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Achieve Life Mastery With Avatar
Achieve Life Mastery With Avatar The Paars

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Discover Avatar, rediscover your self. Choose PAAR, your guides to the world of Avatar. Now online: Experiential exercises, free information, articles, interviews, books, tapes, and cyber Coaching.
Life of Learning Foundation
Life of Learning Foundation Chris Roberts
PO Box 10
Merlin 97532

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Phone:  541-476-1200

Break out! Discover a rich source of transformational tools to add higher meaning to your life and enrich your relationships. Visit - an interactive website featuring insight-filled excerpts from the works of best-selling inner-life author Guy Finley. Enjoy enlightening monthly chat rooms, inspiring quotes, and other special features. Receive a free weekly spirit-lifting e-mail message. Take the next step toward your own True self.

Achieve Life Mastery with Avatar
Discover Avatar, and rediscover your self. Align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. Through Avatar, we will show you how to go behind the scenes of your consciousness to examine the blueprints by which you have constructed your life. This comprehensive website is your personal gateway to Avatar. Offering experiential exercises, free materials, tools, articles, interviews, books, and tapes.

Guy Finley: Life of Learning Foundation
Large selection of books, cassettes and videos by best-selling author.

Diane Wing
Diane Wing, M.A. is an author, teacher, personal transformation guide, and intuitive consultant. She has a Master's degree in clinical psychology and has been providing valuable insights for the highest good of her clients for over 27 years. Diane works with her clients to gain self-trust and increase their intuitive awareness thereby empowering them to create the lives they really want. Classes * Coaching * Readings * Books

Heart and Soul Intuition
Akashic Record & Soul Path Readings, General and Specialized Intuitive Readings as well as a small line of hand made essences and herbal tea blends.

My Spirit - Keys To Transformation
Empowerment Coaching, Reiki, Intuitive Readings & Spiritual Community. My Spirit is about finding our own inner truth. Its about learning to listen to our own inner guidance. Its also about living from the heart, making heart centered choices. In listening to our heart, we re-discover our own personal truths. Doorways and windows open, that we forgot or never knew were there.

Raven Hawke, Llc
Psychic, energy healing, meditation, hypnotherapy, stress reduction, feng shui, space clearing, parties & events.

New book: A Call to Magic - the Artful Science of Transforming Self an
Does it take a magician to change ourselves and our world? Perhaps. In this book you'll get a fresh perspective on bringing real magic into your life--from a real life magician. Mitch Williams invites us to answer the "Call to Magic": filled with practical suggestions on how to radically alter our perspective on life and the world and live a life of magic and inspiration.

A Call to Magic - the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World
Does it take a magician to change ourselves and our world? Perhaps. In this book you'll get a fresh perspective on bringing real magic into your life--from a real life magician. Mitch Williams invites us to answer the "Call to Magic". Filled with practical suggestions on how to radically alter our perspective on life and live a life of true magic and inspiration.

What you need might already be right there hiding in plain sight The author is avilable for group our one to one coaching

1,2,3 SORT IT Organizing Solutions -- Innovative Tools
1, 2, 3 SORT IT is has revealed the top secrets ingetting organized for the home & office! We took the drudgery out of this nasty task & added in heaps of humor, fun & tons of reliable information to help you GET & STAY organized.Visit regularly for new t

32 Keys
A free online self help book about happiness, worry, self esteem, stress, friendship, anger, guilt etc.

32 KEYS A Collection of Ideas About Life
A free online self help book about happiness, worry, self esteem, stress, friendship, anger, guilt etc.

A & A Grieveson
Deep trance, spiritual astrology, numerology, past life clairvoyance.Seances, workshops

A B Consulting
Business Consulting Service on Queensland's Gold Coast which specialises in Personal Profile Testing and reports

A Different Voice
Monthly newsletter featuring poetry, opinion and the exploration of a happier lifestyle

Abundance Institute
Welcome to my inspirational, motivational and positive world. A world of self impovement, love and abundance. Discover the power of your subconscious mind.

Access Consciousness CFMW
Pragmatic development of awareness about health issues, money choices while improving relationships with self and others

achieve life mastery with avatar
discover avatar, re-discover your self. align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. this comprehensive website is your personal gateway to avatar. offering experiential exercises, free articles, interviews, books, tapes. brought to you by...

Adawehi Healing Center & Institute
We believe that to be fully well, healing must take place emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. When our mind starts to worry, our emotions get upset, then our spiritual access to healing gets blocked and the body feels sick. Healing the physical body without attending to the parts of us that got our body sick is only a temporary cure. Because of this, Adawehi is dedicated to healing the causes of illness. We offer alternative forms of natural healing and learning such as counseling, energy work, massage, chiropractic, yoga, kenpo karate plus calsses, workshops, and meditations.

AKUDU- the new tool in the Art of living.Regenerating physical experience through the Power of the self.

At Allotime, we help people totally transform their lives and achieve their dreams. By applying modalities such as Time Line Therapy(r), Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, our clients achieve results. Get rid of negative emotions from your past. Eliminate limiting decisions or beliefs that are holding you back.

Alphasonics International
Advanced subliminal tapes so powerful we offer moneyback guarantee on results! "The Truth About Subliminal Tapes": Special Report online reveals many worthless, yet others potent enough to change your life! Weight, smoking, confidence, prosperity, stress, learning, sleep, 42 topics. Thoroughly tested and approved by psychologists. You CAN dramatically break through limitations and reach your goals!

Alternative Psychology
Book on alternative psychology and a radically new view on human behaviour, the subconscious mind and the cause of misery in the world. Receive 10 hours of free NPL distance healing for emotional or physical problems when you buy this book. Man and animal, victims of their subconscious mind, and the way to freedom.

