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Paranormal Directory

Decanus Fragaria
At two years old Decanus witnesses a demonic flying creature attempting to gain entry through the rear window of the family car parked in the driveway, as he was waiting only seconds for his parents to follow him from the house. With the benefit of adult eyes he comprehended exactly what had pursued him that day…he escaped, thankfully unscathed. When he was three years old his mum's mother suffered from a crippling headache; instinctively he placed his hands on her head. Ten minutes later she returned to her favourite pastime and picked up her crossword, all discomfort released. Seven and year three of school saw him making an unconventional new friend. We won't spoil the story; it's in this book. Teenage years were his apprenticeship in all things paranormal. From discovering distant healing, ghosts were not something that scared him and demonic entities were far from only the preserve of cheap horror novels or creepy movies. As the decades passed he went from being a psychic observer to hands-on direct active interaction within the paranormal encounters he now called cases or investigations. He has never advertised. Those of need of his services always find him. When those he help ask him if he is ever afraid his stock, half joking, reply is never, but the dark entities out there tremble at the mention of the name Decanus Fragaria!

Absolutely Psychic Network
Psychic Readings by trusted and accurate professional readers on our Network 1-800-498-8777. Psychic Readings half price and double the quality on our network. All readers tested before hire.

Alien Link
Alien abduction and UFO's sighting reports. Books on Roswell, Area 51 and other ufo encounters. Dramatic alien screensavers and wallpaper.

Alien Perspectives
Your guide to the paranormal - Ghosts, hauntings, astrology, bigfoot, ufo's, lost civilizations, witchcraft, new age arts and the unexplained.

Alien Resistance HQ
That odd little bookstore and coffeeshop in Roswell NM. Biblical perpspectives on UFO's & Abduvtion. Counseling to terminate abductions either in progress and as a life pattern.
If you are experiencing a haunting email

An Unlike World
a site with information and links about paranormal phenomena, alternative science, parapsychology, and other similar topics. there is also discussion on science, skepticism, pseudoscience and pseudoskepticism.

Most People really don't believe in ghosts, until they actually have an encounter with one."Seeing Is Believing" With Lori McDonald, CGH, President & Founder of the Alien UFO Research Society. IGHS Inner Circle Member. Registered IGHS Ghost Hunter/Ghost Researcher. AGS Member & California Area Representative for the American Ghost Society. Associate member of the Borley Ghost Society. CONTACT ME IF YOU NEED HELP WITH A HAUNTING! Great Ghost photos and investigations by Lori McDonald. I Specialize in conducting paranormal research, gathering credible data and valid orb (Ghost) photography. I am dedicated to documentation, education, research and investigation of paranormal phenomenon (Spiritual Energy Patterns) balls of light and vortices; recorded through film and video photography.

art bell's ufo & paranormal mothership : edgar cayce
one aspect of a large and interesting website.

Art Gomperz
A fine selection of UFO Folklore, Free Music and Magic with a twist,shaken, not stirred

Ask Lady Di
Spiritually gifted minister offering aura and psychic readings, mediumship readings, medical intuitive readings, spiritual counseling, grief counseling, help with missing persons, crimes, haunts and demonology. Di has an extremely high l level of accuracy and does not use any form of divination, as she receives her messages directly from spirit. Satisfaction guaranteed.

BeYoND THe iLLuSioN is a comprehensive file archive with 41,000+ 'strange & unusual' files. There is also a discussion list and lots of other features planned for the future.

Celestial Creations
UFO Kites. Just a flip of your wrist, and up it goes.

Centrum voor Psychotronische Studies en Onderzoeken
Information about a Belgian parapsychological research society. Also information about paranormal phenomena, research methods and results.

Three questions answered by e-mail. Reader can talk with your deceased loved ones.

Clairvoyancy and the Paranormal
UK based web site for the paranormal, includes FREE chat rooms, message boards and over 30 pages on the paranormal.

Crystal Ball
Your own Personal Crystal Ball Psychic Reading. Also Tarot readings and Graphology.

Cyber Solutions
Articles about Metaphysics, Reality, UFO's, Ouija

Dr. Tish has had over thirty years experience guiding people to soulmates, past lives, life questions and creating money techniques. Contact her through her webpage. Very accurate - a five star psychic.

Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team
Research team in eastern KY who are devoted to all things paranormal. You can find pics, evps, and other evidence collected by us in the field here.

Dreamland design
alien art, ufo research

Earth Star Publications
Monthly UFO international newsletter plus book publishing, intergalactic pen pal club, book gallery, photos, Star Beacon archives, reports, conference updates

Earth Star Publications
A unique source of information on UFOs (contactees), Photon Belt, earth changes, predictions, crop circles, health/healing, spirituality, alien teachings, paranormal, science/technology, book reviews, art, poetry and a whole lot more!

This site is a window to the Universe!

Friar's Lantern
Pictures of ghosts, UFO's and other paranormal phenomena.

