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Organizations Directory

Africa 2000 Media Group
On-line resource for information about politics, demographics, foreign aid, international finance, and development from A southern hemisphere perspective.

Alternative Balalance
reiki,events, appointment services for holistic providers,natural products, Network

Ambrosii Magi Hortus Rosarum
A full website for a Thelemic community founded upon higher spiritual practices.

Assocation of Integrative Healers
We are both a high-quality Directory for the public and a friendly, supportive community for healers. Initially began in Colorado's Front Range, we are expanding to national membership in the near future. Inquire about starting a group in your area, or search for a healer. We offer "samplers" to small towns and communities, like sr. ctrs. Members have 16+ benefits.

Center for JOY
An international,interdimensional beacon and center for blessing and evoking the Divine Inner Light in all life.

Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario
a professional organization for christian family farm entrepreneurs, dedicated to making the renewing power of Jesus Christ relevant to agriculture

Coven Of The Cauldron Moon
Located in Lancaster/York, PA, The Coven Of The Cauldron Moon is open to members in the Lancaster/York/Surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.Please see website for information.

Defenders of Animals
Animal rights, legislation, low-cost neutering, legal action, companion animal placement, protest

E. F. Schumacher Society
The E. F. Schumacher Society, named after the author, is an educational non-profit organization founded in 1980. Building on a rich tradition often known as decentralism, the Society initiates practical measures that lead to community revitalization and further the transition toward an economically and ecologically sustainable society.

electraclear hvac colloidal silver!...
we produces and sell unique nutritional and holistic health software as well as colloidal minerals.

Esoteric World Service Groups
The purpose of the Esoteric World Service Group is to help identify and introduce us to other spiritually focused, service-oriented groups and individuals. This section also describes select service opportunities for personal and planetary transformation and shares information, resources and contacts grounded in the Western Esoteric Traditions.

International directory of NLP practitioners, counsellors, therapists, etc.

Friends of Peace Pilgrim
Friends of Peace Pilgrim is a non-profit, all volunteer organization devoted to spreading Peace Pilgrim's message. Through books, tapes, and newsletters they have brought Peace Pilgrim's simple yet profound vision of inner and outer peace to countless thousands around the world.

Global Citizens Network
Global Citizens Network, a St. Paul based, non-profit, provides short-term cross-cultural volunteer expeditions to rural villages throughout the world. Current sites include Guatemala, Kenya, Nepal, Arizona, New Mexico and South Dakota. Programs are one, two or three weeks long. Projects could include building a health clinic, renovating a youth center, teaching in a preschool or working with a local women's group. No specific skills are required, only a willingness to appreciate and accept other cultures. For more information, call Global Citizens Network at 800-644-9292 or 651-644-0960; or write to: GCN, 130 N. Howell St., St. Paul, MN 55104.

Grand Coven of Gothic Witchcraft
International membership organization of gothic witchcraft. Non-wiccan. Open to all seekers of high magik.

Haunted Help
Offers free individualized help for those living with ghosts, can also redirect them to othr appropriate agencies. Psychic readings available.

Independent Organic Inspectors Association
The IOIA is a professional, non-profit association of organic farm and process inspectors. Our mission is to provide the organic industry with trained and qualified inspectors, to promote consistency in the inspection process, and to address issues and concerns relevant to organic inspectors. Our goals include: improve the inspection process; improve the organic industry; provide the inspector community with a voice in the organic industry. Our membership is international.

Kansas NORML, Inc.
Information and links about marijuana.

Positions are open for tarot readers, astrologers and other spiritual workers.Free Training is privided. Earn a great income doing what you love.

Network 2012
International Network of Light Workers

nutritional protection website
comparative analysis special report of masquelier's opcs vs. other brands.

Grassroots effort to network Pagan peoples local to the Central & Eastern regions of North Carolina. Online forums, Guest columns, Networking information, Book reviews, Legal Matters, Pagan Day Out & other Events; etc. etc. etc. Based out of Sanford, NC.