Ami Grace Gifts
I offer Online Spiritual Guidance, Healing, and Growth!Through Energy and Aura scanning I am able to answer a lot of questions and offer incite into your life or present situation! If you have questions about your life path, relationship, or feel stuck, I can give you the help you seek!

Many are the tools given by the Creator to assist growth in all areas of our life; it is our response-ability to find the ones that can best serve us. Power is within us, when we learn to express it; we manifest Abundance, Health, Joy, and Love. When we express unconditional love in all we do, say and think, we create a world of beauty, light, and peace, for your self and others. We are accountable for every action, thought and word wee say. When we assume that role, we will change the world, a place of beauty and peace for all.Our mission is to serve you. Our goal is to empower you.Spiritual workshops, healings, initiations, e-mail classes, soul journeys to assist in reclaiming your power, available in Spanish & English.

Anthon St Maarten Psychic Medium
Explore the future, discover your destiny, know the truth, find real answers and change your life. Anthon St Maarten is an international psychic advisor, clairvoyant medium, intuitive consultant and destiny coach. Psychic reading services offered online, by phone or in person.

Arunachala Foundation
Charitable organisation for personal development and well-being in South-India and the Netherlands

Ask Dr. Chakras
Practical advice on personal development and living spiritually in a material world. All-original material written from a uniquely enlightened perspective with a minimum of esoteric gobbledygook and an occasional touch of wry humor. Describes the principles unifying all spiritual belief systems. Free Q&A advice forum.
Please enjoy my free writings about personal growth, healing, and energy awareness. Some of my works are available for purchase. Browse through my site and let me know what you think. Joe Hurley—author, consultant, healer.

Aspire Now
Helping people discover their purpose and realize more abundance in career, lifestyle, and relationships.

AstroX takes the mystery out of astrology - astrology stripped down

Most advanced Spiritual path/Teachings known to mankind today to mankind. For sincere spiritual seekers.

Attitude Institute
Research-proven attitude tests predict your future health with uncanny accuracy. Free self-help program to improve your health prospects.

aura imaging
rewarding opportunity related to self-improvement and new age

Avatar Canada
Avatar is a powerful transformational course that will help you create the reality you prefer and take back your life once in for all!

Come Play with us, Awaken The Avatar/The Divine within you and accept your power to co-create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization Here and Now.

Awen Journeys
Are you called to enter the age old traditions of tribal cultures, past and present, that speak of vision, self knowledge, life purpose? Come with us to the edge of the world to seek vision and empowerment in your life. Quest for a soul's healing, for affirmation of place and belonging, for the gift of spiritual insight. Mark the transitions and affirmations in your life and celebrate your life's passage by embarking upon a wilderness vision quest. Cross the threshold of your being and enter the sacred dream time. Let us be your guides, your witnesses, in this ancient pan-cultural tradition... your sacred journey.

Creative Quotations to Inspire Creative Thinking from Famous People on their Birthdays. 16,000 online searchable quotations from more than 2,000 famous people.

Baseline Response
Workshops, books and weekly channelings assisting people to manifest being at choice, living in truth and taking back their power

Be, Do, Have...More!
Helping you be more, do more and have more of what you want in your life. Offering a wealth of free practical and insightful information and technologies that lead to life enhancement. Free thought provoking ezine, articles and other resources. Offering Avatar® courses, SoulTalk® sessions and trainings, and mentoring. "What The Bleep" applied.

Best Book Cafe
A book, STRIPPING ILLUSIONS, exploring known reality one layer at a time, ultimately reaching the higher self. Get an edge on life & issues your Mother and maybe your rabbi, minister or priest never knew to discuss. A Must Read ... for the body, mind and spirit seeker.

Beth Coleman, N.D.
A woman's saga of the journey from pain & disability to healing and joy via Avatar/Naturopathy/ Aromatherapy/Feng Shui and contribute to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization.

Biodanza with Paola
Biodanza gives you the possibility to explore your emotions through movements and dances stimulated by rhythmic and melodic music. It's the ideal tool for recovering your energy and release stress in a group environment.

Blessed Godsend
A Morality of love,justice,peace,freedom,affirmation of sanctity of human life and human dignity will be the savior of humankind,Planet Earth
Down to earth tips on success, leadership and mindset for any business.

Tools for your mind, soul and spirit empower you and to transform your life. Self-help articles to help you in changing self-defeating beliefs about life. Affirmations to dynamically imprint new ideas in mind.

Center for Conscious Living
A loving supportive spiritual community, sharing universal principles, which, when practiced, transform lives and create a world that is good for all. All are welcome to our celebration of life services on Sundays or any of our offerings.

center for intuitive learning
is your intuition trying to tell you something? the center for intuitive learning offers personal intuition coaching and group teleclasses for people at all levels of intuitive development. awareness, clarity and insight thrives with loving attention from your own personal intuition coach.

Center for Spiritual Living Princeton
Our Center provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. You will find community, connection, spiritual education, support and a loving, diverse group of people.

Cerebrex is an authorized distributor of various neurotechnological products and hyper health modalities.Advanced mental fitness appliances coupled with electro-medidical devices, enables anyone to pusure pathways of excellence in all human endeavor......From giving a business presentaion to raising one's children.If your looking for Mind Machines, indoor air maintenance devices,internal engergy invgorization machines, dreamware or nurostimulation devives, Cerebrex can fulfill your needs.

certus Personality Assessments
This webpage is a paper titled "Personality Profiles using Numerology and Acrophonology as objective Means of Assessment", and deals with the basic principles employed in the certus System of Personality Assessments.

Cheap Herbal Viagra Alternative
Lowest prices on Viagra & natural herbal Viagra alternative, substitutes & herbal supplements for men and women. U.S. UK Canada & international orders online.