Ghost Cam at
Come and watch our Ghost Cam. You might just capture an image of our ghostly visitor.

Ghosts! Are they real?
An open minded skeptics view of ghosts and the paranormal, what they are and if they pose any danger to the living.

Golden Triangle Mediums
Two psychic mediums offer psychic readings, past life regressions, psychometry, psychic development workshops, energy attunements, entity removal and paranormal investigations.

haunted places
latest supernatural sites you can visit, as well as alchemy and pagan topics.

Janet Colli, Ph.D. & Thomas Beck, Ph.D.
Alternative healing services for exploration of anomalous trauma, close encounters, etc.

Kuahji's Realm
This site contains info on myriad occult related topics, spells, & dark poetry, . Other features include daily horoscope, headline religious news, & much more!

Laurence Harry Spiritual Medium
Laurence uses his gift of mediumship to help re-unite you with your loved ones in Spirit and to give guidance for the future.

Light of Mars
Psychics in Mars offer Live Psychic readings. Your first Psychic reading free with our gift of $5.00 to speak with one of over 100 Psychics

Madame G's Tea Room
Monthly letters column on psychic/paranormal phenomena - send us YOUR true stories! Genuine tea leaf & tarot psychic readings. Links to FREE Daily Tarotscopes, shops, psychic/paranormal info. Madame G's Psychic Shoppe !

Magic Spells at
Can anyone cast magic spells? Wiccan spellcaster Eva Silverrain talks about what it takes to learn how to cast spells yourself.

Memphis Paranormal Investigations Team
group of memphians who document paranormal activity."Elvis is alive!"

MoonWhisper is a website and a physical shop located in Highland, NY that is dedicated to providing the best the psychic realm has to offer.

For a detailed psychic reading fron multiple psychics, or advice on any matter, yo can receive the answers at Net-Psychics

Occult World Ledger
Reviews books on occult, pagan, paranormal topics. Occult search engines, links, webrings, webmaster resources and freebies. Updated bi-weekly.

Online Psychic Reading UK
Genuine caring telephone psychics. Readings by phone 24 hours a day. Psychic text service. Large article directory featuring psychic and spiritual articles.

Paranormal & Ghost Society Of Buffalo
If you are into strange occurences, angels, aliens, ghosts, haunted houses, cemeteries, ufos,bigfoot as well as many other topics then please join me in my group we are very diverse and openminded. We have so far gone on over 10 investigations, i have over 500 photos in the gallery and over 300 members. Anybody is free to join browse the galleries, and discuss whatever they seek interest in. We will have a professional domain going up in the future.

Paranormal Nexus
This site is dedicated to to Discussion of the Paranormal, Occult, Esoteric, Unexplained and the Bizaar. With Forums, Chat, Pics, Reviews, Links, Resources and Webrings. Topics include Ghosts, dreams, UFOs, Aliens, bigfoot, yowies, poltergiests, philosophy, Ancient and Lost civilizations, Mysteries, etc

Paranormal Solutions
Paranormal Investigation and solution service with over thirty two years experience in dealing with paranormal incidents and their peaceful closure.

Paranormal directory with links to websites on Aliens, UFOs, Supernatural Unexplained Happenings, Conspiracies, Ancient Civilizations, Government Secrets, Prophecies, Miracles, Crop Circles, Ghosts, Cryptozoology, Newsletters, Parapsychology, Portals, Predictions, Radio Shows, Religion, Science & Technology, and more.

Pilz Enterprises
Parapsychology and metaphysical information, psychic, alternative healing, ghosts, exorcisms, crystals, readings, tarot, oiuja, discussion groups, and much more.

Problems Solutions Innovations
The web page of the US military remote viewing unit's trainer. Contains large quantities of information on remote viewing, the people involved, its history, theory, etc.

Project X
Project Y is the library of personal paranormal experiences, stories, observations and articles. If you wish to share the knowledge you've accumulated, to reveal to the world the extraordinary events and phenomena you have beheld, then you are welcomed to join the ever-expanding spiritual community.

Psychic Access
The most accurate psychics and gifted mediums currently available online. Psychic Access provides its international client base with the highest level of psychic reading services. All advisors are screened, verified, interviewed and tested for accuracy. New clients get a free 6-minute reading.

Psychic Access Talk Radio
Listen to the Psychic Viewpoint and call in for a free psychic reading on air. This popular internet radio podcast features some of the internets best live psychic advisors, intuitive consultants and clairvoyant mediums, as well as top experts and celebrity guests. Tune in right now, its out of this world.

Psychic Access Videos
Psychic Access Videos is an online video gallery showcasing the outstanding talent of the team of psychic advisors at Here you can personally get to know each of our psychics, by watching their introductory video and reading their complete profile.

psychic artist/medium
I offer a worldwide service of psychic art through the post.I link in with spirit with a name and draw a portrait of a loved one connected with you. I also receive pieces of information whilst drawing which I will send to you with the picture.I offer a sincere professional service to you.

