exquisite ceramics, ritual kits, incense..........

Living on Love
After centuries of secrecy an empowering secret about love is revealed A truly amazing discovery Free on line book Living on Love The Messenger By klaus Joehle

Lodestar Center
A metaphysical bookstore featuring psychic readings, Zuni fetishes & crystal jewelry.

New age gift shop where you will find the perfect gift, with a free online horoscope and tarot reading. What's in store? Candles, crystal prisms, incense, feng shui, meditation products and more, priced to suit every budget.

Lost Mountain, Inc
Wholesale and retail polished stone, mineral crystals, new age gift items, celtic jewelry, witch words, rune stones, egyptian and symbols jewelry.

love is everywhere
presented holographically from micro to macro.

Magic Spells Love Money Talismans Charms
magic spells like love spells, money spells, white magic spells, talismans, charms, witchcraft, wicca, voodoo dolls, spirits, genies, jinns, invocations.

Magical and Mystical Supplies, Whitewitchspellschest
Your one stop shop for all magical and mystical supplies

Make Magick! Starlight Insight, Inc.
Resources for Personal Empowerment! Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Astrology & Magickal Tools to focus and Manifest Your Will. Candles, Anointing Oils, Herbal Incenses and Ritual Meditation Baths, Audio Tapes for Healing and Meditation, Reiki Instruction, Attunements & Treatments, Individualized Hypnotherapy Tapes and Scrpts.

Mandala of Light
A source of cutting-edge information on a wide variety of new age topics presented in a well-balanced manner from an A. M. viewpoint

Marcia~Intuitive Arts
Spiritual lessons channeled for use in daily life.

Marketing Methods, Inc.
Your Link to the Internet's Largest Network of New Age Ideas, Information, Products, Travel, and Services.

Marlene's Niche
An information center sharing opinions, ideas, and theories that focus on the interrelationship between our spiritual and material realities through such topics as Astrology, I-Ching, Mythology, and World Religions.

Marlon's Universe
Spirituality, reincarnation, UFO's, extraterrestrials, discussion

Master M M
Master M M has a few ideas what the letters in your name mean.

Melinda Rodriguez
A Spiritual Oasis to Quench Your Thirsty Soul...Angels, Meditation & More!

Mere Cie, Inc.
For 25 years we have been the suppliers of a truly spiritual experience. The incense & oil is all hand-made and we use natural ingredients. No Dipping!!! =)

Merlin's Magical Mystery School
Offering a free introductory "White Fire Tantric Healing" session, which prepares you to receive the more advanced body of healing work..

Metaphysical Center of New Jersey
This educational, non profit organization holds lectures semi monthly from leaders in their field and also a full line of metaphysical and parapsychology classes. Motto: When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Metasymbology Co.
The Ancient Science of Cards provides an unusual and provocative new look at the 52-Card Deck. Known to some as the "Little Book of Life and Destiny" - a must see!

Meyano Enterprises
Today you can bury that bad luck and start achieving Positive E to the Nth.

mind power
audio visual light and sound learning radionics ufo vitamins lucid dreaming

Miracle News
Directory to Southern New England holistic news, health care, classes and profiles of healers and lightworkers. Environment, Native American, channeling, sacred places, poetry, articles, stories.

Misguided Angel Press
A satirical, slightly R-rated romp through the New Age, self-help and related subcultures.

MoonDawgies Sanctuary
A site that holds many wonderful things. Intuitive tarot readings,love &compatability profiles,Astrological & numerology reports,herbal oils & body treats,magickal curios,informative missives and lots of interesting links & notions. (-_-)

Moving Heaven & Earth Gifts
Unique items designed to increase prosperity, improve meditations, and enhance your spiritual nature from Moving Heaven and Earth. Enter our drawing to win a FREE gift.

MR & Associates
We raise spirits at Manifest Reality. We are your portal for astrology to Zen.

Multistone International, Inc.
Crystals, minerals, stones, gift items for those of spirit in the new age.

Music & Meditation
Some discussions about music, forms of meditation, and realization pursuits

MY COUNTRY MY PEOPLE-Modern Indian Epic is Seshendra sharma’s magnum opus. This long poem has given a new sense of direction to the contemporary Indian poetry. This Epic has placed Indian poetry on the world map of literature.

My Pathways
Truthful, Authentic, Comprehensive, Accurate Psychic Readings - Love & Money, Work & Relationships - Amazingly Accurate & Detailed Personal Psychic Readings delivered with Honesty, Integrity & Compassion by phone, chat, email. Arrange a FREE READING TODAY!

My Spiritual
Hang out with like-minded spiritual seekers. On My Spiritual you will find information on New Age, Metaphysical, Supernatural, and Esoteric subjects, organizations, books, music and other media.

Palm reader with 51 years experience, documented 25,280 palms to date. 90-95% accurate, a fun way to learn about self, destiny and what lies ahead for each of us.