Christa Resources, LLC
Christa Healings are profoundly effective at clearing your energy bodies of unwanted influences and old patterns, allowing you to reclaim your personal power, solve core issues affecting self-esteem, health, relationships, and clear blocks that keep you from achieving your life's goals. Christa Energy Attunements allow you to build permanent protection from negative energies and facilitate your own self-healing.

spiritual development: courses, books, astrology software, past life regression and more

>Resources for Personal Mastery in health, fitness, stress relief, TaiChi, Qigong, and personal growth. Free articles, newsletters, and information.

Coming Home ~ A Woman's Journey to true Self ~
Designed to empower in the areas of self-help, self-esteem and enhancement of good health.

Cosmic Love
A little spiritual oasis: loving, holistic and beyond any conventions. Relax and enjoy!

Capture the Rapture...Helping you have a love affair with life. Books, tapes, personal coaching, seminars.

Daily Tarot Girl
Learn how to use your Tarot cards for personal growth, with fun Tarot spreads, Tarot card meanings, daily readings blog, how-to videos and more!

Learn to integrate and harmonize ALL aspects of the self. Get your EGO to cooperate by understanding your total makeup -- both your spiritual AND human aspects. The operative word in the universe is harmony. All is in harmony except man. Learn to build your house on solid ground, without division of the selves. Embrace your spirituality, but do not neglect the gifts of your humanity. I will show you how, join me in Psalms in the key of life. Keys for harmonious living and a higher connection with Spirit.

Dance Interrupted
A self-help narrative of personal growthand when Quality of Life is important, commentary on Holistic/Alternative methods of dealing with cancer.

dataICON Company
Wisdom Within is dedicated to spiritual growth and enlightenment. The purpose is to be an aid to those seeking a spiritual path by providing

Dean Fraser Unlock Your Life
Dean Fraser, author and teacher talks of small changes we can all make to live amazing lives every day! His books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other good bookstores - look under Dean Fraser and they're right there!

Dee L. Saunders, BFA,MA Cert. Expressive Therapist, Dipl.,FABI
This site is about the transformative powers of creative processes and expression.

Low Self Esteem? Use the power of meditation to improve your Self Esteem. Meditation improves your Self Esteem and Health

Do It Homestead Inc
Your contact point to find out who you are

Donald D. Woods Technology Centre
Provideing Online Consultations on healing the mind, body & spirit, & new beginnings, strategys for success in life utilizeing the concepts of "entrophy gradient reversal" The process of perfection.

Dr. Janet Cunningham
Author, teacher, and president of professional associations for Past Life Regression, with private practice in Maryland.

Dr. Ronald P. DeVasto
Hypnotist, teacher, and board member of professional associations for Past Life Regression, with private practice in Central Florida (Orlando).

Dream Interpretation Therapy
The process of dream interpretation therapy can help you identify and change the way you deal with conflicts, pain and distress. You will also have a better understanding of your own behaviours, beliefs and underlying subconscious wishes and fears.

E.D.L. Productions
Create a life of quality and pleasure by taking a journey through the inner world of your beliefs.

Earnestworker is in the business of promoting higher awareness, personal development and self-mastery while creating and maintaing a safe and secure Internet environment for all.

Earth Medicine
A Contemporary Shaman's Approach to Self-Healing. Metaphysical teachings by donations only. You set the price. Also offers dried herbs, anointing oils, infused oils, pocket totems, and herbal salve. All products are handcrafted and home made. Our herbs are grown without pesticides or chemicals.

Earth Spirit Creations
Soulful, positive, spiritually nourishing products, workshops, and articles speak to your spirit and nurture your soul. Connect with your own inner wisdom on your journey of personal growth and peace.

Eddie Coyote
A tasteful and well done personal website that offers poetry, essays, zen meditations, paganism, environmental concerns, and many links.

Emotion Toolkit
notes and quotes from the journal of a student of psychology

emPOWER designs
Your guide to outstanding health, prosperity and great relationships thru increased personal power. Learn to empower yourself to wealth, love, vitality and joy.
Gives advice about how to reach happiness and explains the rules for a happy living.
Dedicated to helping individuals figure out "what works" among the spectrum of psycho-spiritual tools, teachings, and teachers

Are you totally happy? Do you experience life as wonderful? Do you think each moment is perfect? Are you loving life just the way it is? If yes, welcome home, it means everything is all right anyway and it doesn't make sense for you to visit my site. If not come and have a look.
The Truth about mental health

essence repatterning® on-line
essence repatterning on-line offers several articles about this remarkable change technology that helps individuals/organizations identify and change core limiting, self-sabotaging patterns---layer-by-layer---with measureable results.

Eternal Being
Unlock the Power within YOU.

Expanding Horizons Avatar Center
Avatar is a powerful and speedily effective course based on the simple truth that your beliefs will cause you to createor attract situations and events that you experience as your life.

Newsletter features motivational quotes and articles on self improvement, personal growth, health, stress management, etc. based on the latest methodologies such as reiki, NLP, etc.

Finding Happiness and Self-actualization
Various resources for personal growth, including a free happiness course and a free motivational ebook.

Fire Through Spirit
Fire Through Spirit teaches others how to help themselves, presents all spiritual beliefs based on service, love, compassion and nonjudgment as equally valid, and promotes those things the world needs to heal itself. We endorse self-healing and self-empowerment with alternative, intuitive and spiritual methods. Mahamère Corbie can help you find strength and loving support as you search for answers to your life’s challenges. Services: energy healing, soul retrieval, working long distance with those in pain or grief, channeling, aura cleansing and balancing, intuitive readings (Tarot, I Ching, Runes, Angel Cards, Dakini System).

Firewalkseminars - if you can believe in it - you can do it!

