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Parenting Directory

Ask Nanny
Professional parenting advice from an experienced Norland Nanny. Advice on many parenting topics like discipline, sleep and food. Sections on childcare, and activities. Personalised advice available.

Astoundit Software
Suite of tools designed for children (K-8 recommended grade levels). Let's them explore painting, drawing, writing, and much more.Kidwidget is available for both Macintosh and Windows computers.

The key to helping one's child is first helping oneself... but, what does this mean?

Find A Nanny
Learn all the important information that is necessary to find, select and hire the right Nanny to care for your precious Child!

Happy Within (Nora Amala Bugdoll)
Pregnancy and Childbirth are Initiations for the mother and the life forming time for the baby. Live a conscious Pregnancy, experience a deep relationship with your child and an empowering birth!

Healthy Parenting
A parenting resource site about attachment parenting, alternative parenting, positive discipline, natural living, organic whole food eating and holistic health.

Inspired Parenting
Whole-child parenting -- how to understand and meet children's need for physical health, emotional expression, mental development, and spiritual awareness. Resources to support our children's gifts and dreams through esteem, empowerment and expression. This community of adults who care deeply for children offers a free newsletter and a variety of resources targeted toward children from late toddlerhood through elementary school.

Nanny Reviews
Our community is an online support system for parents, nannies, and caregivers across the country to connect and swap recommendations. By opening the lines of communication, we want to empower everyone to share real-world advice, experience, and tips. Our goal is to make family life and childcare easier for all.

Nightingale Natural Healing
I have helped over three hundred couples connect with their spirit babies...the souls who have chosen them as parents. Facilitating communication often leads to successful pregnancy.

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