Mystic Dreams
Unique selection of metaphysical, new age, witchcraft, fairy, mermaid, dragons, wallpaper, greeting cards, crystal balls, beaded curtains, limited edition signed prints, gothic, jewelry and so much more!

Mystic Information Resources
Website unique in providing a synthesis of Personal Development/Self Improvement, combined with Spiritual Growth and Metaphysical Teaching. Topics include Creativity, Meditation, Visualization, Prosperity Consciousness, AccessingInner Genius, Accelerated Learning, Spiritual Growth, MysticalPhilosophy and much more!Free monthly ezine, Aspire To Wisdom, PLUS New subscribers also get the brand new E-Book "Inner Light OuterWealth" absolutely FREE just for subscribing. Lively Discussion Forum on New Age Spirituality & Personal Development.

Mystic Rendezvous Monthly Online
Online monthly publication featuring articles on metaphysical and New Age topics, lessons in the Tarot and the runes, your monthly Chinese horoscope, and psychic advice from Mitchell Ontario psychic Sally Diane.

Mystic Supplies
We have an extensive range of Gothic, Wiccn and New Age spells, charms and supplies. Everything you need to work your magic. We also now provide Psychic Phone Readings. International Shipping

mystical grits
reclaim your personal power! unique & unusual metaphysical art jewelry, gems, crystals, energy tools for light work, lots of links. is the “real thing,” developed by like minds, where 10% of all sales go to charities that promote planetary healing and world peace. The online content, marketplace, and links cover everything from the planet’s gifts and the environment to spirituality and holistic health (which includes tarot, astrology, runes, feng shui, magick, statuary, aromatherapy, spirituality, and more), with daily moon aspects and inspirational quotes, free e-mail, newsletters, and more.

Mystikal Heaven
Home page that offers my personal beliefs in the New Age and living in it.

Just a lot about me. :-) Coming soon are some more of my personal metaphysical pieces.

Natasha J. Rosewood
Site of Natasha J. Rosewood, Psychic Coach and Author of Aaagh! I Think I'm Psychic (And You Can Be Too). Articles, new age blog, workshops, phone/email/in-person psychic readings and teleclasses offered. We welcome all visitors!

new age bazaar
feng shui, aromatherapy, astrology, fitness and a whole range of products.

New Age Journal
New Age Journal, news and information for the mind, body, & spirit. Featured Columnists, newage books, music, art, reviews, travel, and more

New Age of Aquarius
Providing you with information on Spirituality, the New Age and Ascension.

New Age Products & Web Store at Me Lady's Mystic Moon
A New Age Web Store that sells almost everything you would need for your Metaphysical, Meditative, Holistic, Dowsing, Feng Shui, Reiki & other Psychic needs. We have Books, Posters, Pendulums, Incense, Windchimes, Crystals, Goddess Items etc.

New Age Products At Crystals, Rocks and Gems
Crystals, Rocks and Gems is a new age Healing crystals, stones and minerals as well as metaphysical items, pyramids, spheres, eggs, Goddess and Wicca, gem essences and more listing products from various sellers all in one place as an online department store, including healing specialists to create specialized healing for what you seek

New Age Reseller
This directory of over 1,000 distributors and publishers gives you all the resources you'll ever need! Sell everything from books, audios, and videos, to tarot decks, crystals and pendulums! 40% to 50% discount on thousands of New Age products! Hundreds of FREE wholesale catalogs available.

New Age Retailers
Here you will find a concentrated group of new age, metaphysical, pagan, occult, witchcraft stores, supplies and services. We have wide selection of products, ritual tools, jewelry, art, statuary, clothing, athames, swords, bolines, gemstones, tarot cards and books on the craft, alternative healing, physics, divination, wicca, magick, & spells. This is also a advertising co-operative. for New age, metaphysical, Occult, Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft, Esoteric, stores, shops, sites, both retail and wholesale.

New Age Sensations
For all your new age products to assist shoppers on the spiritual journey. Product advice given monthly according to the current astral and spiritual energies surrounding us.

New Age Store
New Age Store - online since 99 tarot readings available

New Age Teachings
On this site is shared a new age teachings, ideas and thoughts. Come visit it.

New Atlantean
Atlantis, New Atlantis, readings, ritual, shamanic healing, spiritual-social-political activism, fire cermony, workshops, tours, W. T. Samsel-spiritual consultant and activist, ceremonial leader, speaker, author of "The Atlantis Connection," in Sedona, Arizona. Visit the New Atlantean web site!

New Frontier Magazine
New age, new thought magazine

New Moon Rising
Reputable psychic counseling service designed to enlighten and empower the individual, while encouraging personal awareness. Remote Reiki available. Monthly Free readings from either psychic resource.