Focusing Resources
Focusing is a powerful, gentle process of self-awareness which can be used to release blocks, know what you really feel and want, listen to the wisdom of your body. Focusing Resources provides information about Focusing and workshops, books, and audiotape

foundation for world awakening
intensive inward journey of self-discovery and self-purification for those truly seeking transformation and enlightenment. awaken to supreme love. global transformation begins with the individual.advanced prana balancing; experience cosmic intelligence.

Future Life Progression and Past Life Regression
Discover the power of hypnotherapy for connecting with your higher self, healing the body energetically and learning about past and future lives.

Gaia-Mind is an online community and the home of LightBytes -- inspiring email messages from Chuck and Lency Spezzano with audio, images and video.

Gail Miller
On line flower essences, aromatherapy and crystal healing consultations with detailed information about these tools which can help combat stress, build self esteem, foster creativity in your life and help to manifest more positive potential.

Consulting for Creative Achievementfor artists and other creative professionals. CLARIFY goals,DEFUSE obstacles, ACCELERATE toward goals.

gentle breezes
group meditation, individual body work. gain insight, focus, joy!

Graceful Awakenings
Graceful Awakenings. Hello, We offer spiritual counseling, psychic readings, healings, classes and workshops, to facilitate your growth healing and insight.

Granny's Luck
Granny's Luck is about the personal magic that transcends superstition or modern thought and how to make it using rituals and charms (gris-gris) in a way compatible with everyday life and your existing beliefs.

Graphic Insight
Handwriting analysis exposes unique personalities. Are you different? Do you have a unique approach to life?

Harmony Grins
An extraordinary and masterful teacher of the nature of reality, universal principles and transformative processes. He offers telephone sessions to assist with life coaching and exploring avenues for acheiving goals and aspirations. Paul is intently interested in working with individuals who are on the path of self-discovery, have a desire to deepen personal understanding and consider themselves able to attain wisdom. This site is shared with an online source for exceptional quality, premium grade pure essential oils, as well as blends, kits, mists, carrier oils and much more.

Healing From Within
Tarot readings for personal and spiritual grownth. Receive higher guidance into life situations. Online Tarot course. 25 years experience as a Tarot reader and teacher.
For those interested in alternative mental health solutions to psychological problems.

Heart Ki - Akashic Records Readings
Online distance Akashic Records readings and intuitive guidance with Nuno Heartki. Also features regularly published articles on spirituality and metaphysics, a free online card deck, interactive questions and answers, and more.

HeartCore Corporation
Attract your soul mate, discover your life purpose, embrace your intuition, truly love yourself, find inner peace, manifest a joyful future, nurture your body, and improve your relationships.

Higher Self Improvement Pursuits
Self Improvement Tips and Tools to Accelerate Personal Development and Spiritual Growth. Practical self help and psychology articles.

Holographic Awareness
self empowerment through Yoga, meditation, healing, retreats, workshops, spiritual development, reiki, self energization, skills to better understand yourself.

Alternative Medicine and holistic psychology

Hypnosis Innvations
Hypnosis Innovations offers premium mental training sessions focused on helping you achieve success.

The professional association for regression therapy, training for certification, conventions, and publications.

Ibiza Wellness for Body & Soul
Health/Wellness Counselling,Life & Soul Coaching for women worldwide online!

Images of One
Discover proven scientific and spiritual tools, software, books, resources and how-to information that are turning ordinary people into powerful creators of their finances, health and relationships.

unique project combining cutting edge personal empowerment tools with a lucrative income opportunity. seeking leaders to help usher in a new paradigm of human fullfillment and freedom.

Infinite Wisdom
Organization dedicated to healing and human potential. We offer various programs, books and tapes to assist one in their spiritual and emotional development. Co-founder Laura V. Hyde is a national author and teacher who is a student of A Course in Miracles. We also offer a free newsletter titled "Matters of the Heart."

Infinity Wellness
Infinity Wellness uses guided imagery, meditation, journaling and dreamwork to help one discover and heal the 8 aspects of self.

Inner Directions
Soul Surgery. Clear negative energies from the chakra system. Transmute past traumas including abuse issues. I work with the angelic realms & ascended masters to Raise vibration & light within blueprint and auric field. Also work with person on their life purpose and goals vision.

InnerNet Institute International
Turn your CD player into you personal "inner-space craft" and explore your SELF!

Free self-help software program for achieving more inner peace.

InnerPower Pty Ltd
Programs succeed in areas of: Improved Personal success, Boost Self-Esteem, Health, Weight Loss, Sports enhancement, Breaking Habits and Addictions, Improved learning, Parenting plus many more.

Inspirational and Motivational Quotes
A collection of inspirational quotes on topics that include success, life, education and more.

Inspired Growth
FREE personal development program focusing on spiritual, emotional, financial growth and physical improvement as well as success skills.

Inspired Living, L.L.C.
Inspired Living empowers people to live an inspired life through a chat list, newsletter, books, coaching, workshops and an extensive library of inspiring and motivating articles, stories and more.

Institute for Personnel Development and Enhancing Knowledge
The institute has been promoted by ASEA to provide indepth knowledge about various subjects. It also provides practical training for personality transformation.

Intuitive Distance Healing
By connecting at the level of the soul, we find you can get in direct touch with the issues you are struggling with, past traumas that need to be dealt with and released. Intuitive Distance Healing offers insights to your own possibilities, powers and self-imposed limitations. Opening your mind to the possibilities of deep and life-changing healing is an incredible experience!

Invisible Path Publications
Tried self-help books, tapes and programs but didn't get the results you wanted? Free 5 lesson class reveals why - and what you can to start producing the consistent and lasting results you really want.

This is a web site for those people seeking personal development, professional rebirthing, deeper clarity in relationships, and greater success at home and in business.