Psychic Detective
Psychic clues offered on difficult to solve missing persons, murder and abduction cases. Never a charge.

Psychic Pathways
Psychic Prediction Registry from Ordinary People - Register Your Psychic Prediction Free and Read Hundreds of Other Predictions Free.

Psychic Reader and Spiritual Advisor
I will use my psychic gift and my Angels to answer up to 3 questions thru email for only $10.00.

Raven Hawke, Llc
Psychic, tarot and palmistry. Parties,energy healing,feng shui, space clearing and more

Raven Hawke,llc
Psychic, energy healing, feng shui, space clearing, meditation, hypnotherapy, parties & events

Shadow Secrets
Site on ghosts, aliens, angels, talking board, magick, obe/nde & more. Tarot card readings, horoscope, penpal, chat, forum, banner exchange & other free services. New Age store selling stones, incense, boxes, jewelry, figurines, burners, dream catchers & more.

Somewhere in Time
The biography and philosophy of a living clairvoyant

Speaking With Spirits
Your online source for hand-crafted Spirit Boards/Talking Boards. We offer other scrying and channeling tools as well as a variety of Wiccan/Pagan ritual items. We have over 25 different styles of channeling boards to choose from, and more are added almost weekly!

Eloctronic magazine about megaliths, paranormal, transcomunication, ufo;s, resonance, yoga & many others.

Stories By Starlight
A personal account of my search for inner truth and my struggle with alcoholism; stories of my own out of body and other paranormal experiences, and lucid dreams.

Surfing the Tao
Surfing the Tao combines powerful information regarding an alternate version of our reality with a simple Way to overcome its daily trials. Investigate the paranormal against the background of the wisdom of our most ancient and revered sages. Learn to create a new reality of love and peace, in harmony with the Tao.

Surfing the Tao
Surfing the Tao investigates the paranormal against the backdrop of the wisdom of our most ancient and revered sages.

Surfing the Tao
Surfing the Tao investigates the paranormal against the backdrop of the wisdom of our most ancient and revered sages.

Susie Lighter Master Psychic Readings
Insights with Master Psychic Susie Lighter for all life areas including spiritual path and also relationships.

Sydney Psychic Guidance & Healing Centre
Hi, My name is Kate and I am a professional and experienced clairvoyant/psychic and healer. My services include: Psychic Readings, Hands on Healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing plus more. Some of my services can be performed via phone or email. I am based out of Sydney, Australia. Come visit my website and there you will find a complete explanation of my abilities and services. See you soon! Joy and enlightenment.

The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research
Purposes, programs and publications of this religious, non-profit association interested in the interface between religion and psychical research appear on our Home Page. There are over 170 links in 24 categories on our Web site to other sites in the fields of parapsychology, religion, near-death experiences, etc. Some of these sites have over 5,000 links, so by accessing the links on our Web site, you have access to over 12,000 other sites in these fields.

The Gateway to Illuminating Information
G2ii is a news site devoted to topics such as anomalous / paranormal phenomena, mysteries, ghosts, UFOs, music, humor, extraterrestrials, etc.

The Order of Maat
Palestras oficiais realizadas na AMORC e na FRA por Ana Lucia Melo Gonçalves, SRC, sobre Fenômenos Psíquicos (Site e livro digital disponível para download grátis)Official conferences realized in AMORC and FRA lodges by Ana Lucia Melo Gonçalves, SRC, about Psychic Phenomenon (Website and digital book available for free download)

The Paranormal Underground
A directory of quality links to paranormal phenomena, including alien encounters, contacts and abductions, alternative health, altered states, astral projection, out of body experiences, near death experiences, conspiracy, crop circles, earth changes,extraterrestrials, magick, meditation, psychics, spiritual research organizations, UFOs, Wicca and Yoga.

UFO Folklore
UFO Folklore. Aliens & UFOs with a twist, shaken, not stirred

UFO's The Beginning of a New World
UFO Research, Latest UFO Sightings & News, Crop Circles, Earth Changes, Prophecies, Human Origins, Ancient Egypt, Global Intelligence Updates, Bloodline of The Holy Grail, Knights Templer and much more.

UK DarkTech
A website dedicated to the paranormal, the occult, the esoteric, and the arcane.

Universal Psychic Guild
A world wide organization devoted to making your life happier and more successful in all areas of Psychic readings, Clairvoyant readings, Tarot readings and many other areas of spirituality.

Urania Scenia
Parapsychology and Noetic Studies in Peru. Language: Spanish.

researching all aspects of the paranormal..great site.

website & bookshop
2nd hand and new books on paranormal/occult/pagan/ new age/ & similar subjects. online catalogue and search facilities. credit cards accepted. also man in black webzine (just for fun!)

Witchcraft School
Exploreation of Witchcraft, Religion, the Paranormal, and the Occult.
For now this is my personal site, but soon it will be a place where people can submit and read stories of the unknown. Out of body experiences, ufos, seances, etc, etc, etc..

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