New Paradigm Books
We translate and publish 'New Age' books which have done well abroad, most recently (in our edition), "Father Ernetti's Chronovisor: The Creation and Disappearance of the World's First Time Machine" by Peter Krassa.
An interactive news and information eZine published as a service to the New Age on-line community.
An online journal devoted to the New Age community. is a site dedicated to the development of the New Age community and its ideas.

These New Age Teachings are taken from the twenty-four books given to the world by Alice Bailey and the Tibetan Teacher known as the Master Djwhal Khul. They refer to the Second Coming of Christ and to the return of the Lord Maitreya.Topics covered are: World Saviours, Signs of His return, Why Christ is Returning, When He will return, How He will Reappear, What He will be like, Armageddon, the Anti-Christ, Non-Christians, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Masters of the Wisdom, The Great White Brotherhood, How to help in preparing the way, The Christian Churches, What He will teach, Meditation and the Great Invocation, the New World Religion.Also a section on Self-Transformation

readings & products from the leader of the international remote viewing team d.o.v.e., patrick hastings

obeah Love Spells
Love Spells solve all Love Problems. Saulat Love Spells are very much useful in Lost Love problems. If you are looking for desired love in your way, Love Spells, Love talismans, Love charms will help you. To cast love spells, Inquire us at,

Observations N Perspecitves: Philosophy Existence Happiness
A Spiritual blog for the new age. This blog will count various observations and perspectives that focus on philosophy, existence and happiness. Enjoy the ride!

Occult Products
Our company, Apokrifo (Απόκρυφο), is located in Thessaloniki, Greece and we produce the following products: 1. Handmade candles. (non scented) various types, shapes and symbols.2. Handmade scented candles3. Handmade Greek Orthodox incense granules AAA' quality.4. Handmade Catholic incense5. Handmade sacred art incense (chakras, meditation, planetary, zodiac etc)6. Pyrography items7. Esoteristic products such as wands, pens etc.

Of One Mind
Channeled teachings from the ancient masters.

Of One Mind
New Thought center, promoting the healing of the mind for the healing of the planet.

Om Planet
The beloved OM symbol for your auto. Focus on the Infinite!

Oracle Cards
Information and samples from dozens of oracle, angel and affirmation cards,

Oracle Tree
Enlightenment and Excitement! Psychic Readings, Metaphysical Shopping, New Age Free Stuff and much more. Come treat yourself to a new perspective!

Orb productions
Carrie Gerstmann has recently completed work on her second album, Transcendental Floss, a cosmicomical expedition which integrates poetry with electronic music. If you haven't caught Carrie Gerstmann's hilarious act, get ready for an extravaganza! Carrie combines her poetic antics with keyboard, guitar and percussion to create a big batch of otherworldly fun! Embark, with Carrie on her Shaman journey in the supermarket and in her "Church of the Unabashedly Eccentric" and let her remind you that chocolate cake and spirituality always go together.Her publishing credits include The Durham/Kostroma, Russia poets Anthology, and Raising Voices ". Her first album was distributed throughout the eastern US; Ms Gerstmann lives in Asheville, NC with her husband, Michael and their daughter, Natasha.

The little shop in Waterloo Ontario Canada that carries tarot cards, crystals, oils and incense,antique brass singing bowls made by the monks in Tibet and bells for clearing energy,feng shui supplies, gifts, jewellery and thousands of beads.

Ostaris Publications USA
The original and powerful Cartouche cards, Oracle of Ancient Egyptian Magic. Divination, spiritual enlightment, healing, past lives, and every day advice. The companion publication is the "Book of Talimantras", Murry Hope's methods for achieving Love and Romance, Healing, Financial Success, Home and Family, Protection, Meditation, and Physical Fitness.

Archaeological, paleontological and spiritual insights in both fictiona and non-fiction form; PHYSICAL SURVIVAL IN END TIMES PLUS WEEKLY PROPHECY UPDATES AND COMMENTARY FROM RESPECTED SOURCES

Marian prophecy 1800s through today; ancient spiritual insights in both fiction and non-fiction form; PHYSICAL SURVIVAL IN END TIMES PLUS WEEKLY PROPHECY UPDATES AND COMMENTARY FROM RESPECTED SOURCES

Marian healing links; Archaeological and spiritual insights in both fiction and non-fiction form; PHYSICAL SURVIVAL IN END TIMES PLUS WEEKLY PROPHECY UPDATES AND COMMENTARY FROM RESPECTED SOURCES

favorites of many experienced users

ParaTheatrical ReSearch
Ritual technology, intermedia theatre, video poetics & oracular astrology

Online auctions dedicated to all things spiritual. Buy and sell YOUR spiritual items.

Paul Vella Distributions
The Teachings of the Ascended Masters as dictated by Summit Lighthouse.

Petal Pusher Press
Publishers of The Saponifier- the bimonthly trade magazine for handcrafted soap and toiletry makers.