John Sorrell
John Sorrell inspires people from all walks of lifethrough his books, talks, seminars, and workshops.Reviewers call his newest book, Openings to Lighten the Way, "ENLIGHTENING" and "EXHILARATING"and his Openings Alive presentations for organizations or companies "Wonderful" and "The best thing that's ever happened here"

Joost Boekhoven
Ask Gem! She gives very practical - and often unexpected - advice about personal growth and spirituality. Read her answers here!

Journeys of Wisdom
Journeys of Wisdom is an open organization dedicated to providing a safe environment for anyone ready to self discover the process of growing mind, body and spirit.

journeys of wisdom
three organizations for self empowerment, awakening the natural leader, and holistic growth.
This book is a dynamic, spiritual and practical guide to transforming your life and achieving all the happiness your heart desires. The book can be found on the author's website along with her schedule of events for workshops, subscription to her free bi-monthly E-zine and information about her bi-monthly live chats.

A Place To Relax In Cyberspace - Stress Free & Joyspirited - Soothe Your Senses

Kai and Lighthawk
Site of insights, encouragements, and messages from Spirit for Lightworkers, Seekers of Spiritual Truth, and enlightenment.

Kalani Soul Clearing
Soul Clearing is an effective process which releases obstacles to the expression of the True Self

Kiss the Violets
Site dedicated to healing sexual trauma

L & C Software, Inc.
Offering the word of God in books, audio books and tapes, videos and contemporary music and free stuff, including Scripture, notes, and Early Church Fathers writings.

A spiritual not religious look at Jesus’ teachings. Often, life is a difficult and lonely role where our best efforts fail to improve our situation. Religion tells us to wait for the next life. Science tells us to take a pill. Mass media tells us to be more interesting and appealing. These may pacify us, but they do not improve our condition. However, Jesus’ teachings provide a map to a better life, today.

Laura Day Inc.
I welcome you to the Practical IntuitionTM website. You as a human being are vastly more powerful and accomplished than you often realize. You have innate abilities, already developed that allow you to understand yourself, others, and your environment and act in ways that create joy, success and healing .

Learn To Visualize
Learn to create your reality using creative visualization. Explore leading-edge ideas about the mind and the nature of human consciousness. Articles, book, links, recommedede reading, more.

Leslie Zemenek, Web Palmist
Palmistry, the most accurate, accessible and powerful tool for self-discovery in the world today, reveals your greatest gifts and provides your blueprint for success. Readings anywhere in the world.

Stress Skills! Chris Marks' knows that Your LIFE Counts! Life Management seminars and products streamline YOUR LIFE. By learning to streamline, you will be encouraged to 1)DEAL with the past, 2) LIVE in the present and 3) PREPARE for the future.

Life Awakening
Life assisting Life, the most Magickal of acts! For a sitededicated to this philosophy and more, please visit:www.lifeawakening.comFree book lending library, free medicine pouches, herbs,and much more! Discussion forums, email magazine & free email. From the love that is LIFE,the fools

Life Coach Spotter
Learn about life coaching and find your life coach.

Life Now
Do you feel something is missing in your life? Trying to decide what to do next to fill the empty spaces? Suggestions at LIFE NOW may offer insights.

Light Stays Retreats & Living -
Light Stays Retreats & Living features the worlds most advanced directory listings of global retreats, events and classes showcased within our eye-catching website. Through Light Stays find your perfect retreat, event, class or workshop or post yours for others to see. We have you covered from adventure, art, personal development and wellbeing. Animal friends are covered too. We offer 30-day free listings. Join us today. Discover more with Light Stays.

Linda Adler LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, teacher, and past president of professional association for Past Life Regression, with private practice in South Florida (Miami).

Love Unlimited Publishers
Producers of inspirational,friendship,love, and selfhelp,12step... Walletcards,Bookmarks,Posters, and Lamination service to the trade.

Lucy Lopez
Personal growth in a spiritually grounded environment, drawing on Buddhist,Christian and Hindu frameworks. Listen to meditations and read ezine.

Magical Soul
Tools, tips and guidance to unleash the beauty of your soul!
Individual Online Sessions & Workshop - Mental and Emotional Hygiene, Spiritual Engineering, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, Duality Transcendence, Self Integration and more.

Many Paths
Holistic health: Begin your journey to wholeness by examining the health products and services here. Angels, jewels, earth, tarot, crystal, reiki. Choose your path to wellness.

Martha Sue Ramsey
Angels, Healing and Positive Stress! Many and rich are the paths to the One and grand are the choices. You are letting the Angelic forces lead the way just by reading this. Come to my site and enjoy some eustress!

Massage Your Mind! Self Improvement through Philosophy
What have you done for your mind lately? Give it a massage! The Friday Mind Massage is a free weekly ezine designed to ease you into a thoughtful weekend. Maya Talisman Frost is the creator of "Massage Your Mind!: Defining Your Life Philosophy", a 12-lesson course that has inspired thinkers in over 60 countries around the world. Uplifting, illuminating, and surprisingly entertaining!

Mega City Images
Study all the self help techniques in one place, all at one time!
Hypnotherapist/Transformational Counselor/Teacher/Artist

Mind Body Spirit Centre
Online Expert Centre for Personal Development

Mind Gliding - Mastering Growth and DevelopmentMind Gliding offers personal and organisational development for individuals, small to medium size businesses and other organisations. Full training, support and coaching is available to help your business grow by more efficient and effective use of existing resources. Mind gliding is a relationship catalyst; it is the enzyme that optimises perdormance.

mind power
to really touch our souls, we must journey deep within ourselves. it's an exciting trip, full of all sorts of revelations and surprisesalong the way, friends and lovers are essential. good books will speak to us. so will quiet mountains and still lakes.