Pagan Community Council of Ohio
Not for profit educational organization provides social, educational and ecumenical services for Pagan residents of the State of Ohio and neighboring areas.

Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers
Indian Pharmaceutical Industry - Guide of pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical drugs, pharmaceutical manufacturer, pharmaceutical drugs manufacturer, pharmaceutical intermediate, bulk drugs, formulations, tablets, capsules exporter and supplier.

Polyamory Society, INC.
The Polyamory Society is a nonprofit organization that promotes and supports the interest of individuals of multi-partner relationships and families. Currently the Society provides information and is building membership. This page is a general outline of what we would like to see provided to Polyamorists and their families. The Society welcomes input and participation. So take a look around and send e-mail if you have any comments. Also e-mail us if you have a service or information to provide or would like to join.

Printed Banners
Portfolio Display specialises in printed banners for promotional displays and events. Professional in-house design and printing service with a fast turnaround.

Reverend Keith
Information on Keith Veeder, ADF, Muin Mound Grove, Ár nDraíocht Féin, Universal Life Church Pagans, Church of the Subgenius, Brushwood, paranormal investigations, ghosts, hauntings, supernatural, Fu Shaung Shaolin Temple, Zen Paganism

RTMark promotes inner peace through healthy interest in the workings of democracy.

New Political Party and Movement emphasizing Freedom, Tolerance, Justice, valid representation.

Tarot Canada
We are an organization dedicated to presenting a true Canadian face in the international Tarot community.

WHY PAY RENT, OR MAKE MORTGAGE PAYMENTS, WHEN YOU CAN LIVE RENT-FREE?The Caretaker Gazette contains property caretaking/housesitting openings, advice and information for property caretakers, housesitters & landowners. Published since 1983,subscribers receive 700+ property caretaking opportunities each year, worldwide. Some estate management positions start at $50,000/yr + benefits. Subscriptions: $27/yr. The Caretaker Gazette, PO Box 5887, Carefree, AZ 85377. (480) 488-1970.

The National Meditation Center for World Peace
This is a Humanitarian agency that not only promotes volunteer work in the Philippines and US. But promote Cultural tours , language camps,and studies in Buddhism,Taoism , and Shintoism. They Teach and certify Meditation instructors.

The Noble Order of Calduil
The Noble Order of Calduil is a group dedicated to preserving the traditions of divination and healing in the New Age

The Rosicrucian and Military Order of the Sacred Grail
The Order of the Grail is a traditional, fraternal order of Mystic Chivalry, open to men and women, and affiliated with the International College of Esoteric Studies; offering courses in Kabala, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Rosicrucian Studies, Hermetica, Freemasonry, Martinism and Esoteric Christianity.

UFO Research Queensland
UFO Research Queensland is a voluntary, non-profit association established in 1956 to receive, research and record UFO sightings.

Vegan Voices
Vegan Voices is an activist and social group situated in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We organize potlucks, restaurant outings, dinners, tabling, demonstrations, leafletting, and other activities. We operate The Vegan Store, a retail store and hangout in the heart of Vancouver. Our website offers a messageboard for other vegans to get in contact with each other - excellent for finding locals who share your environmentally-aware lifestyle.

Willows Animal Sanctuary
Registered charity - home to over 300 rescued animals in the North of Scotland.

Witches Against Religious Discrimination - Oklahoma Chapter
where Witches and Pagans of Oklahoma unite to stand up for their rights, locate resources, find statewide events and meet others who share a common goal.

World Focus on Peace Shield
An alternative world sytem where the ethos is 'The individual is more important than the State" and that the role of Government is to ensure that the individual is provided with the infrastructure that encourages him/her to reach their full potential "Spiritually", "Intellectually" and "Materially" in that order. By so doing we can elevate our perspective onto a higher plane of existence.
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