Michigan's Mind Body Spirit Connection

Phil Walmsley
An on-line deck of cards offering insights to your personal and spiritual growth. Free

Pleiadian Dreams
Sharing self-empowerment information and tools received from our Pleiadian buddies and a source for frequency enhancing toys.

Energetics is the Methodology of Life, it assists you in discovering things about Life for yourself, it uncovers the mysteries of Life.

Princess Of The Rain
This site proposes to help people in struggle

Pro$perity Network
On-line book store and gift shop offering books, tapes and gift items designed to boost your prosperity consciousness and bring unlimited money, wealth, prosperity and abundance into your life. You Deserve To Be Rich!!!

products from india: incense, incense holder, henna-mehndi, bindi, statues
om importer, importer and wholesaler of handcrafted items - art prints & cards, incense sticks, incense cone, incense dhoop, incense bulk, herbal soap, henna & bindi, symbolic charms, pendant, windchimes.

Progressive Perspectives
There are graceful ways to resolve whatever blocks our experience of True Joy. From the well of profound wisdom embodied by the Masters presented on this site, clear insight and effective guidance is provided to those seeking to clarify concerns and resolve conflicts of any nature. We welcome you.

Prosperity Place
Learn how to improve your realtionship with money. A wholistic approach.

Psychic Bloggers
Psychic Bloggers features daily posts by some of the leading psychics and mediums on the web. News and views on paranormal phenomena, divination, psychic development, metaphysics, intuition, lifestyle and spiritual beliefs and practices.

Psychic Reader and Spiritual Advisor
Readings by natural born Gifted psychic. Sees into your past, present and future. Can see into the lives of those around. Also has the wonderful ability to communicate directly with your deceased loved ones.

Pure Rieki
Lightarian Reiki Teacher Distant & Remote Healing

Quantum Spirit International
An electronic monthly publication about spiritual connections -- to our work, family, community and Self.

Quiet Times
Here Now - The End of All Seeking - When you have finally had enough.

radiant heart audio tapes
guided journeys on tape to heal your mind, body and emotions, connect with your soul, experience miracle consciousness, communicate with angels, masters and guides, empower enlightened communication, develope intuition, and accelerate spiritual growth.

Rainbow Lakes Records
New Age Keyboardist - Shirley Cason arranges piano with soft synthesized sounds and sweet orchestra to create cinematic new age music that is relaxing and peaceful. Come, discover why the world is listening to her music!

Rainbow Spirit
Spirit Guides & Angels speak of The Soul Family, re_incarnation, automatic writings, Un_Conditional LOVE. They En_Courage All to Follow The Path of Your Heart ~ Your Truth ...

We have hundreds of products from around the world. We will be adding new products regularly to enhance your Shopping experience and meet your magical and spiritual needs.

Ravenhawks' Magazine
Ravenhawks' Magazine explore the Sabbat through recipes, decorations, crafts ideas, healing and spirituality for the magickal household. Ravenhawks' feature B-Corps, Eco shopping and fashions and show case artist art and musicians

Reinventing Myself
An inspirational collection of articles and insights promoting free natural and simple ways to enjoy life.
Predictions of future world events by Astrology, Nostradamus, and Revelation prophecies
Information and guidence on Reiki, Vaastu, Feng Shui, Crystal Healing, etc

Rising Star, LLC
Etherium Gold, Red, Pink & Black, Chamae Rose, Aulterra, Shamir and More!

River Thomson's Site
You will find material on spiritual and philosophical topics, including but not limited to, Theosophy, Taoism, Buddhism, Yoga, Ascension and Light Work, Meditation and Channeling, Spirituality, Psychology and Philosophy.

Sacred Designs
The sacred labyrinth as a tool for meditation, reflection and learning. Info on walking and building a labyrinth. How to visit sacred places. Walk the "Java" Labyrinth.

Sacred Ways Mind Body Spirit Gifts
Sacred Ways is an online resource. We stock a wealth of tools supplies and gifts for mind body and spirit including chakra supplies, gemstone wands, massage ,wands, singing bowls, soy candles, buddha and other deity figurines, incense, smudge wands and much more. Come and take a look. Ship worldwide

Sahara Software Inc.
The New Age provides the framework and the tools to assist people with their own personal growth, and spiritual development. We develop the software tools you need to achieve your goals.

Salem's Mystical Treasures
Salem's Mystical Treasures Your one stop discount shop is an online source for metaphysical, wiccan, magickal and other spiritual supplies such as books, oils, herbs, candles, incense and baths. We are adding new product every week.

Sanctuary Productions
We are a retailer, wholesaler for metaphysical, new age, and wiccan gifts featuring our newest line of Sacred Art jewelry featuring artwork by well known visionary and fantasy artists created into jewelry. See our lines of Healing Jewelry, Crystal and Willow wands, original artwork, prints,greeting cards and other unique handmade gift items by the talented artists of Sanctuary.