Mitch Williams
International award winning inspirational speaker and entertainer with a "magical" flare. Author of A Call to Magic - the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World. Authority on creativity, inspiration, peak performance, and esoteric spirituality. Offering absolutely unforgettable seminars, keynote talks, and entertainment programs that are guaranteed to amaze, amuse, and inspire.

Modern Mystics
Modern Mystics: Transpersonal Exploration for Personal Innovation. Modern Mystics invites you to explore Spirit in the modern landscape of a new millenium. We offer Intuitive Consulting and Teaching services as well as Reiki Healing and Workshops in Southern California.

Mona Kelly Studio
Numerology Readings, Life Purpose Consultations and coaching
Developing the art of Psychic and Mediumship skills. An introductory course written by Psychic Medium Andrew Gadd.

A site to help those seeking spiritual development, emotional pain release, peace, love or happiness.

New Age Marketing Tips
FREE New Age Marketing Tips for Massage Therapists, Reiki Practitioners,healers,Authors, Musicians,Psychics,Metaphysical,New Age and Holistic Health Care Business Owners who want to make more money doing what they love.

New Life Foundation
Vernon Howard's practical, inspiring guides to a new life. Learn how to solve problems and handle difficult people.

New Margretville
An imaginary town in cyberspace full of information about volunteer work and other ways each person can effect peaceful positive change. Compassion Award for webmasters offered; applications accepted. All this and free email too!

New Netizen
New Netizen is one of the internets largest freedom information sites. Practical freedom information and reports to increase your level of intelligence and thereby your freedom.

Like starlight, the words that sometimes land in the palm of my hand and flow out of my fingertips as poem or prose, are carving their own sparkling path back "home" ... sometimes bearing my sadness away, often declaring my joy in life and spilling it everywhere ... this site is about Love.

odyssey of the soul
using inner mind and higher spirit for self-healing, personal change, spiritual growth, psychic abilities, and a meditation for altering the future and balancing the earth.

One Force Corporation
The One Force invention brings Spiritual Power into your life for health, guidance and transformation. Common results are inner peace, love, relaxation, and wellness on all levels of being. Read our amazing testimonials and magazine article.

One Spirit
This site is dedicated to the One Spirit that we all are. Come in and listen to music, experience an online meditation or just browse thru my experiences.

Oneness Gathering Festival
Peace Festival for people intersted in self-realization, peace, personal growth, vegetariansim, oneness, holistic life styles, non-violence, art, music.

Open Circles
Our aim is to empower you to achieve success in your personal and professional life, while gaining emotional and financial freedom, increasing self-confidence, transforming stress and anxiety into positive energy and taking responsibility for your life.

Orin Affirmations
850+ positive affirmations, mostly channelled from Orin, plus a free affirmations display program to help you stay focused on love, joy and "higher purpose", together with helpful articles and a description of personal experiences with the Orin material.

Osho Humaniversity
The Humaniversity is an international institute for therapy and professional education offering ongoing workshops and trainings.

OurFoothills. The Place to Explore Your Spiritual Nature
SelfCom is a guided exploration of your Spiritual Nature. You can read it online or download the free software version that comes with a journal and a "guide" to help you get the most from your experience.

PAAR Enterprises, LLC
Discover Avatar, rediscover your self. Choose PAAR, your guides to the world of Avatar. Now online: Experiential exercises, free information, articles, interviews, books, tapes, and cyber Coaching.

Partners in Renewal Inc.
Approved Institutes of NLP and Quantum TLC(TM). Personal growth and professional development training. Free articles published in leading NLP, business, training and Time Line Therapy Journals.

Past Life Therapy & Healing
Laleh is a certified therapist in Past Life Therapy & Emotional Repatterning. She has studied energy psychology: EFT, Cellular Memory Healing and Subconscious Programming and use them in her sessions.

Pathfinding Books
Useful information and books on job burnout, stress, worry, self-management, self-leading, mediating disputes, passing drug tests, managing people and more

Paul Taylor
My name is Paul Taylor and I wrote a work about metaphysics and spirituality, available in full for free on my website, I made this work for those interested in the nature and structure of reality, thought and energy, and metaphysics and spirituality. My written work is concise but dense with information. It takes the form of a series of metaphysical equations or formulas describing spiritual concepts displayed as a set of images. I offer my limited perspective on metaphysics and spirituality with the caveat that I make mistakes and that I live and learn. My website is sometimes updated and edited, so the content of my work can change anytime. If you have questions or comments about my work, please direct them to me using the contact information on my website. Yours sincerely, Paul

People Unlimited
Find out more about deathless living and meet people who live forever.

Personal Development Institute
Whether you are looking at change or just considering your options this is the site for you. At the Personal Development Institute we recognize that no one individual is the same and the need for change effects us all in different ways, whether it’s a new job or new relationships you will find resources, links, articles and information to help you make those important decisions.

Personal Growth, Ayurveda, Natural Health, Wellness and Joy
Personal growth, natural health and wellness. Well-being for your spirit, mind and body with Ayurveda, natural medicine, healing music, holistic wisdom and emotional intelligence.

Private Academic research
A case study research project investigating self actualization experience

Private Practice
MD trained by Brian Weiss to use past life regression as an addition to his practice of medicine.

Productivity Institute
Time management seminars available world wide to help increase your personal and profession productivity.

Prophet Reggie
Renowned speaker, author, intuitive and prophet for the 21st century, Dr. Reggie is teaching people how to utilize their spiritual energy in their daily lives. "I like to help people tune into their lifes purpose, and manifest their full potential. Think of the possibilities of a world where each of us follows our true destiny and fulfills our purpose on the planet."