Sande Two Eagles
Channelled Messages from Spirit, updated monthly

Music, Freemasonry, and Spirituality links

Warning, Warning! Danger, Danger!Contains factual material!

Sedona Vortex Map
Includes a Sedona Vortex Map, also articles on Understanding the Masculine & Feminine Side (yin & yang), Personal Growth, Metaphysical Properties of Quartz Crystals, A Centering Exercise, Wisdom for a New Age, Using a Pendulum.

Self Mastery Earth Institute
Self Mastery Earth Institute is dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth, Sustainable living, Interdimensional Mind, Process Oriented Therapy, and have a few off world visitors from time to time.

Seshendra:visionary poet of the millennium
Seshendra Sharma is a colossus of modern Indian poetry. This site present essence of the millennium in a powerful poetic style. Seshendra’s literature is a unique blend of the best of poetry and poetics.

Seven Rays Bookstore
The Magickal Millennium is: ~ a collective upliftment ~ a positive mind virus ~ a conscious reality transformation ~ something that is happening here and now ~ something that takes you far beyond the mundane experiences of everyday life ~ a stepping-stone to eternity ~ a wake-up call to your Magickal Self!

Shambala Light
Light, matrix connections, freeware, sacred geometry, cyberculture, spirituality

Sharon's Meadow
Here you will find a wide array of Gift Baskets, Kits and Individual Products geared to the Body, Mind & Spirit.

Siegfried Barthauer
Geheimnis Gedanken Bewusstsein Geist Merkaba Kristalle Mandalas Ufos Marsgesicht freie Energie Sai Baba

Silver Lake
Sterling Silver Jewelry Semi-Precious Stones. Specializing in traditional Celtic designs

SilverCelticMoon's Mystic Market
Products for Living with Traditions of the Past and the New Age. A huge selection of celtic jewelry, ritual items, books, tarot, teas, herbs, home and garden decor for the mystic minded and over 3500 other items.

home page of skye summers, a breatharian from nimbin nsw australia.

Come see what we have offer and shop as long as you like. Enjoy the many ritual items and aromatherapy products and newage music. SnowRaven will be adding new products in the month a head.

Society of Luminists
The official website of modern, spiritual Luminism as revealed in The Book of Lights.

Soul Guidance - Face of Mars
My psychic impressions of what the Face of Mars is about.

Soule Inspiration Inc.
Unique pendants and bracelets, wire wrapped, custom made for each

Sources Of Light
Home of the Elemental Grid of Life Maps and information

Sources of Light
A place to feed the Soul and view the Elemental Grid of Life maps.

Southern Skies Company
A full service site offering Atlantis/UFO discussion, ESP life coaching by Email, one of a kind talismans, discussion of Year 2000/1 transition.

Spell Casting Love Spells Magic Money and Success Spells
Spell casting, Love Spells, Money Spells, Success Spells, Binding Spells, Fertility Spells, Protection Spells from black magic, healing spells, Job spells, justice spells and more also Voodoo Dolls available

Spiral Treasures
The Spiral carries gifts and supplies for those on the sacred path. Including Pagan/Wiccan supplies as well as home and garden decor to soothe the soul. We encourage artisans to join our consignment gallery to show off their spirit work.

Spiral Treasures
Spiral Treasures carries gifts and supplies for those on the sacred path, including Pagan/Wiccan supplies as well as home and garden decor to soothe the soul. There are over 600 items, all pictured, to choose from. We also encourage artisans to join our virtual consignment gallery to show off their spirit work and meet new clients.

Spirit of Angels
Guided meditation recordings, psychic readings, spiritual healings, and relaxation products.

Spirit of Yggdrasil
Meditation, Herbalism, Lightwork, Sacred Geometry, Runes, 13 Moons Time Science - PAN Scotland, The Torch of Life and Arcturian Shield Program

Channeled transmissions from Ariel & The Ascended Masters. Audio Tapes, Private Sessions, Reiki Classes, posted channelings, monthly Spiritlife Newsletter

Spiritual growth through astrology, numerology, psychic readings, visionary art, inspired writings.

New age forum with a chat and getting better everyday

Spiritual Endeavors
Multi award winning site with abundant free information about Spiritual and Holistic topics

Spiritual Persistence
A revolutionary perspective on spirituality, connection, living, and learning received through communications with spirit.

Spiritual, Native America, Recovery, Healing, Meditation

Spiritualution Photography
Photography as a tool for teaching the Fifth and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation as revealed in The URANTIA Book and Cosmic Family volumes.

Starburst Promotions
Mind/body/spirit & Angel events in Cornwall and the South West of England

Starfire Publishing
Atlantis as it relates to what is happening in the world today plus the Law of One, readings, ceremonials, workshops, interesting articles, useful information and links.

Wholesale celtic jewelry, runes, zodiac charms, magickal amulets, based on the key of solomon, unique greeting cards and more. No Minimum order, 90 day money back guarantee!

Stepping Stones
Enlightening stories and spirit encounters. Angel healing temple and spiritual guidance.

Stone Age Emporium
We carry an extensive line of crystal, gemstones, essential oils, herbs, candles, incense, jewelry, aromatherapy item, books, music, windchimes & much more

Summerjoy Press and Shepherd Hoodwin
Features books, cassettes and sessions by Shepherd Hoodwin. The Michael teachings are a fascinating body of channeled information about how we set up our lifetimes.

Sunburst Gift Shop & Wellness Center
Full line of products to support your growth & healing: Books, tapes, candles, jewelry, crystals, much more. Mail order available!

Suzannne's New Age World
New Age info with a concentration on Cayce, Chakras, Atlantis, Earth Changes and much more.

Symbols - Anything is Possible
This site is about the use of symbols in everyday life to guide in life choices and for confirmation and reassurance.

T. Chase
The Shroud of Turin and its connection to comets and Astrology. Prophecies of future world events. The Book of Revelation and New Age ideas.

Tamara Psychic To The Stars
Seen on TV,heard on radio. Tamara psychic to the stars is accurate and amazing.19 years experience.Call toll free 1-888-382-6272. All credit cards accepted. Call today. Tamara is a psychic for our time.

Tantric Spirit, A Way of Life
An innovative website ranging from learning about Tantra, achieving cosmic orgasm, music, games of love, jewelry, calendars

Tara Center
This site provides a comprehensive introduction into Esoteric Philosophy and offers links to many of the most notable sources for Esoteric information. A helpful index allows users to quickly access concise answers, from the esoteric perspective, to a variety of commonly asked questions.

Taramisu's Custom Channeling Boards
Order your own custom wood or leather channeling (ouija) board. Browse through pages of information, history and usage instructions. Travel the Channeling Board Web Ring.

tarot jayne
Jayne is a British psychic and has been a natural clairvoyant medium since she was a child. Jayne has been working on TV for the past 12 years and has appeared on ITV, V Graham Norton, Pop idols, Sixth Sense and many more. she her own monthly Tarot slot with Fate & Fortune & is one of Spirit & Destiny Magazine favourite Psychics, She has appeared in The Mirror, Sun & The daily Mail giving specialist advice on various spiritual subjects.

TerrAscension is dedicated to acting as a catalyst for Planetary and Cosmic Ascension, and to Anchoring the One Love on Earth.

The Abbotts
Inspiring site offers free ebooks on many subjects, plus free chakra lesson and advice columns, contact pages,latest info on angels, earth changes, soul mates, star seeds, light workers, life purpose, atlantis, ufo's, drugs, sex and rock and roll, for young and older seekers of truth.

The Abbotts
The Abbotts offer complete FREE ebooks on many spiritual and psychic subjects including Earth changes, starseeds, paranormal abilities, soul mates, relationships, angels, reincarnation, channelings, ufo's, sex, money, love, children, atlantis, pasts lives and Free chakra lesson and much much more.

The Ambiance
New Age and Alternative retailer in Wilson NC and Goldsboro NC. Parkwood Mall, WilsonBerkeley Mall, Goldsboro

The Aquarian Passion Play
TODAY, MANKIND STANDS WITNESS upon the eve of a great world transition. An unprecedented global metamorphosis is presently underway in preparation for a momentous leap in consciousness which the whole planet is about to take.

The Ascended Master Club
A club for students and chelas of the ascended masters. Lot's of stuff.

The Body Soul & Spirit Expo
Canada's New Age, New Consciousness, Holisitic Lifestyle Expo now featured in several new cities across Canada.

the chi machine
passive aerobic exercise machine; mlm.

The Cosmic Times
The age old questions, Why are we here? What is our purpose? What is the purpose of life as we know it? Are we alone or part of some bigger cosmic plan? Is there a God? If so, is he/she a spiritual entity, much too complex for our less developed craniums to understand?

the counsel of light's page on personal growth and spiritual evolution
material from the counsel of light on personal growth, spiritual evolution, meditation, and enlightenment

The Crescent Path
We offer books, gifts and unusual Metaphysical items for those interested in New Age, Wicca, Voodoo and other disciplines

The Crystal Garden
A Unique gift store, book store & Spiritual Center offering a variety of merchandise from around the world, incense, aromatherapy and more. Extemsive listing of monthly classes given by spiritual teachers. Community Gardening around our Peace Pole Medicine Wheel and Community Composting! Join us!

The Dryad's Repose
We are a new age, pagan, and wiccan supply and gift shop. We are dedicated to customer service, if we do not yet carry an item you are looking for, let us know and we will find it for you.