Prosperity a division of LEI
Prosperity is a place with a wealth of information on self help practitioners and products. There is even a new classified section, games to play free color readings and much more.

Psychic Horizons
Free meditation Classes every Tuesday. We teach meditation as communication between body and spirit and through learning a few tools you can master your energy. call 415-643-8800.

Psychic Intuitive Life Coaching session with WildFlower
A Psychic Intuitive Life Coaching session with WildFlower offers Wisdom, Insight, and Clarity regarding your health, life path, business and spiritual matters. This is no ordinary psychic consultation nor is it your average life coaching appointment!

Psychic Readings with Twin Featherz

Quantum Heart
Personal Growth, Spiritual & New Age products, information & gifts

Quiz for Self Esteem
Wesite created to gain readers of my free monthly e-zine focusing on tools, tips, and resources to rebuild one's self esteem

Radiant Healing
"Our Heart is the springboard for transforming our lives. It is from the depths of the sacred soul space within our hearts that we first begin to change and heal. As we acknowledge this inner voice our inner beliefs, emotions and perceptions shift...

Radnor House Publishing
Learn to love your life! Web-site of holistic attitudinal counselor (based on numerology), author of international title, 9 Chances to Feel Good About YOurself, and speaker on all aspects of being fully alive. Attitude Awareness, monthly column at

Raissa Publishing
Free print and share documents, online forum, weekly chat and email newsletter.

Raven Hawke,llc
Psychic, energy healing, feng shui, space clearing, meditation, hypnotherapy, parties & events

REANNE is a multidimensional healing and clearing modality which merges powerful Angelic energy with Christ Healing Light grids, providing a profound shifting and uplifting of human energy fields. Well over 100 processes are lovingly activated by Angelic Healers to release lifetimes of self sabotaging behaviors and negative energies, clear physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, align chakras and energy grids, allow healing of dysfunctional relationships and activate many Ascension processes. This permanent process needs no repeating, can be activated remotely allowing clients worldwide to benefit, provides daily tools for ongoing growh and communication with REANNE Healers and REANNE facilitator. Return to living from your Divine Blueprint in unconditional love, empowerment, joy, harmony, abundance and limitlessness, right here, right now. Four basic levels and four advanced levels. Give yourself and your loved ones the "Gift" of REANNE.

Reflections...Creating Sacred Space Within and Without
We are honored to facilitate& explore co-creating Sacred Space through workshops, consultations, tools for growth & writings drawing on experience in psychic development, shamanic studies, aromatherapy, feng shui, astrology, crystals and more.

Relationship Counselling, Codependency Counselling and Lifepath Counselling.

Dedicated to the healing and wholeness of mind, body, spirit, and environment.

Sedona Creative Life Center
Sedona Creative Life Center provides spiritual growth workshops, creative workshops, local and national speakers, music, drama, dance, children's workshops and nondenominational celebrations.

Self-Discovery Portal
Resources for the spiritual searcher.

Shamanic Evolution
Offering a full range of shamanic tools and services for healing, empowerment, and transformation.

Shuem Soul Experience
Radio show with a shamanic point of view on living and a meditation ritual for free. Making use of wider states of consciousness is very beneficial for well-being in daily life.

Shy and Free
Learn to transform shyness into wholeness and happiness.
The soul clearing process may allow greater quality in relationships, freedom from limiting emotional issues, and an inner peace that allows you to embrace a vibrancy of life previously unachievable. By releasing challenges, negative beliefs and programs that may be limiting your life, and replacing them with a greater sense of well-being, confidence, inner peace and empowerment, you can move forward with what is true for you and your life.
A NEW Personal Development site. From your first visit to this site, you will gain amazing insights with the great new Personality Profile (only 8 questions!). You can also sign up for a free subscription to SoulSOLUTIONS, the fun and useful monthly e-zine. Best of all, is the newly developed course called SoulDRIVER; very affordable and available on-line. It utilizes a self-coach method designed to empower you to create more of what you want in your life… and less of what you don’t!

Spirit Dimension
Internet resources devoted to human spiritual growth and personal development. Features various teachings and traditions, including buddhism, zen, taoism, advaita, sufism, toltec teachings, transpersonal psychology andothers. Store with books, videos, spiritual gifts.

Spirit Guide
Information about spirituality, including how to find your right path in life, and reconnect with the Divine.

Spirit Wind
South African Site promoting spiritual growth through understanding of Self

An international webzine for your personal development.

TAP into Miracles
Tap into Miracles is balancing negative emotions, clearing painful negative feelings, healing & forgiving the past, using a combination of healing modalities, Carol S. Rios is a Clinical Hypnotist, Certified EFT Practitioner, Cert NLP, ADL Minister. 95% success with painful memories, anger, fear, phobias, loss, grief, trauma, insomnia, resentments, low self esteem, fear of failure, public speaking, emotionally related pain or illness, depressed, and more

The Center for Highly Sensitive People
A web site for Highly Sensitive Persons, intuitive introverts and folks living a spiritual lifestyle. Find information that provides affirmation and support for who you are. The web site offers an active Message Board, a free Newsletter, a Directory and sensitive Guidance and intuitive Counseling.

The Conservatory
The Conservatory School of Human Development will soon offer classes, workshops, lectures, panel discussions, and many other types of activities for ALL people of ALL ages who want to develop as Human Beings. And not just "new-age" stuff, either!

The Cosmic Breath
The Cosmic Breath has articals on rebirthing, spiritual purification, a Rebirthers Directory for the NYC Rebirthing Community, a Rebirthing Community Online Forum, a Calendar of Upcoming Rebirthing Events, Reviews and Links to Rebirthing Related Books and links to World Wide Rebirthers and Rebirthing Web Sites.

The Empowerment
Experience a breakthrough in personal accomplishment, transformation, and growth with empowerment coach, author and inspirational speaker Michael Carpenter. For a limited time you can jump-start your progress for FREE with his 7 Keys to Personal Success Mini-Course

The Free Spirit Centre
The Free Spirit Centre is a virtual centre where like-minded free spirits connect from around the world.

The Free Spirit Centre
The Free Spirit Centre is a community web based dedicated to personal growth, soul growth, eating disorders, healing and human issues where like-minded free spirits connect from around the world.

The Institute for Orgonomic Science
Orgonomy was developed by Wilhelm Reich,M.D. It approaches the individual as an energetic being and works to remove obstacles, armoring, that are in the way of one's full functioning. These obstacles include characterlogical rigiditites, chronic emotional attitudes, contactlessness, and muscular holding. It works with children to prevent the establishment of chronic armoring.

The Institute for Staged Recovery
"Recovery Issues" Education and Resource Site for the reclaiming of one's emotional, spiritual & sexual wholeness.

The Laser Path
20th century paradigms don't work. The laser path seeks to illuminate failures and point out alternative modes of thought.

The Lighthouse
At The Lighthouse, you can expect more challenge, more action and more results in 90 days than most people achieve in a lifetime.

The Mother's Service Society
Our site includes numerous essays on personal transformation through spiritual growth.

The Option Institute
We are the worldwide teaching center for The Option Process®, offeringyear round personal growth programs designed to maximize happiness and success

The Shollond Trust
Exploration of your true identity using the awareness exercises dev by Douglas Harding, author of the spiritual classic On Having No Head

The Spiritual Sanctuary
Please note: this is just a URL change... you already have the site listed, but this is the new URL. The rest of the listing can stay the way it is. I appreciate your hard work, indeed!!

the universe knows, inc.
awaken your passion, live the life you always dreamed, release your fears and trust the universe, let go of other expectations, dare to be different. also features an affordable line wearables with really unique inspirational sayings.

The Virtues
In paintings and words, we illumine 12 virtues. A virtue each month will be featured on this site beginning January 2002. We invite you to return in the months to come, to inspire and refresh your heart's resolutions.

The Waltz Group
Personal Growth Seminars. We change the way America does business. Meeet your Higher Self.

The World Academy of Personal Development Inc.
Join the global community for Optimal Thinkers, and discover the simple mental resource to maximize your personal and business life with minimal effort. When you rise above positive thinking and optimize your thinking, you will enjoy the best life has to offer!

Thomas Ashley-Farrand
Mantra resources for spiritual growth and solving for material difficulties.

thoughtwave - technology for self-enhancement
thoughtwave is a self-help system that combines affirmation cards with an audio tape that puts the brain into a hyper-suggestible state. topics include, success, self-esteem, anxiety management and more.

Tickle Your Soul
A site for anyone who wants to live a more meaningful life.Get unstuck, move out of a rut, or create more of what youwant in life! Free motivational newsletter, self-developmentarticles, and many more resources.

FREE*** Learn how to become stress and worry free today and everyday, through a simple but ingenious technique! FREE***

tools for a better you
a collection of programs to help you live a healthier, happier and more enjoyable life.

Tools for Transformation
Contains the online book Transforming the Mind and extensive resources to assist with the transformation of your body, mind and spirit.

Transformational Concepts
Improve every area of life - relationships, health, spirituality, career, financial wellbeing. Gain balance in body, mind and spirit.Private consultaions, workplace programs, group bookings and workshops.

Truth seeker workshop
To aid the truth seekers in the discovery of their life purpose, the activation and realization of personal gifts, talents, abilities and powers. Connect to the spirits, elements and powers of nature. Ancient truths and knowledge, spiritual, mental and physical healing, rejuvenation and empowerment. Set forth on the pathway to spiritual and personal growth and progression.

Unlimited Thought Bookstore
The "How to improve your life" bookstore.

An inspirational journey of encouragement to develop your own unique approach toward optimising your Silent Potential.

vantage quest: harmonics for creativity and personal growth
vantage quest harmonic tones entrain deep altered states of consciousness for creativity, relaxation, meditation, health, and personal transformation. works like a mind machine on your cd player. individual counseling also available.

Visioform Creative Living
Do you want to shift the energetic patterns that hold physical symptoms, emotional disturbances and negative belief systems in place? Creative Living teaches you through books, articles, life coaching and distance courses on Selfgrowth how to discover your life purpose, to access your inner resources, to recognise and transform negative life patterns and to develop and strengthen your positive Self.

Warrior's Journey
Many of us are on a Journey. It is one of discovering the self, and the underlying oneness of all of life... this is the Warrior's Journey.

Waves of Challenges
"For warned is for armed." The book presents a look into the future, allowing an opportunity to think ahead and become prepared for life's challenges.

welcome to your new image
a perfect way to enhance your image and lifestyle. we are people helping people to a better way of health and wealth. the # 1 home based-business.

Wholelife Expos
Exhibits and acclaimed speakers on holistic health, personal growth, spirituality, and global change.

Wizard of Wisdom Seminars
Do you want your last words to be "So what?" Or "Yes!!"? 10 part online self help course lets you grow personally & spiritually at your own pace - no sudden highs followed by a let down. Free sample available - email the author, Trevor Emdon: - or just go straight to site for full details.

Writing The Journey
A free online journal writing course for everyone who knows that his or her life is a spiritual journey. We encourage you to listen to your heart through keeping a journal, and to follow your own inner wisdom to create the life of your dreams.

Your Life Lessons Revealed
Tom reads your life purpose, life lessons, soul lessons, and reveals the next step for your spiritual growth, explains the wisdom. Psychic energy reading.

Support for pioneering activities: internet services, design, consultancy, development, education & training & (self)management.

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