The Eclectic Witch
The Eclectic Witch provides readers with various pages containing information on Paganism, Shamanism, Druidry, and Wicca. Here, you can find a Book of Shadows, various articles, graphics, webrings, links, banners, and so much more. Updated on a weekly basis.

the eco directory: your link to natural products and services
linking the green community with over 15,000 listings. natural products, alternative medicine, natural foods, eco services, green investing, eco travel, hemp products. features: book reviews, eco calendar, recipes, new product reviews, art gallery, classified ads.

the function and awakening of chakras
lots of links and information about the function and awakening of chakras. inessa also offers tools to balance and develop your chakras.

The Future Paths
A portal to new age spirituality focusing on wicca and tarot, and branching out to cover everything from fish keeping to fiction writers.

The Gift Box
Choose from thousands of unique gifts for any occasion

the hall of the seeker
personal home page involving seth material, metaphysical philosophy, and spiritual growth.

The Healing Path
The Healing Path specializes in autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata; Lupus; arthritis; chronic fatigue; Epstein Barr and Crohn’s disease. These disorders are treated using my herbal tinctures and Energy Healing. The Healing Path herbal tinctures are all original formulas and are thoughtfully handcrafted with healing hands. All tinctures are imbued with healing Reiki Energy for added benefit. I have also created a system so that the lay person can have healing energy at their disposal anytime they choose.

The International Society for Omphalloptry
A site devoted to raising awareness about the ancient science of Omphalloptry

The Journey Home, Inc.
Channeled readings focusing on your questions about life path, emotional healing, relationships, grief, death and dying

The Light & Sound Healing Ministry
The Light and Sound Healing Ministry is a non-secular church dedicated to spiritual healing and lightworkers around the world. This church is here to help spiritual healers connect with one another through a loving cooperative network of enlightened spiritual beings. Preclergy training courses and healing courses in various healing modalities are offered, along with a weekly audiotape subscription of our local talks and discussions on current spiritual and healing topics.

The Lightworkers Channel
Guidance and inspiration for seekers of enlightenment everywhere. The latest generation in spiritual resouces online.

The Llewellyn Journal
The Llewellyn Journal features new, in-depth articles by famous and new writers on New Age topics, including, astrology, healing, spirituality, magic, ghosts, UFOs, shamanism, Tarot, Taoism and Wicca

The Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy
From this site you will find a great deal of spiritual information plus various ways to connect with Dr. Stone's books, tapes, special events, and more. Thank you for being here. I hope you will return often.

The Merlin Manna Fest
Directory for new age resources, practitioners, and vendors.

The MindSite
The online resource for mind and spirit and the development of intuitive self

The Mossy Cauldron
We carry a complete line of metaphysical supplies.

The Mystical Mall
Mystical Mall, helping you find all the things you always wanted but could never find anywhere else! Artist created, artist supported! A free to use resource serving the specific needs of the metaphysical community, specializing in the unique.

Affordable readings available please refer to the page for details and prices

The Pleiadian Mission A Time of Awareness
Who are the Pleiadians and what is their mission here on Earth? Find out here!!!

The Reflectory
Reiki information and instruction, Esoteric Astrology, Tarot for Transformation, Healing Beadwork and more!

The Sacred Garden
SG is a collection of ideas, to remind us of the beauty of Mother Earth

The Seeker's Circle, Inc.
Online Holistic Education Center, specializing in free chats, workshops, articles, and interviews on intuition development and holistic living.

the Silver Star
Hand dipped No alcohol Incense Stick in packages of 100s. Magickal, Ritual, Common and Misc.

The Spirit of the Dolphin
A site devoted to the healing nature of dolphins, spirituality, buddhism, poetry, reike, Alaska and more

The Twelves Group
Our commitment is to work in formation with groups of 12 people through Geometry of Divinity and by so doing assist those who work for the Light

The Universal Wheel
Founder UW, Psychic, Radio Host, Metaphsysical teacher, Reiki Master, Minister

theosophical society
All you wanted to know about what the nineteenth century theosophists thought about mahatmas, masters, the path, disciples, the theosophical society and the esoteric section etc.

We sell a variety of Pagan/Wiccan/NewAge products. We feature over 6000+ items so there is something for everyone.

THIRD EYE Insights
Modern mysteries, Ancient ideas, and Insights for the new millenium

Tiamath Creations
Our site features Metalwork, Ritual Tools, Psionic Devices, Healing Classes, Spiritual Counseling, "The Cone Of Power", a magazine of enlightement and self-realization, dedicated to free spirits everywhere.

Transcends, Inc.
Transcends, Inc. provides all the essentials to incorporating a lifestyle of health, environment and philosophy. From candles to statues, natural beauty products to herbs. Go Beyond Every Day!

Comprehensive, careing tested, ethical psychic readings. Live or Email.

Truth Seeker Circle
A place for seeker to exchange their inspiration with others and provide some spiritual information

Twin Angel Vibrations Publishing Company
Does something inside of you tell you to stand up and defend the Light, even in the midst of Darkness? If so come forth, perhaps you are a Spiritual Warrrior.

Twin Flame Music
Twin Flame " THE LOVE" Music that speaks of Love and Says: I LOVE YOU.. you are Loved more than you can ever imagine, Even NOW at this very moment... Love Flowing to you , Love, Andre'

real twowitnesses homepage who take over this earth on 07-14-2002!

Tylersword at the World Vision Portal
The web's 'No Fear' zone -- a spiritual think tank where learning never ceases. Moderated by mundane astrologer Michael St. Clair.

Under the Moon Gifts, Etc
Unique Boutique offering gifts and supplies from Gothic to traditional. Psychic aura painting available online!

unified octave charts
information and charts disclosing the innate manifestation patterns of reality.

Unlimited Resources
"Networking people to resources," we provide intellectual products, marketing, research, webpage design, healing circles and spiritual upliftment

utta chaos
full-on spiritual psy-trance

Veranah's Sight
Metaphysical channelings and readings dedicated to the truth that all things are connected. Veranah is a soul collective who offers information through teachings and personal readings for personal and planetary growth.

Vibeout Unlimited
Travel out-of-body with the "accidental-expert", Alan Guiden. Site includes online book, articles and email to the author.

Sick of competing? Why not learn how competition itself works?

Warriors World
Enter the realm of Warriors! Read their sacred oaths and rituals. Learn of their secret connection to dragons,and carry magickal herbs and gemstones! Visit the Warriors art gallery!

Whisper Zone, LLC
WhisperZone is home for those who hear their inner voice, or want to. It provides education, support and community to those who are awakening to the guidance of their souls.

white mountain
subtle energy devices that make homeopathic and energy remedies, neutralise environmental pollution, give your tap water healing qualities, plus channelled guidance from gillian lee.

wholesale metaphysical jewelry & gifts
we are wholesale distributors of metaphysical and new age gifts. celtic, magickal amulets, sterling silver celtic jewelry, viking & more.

Wild Wisdom
Wild Wisdom...a wonderful place to shop for your everyday magick, sacred spaces and nurturing places. Many exclusive items plus incense, herbs, oils, amulets, charms, feng shui items and more!

Winfalcon's Healing Centre
Aura photography, aura cameras both still and moving, crystals, tarots, incense, Lazaris material, books, music, dragons, unicorns, fantasy posters, cards, special calendars, healing, channelling, readers, therapists, lots of goodies.

Winged Horse
Thought-provoking online magazine dedicated to New Age thought, world mythology and religion, esoteric studies, cutting edge science, mysticism, and paranormal phenomena.

Witchcraft and Magick
A guide to Wicca, Witchcraft and Magick. Including spells, rituals, beliefs, history, and more.

An informative site that will assist with your quest for spiritual growth.

WOW Zone
WOW Zone is a fun, postive and thought-provoking online magazine.

Wren's Grove Metaphysical Store
Vast selection of handmade candles and incense,books,herbs,tarot decks, spell kits,altar items,New Age gifts and more for Shamanic,Pagan mystical traditions.
Its all about astrology spirituality and alternative medicines
New Age and Mystical Gifts including Crystals & Gemstones, Pagan, Wicca, Tarot, Native American, Mystical Charms and much more..
Mind Oriented Research Agency: Providing the data collected from accessing the mind. It was found that in accessing the mind, one is accessing God.

New Age shop selling meditation aids, charms and talismans, Dream Tea and divination tools.

Yoga Technology Press
New Millennium Being is a periodic (about 18 issues per year) Ezine, whose purpose is to help guide us into the 21st century. Specially written with novice and non-astrologers in mind, it interprets how current astrological events impact our individual and collective lives.

You Are Loved
Channeled information for personal growth.

Zak Martin
Britain's leading psychic, Zak Martin, has been featured extensively on TV, radio and in the world press, and is widely acclaimed for his powers of psychic detection and criminal profiling on behalf of police forces throughout the world. He has been consulted by Scotland Yard on a number of occasions and he has successfully resolved a number of murder and missing persons cases. His regular clients include Royalty, heads of state, world-famous pop stars and showbusiness personalities. He is author of several books, including Quantum Perception and the worldwide top-selling guide to psychic growth, How to Develop Your ESP (Harper-Collins). He is regarded as an authority in the field of parapsychology, and he has contributed to the growth of public interest in psychic and New Age matters in the UK by writing articles, giving lectures and taking part in radio and TV programmes dealing with these topics.

Zodiac Circle
We sell a variety of new age andlucky giftware items in canadiandollars

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